Friday, October 31, 2003

For all you Angelenos who are annoyed with the ridiculous cover charges around the city for lame Halloween events featuring tired DJs and rooms full of 18 year old hipster wannabes; I offer Chad�s list of interesting Halloween events for under 20 bucks.
Los Angeles Cacophony Society presents... THE INSTITUTE OF MENTAL DECAY. This is not a haunted house but a living exhibition of the degenerate soul. Tour the bowels of the historic Crocker Bank building, and test your mental fortitude as you encounter room upon menacing room of creatures too disturbing to be contained by asylum or lab. Enjoy entertainment and refreshment upstairs, until your number is called and you meet your fate. Most will escape alive, if tarnished. $10 admission, Friday Oct. 31 and Saturday, Nov. 1, 9PM-2AM. 453 S. Spring Street, in Downtown LA. No Children. For more info, email mentaldecay at

LIQUID KITTY is having their 8th annual Halloween Bash! The saying goes, "Face your fears but face them drunk". Costume contest and no cover charge- Sounds like a good combo- terrorific.

THE VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE presents Passage 'a L'Enfer(Passage to Hell) featuring: a cavalcade of nudie cuties hosted by Blaine Capatch Live music from Mr. Uncertain, The Maharaja of Melody DJ Millionaire mesmerizing magic, mirth and merriment!
All Hallows Eve, Friday, October 31st, 2003 Showtime: 9 P.M.@ The Derby 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. , Los Feliz
Tickets: $15, 21 and over, costumed attire suggested for the conscientious socialite

SPACELAND in Silverlake presents Sixth Chamber, Spooky Pie, Sounds of Asteroth, & Iggy & the Stooges Tribute
(discount with costume). Spooky Pie, Sounds of Asteroth, and the best DJ on LA (as voted by as and legitimized by the LA Weekly Music Awards) Reverand Dan!

another example of how weirdly small the world is: i was leaving the stage following a gig last night in a dive bar in barcelona when a guy stopped me to say he liked the music. we went on chatting a bit. turned out he was a musician. i dubiously went on with the conversation...what kind of music? electronic, cool...what, you�ve released some records? cool...on force, inc???

sure enough just checked the archives, oct 1, featuring a post by me about my band, followed by a post about geoff white, the guy i met last night (cue twilight zone theme)

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Columbia University Technology Week
At the heart of the semester, the dean is asking the whole school to hesitate for a week and reconsider the question of technology. Looking for the right ways to ask. Refusing any tired, simplistic, single, or suspect answer. Opening ourselves to unexplored potentials while celebrating our deepest traditions and ethical responsiblities. Thinking. Together
So every lunchtime and evening throughout the week there will be presentations by professionals on themes that might interest you. The schedule can be found on our website in the link below. Please feel very welcome to come to your school and join in the week-long discussion and the final Halloween Party with Prouv� in Buell Hall.

TURNAMENT - A Festival of Turntablism
MC - for the first time in Los Angeles in almost two decades - The Rappin' Duke!

Ace & Duce - Los Angeles (Los Angeles Free Music Society founders), amk - Los Angeles (flexidisc collages on classroom
record players), DJ Icy-Ice - Los Angeles (Stacks Records proprietor and hip-hop primemover), DJ Jester - San Antonio (URB Magazine Next 100 artists2003), DJ Quest - San Francisco (Live Human founder and"Hamster Breaks"mastermind), DJ Smallcock - Sydney (3000 RPM of terror from Down Under), Dublab Soundsystem (Daedelus, Derelict, Dr. Rock,Frosty, Nobody) - Los Angeles (transglobal Internet broadcasting pioneers), Emil Beaulieau - Lowell (America's Greatest Living
Noise Artist performs a dignified and professional tutorial on anti-records)

INSTALLATIONS (in the Derby Room)
DJ Meeuw - Amsterdam (king of the colourful 7" working an all-45s set of dancehall / ragga), The New Blockaders - anti-concert David Woodard - Los Angeles (lecture / exposition of the Brion GysinDreamachine)

November 7, 2003, 9:30 p.m., The Derby Nightclub (21+), 4500 Los Feliz Boulevard (corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard), Los Angeles, California 90027 323.663.8979
Admission at the door - $25 / $20 UCLA students with valid identification - Contact for advance ticket sales information.

Machines Never Die: exhibit opening Nov. 7th at TIA Gallery, Brooklyn NY - featuring the work of Arnold Steiner, the man behind Schematic Records' brilliantly disturbed design and illustration, and live video by Phoenix Perry.


When: 15 - 27 November 2003
Where: Brussels, Belgium

Concerned to keep a sensual relation to the graphic object and to locally promote the contemporary graphic design, Computerlove exhibits [a selection of the best work seen online] offline for the very first time.

This exhibit shows, in five different spaces, works from about 30 artists through a selection of more than 50 objects, 25 motion design creations, Michael C. Place/Build unique installation around the streets of downtown Brussels and in the gallery space. Plus other projects including DFF, Threadless, Pinpops and the Flink Paper.

The opening night will take place on Friday November 14th 2003 from 18h30 to 23h. Large screen projection and presence of Computerlove team + Michael C. Place + DJ Nurse + Beers + You!?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hurry! Only three more openings left...

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

'Sounds like Paper"
presented by paper and energie
w/ Karim Rashid
at Plaid
73 E 13th St (4th and Broadway)

Weds. Oct 29th
thanks to Lynnel H for the heads up

For our friends on the west coast who missed part one of Magdapalooza and might still be at work (or our friends back east sitting at home), tune in to tonight between 8 and 10pm e.s.t. She'll be broadcasting live from the subterranean Paxa-Q. (That's in like five minutes here.)

I will interview Richie Hawtin (AKA Plastikman) tonight on WDET.

Tonight is the final installment of Weekly Agenda at Panacea in Detroit. Jimmy's too busy being a rock star and stuff to keep the night going. However, Tuesdays will go out with a big noisy bang, featuring Schematic artists Phoenecia, Otto Von Schirach, Richard Devine and more. Co-sponsored by Ghostly International. More info here.

For your listening pleasure, DJ Hell's Tokyo set (Real Audio required).

Monday, October 27, 2003

Oh, the music! I didn�t get to hear Magda at Untitled, but I imagine she was great. Though I did get to hear her for 3 or 4 hours at the after party and all I can say is she was twice as good as she was at Taste Fest (which is extremely impressive) and she seemed to get tighter and tighter as the night went on (truly a Berlin DJ at heart).

Oh, and Allen Goodman sucked, hard.


So Magda said, �You know Allen, I know I just met you, but I�ve felt like I�ve known you forever�
I couldn�t help but reply with, �Magda, I feel the same way�

Somebody better post some reports about Magdapolooza right quick.....we're dyin' ova hyeah!!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Beautiful... disturbing... DO NOT miss sculptor Rona Pondick's exhibit at Cranbrook, including her recent visions of genetic mutations in stainless steel. The show closes November 30th.

Quick notice: Derek Plaslaiko is out of town this weekend, so our very own Allen Goodman will be taking his place in the back room of Untitled tonight. Allen promises some twisted IDM, including his own FKSCHE recordings.

And big thanks to Legowelt and Orgue Electronique for sticking around and playing records after their live show for the die hards at Detroit Art Space last night.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Hollywood Forever is the only cemetery in California to celebrate �Dia de los Muertos� or �Day of the Dead,� will once again honor this ancient Aztec ritual which represents a communion between the living and the dead on Saturday, October 25th, from 4:00 to 11:00 PM. A unique way for ancient cultures to �mock� death, Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in the Hispanic culture. An unparalleled feast for the senses, the celebration is known for elaborate costumes, ornate Altars, savory foods and performances of all kinds.

"Everybody is just meat. The rest is the will to be more than meat."
Frankenstein in Love or The Life of Death, by Clive Barker
Political satire accompanies the decadence of horror auteur Clive Barker's "Frankenstein in Love, or The Life of Death" at Sacred Fools Theatre. This agitprop Grand Guignol romance among the vivisected finds Barker adjusting his customary nihilism to incorporate guerrilla Gothic elements.

Chad's weekend gallery hopping list (Los Angeles):
KIKI SMITH: Regalo, and TERRY WINTERS: Metal Virus, new Mixograf?a prints. The Remba Gallery, 462 N. Robertson Blvd.; thru Oct. 25. (310) 657-1101
JASPER JOHNS DISCARDED LITHO PLATES "with correspondence"; pastels by Auguste and Stanley Somers. Urban Egyptian Gallery, 7906 Santa Monica Blvd., No. 208; thru Nov. 19. (213) 840-5322.
LEE MILLER: Surreal Beauty/Surreal Tragedy, 40 prints by the photographer whose work included Vogue fashion spreads and the horrors of the Holocaust. Apex Fine Art, 152 N. La Brea Ave.; thru Nov. 29. (323) 634-7887
JOHN ROSEWALL: Chromopolis The photographer creates monochromatic cityscapes by shooting L.A.�s reflection in various surfaces. The Basement, 1650 Echo Park Ave., No. 105; thru Oct. 26. (213) 481-1700.
SHEPARD FAIREY: This Is Your God, installation and prints, including silk-screens on wood, metal and record sleeves, by the creator of the "Obey" poster campaign. Sixspace, 549 W. 23rd St.; thru Oct. 25. (213) 765-0248
VICTOR GASTELUM: Provenance; niceguy convention, stenciled images of lowriders and Mexican wrestlers by a punk-rock vet (he made fliers for Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, then album covers for SST Records). Overtones, 11306 Venice Blvd.; Oct. 25-Nov. 15. Reception with performance by Calexico Sat., Oct. 25, 7-11 p.m. (310) 915-0346
NEW ACQUISITIONS by David Salle, Andy Warhol, Sam Francis, John Wesley and Vik Muniz. Ikon Ltd./Kay Richards; thru Oct. 25. (310) 828-6629.
PETER ALEXANDER: Studies for the Disney Hall Project, paintings; DENNIS HOPPER: Haute Couture, photographs from fashion layouts for Elle and Paris Vogue. Craig Krull Gallery; thru Nov. 15. (310) 828-6410
THE GREATEST ALBUM COVERS THAT NEVER WERE 100 visual artists created imaginary album covers for their favorite recording artists in this show curated by music archivist Michael Ochs and artist Craig Butler. It was first shown at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; for the L.A. version some locals have been added, including Kim Abeles, Sandow Birk, Meg Cranston, Mark Mothersbaugh and Kay Rosen. Track 16 Gallery; thru Nov. 15. (310) 264-4678

For those keeping score in the World Series of Architecture, David Childs is in the lead again.

See you all tonight:
10.24 NYC
Rare (416 W. 14th St.)
Feat. Midwest Product, Matthew Dear, Dykehouse, Twine + Lusine

It seems like Detroit is pulling out all the stops to keep me from going home to Brooklyn next week. This weekend Motown boasts an incredible selection of strange and beautiful thing to see, do and hear.

Tonight at the Cranbrook Academy of Art enjoy DJ Andre Roystein in the galleries beginning at 6PM, and at 7PM preview a screening of short videos organized by [Flak]Detroit, "a cultural forum of creative people." While you're there, be sure to check out the current exhibition by architecture department chair Peter Lynch.

Also tonight, The Gotan Project at the Majestic Theater, and Liz Copeland and Clark Warner present Stylus at Buddha Lounge [8 Mile and Lahser Rd.] Stylus will be a bit late, as Liz is also DJ'ing at the aforementioned Gotan show.

To add to the rather unusual long list of excellent choices Friday night, master of robots and synthesizers Legowelt heads up the Bunker Team at Detroit Art Space. 9pm-3am, info here.

Saturday evening, enter Theatre Bizarre: performance art, live bands, and all kind of hedonism at this annual freak show/haunted house/mega-halloween party. As Jaron says, "It's the only haunted house that will actually make you question whether you'll get out alive." (And that's just the sketchy neighborhood.) More info here.

Also Saturday (of course) Detroit welcomes home its favorite vodka drinking Polack and international superstar DJ, the unstopable Magda, as well as multifaceted musical genius Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye) to Untitled. No costumes or schticks this week - just great music and great people. Okay, okay, it is a homecoming theme party. Tuxes and elbow gloves optional.

On the art tip, check out Japanese popster Yumiko Kayukawa at CPop before the show closes Oct. 28th.

Finally, Detroit is among several cities way off the usual tourist maps profiled in "Party People", from the New York Post. Untitled gets a favorable mention as the place to hear "the new sounds of Detroit techno", but this quote is just too good: "Thursdays, drive to Ann Arbor to hit Necto�s �Lust� party on two dance floors, hosted by Jon Ozias, the KINGPIN of the Motor City�s underground techno scene."

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Agitprop genius Craig Baldwin, director of TRIBULATION 99 and SONIC OUTLAWS, returns with his grandest work to date. SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM plunders Baldwin's treasure trove of early television shows, industrial and educational films, Hollywood movies, advertisements and cartoons, combining these with live-action footage, no-budget special effects, and relentless narration to generate a wholly original paranoid science-fiction epic.

Deep in the Art of Texas
The long-awaited Nasher Sculpture Center, which bills itself as the first institution in the world dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture, opened in Dallas on Oct. 20, 2003. Conceived by collector and real estate developer Raymond D. Nasher, the $70-million center occupies a full city block adjacent to the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown Dallas. The 55,000-square-foot building and 1.5-acre sculpture garden is designed by Renzo Piano in collaboration with landscape architect Peter Walker. The center will showcase the 300-plus sculptures, by artists ranging from Rodin, Degas and Gauguin to Richard Serra and Mark di Suvero, acquired by Nasher and his late wife Patsy. The center also hosts traveling exhibitions, beginning with the National Gallery of Art's "Picasso: The Cubist Portraits of Fernande Olivier," Feb. 15-May 9, 2004, and the Harvard University Art Museums' "Medardo Rosso: Second Impressions," Apr. 3-June 20, 2004.

The UK's first building designed architect Frank Gehry opened on 25 September 2003. The design was commissioned by Maggie's Centres, the pioneering cancer support organisation, for their third centre at Ninewells NHS Hospital, Dundee. Frank Gehry, was a close friend of Maggie Keswick Jencks the Founder of Maggie's Centres. Like Frank's other buildings, Maggie's Dundee has his signature features. Not one of its walls are straight and it is topped by a concertinaed roof made of stainless steel and timber.

Matmos are the cuddly face of concept-y electronic music. Their last album was all based around the actual sounds of plastic surgery and liposuction and it still wasn�t annoying�it was funny, smart, and beautiful. On their brand-new one, The Civil War, they graft Americana like �The Stars and Stripes Forever� and fife and drum music onto stutter-step SoundEdit 16 glitchery. The result is an album that�s so seditiously patriotic it will make Toby Keith furtively masturbate on his tour bus.

Moo kari makka?� That�s what you say in Osaka, Japan when you meet someone. It means: �How you doing, making money?� Osaka is all about money. If it were a country it would be the world�s ninth richest. The city center is a blaze of illuminated signs, a warren of streets hosting the �pink salons� of the sex industry and endless covered shopping arcades. And it�s here, vying for space with slick, insistent stewards and hostesses, roaring pachinko parlors, and cinemas hosting ultraviolent films like Battle Royale 2, that you�ll find the homeless. Late at night they�re working, combing the arcades for plastic bottles or cardboard which they�ll hand into recycling centers in exchange for enough cash to feed their pet cats and dogs. Or they�re washing at a communal tap down by the highway that skirts Osaka Zoo, getting ready to sleep in huts of ply board and blue tarpaulin. Every one uses blue tarpaulin. They�d be quite pleasant places to live if it weren�t for the constant traffic noise, the exhaust fumes, and the smell of manure from the nearby zoo. Some of them are gems of home-built folk architecture, focusing even further the Japanese genius for miniaturization and high-density living, finessing humble living materials from homely flowerboxes and recycled plastic sheets branded with Hello Kitty logos. - culled from Vice Magazine

It's been a while since I've posted, but wanted to let you know I'll be spinning mini-tek and micro-haus on my birthday tonight. Come out and have a drinkle, or catch me passed out in any one of the gazillion great CMJ events this weekend. Ghostly in NYC, what what?!!

Tonight I'll be at Cafe Deville 103 3rd Ave. @ 12th St. (go into the basement)...

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Check out Audiobulb Records, some of the best IDM I�ve heard in about three weeks. Oh, and it�s all-free.

For everyone at CMJ: Have fun

Read Regular, a typeface that helps with visual dyslexia by differentiating reversable characters. In a hundred words or less, present an arguement against the global mandated use of a specific typeface...

All new site for Siouxsie and Budgie by Kleber, + the new Creatures LP Hai! was released yesterday. Sexy, sexy.

From Protein OS: Kung Fu Robots and marketing strategies for Generation Z.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I figure I should post before I go nuts from what�s been going on in my, uh, life.

Since iTunes was launched, the software has been downloaded over one million times, and well over a million songs have been purchased.

Back to basics. The Untitled Homecoming is this Saturday. Magda makes her first Detroit appearance since moving to Berlin earlier this year, Tadd Mullinix returns home from his world tour, and (for those who care) the first flyer designed by me since spring. "It's good to be Untitled."

Friday, October 17, 2003

Today Apple released iTunes for Windows XP and 2000. I don't know what will make Microsoft more crazy: that millions of PC users will [many for the first time ever] experience a user interface that makes sense, or that Apple is giving it away for free.

Our friend and Red Antenna cofounder Candy Chang is set to release a new 12" entitled Typography next week. Further proof that design and synthesizers are a tasty combination.

"Firecely polished electro with rocked-out soul. Thick driving percussion, lowriding vintage bass for boomin' systems, and sparkling analogue keyboard lines conjure sharp modernist grids, colorful scenes from tomorrow's discotheques, robots with dirty minds, and half-forgotten night-drives through Babylon. Candy Chang is remarkably able to glance back at Prince and Cybotron, while keeping her designer's eye fixed on a new style and sound all her own."

Enjoy the photography of Lucas Zarebinski.

Extraordinary built works form Atlanta based Mark Scogian Merrill Elam Architects. This is where my buddy Helen works. You may have seen their brilliant little Mountain Tree House in the April issue of Arch. Record.

UNTITLED remains on a roll of recklessness and high quality shenanigans. This Saturday features Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito in the main room, two of Detroit's best and most underrated DJs, plus total chaos in the back room with Dorkwave vs. Sasspunk: myself, Rob Theakston, Allen Goodman, Robert Gorell and Sam Valenti IV battle Jon O and Mistress Delia with an always unpredictable selection of music that would get us called "freaks", "fags" or "squids" in the days of youth. This Saturday's dress code/fetish is uniforms. Take that any way you like, but management would like to emphasize the word "kinky". As always, Untitled Saturdays at The Shelter, 431 E. Congress, Detroit. "It's good to be Untitled."

Thursday, October 16, 2003

WKDU, Philadelphia begins a 78 hour electronic music broadcast marathon to benefit local Village of Arts and Humanities. All styles are represented and there is lengthly list of local talent in que. You can listen and make donations(free gift mentioned) online . This is a great idea for the community of Philly. Might be a nice thing to try in that city to the north...hint hint.

Thanks to Jenn Louie for the info. We'll all be tuning in to hear you on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I'm drunk. On the bar in front of me is a wet napkin, a line drawing scrawled into it of a strange mechanized sink basin, a spring-loaded arm extending from its side, driven by a series of pistons, pumps and a chain-driven gear assembly. It looks like a machine meant only to scratch itself. underneath it are written the words, "your brain is a motor."

Welcome to the world of The Combustive Motor Corporation. The Brooklyn-based collective/art space finally has a web site, and its worth the wait.

Busted yet another personal cherry last night by playing my first set on the radio. The lovely Kate Simko invited me to her weekly program on Chicago's great bastion of underground techno broadcasting, WNUR. The station also features weekly shows by Dr. Dave Siska, Ph.D., and 313 mainstay Matt McQueen. Definately a stream worth checking.

Currently assembling the ultimate roadtrip albums for my upcoming cross country trek to Los Angeles. I had every intention of waiting until Utah- but I had to listen to Depeche Mode's cover of "Route 66".

Now I'm enjoying the new Chicken Lips DJ-Kicks CD- although the annoying anti-priracy protection meant actually digging out an old CD player and connecting it to the stereo. But its worth it as the "disco dub" is perfect listening material while reading issue 2 of America's new greatest experimental music rag- e|i. Again, the wicked Red Antenna made this the best lookin' publication around, and I got to really stretch out the old reviewer's muscle by writing up two of this year's best albums- Ellen Allien- Berlinette and Dinky- Black Caberet. If you don't have both of these albums on multiple formats, you a seriously f**king up.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

It's cold and rainy here in Detroit (yes, I was in New York yesterday, and LA two days before that. That's what I do. No more questions.) ...but East Village Radio is keeping us warm and doing an awkward little power stance robot twitch, kind of like the bass player from Interpol in that video. It's Tuesday, which means our man Gibby is playing cool records and talking about cool records and playing some more cool records from 4 to 6pm (e.s.t.) Also, a very special guest appearance on EVR by Dan Selzer from midnight on. Dan writes such great messages, heres' the whole dang thing:

I am going to be on radio for the first time since 1997 tuesday night at midnight. I am filling in for someone on East Village Radio, NYC's latest micro-broadcasting phenomenon. It can be heard at 88.1 fm if you're standing within 10 feet of the station, or go to and you can hear a live stream. I am following up 2 guys who play "punk and/or hardcore." I am going to play the best music you've ever heard. Rumor has it that all bars in the lower east side have fired all their DJ's and sold all their jukeboxes and all they plan on doing is tuning into my radio show tuesday night at midnight and broadcasting it. Likewise, all people driving cars will be tuning in, as well as joggers with those goofy antenna radio headbands. This way the entire city will hear me DJ new wave house, post-punk funk, electro-funk breaker jams and other sounds that move both the feet and heart. The entire population of lower manhattan then can seamlessly move from bar to bar, from apt to apt, from car to curb and never miss a beat, and thoroughly synchronize their life, and love to the beat of the show. And we can dance. And if, due to cabaret laws, you can't dance in the bars, you may as well stay home, tune in online or on your fm dial, and dance the night away. Actually, maybe I won't play dance music. Tune and and see. Hear. Feel. DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE TO THE RADIO

Hardware goes soft with Ipod controls sewn into Burton's snowboard jacket. Unlike the roll-up textile keyboards, this stuff is machine-washable.

Monday, October 13, 2003

One more post from me today, then back to work. I mean it.

Our good friend Will Calcutt has updated with some excellent photos from carnage night and the Mr. Untitled contest at our favorite and most off the hook weekly anywhere.

Okay, NikeGround is indeed an elaborate (very elaborate) hoax pulled off by media performance group 0100101110101101.ORG .

Bravo, boys and girls. Bravo!

I'm still not buying their sneakers... and not just because I don't wear sneakers. I wouldn't buy Nike combat boots either. ;) Could you imagine?

[Thanks to Amanda Womack for the heads-up.]

Remember MotorMouth Magazine? They're back in a big way, with a new print mag, website and coffeehouse - just in time, as Detroit has finally found the momentum to go after the title of 'coolest city in the country'. We told you! - though who would've thought it would actually happen? Here's some proof:

The new Matthew Dear LP is scheduled for a mid-November release on Spectral Sound. Leave Luck to Heaven's articulate fusion microhouse and electrofunk answers the looming question, "what is next for electronic dance music?" Take a peek at the upcoming ad in URB Magazine here.

Back in NYC: Speedy J at Tronic Treatment tonight. See you there, punks. if this is not an elaborate joke, I'm off this dirtball of a planet. I think I now hate Nike as much as Microsoft and Matchbox 20... and that's a whole lot. redesign - with photos, sound clips and everything you want to know about Mr. Edgar. Almost.

Chemlab update: The new LP, Oxidizer is now scheduled to be in stores the first week of January. Catch Jared providing vocals and mayhem for Pigface on tour in November. Pigface (as you probably know) boasts the most impressive cast of characters in underground music. Over the past twelve years the roster has included Invisible Records founder, PiL, Ministry and Killing Joke drummer Martin Atkins, Big Black founder and producer extraordinare Steve Albini, Trent Reznor, Frank Black, Ogre, Genesis P-Orridge, Einst�rzende Neubauten's F M Einheit, and about 100 other leaders of subversion. This fall's lineup looks to be a most impressive one. Dates and info here.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Solid smoke

[Thanks to Susan Surface for the link.]

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Okay, I know it's a little early, but I had to share the latest Micromini (pg1) flyer (pg2).

Like many of you, the Smiths played a pivotal role in my music listening from ages fourteen to present day. I love listening to them whatever mood I may be suffering through. So imagine my sheer joy when I discoverd this site. Nothing but MIDI files of Smiths tunes. The amount of amusement this site has brought into my life while enduring this bout of sleep deprivation is immeasurable. The version of Oscillate Wildly comes highly recommended.

California, here comes your new governor.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

What the hell is wrong with Apple that they still give a damn about design and packaging and "feel"?

...This is the point. Detail and nuance and texture and a sense of how users actually feel, what makes them smile, what makes the experience worthy and positive and sensual instead of necessary and drab and evil.

These are the things that are nearly dead in our mass-consumer culture, things normally reserved for elitist niche markets and swanky boutiques and upscale yuppie Euro spas and maybe cool insider mags like I-D and Metropolis and dwell. They are most definitely not to be expected of mass-market gadget makers. This is why it matters. This is why it's important.

Oh sure, Apple's elitist. This is the common line. Sure they're slightly more expensive and cater to artists and designers and creative types and people who actually care about such pointless stuff as fit and finish and "feel."

And they command only a sliver of the PC market overall and despite how their designs and innovations resonate across the entire industry and in fact affect industrial design across all consumer culture, true PC/Windows geeks just scoff and snort and go back to trying to patch the latest of 13,876 "severe" or "drastic" security flaws in the nonintuitive bug-ridden hell that is Windows...
-SF Gate

A slice of New York to brighten my California afternoon: East Village Radio. Untitled flyer model, Make Out Club founder and big time heartbreaker Gibby Miller is DJ'ing live right now (until 6pm e.s.t.) Tune in and create a path of destruction.

Just call Tuesdays Gibby Day in New York. In addition to his weekly slot on EVR, make your way down to DAMAGED at the Leopard Lounge (2nd Ave. and 5th St.) every Tuesday night where Gibson and friends spin a fine selection of industrial, new wave and Brit-pop... a little something we lovingly call 'Dorkwave' in Detroit.

Speaking of the east coast of the midwest, Tuesdays are owned by Jimmy Edgar's Weekly Agenda at Panacea. Tonight the Warp wunderkid shares the turntables with Todd Osborn, Traktion and our very own Rob Theakston and Mike Servito. "Tuesdays is fun."

I'll be making bubble diagrams, managing disgruntled designers and writing some marketing babble here in LA, so you all can go out and have fun.

Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of Tease-O-Rama- America's only weekend-long convention dedicated to the foxy, fabulous and all-round over-the-top world of burlesque! Two days and three nights of wild and wicked burlesque mania and go-go action! Witness the on stage antics of the most bodacious burlesque bombshells and the most far-out go-go girls Planet Earth has to offer! We have searched far and wide-from the sultry bayous of New Orleans to the mean streets of New York City to the anything-goes cabarets of the United Kingdom and back to the good old San Francisco Bay to bring you the most talented, tantalizing, tease-o-licious ladies performing burlesque today! Not to mention a star-studded cast of the best vaudevillians, comedians, world-class DJs, bands, entertainers and other weird and wonderful acts walking the stages of the world today!

Lucha Va Voom Halloween is coming.

RESFEST is an annual, global festival dedicated to showcasing innovative film, music, art, design and technology. Designed to support and inspire emerging talent, the festival kicks off each fall in the United States, and then journeys worldwide to over a dozen cities across six continents, building a global network of creators and audiences. The festival has supported breaking new talent, hosted visionary filmmakers, and pushed boundaries to rethink the visual language of cinema.
Since its founding in 1996, RESFEST has been both an artistic and technological pioneer. RESFEST was the world's first global event to champion desktop tools designed to empower the independent creator. Since then, the festival has evolved in response to the convergence of film, music, design, fashion and art. RESFEST is now the home for an even wider international cultural movement being created by the collision of creative disciplines.

The past week in Los Angeles RESFEST featured Michel Goundry - Michel Gondry's early precision with geometric concepts and his roots as a post-art school Parisian rock drummer are not the only factors setting the world-renowned visual innovator apart. Indeed, Gondry's ongoing collaborations with Bj?rk and The White Stripes succinctly suggest his seemingly inexhaustible well of visually and conceptually profound ideas and his understanding of what it takes to harness the visual medium to attain maximum impact. Never before seen special effects - both wildly inventive in-camera creations and the groundbreaking digital techniques created in tandem with his younger brother Olivier "Twist" - have also come to be synonymous with any new Gondry video clip. Gondry's inspired projects invariably involve one part science and one part punk rock DIY, which has, unsurprisingly, earned the director a place in the upper echelon of not only music video creators, but also in advertising and, increasingly, feature film. This retrospective presents Gondry's earliest videos created for his own band, Oui Oui, tests revealing the director's prescient explorations of seminal effects (such as the "frozen moment"), groundbreaking commercials and, of course, a smorgasbord of music video magic, including Gondry's latest for The White Stripes' "The Hardest Button to Button."
You can check out the six videos Michel directed on the latest Bjork Volumen DVD.

SHOWstudio is a fashion broadcasting initiative that invites leading creatives from the fields of art, fashion and design to collaborate on new work and transmit live events online. Bj?rk will answer your questions in a live interview this October.

Cinespia presents Shadow of a Doubt
Saturday, October 11th, 2003 at 7:30 P.M. $10, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower
No reservation necessary. Tickets sold at gate. Gates open at 6:30 pm.

From City Hall, Tweed Courthouse, and Gracie Mansion; to a cutting-edge art gallery made out of shipping containers, an ultra-modern fashion photo studio in a former gas station, and the state-of-the-art studios of Thirteen, the public will be able to explore more than 80 fascinating sites, free of charge, during the city's most extensive celebration of architecture and design.The first annual openhousenewyork will engage the public in New York's rich architectural, urban and historical development by providing access to a diverse array of architectural, engineering and design achievements.

Parents are cautioned as they enter the back gallery of the Metropolitan Museum's new exhibition, "The Dawn of Photography: French Daguerreotypes, 1839-1855," Sept. 23, 2003-Jan. 4, 2004. Among the stunning assembly of 175 portraits of painters, Scenes of the Seine and other early daguerreotypes are several 150-year-old nudes and a few historic pornographic images, including a daguerreotype of a pair of Sapphic lovers and the first known erotic daguerreotype of a black woman (both from the collection of the Getty Museum). What's more, an antique 3-D stereo viewer displays a Reclining Nude (ca. 1854) from the Met's own collection (acquired last year from Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro) that didn't make it into the exhibition catalogue. This classic image, which is hand-tinted with green and orange wash, shows a young woman in striped stockings, lying back on a divan with her skirts hiked high, engaging in the familiar solitary pastime.

Taiwan premier Yu Shyi-kun has provided the "east wind" that Taichung mayor Jason Hu was waiting for -- commitment that he plans to allocate $150 million from the national budget towards the $190 million cost of a branch of the Guggenheim Museum in Taichung City, according to a report in the Taipei Times. The Guggenheim recently said it would support the project if Taichung could pay for it. The design by deconstructivist architect Zaha Hadid, unveiled this summer, features moveable sections that pivot and raise up and down on rails.

The remake of one of my favorite horror flicks is coming 10/17 � The Texas Chainsaw Massacre !

I�ll have the Hot Ice CD player please�

Hot ticket for next month is "Black Belt," Oct 15, 2003-Jan. 4, 2004, at the Studio Museum in Harlem, for which star curator Christine Y. Kim has assembled works by 19 contemporary artists reflecting a fascination with Bruce Lee, Kung Fu and Eastern martial arts imagery. With this pop material as a starting point, the curator says, "the artists in 'Black Belt' explore the continuum of cultural exchanges between Eastern tradition and philosophy and the evolution of polyethnic and transcultural American culture and identity." Artists in the show include Mark Bradford, Sanford Biggers, Iona Rozeal Brown, Patty Chang, Y. David Chung, David Diao, Sean Duffy, Ellen Gallagher, Rico Gatson, Luis Gispert, David Hammons, David Huffman, Arthur Jafa, Michael Joo, Glenn Kaino, Clarence Lin, Kori Newkirk, Paul Pfeiffer, Cynthia Wiggins and Roy Williams. A 100-page, illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore opens its new $20-million, 61,000-square-foot Brown Center for Digital Art & Design on Oct. 17, 2003. Named for patrons Eddie and Sylvia Brown, the crystalline, white-glass-sheathed structure is designed by architect Charles Brickbauer with the firm of Ziger/Snead LLP. The new center includes a 60-foot-high atrium, a 550-seat hall and studios and classrooms for undergrad students in experimental animation, interactive media and video, as well as for new MFA programs in photography, digital arts and in graphic design, the last headed by Cooper-Hewitt curator Ellen Lupton

Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Geffen Contemporary
Oct. 12, 2003-Sept. 13, 2004
Installation art from the collection, including works by Vito Acconci, John Bock, Dan Flavin, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Gabriel Orozco, Allan Sekula, Diana Thater and Doug Wheeler.

Monday, October 06, 2003

A copyrighters dream, as well as a bored freelancers...automatically make your own slogans.

Speedy J
Map point is at the door of Untitled that evening
12PM �

Purchase at Neptune Records in Royal Oak
Only 200 tickets available

Paxahau, Untitled, Neptune Records


Gutenberg Bible Online

a2's bad boy, ryan elliot, not only has the best mix cd around right now (coming soon to burnlab radio i'm told), but, now also has the esteemed privilege of having been voted "mr. untitled 2003". see photos and get the gossip here .

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Just some easy Sunday afternoon reading about the new music concert hall opening in Detroit next week. Follow the magic link

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well, the latest plan to renovate the old Michigan Central Depot seems to be moving forward. After solidifying plans to renovate the Book-Cadillac Hotel earlier this year, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said that finding a way to renovate the depot was the major redevelopment project he would most like to see next. Imagine any police museum at the site, mentioned as a possibility in the latest article, won't highlight the depot's status as a favorite of ruin spelunkers, graffiti artists and others who haunted its halls over the past 15 years.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Post flurry today apparently, and I'm only on my 11th cup of coffee...

Paper Jam 2: Gangbang, an online experiemental art zine. I'm really digging St�phane Poirier's pastel skulls, M�lanie Baillairg�'s bloodbath orgy shoot, and the 'Unleaded' pics by Chantale Grenon and David Leclerc. Goth meets high fashion, as only the French can do. Hot.

If you're passing through Vienna, check out the Abstraction Now exhibition.

[Thanks to Fred at Computerlove for the above.]

Don't worry though, as Pitchfork nerd Patrick pointed out to me, Pitchfork loves Da Brat.

Pitchfork on Plastikman's "Closer":

``One can only hope Closer's other tracks are, at the very least, less awful.''

Ellen Allien US tour dates here. Not one to miss, but for addend incentive note the fine print: performing with Richie and/or T. Raumschmiere in most cities. This is shaping up to be a very good autumn for live electronics.

[Thanks to Nix for the tip.]

Speedy J tour dates from Mute. Yes, North American tour dates! (That's very rare indeed.) Jochem will be bringing his big mechanical monster of sound to the cozy Sullivan Room in NYC Monday, Oct. 13th. Not on the official schedule is a to-be-confirmed show at an intimate Detroit venue on the 11th. Thank our good friends Paxahau.

From the memepool, a graphic design portfolio for these with short attention spans

The Evil Pupil album comes out Oct. 31st. Every ambient DJ in the world should want this in their bag. the CD also includes the complete Evil Pupil visual archive.

Monster Basement is a new art and culture directory. Check it out. They gave us a 9 out of 10 rating. :)

A new book on parasitic architecture.

[Thanks to Paul for the link and the PBR.]

Tons of great new work up at our partner site Computerlove:

Design and illustration by Les Freds
The coolest wedding invitation I've ever seen by Luis Gomes
Two triptychs by Patsh Emmanuel

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Just have to point out one brilliant feature of the sixteen year old designers' page that Kid Rock posted....The funniest Essay by a third grader EVER!!!

All my fellow New Yorkers ought to be at the 2nd edition of Micromini tonight. No excuses. As brilliant as it promises to be, word is November and December are going to collapse the Detroit/Berlin/New York connection even further... I can't say any more, other than take the first Friday of the month off for a good long time, because Kevin owns your Thursday nights.

Look at all the ravers, er I mean Burnlabers. The Paxahau 5 Year Anniversary/Kompakt party has been called the best event in Detroit in years. If you're like me and was somewhere else (such as a seasonless strip-mall of 9.7 million) last Saturday, photos here. Audio archive to come.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

mention of barcelona in the last post made me realize my slack-ness in group misnoma is playing every thursday in october in the barrio gotic-classic london bar- my contribution being a continuing effort to merge ableton LIVE beats with funk/lounge/pop-y-ness...

Calling New Yorkers: MICROMINI is back!!! Tomorrow at Filter 14

Troy Pierce
Kevin McHugh

A really rare night with performances by two of the best talents in American techno. Stewart Walker and Geoff White both release on Walker's Persona Records, as well as a number of other labels (including White's upcoming release on Ghostly).

Together, the two put out the Discord LP on Force Inc this year. A fantastic overlap of the two artists' work, and a rare long-distance collaboration. This will be their first and only show together in NYC this year.

Geoff White will move to Barcelona the day after he plays, so this may be your last chance to see him in a long time.

Filter 14 - 432 West 14th St.
Thurs Oct 2 10pm - 4am

The October edition of the Daniel Miller Happy Hour now on Radio Eins.
(Once a month is not enough.)

edit: Spoke too soon apparently. Check back in a few hours.

Techno nerds: Just so you know, it's been a year without James Stinson, well, more like a year and a month.

Go kick out your Warp, UR, and Tresor releases.

What were you doing when you were 16