Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lowfish's Best of 2007

Our first year-end list comes from Canada's electro ambassador Lowfish:

Lowfish at Oslo, Detroit - September 2006 [photo by Bethany Shorb]

I'm sure some spotters will tell me some of the below are 2006 or something but here's the top 10 reks/traks I was into this year (since you asked).

In no order...

1) Jegor Teplow "L A C / Russia" (STAMP 001)
Everyone know who this is? The perfect example of dstep meets pan_sonic meets 808. All the samples and stuff should give away who it is...

2) Loefah "Mud Vip" (Track) (Planet mu)
I can live without the stupid MC intro but after that this is one of the sickest 808 tracks I've heard in years. The bass is a touch out of hand and you have to really pull it down hard if you aren't paying attention in a mix...

3) Minisystem "Madingley" (Noise Factory Records)
Toronto analog head/people slept on this release.

4) Trentmoller "The Last Resort" (Poker Flat Recordings)
Guy is a sick producer with next level analog skills and a real musician. I get grief for propping him so much from "real" electro heads/min_waveindustrialcoolpeople. whateve. Check out the just released "Chronicles" of all his earlier 12's/rmx's.

5) Junior Boys "So This Is Goodbye" (Domino)
A little sappy yes - but some of the best "songs" this year for me...

6) Anthony Rother "Skin" (Datapunk)
A good analog stomp. He kinda messes it up a touch towards the end with a melody he might have tried harder on but interesting 4/4 action.

7) Solvent "Demonstration Tape" (Ghostly)
Two new unreleased traks that are wicked and all his hits in one place you can't go wrong with this.

8) Modeselktor "Happy Birthday!" (BPitch Control)
A proper, well sequenced "album" (remember?) - lots of value here with a wide range of tracks from dstep'ish stuff to IDM with Mr. Radiohead singing on top plus a couple stompers for the party people. I can imagine this is pretty popular. I get grief from the hardcore for liking this too...

9) Heuristic Audio "Shaded Mind" (Satamile)
Dark, emotive and well thought out/produced new school electro. People also sleep hard on this one.

10) SkatebÄrd "Vuelo EP" (Radius Records)
New school robo-disco and a lesson in out-board effects. Steers well clear of the cliches that grate but is close enough to the template to appeal to weirdos, heads AND Italo librarians/collectors.


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It seems appropriate that 6 of these are from 2006. I’d love to 3 more from 2007.

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'to see'

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