Wednesday, January 14, 2004

For those of you not paying attention, Warp launched an MP3 download store. The whole Warp catalog (along with the almost perfect Lex and Arcola catalogs) are available to everyone in non-DRM protected MP3's for only $1.35 per track, and $10 for an album.

Now everyone, let's hold hands and watch the prices of our rare Warp 12"'s diminish.

Thank you Final Scratch/Traktor, kidding of course - now I can buy both the Hangable Auto Bulb 12"'s for under $10.

(On a geekier note, am I the only one who things tDR has just gone downhill? Obviously design really doesn't matter when you're offering cheap and good content - but, come on! Someone go kick Ian's ass)

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