Thursday, January 04, 2007

CAID Presents Automation 07 - January 6 through January 20, 2007

As the dominant modes of economic production and industrial organization mutate, adapt, and evolve, we search for our place in the new order of things. CAID has challenged the artistic community to pause, reflect on, recast, and reinvent the technologies that were once taken for granted. CAID invites the people of Detroit and its vast motor hinterland to join them in a skeptical celebration of the automated life.

Featuring the work of Andrew Thompson, Brandon Vickerd, Charles Fairbanks & Adrienne Vetter, David Bowen, Deva Eveland, Erin Swanson, Frank Pahl, Katharine Liesen, Melissa Machnee, Mike Richison, Moshe Quinn, Ryan Buyssens, Tectonic Industries, Teresa Petersen, and Tyler Bohm.

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