Thursday, October 30, 2003

Columbia University Technology Week
At the heart of the semester, the dean is asking the whole school to hesitate for a week and reconsider the question of technology. Looking for the right ways to ask. Refusing any tired, simplistic, single, or suspect answer. Opening ourselves to unexplored potentials while celebrating our deepest traditions and ethical responsiblities. Thinking. Together
So every lunchtime and evening throughout the week there will be presentations by professionals on themes that might interest you. The schedule can be found on our website in the link below. Please feel very welcome to come to your school and join in the week-long discussion and the final Halloween Party with Prouv� in Buell Hall.

TURNAMENT - A Festival of Turntablism
MC - for the first time in Los Angeles in almost two decades - The Rappin' Duke!

Ace & Duce - Los Angeles (Los Angeles Free Music Society founders), amk - Los Angeles (flexidisc collages on classroom
record players), DJ Icy-Ice - Los Angeles (Stacks Records proprietor and hip-hop primemover), DJ Jester - San Antonio (URB Magazine Next 100 artists2003), DJ Quest - San Francisco (Live Human founder and"Hamster Breaks"mastermind), DJ Smallcock - Sydney (3000 RPM of terror from Down Under), Dublab Soundsystem (Daedelus, Derelict, Dr. Rock,Frosty, Nobody) - Los Angeles (transglobal Internet broadcasting pioneers), Emil Beaulieau - Lowell (America's Greatest Living
Noise Artist performs a dignified and professional tutorial on anti-records)

INSTALLATIONS (in the Derby Room)
DJ Meeuw - Amsterdam (king of the colourful 7" working an all-45s set of dancehall / ragga), The New Blockaders - anti-concert David Woodard - Los Angeles (lecture / exposition of the Brion GysinDreamachine)

November 7, 2003, 9:30 p.m., The Derby Nightclub (21+), 4500 Los Feliz Boulevard (corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard), Los Angeles, California 90027 323.663.8979
Admission at the door - $25 / $20 UCLA students with valid identification - Contact for advance ticket sales information.

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