Sunday, June 30, 2002

Alright! My first burnlab post.
Thanks to Michael for the invite.
Just back from 12 days overseas, including 5 days in Barcelona and the Sonar festival. I wrote all about it in Real Detroit Weekly.
"More sophisticated than the Love Parade and more hedonistic than the DEMF, Barcelona�s annual Sonar festival is one of the world�s finest electronic music events. Combining a daytime program of experimental artists and nights of dance music powerhouse talent, Sonar is a three-day exercise in excess that you can still feel good about."


Found this in the discussions forums at Core77:
Cranbrook Design is a brand new site for and about Crannies past and current. The gallery is still a bit sparse, but there is a ton of good info and links in the forums.

There was a link error in Karl's Berlin-New York post: is the correct link. Although, is pretty awesome in it's own right. Wow.

Micho... what?! ;)

Saturday, June 29, 2002

i enjoy this blogger. do not like the name though. reminds me of sound dogs make when they eat too much grass.

greetings, micho of detroit here... just wanted to remind people to hide all unused batteries. we have found a way to use the juice in our special new weapons. additionally, we are considering an expedition. anyone have suggestions? i would like to hook an audio experience.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Kudos to Michael for putting together a fantastic new Burnlab. I'm looking forward to contributing and bringing a "left coast" sensibility to the fray. Speaking of, San Francisco's loss is Brooklyn's gain; we're losing our beloved and lovely Pheonix Perry and Bryan Jackson (otherwise known as Memory Systems and the organizers of the SYNTH festival) to Brooklyn, NY come this July, so make them feel welcome. If you haven't heard them, you can check out a sampling of their sounds in Winamp or iTunes by clicking here.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Results of our first contest: If you're still scratching your head, Chad in Santa Monica, CA nailed it right away.
"Please. That would be Fad Gadget�s 'Collapsing New People'."

Maybe we'll offer something more enticing next time, like a box of cereal.

Contest! The first to name this week's start-up jingle wins a free Engram tee! Think hard, City Clubers. Liz is disqualified ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Rem Koolhaas was the subject of a segment on NewsHour last night called 'How We Live". The segment focused on the Prada store in Soho and the statement it is making. The interviewer stayed clear of asking Rem any controversial questions like "Why did the project take so long?" You can read more and see the segment here

Technical note: for those of you who still haven't made "the switch", please let us know if the frames and such on this page work okay. [And apologies to any body with an 800x600 monitor. All I can say there is it's time to get a new computer!]

Berlin-New York is a new series of events that brings artists from Berlin and New York together in creative, collaborative spaces. The first event will be a party on July 6 with DJ Highfish (wmf, Berlin), Karl Zeiss and Variable X (Red Antenna, NYC), and A Touch of Class at the NYC Urban Experience Museum in downtown Manhattan.

Free beer with a $5 donation!

Venue information:
NYC Urban Experience Museum
85 South Street (John & Maiden)
Across from the Seaport, Manhattan
212 514 5700

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Burnlab is on the map... the map of NYC Bloggers.
[See Brooklyn, Carroll Street Station.]

Horror as an aesthetic...
The headliner of a film festival coming your way...
Please Note that ICHI THE KILLER contains scenes of extremely graphic violence. No One Under 18 Will Be Admitted To This Screening. Adapted from an ultra-popular manga comic banned in several Japanese prefectures, ICHI is one of the funniest, most horrific, blood-drenched yakuza thrillers ever made. online review by someone i trust here.

An architect from Brooklyn Heights has started a petition to encourage a design competition for the World Trade Center site in hopes of a more inspirational solution than what the Port Authority and Lower Manhattan Development Corporation may come up with left to their own devices and poor record. Please visit the site here, read the statement, sign and forward it to anyone you know who cares about architecture, New York City and the future of this important site.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Welcome to year 3. [So sorry for the delay!]

As you can see we're still reworking the regular departments, which should be available soon. This will include a streamlined Purgatory section which houses all of our collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects, as well as a new Conspirators section - including our new editors. Please enjoy and check back soon as the Lab Report begins to fill up with all the news, links, insights and rants we love to provide.

There are several big projects in the pipeline with some of our associates. More info on those in the coming days and weeks.