Friday, May 13, 2005

Opening this past monday at Lever House on Park ave. NYC, is Peter Wegner's latest installation called Lever Labyrinth. It's composed of 2.4 million sheets of 12"x12" paper. The installation invokes the experience of walking through the streets of Manhattan.
Wegner states: "In this sculpture, the questions are mediated by paper. It's just ordinary paper, not fine art material. We usually think of paper as nothing but surface, a two-dimensional plane. But paper has a third dimension-the edge. Those edges add up. The sheets become a stack, the stacks become a wall, and the walls become a maze.
Just to give you a sense of scale, the tallest stack is over 5 feet. The installation is in conjunction with the publishing of a limited edition book using the same paper. The exhibition is on view through September.

Oh and congrats Mike, o2 eh?

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