Wednesday, January 28, 2004

One more nail than necessary.

I was called a "cocksucker" by a cabbie tonight for giving him a $4 tip on a $14 ride (about 30%), instead of letting him keep the whole twenty... because it was snowing. Poor baby. Only after Mrs. Doyle started to dial the police did he pony up the two bucks, which we would have let slide if he wasn't such an ass about it. We really should have demanded all six back in retrospect. This might have been just a charming New York story under other circumstances, but I'm not able to think of one right now.

Anyway, Jimmy Edgar was spot on tonight, and great hanging out with the Record Camp camp.

By the way, confirmed today that my NY state drivers license is free and clear from red tape limbo, (and I can't wait to trade it in next week.) Sick as it is, I'm going to miss this crazy town. Michigan is easy living in comparison, but chances are not good that one can hang out with twenty really good friends until 3:30am on a Tuesday night, hear some brilliant music, follow it with brilliant food, and head home while the city is still going full-tilt in the middle of a full scale blizzard. Damn New York, I love you and hate you so much! Detroit is equally dysfunctional I guess, but with its own set of baggage.

My apologies for the Live Journal-esque posts of late. I'll get this all out my system soon enough.

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