Monday, July 18, 2005

PS1 Losing Steam?

This past Saturday I ventured to PS1 for the warm-up with Juan Atkins headlining. I hadn't been over to Long Island City yet for the series now in it's 8th year, and I really had two things on my agenda. First to check out the Installation in the courtyard, and second to see what the scene there has mutated into this year. I heard stories of lines stretching in epic proportions during the opening weekend, so strategically I showed up late (7pm) just to catch Juan. Thankfully, when I arrived there was no line and while the courtyard was crowded, it wasn't the worst I'd seen historically.

Firstly, the installation is really lame. I think that's been sort of the general opinion I've heard from a lot of folks. It's not 'part' of the courtyard like previous ones and really looks cobbled together. When the crowds are there it practically disappears.

Juan set was competient, heavy on the classics...Clear, E2E4, I Feel Love, The Dance, a few Kraftwerk tracks.....pretty predictable. I had hoped he would use the PS1 opportunity to do more of an abstract set....more Model 500 and stuff off Deep Space. Even hearing "The Flow" again would have been nice. Alas, he seemed to get word that the scene at PS1 has gotten pretty mainstream. In fact it has. And even corporate sponsors are prying their way in too. Not that I'd really ever dis Target but the constant littering of beach balls and seat cushion that instantly became projectiles were sad to see. Thankfully there are no vinyl banners hanging about, but I fear it's only a matter of time.

I may give it one more chance when Stacey Pullen plays but I can think of a lot better things to do with $8 at this point.

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