Friday, July 07, 2006

Los Angeles' first Biofuel dealership opened recently in sliverlake. Lovecraft Biofuels and the Biodiesel Coop, two fledgling L.A. businesses working hard to get their communities off the petroleum addiction and onto the veggie oil program. With a brand new service station in Silverlake and a mobile fueling site currently parked in the West L.A./Santa Monica area, access to clean fuel is gaining speed. Lovecraft will convert your diesel automobile to run on waste vegetable oil (from the local greasy spoon) or straight/pure vegetable oil (not previously used to make fries). You can also get your grease from them, as well as biodiesel for unconverted vehicles. These guys are doing some ambitious networking to get fueling stations set up all around the country.
The coop has a membership program for distributing fuel. They are working to drum up interest in localized areas with their 12′ trailers full of biodiesel. As interest grows and more members join, the coop hopes to dot the city with fueling sites, and ideally, to have more fully established biofuel stations take over in response to the anticipated demand, ideally using solar and wind power to operate the facilities.

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