Thursday, January 27, 2005

An oil war, a culture war, a Bush presidency, a depressing time for the poor and the Other. If it feels like 1989, then why am I not listening to the songs that gave me hope in 1989? Now I am.

In 1989, my hometown'sBest Label Ever released a benefit compilation to help raise awareness, and benefit the ACLU and Center for Creative Nonviolence. It became a foundation of my adolescence, and a perfect symbol for a time when protesting the war at the White House, marching for Gay Rights, Abortion Rights, etc. were as important as skateboarding. I've been aching to hear these songs again, particularly now.

Lo and behold, my new favorite blog has posted some tracks from this great comp,State of the Union. These songs all meant so much to me back then, I'm literally in a time warp just hearing them again.

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