Monday, February 06, 2006

I am very critical of decisions made by Detroit politicians (as most of us are). After reading about the the myriad of superficial "improvement" projects in Detroit for SBXL, I was bracing myself for embarrassment. Who would be impressed by a fabric banner on a vacant building? Who would hang out in an "instant" bar decorated with raw plywood and Coor's Light ads?

Despite my cynicism, it was incredible to hang out downtown Friday night! The Campus Martius area was a dense and lively urban center. The lines between city and suburb were blurred in a way that I have never seen in Detroit. There was an palatable sense of unity and pride, that was friendly and welcoming. It wasn't perfect, but the flaws did not detract from the experience of seeing my city finally live up to it's potential.

Can this sense of optimism be parlayed into lasting improvements for the Detroit area? It's hard to say, but hopefully some of our elected offficals are taking notes. Let's start with the basics: A train from Metro Airport to downtown Detroit would have been pretty convenient (as would a train to Pontiac).

I also found out what Doyle would look like with a triumphant mullet.

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