Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It just might be that the real source of domestic terrorism is not coming from places far overseas but Bentonville Arkansas, home to everyone's favorite, Walmart. The retailer still unhappy with the fact that you can actually buy things at places other than Walmart, has an aggressive plan to open more and more stores in the US. As most know, all sorts of wonderful things happen when the big blue sets up shop in town...smaller stores disappear overnight, 'associates' are paid low wages without the option of having union support, and as Sam Walton believed, associates bear a significant portion of health care costs in the name of 'shared ownership'.

It seems there are more and more storm clouds on Walmart's horizon though. Law suits are piling up as everyone tries to figure out a way to get at some of their 8.9 billion in profits just from last year. And unflattering media coverage is on the rise as well. CNBC has put their 2004 2-hour documentary 'The Age of Walmart" in rerun rotation. There is also a new film by Robert Greenwald called 'Walmart /The high cost of low price' due to premier on November 13. The film is being shown via a grassroots effort during the whole week. Anyone can host a screening and it only costs $10 for the DVD and screening kit. Walmart is already planning a spin summit nine days before the film hits the streets to make sure things are all smiles. If you have the opportunity to host a screening, information can be obtained from the films website above.

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