Sunday, September 11, 2005

Thanks to Doyle's coverage of happenings in abandon spaces in Detroit I'm pleased to provide some information about a similar event happening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Well this one doesn't quite involve unauthorized entry but has a lot of artistic cred going for it. "In celebration of the historic McCarren Park pool site, a 50,000 square foot empty pool in Williamsburg, Noemie Lafrance is creating a site-specific dance performance that invites the community to re-experience a moment in movement of this monumental public space." That's a bit quoted from the website linked below. I was luckly enough last evening to be invited to the tech rehersal. I can tell you that the pool itself is huge...and Sens, the production company has some interesting things planned for the performance titled "Agora". "Agora is a site-specific dance performance inspired by the McCarren pool site and performed by 30 dancers to a multi-channel score with theatrical lighting transforming the 50, 000 square foot pool into a vast staging area. Performed inside the large pool, the overlapping narratives of Agora will produce the illusion of travel through the different layers of visceral urban experiences and explore the phenomenon of agoraphobia as a social and physical reaction to urban architecture."
Opened in the teeth of the Depression as a Works Progress Administration Project in 1936, the McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was the last of eleven pools built in New York City during the Depression years. The pool has been abandon for some time but was a key site component in the recent unsuccessful NYC 2012 olympic bid. Here's some daytime photo's via
Agora has been a major undertaking in terms of getting the site secured and the creation of the piece. In total it's been a year in the making for Sens. Performances will take place at 8pm September 13-17 & 20-24 but the site notes an extension to October 1st. Tickets can be purchased via the Sens website or at the pool on performance night. The opening is this tuesday and burnlab will have a follow up review. "Agora" info.

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