Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shi Jinsong's Na Zha Baby Boutique is a withering satire of global consumer culture and its manifestation in China. Reimagining Na Zha, a mischievous mythic toddler whose entire body is a weapon, as the inspiration for a new line of baby products, Shi's deadly Boutique includes a stainless-steel Na Zha Stroller, Na Zha Walker, and Na Zha Cradle as well as detailed blueprints and photographs of his designs. The eccentric designs maximize the lethal capability of the nascent cutthroat capitalist: the stroller has a spiked handrail and brass-knuckle footrests, the walker is a concentric fan of razor-sharp blades, and a mobile made of knives hangs playfully from the cradle's canopy.
New York
Chambers Fine Art
Now through April 15

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