Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just arrived home from hearing Leslie Feist play at Razzmatazz.

Fairy lounge in fanstasia... Her voice was sweet.
If she comes to your town- I recommend this show.
("Oh Caaaanadaaaa")

Sorry for the late heads up, NYC:

Bent 2005 - Circuit Bending Festival.

You can still catch the following:

Saturday April 30

12-3pm Day at the Circuits FREE

Introductory circuit bending workshop for kids and adults of all ages! Do you have an old battery-operated toy at home that makes noise? Bring it in and transform it into a new and strange musical instrument. Or just bring yourself and rip apart some of our toys!

4pm Workshop FREE

Circuit Bending Workshop with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics.

5pm Workshop FREE

Nintendo NES Hacking Workshop with Paul B. Davis [BEIGE]

7pm Concert - $7

Ant Macabre
Zef Renirhs
Lektrogirl - Rephlex/Lektrolab
Paul B. Davis - BEIGE/8-Bit Construction Set
DJ Sniff

Caught an opening day screening of Hitchhikers Guide tonight at the Ziegfeld in NYC. For those unfamilar, the Ziegfeld is a rare single LARGE screen theatre with a balcony. My initial reaction is a bit mixed. It's a good effort from hammer and tongs but I couldn't help wonder if Douglas was still alive what it might have been. Maybe I feel it pays homage to him more than it delivers on the charm of the story. Still, it's worth the seat time.

Anyway, the preview for War of the Worlds is good. It looks very dark.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Geekfest in Toronto.

[thanks Nix! A little late though...]

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Regarding Josh's comment about the new Nine Inch Nails album, I'm not sure if it quite tops The Downward Spiral, but since that's my favorite album of all time, anything that comes close is an achievement, and there are moments here that come damn close. The very last track seriously forced me to stop everything I was doing, close my eyes and just listen. Wow.

p.s.: I think the line from Only is "you", not "youth"... no matter, as it features some of the best bass and synth lines ever put to tape... or hard drive.

Four stars. (Would be five without said "ill-advised 'rockers'." And I'm little tired of all the unnecessary swearing. Man, am I old...)

seems my NAME has tag-team potential sent from god. scary. this is honestly straight from the website:

A Word from Christopher Daniels

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you fans who have been visiting my website, whether it's your first time today, or you've been a frequent visitor. I wouldn't have half the success I do without the support of you, my fans, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I'm going to make a concerted effort to keep this new version of my site as up to date as I possibly can. Thanks for coming by, and I hope to see you here more often."

Christopher Daniels

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

shoegazers beware: this friday MATT ELLIOT, formerly of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK and THIRD EYE FOUNDATION hits barcelona

The new Nine Inch Nails albums is streaming HERE

And with the exception of a few ill-advised "rockers" its the best thing Old Man Reznor has done since Pretty Hate Machine (yeah, I said it).

Best lyric so far: "There is no fucking youth, there is only me."

40 is the new 20 eh Trent?

RES 10 will be celebrating the most interesting artists to watch in 2005.
ramon & pedro
institute for applied autonomy
nagi noda

Thursday April 28
467 Greenwich St. #6 (1 block below canal street)


Joel-Peter Witkin: Heart Beats Dust
323 934 2250

Fahey Klein Gallery

This Friday (Apr. 29) through to May 8: Enter the Barcelona Asian Film Festival (BAFF). Here is the schedule.

Just grabbed a rad new screensaver from mad scritcher James Paterson. Available for download on the iamstatic portfolio page.

A recent conversation has me recommending an exhibit that moved me last month- at MACBA (Plaza de Los Angeles, 1).

Those in Barcelona can catch the Robert Frank:Storylines exhibit until May 8, 2005.

I thought it was fantastic.
Subtle, emotional stills-
Mixed-medium storyboards-
Slivers of his video work.
You find yourself perched directly in the mind of an extraordinary man-
Watching the world through his natural lense.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This actually made my head hurt.

Academics to examine the impact of this charming man Morrissey


[thanks David!]

Happy birthday to Cowboy Mark! New York's finest.


"this will rip your head off..."

Complexification: Gallery of Computation and Generative Artifacts is the work of one Jared Tarbell, a New Mexico-based designer, artist and programmer (who didn't go to MIT.)

Also, Test Deptartment on DVD.

[thanks Nix! - who happens to have an all new website. <-check.]

A.R.E. Weapons + Goudron (and some dork DJs)
The Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit
$7 | 21+ | 9pm
super rad

Monday, April 25, 2005

Can a Dorkwave iPod be far behind?

the INVITATION for the party of my new office-mate franz (make sure you have your sound on)

as promised, a few pics from Saturday night's adventures...

Downtown Detroit from the Broderick Tower

radio towers on the roof of the Broderick

a penthouse view

snow angel on the roof of the Michigan Central Station

bolt cutters are a girl's best friend

Placita, the first single by 2VM (EVR's Veronica and RSR's Marc Houle) to be released May 13 on Genetic Music. Totally hot. Click above for samples.

So Animal Collective is playing The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor this Tuesday. And I ask myself, how can this show get any better? Hrm... I say. What if, oh I dunno, Wolf Eyes played too... and as it turns out... they are. And I win.

$8 adv. / $10 day of. 
Doors 8:00 p.m.

PS: Mike, hook up teh pics

The original dance-rock party, Trash in London has an all new web site. Pretty darn slick, for a bunch of punks...


Sunday, April 24, 2005

On the Matter of Imagined Worlds, and The Photography of Them

A mainstay of our heart, Gregory Crewdson, returns with Beneath the Roses at the White Cube in London.

On the Matter of Fixing Everything

It has been made clear. And more awesome.

pupu gallery presents:

Alter egos discovering the real content of patterned kargo again and again.
Bella Angora, Cristian Falsnaes and Berner Erlandsen

30.04.2005 17h - 22h
performance and exhibition

27.04 - 30.04.2005
workshop and street action


Re: Tuesday's A.R.E. Weapons/Goudron show:
If possible- can someone please pass a hello message to Ron- for me?
Been too long.

Snow in late April is pretty weird (even for Michigan,) but quite magical to watch fall from the roofs of the Broderick Tower and the Michigan Central Station in the same night, with a handful of the most creative and motivated people I know. It's been far too long since I've last explored crumbling old buildings with mag lights and crowbars... under the cover of darkness and bizarre weather at that.

All in all, 96 flights of very questionable stairs. Best Saturday since, um... last Saturday. (And no hangover! But my legs are going to ache for days.) We should have some photos soon. Lastly, Doc making a snow angel on top of the old train station was utterly priceless. What an emo dork!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

need i say more than MULLETS GALORE

saw FOUR TET live thursday night and was amazed. picture four tet remixed by aphex twin and you will start to get an idea of what this dudes live show is like.

before four tet the amazingly unsigned JAHBITAT (who is rumoured to be remixing a geoff white track) - a oneman show with touches of dabrye and jaydee - amped the peoples...there is hiphop life after the u.s. and england

Friends of the High Line have launched a beautiful and in-depth new website about the proposed design for the long-abandoned elevated freight line on Manhattan's west side, designed by Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

An exhibit at the MoMA titled Grasslands opened this past Wednesday, featuring photographs, renderings, and a twenty-foot-long model. More at the New York Times.

Friday, April 22, 2005

We just can't stop...

This Tuesday:
A.R.E. Weapons [Rough Trade, NYC, live]
Goudron [Ersatz Audio, Detroit, live]
Dorkwave Strike Team and Friends [Jon O, Allen, myself, Johnny Ryan, and the A.R.E. boys]

April 26 at the Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48226 | 313-961-4668
$7 | 21+ | doors open 9pm

If you know anything about A.R.E. and the support crew we've assembled, this is going to be just about as rowdy as you will find on a Tuesday night.

A few links about the headliner:
the basics
an interview
a flattering review
an unflattering review

A Ghost in the machine, tonight at the Motor City Music Conference:
Dykehouse, Osborne, Ryan Elliott and Mike Servito
at Centre Street, 9:00 PM

Uncle Rico's sweet time machine modulus + crystal on eBay now.

so this morning, i pick up AM New York en route to work. when low and behold i read this article about the new pope. nothing new there, but the photo was so great, i scanned it immediately. i guess the pope is feeling a bit horny?

Image hosted by

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Satur-day and night in Detroit

Always one of the most inspired art events on the season, the Cranbrook Degree Show opens this Saturday, April 23. On display will be work by graduate degree candidates from the Academy's ten departments. There will be a members preview this Friday evening. (edit: I was just informed it will be a bit of a free-for-all Friday night. The reception runs from 6 to 8pm. See you there.)

2005 Graduate Degree Exhibition
April 23 through May 13, 2005
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Bloomfield Hills, MI

This Saturday evening, our friends at Clear Magazine are throwing a little get together at the always hip and friendly Effigy Studios. On exhibit will be the photography of Clear publisher & creative director Emin Kadi. It's supposed to be invite only, but just tell the folks at Effigy that you read it on Burnlab. I'm not sure if that will get you in or thrown out though... ;) Festivities start at 7pm.

Oh, and there's also this thing going on the next few days called the Motor City Music Conference that has pretty much consumed the city. Imagine, if you will, SXSW, but Detroit-style... in every way imaginable. Our bloggers-in-arms at Motor City Rocks are doing an excellent job with covering all the happenings.

Captured! By Robots is a band comprised entirely of robots (and a stuffed ape and one suspiciously fleshy looking robot,) currently on tour. Witness the madness at Mac's in Lansing tonight.

(For some reason this makes me think of Clancy Pearson.)

From 21 - 23 April, the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) presents Electronic Scene, a set of conferences dedicated to reflecting on and debating the socio - cultural influence of electronic music in recent years.

Concerts will be held in CCCB Hall, which will be equipped with a sophisticated quadraphonic sound system.

Advanced Music, Orquestra del Caos, Silvia Grijalba, Javier Colis and Xabier Erkizia will participate in the event.


Thursday, 21 April 2005
17 h, Auditorium
Film: Electronic 1
18 h, Auditorium
Gunter Geiger and Ross Bencina
Technique and means of production: Between ease and need
Gunter Geiger: Production of Digital Art with free software tools
Ross Bencina: Perspective of the independent software creator: Audio Mulch
19.15 h, Auditorium
Carmen Pardo
Mediated listening
20.30 h, Lobby
Concert: Justin Bennet

Friday, 22 April 2005
17 h, Auditorium
Film: Electronic 2
18 h, Auditorium
Oriol Rossell
Electronic music and the media: New forms of exhibition
19.15 h, Auditorium
Javier Blanquez
Listening to and consumption of electronic music
20.30 h, Lobby
Evol - Magia Potagia: Formal presentation in Barcelona of Magia Potagia. A descent into the inferno of the most aggressive "computer music", where digital synthesis acquires the form of complex fractal structures.
Christian Vogel: One half of celebrated Super_Collider will perform a special composition to accompany the contemporary dance piece.

Saturday, 23 April 2005
11 h, Auditorium
Film: Electronic 3
18.30 h
Silvia Grijalba , Javier Colis , Xabier Erkizia , Orquestra del Caos and Advanced Music.

Moderator: Xavier Maristany.
The musical structure of electronic music
20.30 h, Lobby
Concert: Coeval - Fin de nada, La ruta del perrillo and Ranchito: Coeval (confirmed for the upcoming sonar festival) will present three pieces for four speakers in an acusmatic concert format.

in regard to the recently expanded Team Burnlab:
Barcelona, check.
Los Angeles, check.
Atlanta... Atlanta?...

Whew, finally!

"Sark" by Plasticfucker

Video game inspired art at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles
I Am 8 Bit

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yet another reason to visit New York soon: Exhibitions at Eyebeam

Produced at Eyebeam: Remapped Realities
on exhibit through April 30th

The second exhibition of works from Eyebeam's 2004 Residents explores the ways artists have ventured forward from the notion of representation. Increasingly powerful and accessible imaging technology allow depiction of a world wherein the complexity of the real is rendered beyond what one could see with the naked eye. From docu-fictions to immersive narratives, reconfigured landscapes to new storytelling schemes, these works address the nature of our relationship to the moving image beyond the screen, as well as our perception of architecture and space in a world that is increasingly permeated by images.

What Sound Does a Color Make?
May 26 - July 6, opening reception May 25

Artistic interest inspired by the phenomenon known as synesthesia, a condition in which one type of sensory stimulation evokes the sensation of another, can be traced as far back as the seventeenth century. For contemporary audiovisual artists, the possibilities inspired by this phenomenon have expanded with the advent of recent digital technologies that translate all electronic media, whether sounds or moving images, into the zeros and ones of computer bits. The artists in What Sound Does a Color Make? use these advances in technology to collapse the boundaries between vision and sound in a way that reboots our perception of perception itself.

+ Explore the extraordinary work of digital imaging pioneers Aziz + Cucher, from their beautiful and unsettling Plasmorphica series to their current Synaptic Bliss project.

"Producing images worthy of a mad scientist, Aziz + Cucher seem to take apart the body and explore it without destroying it. In doing so, they find new life and even beauty in the technologically transformed body".
- Laurie Attias, ARTNEWS, December 2000.

happy b-day to schecky greenberg!

love ya!

Media Cloud

Mobile telephone provider O2 Germany presented a spectacular showcase at the CeBIT 2005 trade show. Their approach featured the new Versa PIXEL - single dots that grouped together produced over 28,000 points of moving light. The technology was adapted for the event by Element Labs, a company known for making exceptional designs possible through the convergence of light and video.

The video is pretty amazing. (not for the queasy.)

yes yes y'all...been a bit since i posted, so i'll try to catch up a bit:

+ milan was all work, and i honestly didn't see too much that made me want to change up my knickers. the highlights were more about the food, and the coffee. the downside
was that milan basically shuts down at 2AM. a real letdown for a new yorker.

+ got to see LCD Soundsytem rock it at Magazzini Centrale as part of the TDK
Dance Marathon which was really fun. But what is this system of paying admission
when you exit a club?!!?

now onto this week's exciting moment of brilliance for all of you in NYC.

derek plaslaiko
mark verbos
and the one and only Kendra B.
will be playing at Subtonic on Friday the 22nd of April
107 Norfolk @ Delancy
10PM - 4 AM

This is definately a three hooker night people.
McFancy is enlisted to bring cupcakes.

This is going to totally kill my bandwidth....

Just uploaded: five mixes in six parts from Team Dorkwave

Previously only available on a souvenir CDR [limited to an edition of 50] from the L.I.T. anniversary pre-party at Pure Detroit Design Lab. Now you can download over five hours of the music that defines the Dorkwave experience from the comfort of your cubicle.

details to come

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I hope you're not all sick of hearing about Saturday night quite yet, because the reviews are still flowing in. Uncle Grambo makes us blush:

Without getting too sentimental, it's been really amazing to witness the fruits of your friends' labour pay off in spades. I'm cognizant of the fact that I'm mixing metaphors, but please bear with me. There's only one word to describe when an idea ("Let's throw a dance party!") that is so pure and honest and uncalculated and unmotivated by money or success or fame (in spite of the calvacade of press the boys generated last week) comes to fruition with such abundant success, cheesy as it might sound. And that word, my friends, is PRICELESS (thank you, Billy Crudup). While multiple members of the Dorkwave entourage expressed fears to your Uncle Grambo that their 15 minutes was running out (that's a normal reaction to being interviewed by Lee Thomas), this observer thinks EVERYONE who attended the L.I.T. First Anniversary Bash will always remember the events of Saturday, April 16, 2005 with fondness and wonderment. Sweat stains be damned.

haha.... sorry about that

In regard to The War on Everything (a.k.a. the Les Infants Terribles Anniversary party), I do believe we actually expanded on the dictionary definition of 'debauchery' this Saturday...

I think we're all going to take a couple months off and recollect here.

Well, actually... rumor has it we're playing with freakin' A.R.E. Weapons next week... which, knowing (at least one of) these guys, is going to be totally ridiculous. And a school night of course... more on that later.

On a much more adult note, huge HUGE congrats to my dear friend Jared and his lovely wife Maja on the birth of their son Django. WAY too cute.

Monday, April 18, 2005

On the Matter of The War on Everything

We have put the Hangover in it's place and have begun to reassemble the prior night's improprieties, dark customs and lewd gravity. The lewdest of gravity.

Be it known to all that Self-Esteem was not present, nor was Personal Responsibly, Wise Judgment or Good Taste. We know that you all looked like assholes, danced like assholes and made no excuses for being insanely drunk fuckwads bent on having your hopes and genitals soaked in sambuca, the imagined sweat of Morrissey and runny eyeliner.

And what is truly better than knowing these things, is proving it:

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three
Gallery Four
Gallery Five
Gallery Six
Gallery Seven
Gallery Eight
Gallery Nine

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A brand new Burnlab/Dorkwave approved weekly for Detroit kicks off tonight. Interstate promises an eclectic mix on the noisier side of the fence every Sunday at Foran's. Unfortunately, as I'm still in recovery from the last three days of madness, I think a quiet evening at home will be required tonight.

Speaking of the events of the last three days, photos are now up from Betty Marie's birthday gala on Thursday, I missed Inlieuof's set Friday night, but I did get to hang out with them (and they're totally awesome) and see Office (again, totally awesome), and then Saturday... still piecing all that together...

NYC Kraftwerk tickets are available through Ticketmaster. Thanks to my new job, I'll actually be at the show.

On the Matter of 401k Planning

You are not allowed to go to sleep at your own party, especially not before 6am.

Although bonus points have been awarded for sleeping standing up.

advanced notice: grab tickets now for URBANFUNKE, a 3 day festival of hip-hop, grafitti and skateboarding in barcelona may 6-8 featuring AEROC (better known as geoff white) and uk artists rodney p, dj skitz and ty among others.

Photos and ramblings from last night's Dorkwave anniversary party are already floating around the web...

Some here and here.

Thanks to Trent for the kind words and clicks!

oh. my. god. thank you everyone!

more later...

Open source music. Download Nine Inch Nails' The Hand That Feeds in original Garage Band format here.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Way too true, for too many of you.

a brand new weekly from our brothers and sisters in arms

Enabler & The Crucial Get Down present:
We Care A Lot

We're buckling down and committing to a new weekly party. And if it ain't clear yet, we freakin' care about NYC nightlife, the music, the DJs and everything that comes with the territory. So every week we'll invite a DJ or musician that has influenced us (or we just really dig) to play music that has influenced him or her in some way.

Our very first guest, Mr. Frankie Bones. Couldn't think of anyone else that influenced us more when it comes to our love of dance music. Storm raves, dirty warehouses, DJ mixtapes. We expect he'll play tons of freestyle and early house. Yummy.

DRINK SPECIALS!: $3 all well drinks from 10pm-12 midnight

FREE GIVEAWAYS!: XLR8R and girlie action will give you free stuff, including and not limited to magazines, cd samplers, and lcd soundsystem promotional swag.

Guest DJ: Frankie Bones
Resident DJs: Cowboy Mark and Dirty Jean

Every Friday starting April 15, 2005
Luke and Leroy
21 7th Ave South (corner of Leroy)
by subway: 1/9 to Christopher St or A/B/C/D/E/F/V to West 4th St.

Speaking of robots. I thought this was pretty funny.

MIT design nerds who refuse to see disco as dead have made my old dream hallway. Awesome that it was originally intended as part of the "Bad Ideas Ball". Ah well, sleepwalk-induced seizures wouldn't have been so good for me anyhow.

Lots to do tonight in Barca:

Canadian sonic siege:

Mat Jonson plays (c/ Pamplona, 88). I cannot recommend Mat Jonson enough- He is nuts. He is a genius.

Shelbono aka Sid LeROCK aka pan/tone sleazes into City Hall (Rambla de Catalunya, 4). I'm doing triple axels. Very excited to hear what Sheldon has been up to.

Tonight I will attempt be in two places at once.

Still working on that teleportation project.


Tomorrow night (Sat. Apr. 16) at another Berlin based Canadian expat, Mocky plays live with a band that includes Taylor Savvy (Still humming the Canadian National Anthem). This will be a hilarious freak funk show.

Speaking of shopping ethic

The Corporate Fallout Detector

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The only thing better than doing it your self, is pay-paling someone else to do it for you. The market for handmade nifty shirts, pants, pot holders, scarfs, seems to be a bit flodded not only in quanitity, but suprisinly, in quality.

FitForUse I think takes the cake. OONLY cause if their friggin cute Ipod Palz

If you get an Ipod Pal, you're going to need to decorate it needlessly with silly (but one of a kind) pins

Another excellent source for crap you dont need, but stuff you can't live without is The Drama Store.

It's all about art, to go

It's been 36 hours kids. Let's see the Real Detroit cover. It's can't be that bad, can it?

Even more essential music in Detroit this weekend...

Dreamy postpunk outfit Inlieuof bring their dark, lush sound to Smalls this Friday night along with The Pizazz, Magnetta Lane and The Office.
Dorkwave approved!

For those in New York, our friend and hero Dan Selzer and his pack of disco infiltrators are up to all kinds of no-good goodness. Most notably, this Saturday will be a mega-edition of AllDisco at Capone's in Williamsburg, with special guests James Duncan (Le Systeme) and Morgan Geist (Metro Area).

If it weren't for the aforementioned totally awesome freak-out dance party tonight, I'd most definitely be out to support spaz-mod rockers The Sights tonight at the Magic Stick... but until the clone is done drying, or I find a loophole in the antiquated laws of physics, this robot can only be in one place at a time.

Speaking of the Stick, that shape-shifting, roving pack of postpunk icons and cybernetic misfits known as Pigface will be performing there this Saturday. (Don't be terribly surprised if you catch any of these mugs lurking around later that night at Corktown...)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who likes robots? Get on the fast track (go to the left sidebar).

Big thanks to Uncle Grambo for "so much buzz!"

...for when the metal ones decide to come for you. And they will.

[thanks Babs!]

A message from Nathaniel FH Burgundy IV:

Revenge of the Dorks

Oh. My. God. Totally ridiculous, but awesome.

Apparently Dorkwave is also on the cover of Real Detroit Weekly today, which I have yet to see...

Also in the Metro Times:

Our buddy Martin Atkins (Pigface, P.i.L., Ministry, etc.) shares some deep thoughts, and our dear friend Mike Trombley and his band The Sights grace the cover today!

This is turning out to be a good week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

one of many amazing things about barcelona: a store, MONTANA that sells spray paint and markers especially made for grafitti. this month they hold an exhibition of new work by BO130 and MICROBO.
this italian couple make work that crosses the line between graffiti and art better than so many who have tried before, and happen to be amazingly humble in the process (which i can personally attest to)

and as for you ms copeland, what, respectfully,is the old that i should be out with? you do know that we españoles are a bit behind the times right? although, we oldtimers will have the luxury of seeing PREFUSE 73 followed up by a post show by FOURTET on the 21st of april, the prior being in sala bikini and the later being in apolo.

old shmold

ADULT.'s brand new EP D.U.M.E. hit record stores today.
Get up from your desk and go buy it right now.

A word of warning to those hoping for a return to the detatched sounds of futuristic days gone by: D.U.M.E. plunges deeply into ADULT.'s ever-present themes of paranoia and anxiety in a way that is far more confrontational than voyeristic. The six tracks on this release can inspire the same sense of panic as drowning, or a trip down the rabbit hole gone very, very awry.

Comparisons drawn to the manic intensity of early Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ersatz Audio cohorts Tamion 12 Inch, and Lock Shock & Barrel (Oogie Boogie's gang of deviant child-ghouls from The Nightmare Before Christmas) provide only a vague point of reference. Kuperus and Miller write a history of the future here which defies categorization and convention nearly to the point of alienation, but the music is so finely crafted and the vocals so engaging that one can't help but to be drawn into the waking nightmare of D.U.M.E.

The Founders Junior Council of the Detroit Institute of Arts presents

ARTSEEN: Gerard ter Borch: Master Works
Friday, April 15, 7-11pm
The Detroit Institute of Arts Kresge Court

Featuring: Gerard ter Borch: Master Works
Ter Borch's work captures the intimacy shared by fellow Dutch Baroque painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, yet suggests subtle sexual innuendos that have intrigued his audiences for several centuries.

Hors d'oeuvres and open bar [Grey Goose]
Music by DJ Shortround

$35 pre-sold for FJC members
$40 at the door and for non-members

For Pinter: Uhm, Detroit will take one of those Rhythm & Sound dates off of you if it's too much to handle. Really, it's okay.

For Doyle (for Nathaniel): Celebrate Moz! With a healthy dose of The Smiths, I presume?

For Servito: 312 Broken Sleep.

For Daniels: Out with the old, in with the new.

For my future children.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Somebody has a new website.

Consider this your first teaser for the upcoming All Morrissey All Night extravaganza in June. The best idea I've heard in a long time.

Is it possible to take (2) nights of Rhythm and Sound? Oh my......


Wish I could attend this:

Move:Stories In Motion
Friday 29 - Saturday 30 April 2005
Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
New York NY

Each day of the conference will feature focused sessions on particular practices within the motion design field: film and television titles, advertising, sound design, game design and character creation, and animated film effects.

Peter Hall, moderator
Pixar, Keith Stichweh
Sundance Channel, Keira Alexandra
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Geordie Stephens
MK12, Ben Radatz
Friends With You, Sam Borkson & Arturo Sandoval
Golan Levin
And more...

just got turned onto TV on the RADIO. track 5. shit. shit again i say, that is innovation

also, recently got an email from jani and the boys at OMOAMUSIC. detroit is getting shit done

i have also to give a big "bienvenidos" (welcome) to sk-1 (sarah) and a thank you to mike for including her. burnlabbers who do not know her will soon realize how much she has to offer to burnlabdom, and, if nothing else, i am glad to finally have a partner in bringing burnlab to the people of barcelona.

this wednesday in the ever-fashionable cafe royale softly records will present their newest releases including work from friends NOVO and a repress of a track from carl craig.

friday april 15th my old bandmates MISNOMA play

new york club
escudellers 5 (the street just below plaza reial)

their ep "yours" will be on sale and ready for your ears...check out the tracks on the website. beautiful pop for a jaded world (for fellow lovers of well-written dramatic pop check out track 3 "yours" in the demos page)

Thanks to Mike and Chris!
I look forward to participating in an inspiring environment.

Last night I had the pleasure of the time:space fold.

Einsturzende Neubauten played at Sala Apolo.
Blasted me back many years...
They sounded amazing. Eyes shut- Jaw on the ballroom floor.
Last night's set was recorded, and made available for purchase after the show.
New tech convenience-
Time travel rules.
Glad they are on top of things- and finding crafty ways to join the 'pass it on' reality.

For those in Barcelona:

Tomorrow evening (Tues. Apr. 12) the new issue of Rojo Magazine will be presented at Puku Cafe, Guilleries 10. Gracia. Barcelona- from 20:30h to 24:00h.

The new printed issue is called FABEL : too honest to fake it (30.03.2005)

Artwork by: Michele Castagnetti, Artemio Buneta, Maxi Sterie, Wunderkind, Seforah Andrade, Sosaku Miyakazi, Gerardo San Martin, Curet A.uto-hide, Aya Kato, Barbara Bouyne, Juliana I. Smith, Leonardo Ulian, Eltono + Nuria, June Crespo, Tofer, Ivan Marti Vidal, Roberto Ruiz, Norma V Toraya, Fupete, Margaret Stepien, Oriol Malet, Diva, Splik, Erin Petson, Alex Prager, Andrew Spackman, Glaznost, Juju's Delivery, Neasden Control Centre.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Also of interest from Warp: Chris Cunningham has a new short film titled Rubber Johnny to be released on May 23rd.

Johnny is a hyperactive, shape-shifting mutant child, kept locked away in a basement. With only his feverish imagination and his terrified dog for company, he finds ways to amuse himself in the dark.

Rubber Johnny is the latest creation from the UK's most imaginative filmmaker. Featuring music by legendary electronic composer, Aphex Twin, this nightmarish and hallucinatory experimental short film is accompanied by 40 pages of drawings and photographs - Cunningham's first published book of original artwork.

Click here for the trailer and info.

Warp Records reminded me like ten frickin' times today that Autechre will be streaming a live radio show from the Ae HQ this Sunday (10th April) from 8pm (G.M.T.) until late... so I figured I'd post it here. Click.

Also, click here to listen to the new album Untilted.

Saturday Agenda, Detroit

As previously posted, there are two events close to our hearts going on in Motown this Saturday night:

Holy Sit at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
An exhibition of seating by 32 artists, designers and architects from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, April 9th - May 5th
Opening Reception Sat. April 9th, 6pm - 10pm
(free and open to all)
Curated by Jeff Sturges and Robert Brooks
Art Direction by Camm Rowland
Musical Selections provided by Mike Servito
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit MI

Minus / Spectral Tour 2005
Magda + Audion (Matthew Dear) Final Scratch DJ sets, April 9th, 10pm -, 21+
w.s.g. TNT (Osborne + James T. Cotton) and Marc Houle (run.stop.restore)
Oslo, corner of Woodward and John R., Detroit MI

Brand new edition of The Galactica just released.

Romaric (a.k.a. Benny Campa) presents an all music issue, featuring 12 bands and 36 hand selected tracks "that are at all times gorgeous, beautiful, painful and joyous." Enjoy.

BC also directs us to Knewseen, the studio of artist Joshua Lucian Rickenbaugh, and his beautifully disturbed new Horror Series book.

Please welcome three new members to our esteemed editorial staff: fashion designer/tastemaker extraordinaire SK-1 reports from Barcelona, Alisa McCoy joins the LA crew with an astute finger on the pulse of the strange and extraordinary, and the ever alert Grant Aaron is our first agent based in Atlanta GA. Looking forward to even more quality news and insights.

April 8, 9 and 10 are the last days to check out Usher at Planet Ant directed by John Sousanis. Over the years, Planet Ant has spoiled us some extremely cool productions, and this is no exception.

And don't forget the opening for Holy Sit at CAID on Saturday April 9.


this never ceases to amaze me.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The hard drive on my PowerBook totally crunked out last night... which sucks beyond what I can even comprehend at the moment. It's going to take at least a few days to get sorted out, and until then the only e-mail I can be reached at is

update (if you care): Burnlab e-mail is restored, and it looks like most essential files can be recovered from backup. Whew! I still lost a lot of recent work, music and addresses. Friends and colleagues, please send a note to so I can get you back in the directory.

Monday, April 04, 2005

last night i had the random pleasure of meeting chaz, the man behind one of favorite urban enhancers the london police

On the Matter of Clark Warner

okay, so rumor has it that these kids are on the bill for mutek:
John Duncan
Gunter Muller
Klimek + Tim Hecker
Bruno "rock the effin nation" Bronsato
Pan/Tone aka Sid LeRock
Mathew Jonson
Soul Phiction
Melchior Productions

all i can say to that is "O-microsoft-werrrd"!
(what's up plaslaiko, and hello to atomly who will be rocking it in brooklyn tonight.)

I hope nobody will mind a bit of shameless self promotion here....
But my new album is out. (just thought you would like to know)...

Hear bits of it here
Buy It Here

Too, ive got up pics from the release party last week

So litle time, so much to steal....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mark Pauline's Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) bring robots and fire to downtown LA.

Brooklyn folks: don't let yourselves miss the Basquiat show at the Brooklyn Museum.

Really moving.

xo McFancy

Friday, April 01, 2005

i have a new obsession...after a joke with a friend i now want to try to get rights to "the new dance show" from channel 62 (wgpr) and make the episodes into dvds (preferably with commercials). anyone have an idea how we could make this happen? the world needs to see "the count" and commercials about watts club mozambique and yogi´s diner.

I've been listening to Kill Memory Crash's forthcoming LP American Automatic continuously for the past 24 hours or so... totally amazing. "The air of mystery about American Automatic is nearly tangible, underpinning the album's highly relevant focus on the darkness of the modern era. As such an affecting and rejuvenating fusion of rock, electro, and industrial styles, American Automatic will leave an indelible mark not only on the psyche and the dancefloor, but also on the scene from which it was born." Download the title track from the link above, then mark May 17th on your calendar and BUY IT. Just last night KMC held a release party in Chicago for the second single, Crash V8. (Sorry I'm a day late on that!) The Crash V8 12" is now available from Ghostly International and finer record stores.

Speaking of Ghostly, our friends Clear Magazine speak to gentleman record mogul Sam Valenti IV: read.

April Fools?

Image hosted by
Celeste, designed by Kris Van den Berghe, is a sky (or canopy) detached from the bed which is designed especially to be placed over any type of bed. What makes Celeste unique is the extra feature to project tv, films, Playstation or laptop onto the sky with a lcd of dlp beamer that is placed at the back. Without a beamer Celeste creates a very cozy environment and gives a modern and fresh touch to the interior. The advantage of Celeste is that the customer dosen't have to buy a new bed and/or added material to switch over to a "sky" bed.

Celeste is covered with a white extendable fabric which can be dismantled and washed at 60 degrees fahrenheit. The frame is easy to build up-a bit like a party tent- and ensures a good stability.

Creneau International Gallery: Rue Blaes 96B, 1000 Brussels. Tel.00-32- 2/ 289.70.00.