Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I know there's a million good things to do in NYC on Friday.

I can think of at least two other parties worth shakin' it at, but if you can do it, I promise it will be so worth it to make it to Subtonic for Heartthrob, Clark Warner and the debut of the always stunning Pheek from Montreal. He's gonna kill it, and there's a few special surprises for you if you show your pretty face.



Clark Warner (M_nus | Detroit)
Pheek (M_nus, Contexterrior | Montreal) live pa
Heartthrob (M_nus, Contexterrior | NYC) live pa

Clark Warner is an old friend of the Bunker. He used to
play at our Undercity parties at Halcyon on Sunday
afternoons after many Saturday night opening / sideroom
gigs with Richie Hawtin in larger venues. He is one of the
best and most interesting chillout DJs we've heard, and
we're psyched to have him start us off properly tonight.

Heartthrob has been making unreleased secret weapons for
many of the best minimal techno DJs in the world. He will
finally be releasing something on wax for the rest of us in
the near future, with a split 12" with Pheek on
Contexterrior and a track on the new M_nus compilation.

Pheek has been making a name for himself with quirky
Minimal tech-house releases on netlabels like Thinner,
Epsilonlabs, and Clever Music. Tonight marks his debut
performance in NYC. Super SPECIAL surprises !!!!!

plus Resident DJ: kleverVice, Spinoza, Movement
visuals: Chris Jordan

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