Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it is not everyday that a magazine speaks to those girls who just don't want to fit in. usually 'anti-cool' lads are catered for, often synonymous with skateboard culture and off the record activities. But Shameless does just that, but for girls. it is a progressive magazine for teenage girls who are underrepresented in the mainstream media: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of color, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists and activists. designed for 'girls who want more than the hair and makeup tips shovelled out by typical teen mags'. this call to action fits well with an empowered female youth, ready to take on society. shameless knows that while many girls want to be active in the world around them, it's not always easy. each issue of shameless offers a relief from the mainstream and a way to get involved. they do this by fuelling readers with women's success stories, "how to" guides and strong role models. the publishers/editors melinda mattos and nicole cohen were always disappointed by teen magazines. naturally, there is a hint of feminism at its roots, but this is blended with DIY culture and is generally constructive and realistic within its content.

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