Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Today's wisdom: Although it may sound like a good idea at the time, listening to the Smiths doesn't make things better.

LA considers sandblasting Disney Concert Hall

[thanks Alex]

The Go! Team are happy fun. This is their new video.
This is my song of the month. Thank you.

butter: the silent killer.

Monday, November 29, 2004


I forgot my cell phone at home this morning, which you all know is about the most helpless feeling in the world. Hit me on e-mail or the old fashioned office line if you need to: 248.276.7954 (no solicitors, please.) Singing telegram is also a valid option.

i've given up on the hope of being the first kid on the block to get one...

so i thought i'd pass it on

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Bidule 0.7 in the house

midi feedback support
better midi learn mode for all bidules/plugins
support for 7-bits relatives and 14-bits absolute midi cc


It's like a fat guy in a tee shirt doing all the singing...

View the new LCD Soundsystem video here.

Unfortunately, I'll be in WI till Monday. (Speaking of which, since I'm both absent minded and lazy I forgot to figure out how I can get home from the airport on Monday, so if anyone is free around 12:30 - email me - please, seriously.)

... but, I wanted to post just to let everyone know that the Detroit Art Space will be closing at the end of December. Anyone who lives in the city and digs on 'difficult' music will understand how much of a bummer this is as it was the only venue in the city which spotlighted the odder side of Detroit music. To go out in style, there will be a number of shows focusing on many of the genres which called the Detroit Art Space home.

'Solo Performances'
Thursday, December 2

Daniel Johnson
Aaron Dresner

'Psyche Rock'
Friday, December 3

Michael Deck

'Progressive Rock'
Wednesday, December 8

In Door Park
Cat Time

'Rock n' Roll'
Friday, December 10

Lee Marvin Computer Arm

Wednesday, December 15

G. Mudge (DJ)
Will Walker (DJ)
Scotto (DJ)
P20 (DJ)
Justin Clark (DJ)
George Rhame (DJ)
Charles Preset
The LSDudes
Victor Gallegos
Nag Hammadi

Thursday, December 16

Aunt Viki
Hive Mind
Cotton Museum
Will Soderberg
White Devil
Occasional Detroit
Mike Kearnes (DJ)

Friday, December 17

Human Eye
Lake Success
Tentacle Lizardo

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Our favorite fur hat wearing, Smiths playing, furniture smashing, cross dressing mad scientist, Sam Consiglio reminds us of the following:

Sunday November 28th

Les Georges Leningrad and Tamion 12 Inch
with UVU and Genders

Detroit Art Space
101 E. Baltimore, Detroit MI (duh)

(This will be the first proper Tamion show in over five months!)

I am so there.
(I expect at least Allen to be as well.)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Too much turkey + not enough sleep + good snuggling = coma.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

tonight, dont forget to stop by and say hallo!

hey, i have been trying to work on my own music while listening to and comparing it to existing stuff. i am currently listening to dabrye (aka tadd mullinix) and his one/three album and it intimidates the shit out of me. how am i supposed to beat something that came out 3 years ago and still fucks evrything up? i live in the town where prefuse 73 (scott herren) lives but dabrye still kicks the shit out of the brother...my only comfort is in that tadd is a fellow michigander

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just like many of us, tomorrow members of our government will be sitting down with their families, giving thanks for all they have. They frankly have a lot to be thankful for. Opensecrets.org is a web site that tracks contributions that businesses and organizations have made to the red and blue. It's worth taking the time to check it out and see the amounts being passed around. It's also a valuable resource for finding companies to support that are in line with your political view. Here's a sample of a few from 2004:

Wal-Mart Stores
$2,005,516 [20%D 80%R]
Home Depot
$716,270 [6%D 94%R]
Outback Steakhouse
$501,948 [2%D 98%R]
Microsoft Corp
$2,695,889 [60%D 40%R]
Walt Disney Co
$872,385 [71%D 29%R]
Barnes & Noble
$103,850 [98%D 2%R]

It's okay to look this serious when you've been named "one of the 250 people who will change the future" by i-D Magazine. SV4: nicein' em up and taking names since 1999.

More big time accolades for the Ghostly International camp, including XLR8R Magazine's Artist of the Year for Matthew Dear, and Label of the Year from URB Magazine.

Champagne in Ann Arbor hard earned and much deserved.

HI friend! Who wants some pumpky-poo-boo? PUMPKIN PIE!

I'm hoping for a Mike Servito/Ellen Allien tag team set by the end of tonight. That would be the awesomest.

We might as well just set up camp at Oslo...

Work off that tofurkey sashimi (joking) Thursday night with the un-scruffy 2/3 of RUN STOP RESTORE and Clark Warner. Too much goodness. Details and discussion here.

Yours truly, will be opening for Ms. Allien tonight. Well, sort of...

Amen Chris. December of 1992(93?): I had my very first fake ID and I used it to go see Swervedriver downtown. There was this other band opening called Smashing Pumpkins. They were okay. I also think Daisy Chainsaw played that night.

"Rave Down" was one of the hardest songs I learned on guitar that year, and Swervedriver shall always hold a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ok, i am feeling a bit nostalgic...for all lovers of shoegazers and classic rock at the same very time: were swervedriver not one of the most criminally overlooked bands? i still remember seeing them in ann arbor and being completely blown away. all the beauty of the shoegazers with all the balls of late 70´s rock (they came too late and left too soon)

thanks for mentioning lebbeus woods mike. he was a hero during my time at ccs, both in terms of his architectural work and his esthetic style. he was and is an artist in the world of architects (i unfortunately couldn´t find another suitable web link...architects are so often poorly represented in the linked-liked world). it is true that an artist is increasingly an anomolous beauty in the world of design

Installation of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Gates to begin next week in Central Park.

The Gates, as they are called, will be festooned with saffron-colored fabric panels and will line 23 miles of pedestrian paths from Feb. 12 to 27. They are being made in Queens and are nearly finished. The artists say they have been working on the project for 20 years.
-NY Times

More images here. (Between Christo and Lebbeus, colored pencil kicks the ass of computer rendering any day of the week. Long live drawing.)

$28,000 grilled cheese sandwich.

Remember: Florida is a red state.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The first official proof of my recent Barcelona excursion. Not sure why it cuts off about two sentances before the end.

8 hours until I take off for Detroit. This headcold should making flying the red-eye a blast.

More construction images of the de Young museum at Archinect.

Photos of Tokyo's massive water routing system

[via Core77, via boing-boing]

shape-shifting robots

Friday, November 19, 2004

John Kerry is back on the scene and comes out swingin'. This may not be over yet!

hey all, far too much going on lately in the lovely nyc. here's one more shiny bit to add to your activity calendar for Saturday night:

The Crucial Get Down & Enabler present:
DANCE IDIOT DANCE (All Night Long...)

DMX Krew - Live - Rephlex / Breakin' Records / Ghostly International
Adam X - DJ - Sonic Groove
Cowboy Mark - DJ - The Crucial Get Down

Videos by Paperrad!

With releases on labels like Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records,
as well as numerous singles for Ersatz Audio, Ghostly
International and Gigolo, and remixes for the Gentle
People, Biochip C, LeCar and many more, Ed DMX has
also been running his own label Breakin' since 1997.
He's never been one for following trends but has
always been forging his own musical direction.
Come out for the second installment of Dance Idiot
Dance (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!) and hear what
you'll be sweatin' in the year 2005.

Another very special guest is NYC's own original, Adam X.
He's always advising us on electronic classics from days
of yore so we've asked him to bust out some of those
original pressings and PLAY them for us on the dance floor.
And in typical fashion, Cowboy Mark will serve as the
gracious host and start out the night for you landlubbers.


FREE Vitamin Water ('til we run out)

The Music Gallery: 49 Ann Street, 3rd floor
(btw William & Nassau, behind city hall)
Mapquest directions here: http://tinyurl.com/6rvga
by subway: A/C/J/M/Z/2/3/4/5 to Fulton St. stop in manhattan!

Saturday, November 20, 2004
10pm-until late
go get 'em tiger.


Oh my.

Baaaaaaaaaaaad Robot...

Plexus. Tonight. Robots. Cafe Deville. New York City. Details.

+ Bad Robot Haiku

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mrs. Doyle and I are attending the Governor's Awards for Arts and Culture ceremony tonight with Jon Ozias. Derrick, Kevin and Juan are being honored for their "innovative contributions to the global music scene." There are much worse ways to spend an evening than seeing these guys get some respect while schmoozing with democrats and art patrons.

Jon O is DJ'ing.

This should be a totally interesting night all around.

This Saturday evening is the grand opening event for Effigy Studios in Ferndale Michigan. Effigy is a gorgeous new state of the art recording space. There will be refreshments aplenty and entertainment from The Dollfaces and Team Dorkwave! Come on by and check it out.

Studio Release Party
Effigy Studios
803 Vester
Ferndale MI
(9 Mile Rd. and Hilton)

8pm - ??

Food and drink by Christine's Cuisine
Live music in the Studio by The Dollfaces
Recorded music in the Event Space by Team Dorkwave

Effigy is the latest addition to a community of recording studios in Ferndale, including 54 Sound, FBT, Tempermill Studios, Rustbelt Studios and Soup Can Studios.  The interior was designed by Van Tine | Guthrie architects of Northville and acoustician Dave Prince.

This Friday night offers two chances to see some of your favorite Ghostly/Spectral acts in two of your favorite cities: Todd Osborn and Ryan Elliott will be kicking off a new DJ series at Detroit's Oslo, while Dykehouse supports indie legend Bob Mould at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Details:

Ghostly International Presents

The inaugural edition of a new monthly event at Oslo featuring the friends and family of Ghostly International, occurring every third Friday.

Todd Osborn - Ghostly/ Spectral, Ann Arbor
Ryan Elliott - Ghostly/ Spectral, Detroit (resident)

In association with Soft Curls

1456 Woodward, Detroit MI
10pm to 4am | 21+ | $5

BOB MOULD with special guest DYKEHOUSE

Mould was a founding member of the immensely influential 80s band Husker Du, whose sound led the way for the alternative rock movement of the 90s; since then he has done numerous solo albums, apart from his work with Sugar, and this show offers a unique opportunity to catch him doing a solo acoustic set. Ghostly's master of shoegaze, Dykehouse, supports.

The Blind Pig
208 S. First St., Ann Arbor MI
9:30pm | $15 | 18+

"Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web." ...

Wow. My life just got easier.

More Hitchhikers movie news surfaced this week. The opening date for the film has been set at May 6 2005. Promotion for the film is beginning exclusively at Yahoo Movies.Yahoo's partnership also provides for sites in the UK and Germany. There is some new production art as well as an updated version of the teaser trailer that was released a month or so ago. Financing for the film is coming from Disney and the distribution rights looked to be with Spy Glass Entertainment. It's seems as though it will in fact be a Disney release. There is also some talk of proceeding with sequels (Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and Life, the Universe, and Everything) if the initial film does well. With Martin Freeman( the Office), Mos Def, and John Malkovitch in the first and the approval of Spike Jonze, it's got a good foundation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Resturants i plan on hitting while in Detroit next week...

Lafayette Coney Island
Bread Basket
Soupersonic (is that still open?)
Checker Grill
Sweetwater Tavern
China Ruby
La Shish
Mon Jin Lau

all this- and some turkey! good thing i'll be around for a whole week.

What could be better than a new album by Thomas Fehlmann? How about a new album by Thomas Fehlmann featuring Dabrye.

And as long as I'm in a gushing about music mood, the new mix by Andrew Weatherall is the cat's pajamas. And the new DVD from Blur reminds me of the days when dumpy british girls with bowl haircuts and XXL white t-shirts were the hottest thing going. Glastonbury anyone?

Oh- and a certain magazine is running a subscription special. Get it now, and you should be in time to recieve your first issue with a certan jackboot wearing, bass-playing, dorkpol djing gentleman on the cover.

We've seen a number of guerrilla style tactics appearing in urban centers. There are of course posterers, snipes, flyerers, taggers, stickerers, wifi-ers, and guerrilla screenings in Santa Cruz. The SMS Guerilla Projector uses the same principle, projecting text messages onto public spaces and surfaces. These instant interferences surpass some, while others find they actively notice this noise and keep a sharp look out for the next appearances. (i'm far too addicted to SMS, so this could prove to be a new form of trouble...)

Ghostly International now has photos up from UNTITLED:Reckless in NYC. (I don't know why I'm wearing a Yankees hat.) If you missed it, more photos here. (If you were wondering, Sam is indeed only offering Osborne mints.)

Trendy relationship type for '05: torridly platonic*

*the new way to say how much you appreciate your friends while sounding simultaneously smart and risque, without using sappy words. It'll catch on. Just watch.

Burnlab: reinventing your vocabulary since 1997.

The Persuaders

[this one's for Jon O, via Nix]

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Chris -
I believe this is what you mean. Classic!

(please don't drink and blog.)

if i could i would but i just don´t know how, that being to post how borders in birmingham rates our dearest matthew dear..can you help mike?? (it´s on a cd i left with you!) it´s a classic

Just in time for the holidays: hand-made ceramics and font-based warapping paper from Emigre.

Core77 surveys Value Meal: Design and (over)Eating, an exhibition featuring such Burnlab favorites as John Maeda, Scott Henderson, IDEO, Yves Behar, Superhappybunny and more. Brilliant.

Please, touch not the cat.

Monday, November 15, 2004

You just linked it.


Can't find any info about John being dead, Allen. Source?

John Balance
16 Feb 1962 - 13 Nov 2004

nice picture of servo with the cupcake, but we all know that's not a billy's bakery cupcake!
R.I.P. - ODB

The Kraftwerk Animal Adventure

A Children's Book By Doc

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Speaking of no sleep... thank you Detroit, for packing out Les Infants Terribles on Friday night and dancing like crazy people, no matter what records we threw at you. Detroit rocks. Extra special thanks to extra special guest DJ Mike Trombley. Your lifetime mebership card is in the mail.


-Team Dorkwave

P.S. I dropped the ball with taking photos Friday night. If anyone has pics, please forward them along to mike@burnlab.net

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm worried about you Detroiters. Get some sleep okay?

Audion is not dead.

Audion is dead.

For those who don't know, Audion was the much-preferred audio playing application in the pre-iTunes Macintosh world. Its creator Panic has also been considered the company who ushered in the new era of what many pundits (who are more original then I) have referred to as the new software design philosophy. Great applications were not judged solely by feature set; usability begun to develop real meaning, attractiveness started to mean a hell of a lot more, and life was grander.

Fortunately for us, with its demise comes a great essay chronicling the history of this much beloved application from one of its creators. This is a great essay, for a great application - for anyone who is interested in the software process look no further.

(I highly recommend clicking on every link)

Friday, November 12, 2004

i might be repeating myself, but fuck it...next friday in bcn is a night reserved for the band called low. while in nyc i saw the lead singer/guitarist alan sparhawk in a rare solo performance where he proceded to ask for and then smoke an illegal susbstance and then lose all sense. the funniest thing about the whole evening was the fact that his fans pleaded his case while he could barely keep his head up. pleading to the audience he asked if he sucked, the super-nerd crowd responded "no, you rock!". my attempts to bring the real situation to light were met by hostility...

in backup of my last post, majesty crush was a band detroit had when unfortunately detroit was still uncool as a city for guitar-based bands (sorry but the fact that a band comes from detroit and starts with "the" doesn´t make it good). majesty crush combined the lovely-ness of shoegazerdom with the balls of 70´s rock and a lead singer who alternately scared and attracted...if you can find it look for any copy of the song "no. 1 fan" and you´ll know what i´m talking about

another thing, i´ve been listening to a cd by a girl called feist and i can´t stop...think catpower mixed with 70´s motown...amazing

John at detroitblog captures my sentiments exactly in regard to the Wyland mural on the Broderick Tower in downtown Detroit.

Imagine for a minute if UNTITLED was an ad agency and got the McDonalds account.
Loving it.

[thanks BitBoy]

Derek seriously needs to update his website.
Derek needs a blog.
Derek needs to write more on Burnlab.

You listening Plaslaiko?


Before you head down to Les Infants tonight, come see Burnlab's Doc perform and chat at Cranbrook:

This Friday, November 12th

Cranbrook Art Museum

Doc (Focus Media / DTM) - Live Interview And Performance

Interview and Q+A By Herdest Cummings (who also goes by Das Closer, on KMS Records) @ 6:30pm

Musical Performance starts at 7:00pm and goes till 8:30pm

The performance will be out of the ordinary... I will not be playing for the audience, but rather for the exhibit, African Diaspora. Imagine if the artwork was the movie, I will be doing the score. Lots of twisted melody and obnoxious noise. Its going to be straight up Docspeed You! Wack Emperor.

$5 | All Ages Welcome


On the art tip....

You may know that a handful of Burnlab editors have also been busy planning Detroit's newest gallery space for the city's oldest non-profit arts organization. This Saturday evening we are pleased to open the first exhibition at the brand new Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit.

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit presents: Metamorphosis

November 13, 2004 through December 18, 2004

After 25 years of nomadic existence, hosting its unique contemporary art exhibitions in diverse venues, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) finally has a space to call its own. CAID has taken up residence at 5141 Rosa Parks Boulevard, in the space formerly occupied by detroit contemporary. The newly remodeled gallery will serve as an exhibition space and headquarters for the organization.

As we look forward with this first exhibition in the new space, we also look backward and celebrate CAID's long history and impact over the years. This first show will feature the work of five former board members of CAID from the past 20 years. These five will act as curators, each selecting one local established or emerging artist to present work alongside his or her own work. Besides the individual artworks, the show will include a comprehensive history of the organization and the works that were a part of it, as well as a series of lectures, talks and/or performances.

Metamorphosis will open on Saturday, November 13, 2004 and run through December 18, 2004. The opening reception will be on November 13 from 6pm to 11pm. The exhibit and opening reception are free and open to the public.

CAID is a community based non-profit organization established to foster and promote the essential link between contemporary arts and contemporary society through its exhibitions, performances, critical and public discourse and the funding of contemporary arts and art related activities.

CAID is located at:
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit (formerly the Detroit Contemporary space)

more info here | flyer here

Pretty Girls Don't Ride The Subway.

Some of you might remember that I co-produce a DVD magazine called Remote.

We got a nice piece of recognition in this week'sEarplug.

Other Music Presents:
plus OM's Scott Mou
Tuesday, November 16- 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.
APT : 419 W.13th St. NYC
$5 advance tickets available at Other Music and at the door. Open Danzika Vodka bar from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Atomly last week at the awesome Dance Idiot Dance event, thrown by Mark and Lisa, who are quickly becoming two of our bestest friends in New York. (Hopefully they'll still be our friends even after I posted that photo.) Anyway, if you've been reading Burnlab since the the dusk of the 20th century, you know that I first came across Atomly because he used to host the clever one pager www.fucktrance.com (don't bother - it's now a porn site or something) and made some of the most intense breakbeat I had ever heard at the time. Still does actually. The point I'm getting to is not only does Atomly rock even more in person than over e-mail, but so does his blog. The man ditched GWAR. Heh.

One more thing: balls.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

On the Matter of OCD

We could have paper cuts for days.


(I didn't know Odell was in Spahn Ranch though. O, I know you read this... is it true?)

On the Matter of Journalism and the Media

An excellent article on the issues of Balance, Fairness and Science. All because Abortions will give you Breast Cancer if you live in Texas.

Chris, yes!

for anyone who might know...is the michael segal who is currently related to ghostly the same one who used to be the guitarist for my favorite detroit shoegazer band "majesty crush" ? (the same band which also featured the drumming skills of another semi-often-mentioned-in-burnlab detroiter odell nails)

If anyone's saying something worth hearing in Washington, it's this guy.

I just downloaded the most recent Black Strobe EP from Bleep and it is killing me. Think of it as industrial strength acid in a dark, smoky Belgian cabaret circa 1985. What a good week for inspiration. Expect plenty of it tomorrow night at Les Infants.

NY Labbers:

Please forgive the self-promotion.
I'll be spinning Friday night at ROBOTS.
It's downstairs at Café Deville. If you haven't seen this spot, it's a lot of fun and really chill.

Good music, good vibe. Good GAWD!

103 Third Ave
at E 13th St

10pm - late
Friday, November 12

36 hour warning: Les Infants Terribles Friday night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The first batches of photos are up from UNTITLED NYC: Reckless and New York vs. Detroit part 3.

If these don't make your eyes hurt, more are on the way...

Yet another one joins the Berlin Fan Club.

Postal Service Band Teams With Postal Service

Rather than suing the band for co-opting its name, the U.S. Postal Service has entered a marketing agreement with Postal Service, the band. "We could've abandoned the name," the band's record label Sub Pop Owner Jonathon Poneman said, "but it would've been a significant setback. Name recognition is very important to us. While they've certainly settled on a popular name, one wonders what sort of hostage situation they've found themselves in. The band will play an exclusive concert for senior Postal Service execs and the band's music may end up in USPS ad campaigns.
Culled from Adrants.com

Montreal-based sound/visual/performance artists Skoltz_Kolgen are blowing my mind with beauty.

[thanks to Nix]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Direct quote... "We want it to be black, but could you not make it so dark?" This and other Top 20 Stupid Client Quotes at Clientcopia [via Newstoday].

New Yorkers have many descriptions for ol' Rudy, ranging from "nazi" to "hero", but most have very mixed feelings. (I tend to think of him as a "charismatic asshole.") A recent poll of republicans put the former mayor of NYC way out in front as their favorite candidate for 2008. Despite his shortcomings (and there are many), having a pro-choice, relatively level-headed and articulate republican in office would be a welcome change second only to the second coming of Bubba under the current climate. Giuliani and poll runner-up John McCain represent where the party should be headed... back toward reason and away from fanaticism.

Hitting the tarmac running...

Les Infants Terribles returns to Detroit this Friday at Corktown Tavern with Team Dorkwave and special guest DJ Mike Trombley of The Sights.

But first...

Join us for a special exhibition of Michael Segal's postcards at the Motor City Brewing Works this Wednesday evening.

Wonka: June 2005.

Monday, November 08, 2004

About a year ago I was bicycling down Grand Street and I ran into Warren and Karen. They told tales of a LCD Soundsystem video (scroll thru the 'Work' section of Warren's studio) in the works for "Losing My Edge" ... something about video synthesizers from an old tv studio in East Berlin. I guess the TV on the Radio video one-upped them and it never was released. Thanks to Agnieska for clearing this up.

One more note about the trip: Sliced bread really has nothing on Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate right from the chocolatier on a chilly November afternoon. Even better with a side of sambuca at Low, as we discovered. (Also takes the edge off that impending flood and subsequent ice age.)

The Burnlab/Ghostly/Dorkwave/Untitled road team is back in Detroit safe and sound from a week of extremely successful events in New York City. Huge thanks to the whole NYC crew for a great time, the fine hospitality and enthusiastic support of our crazy schemes.

Three notes from the trip I'd like to share:

1) Pit Stop French Bistro in Red Hook Brooklyn joins the ranks of Diner in Williamsburg, Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak and Corner Bistro in Greenwich Village for tastiest hamburger in the world. A required destination for traveling carnivores.

2) If you get a chance, do check out the current exhibition at Smack Mellon Gallery in DUMBO Brooklyn. Of particular interest is the work of David Ellis and Valerie Hegarty.

3) Kill Memory Crash live might be the best thing since sliced bread. More Kill, please.

(Allen - I'd give you raise if I could. Now get back to work.)

Adobe launches Proxy, a downloadable design magazine.

250 scientists from eight nations agree, global warming is heating the Arctic almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet in a thaw that threatens millions of livelihoods and could wipe out polar bears by 2100.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hi. My name is Allen.

I am in dire need of a job, because mine, well, sucks. If someone has knows of somewhere that is both neat, and looking for part-time work around Detroit, please get in contact.


Friday, November 05, 2004

in keeping with the rather positive outlook of post-election burnlab, beginning plans are in the works to bring "untitled" to the world, seems that untitled is just too damn cool too keep it stateside (especially if you poor bastards get nuked...oops, sorry, very negative.did i say that?)

no idea of exactly where or when or with whom but it will happen...i´m trying to make it happen in barcelona, but i challenge berliners to give us spanierds a run for our dinero...

SW Episode 3 Trailer.
that is all.

Bush's Acceptance Speach
(in case you missed it heartland)

Pure Detroit Design Lab: White Shirt Show grand opening event tonight, featuring one shirt interpreted by over 25 designers, the photography of Riva Sayegh and muisc by the Tamion Tag Team [Ersatz Audio].

Friday, Nov. 5, 8-11pm
Pure Detroit Design Lab
156 W. Congress @ Shelby
Downtown Detroit

12 new construction photos of Herzog & de Meuron's de Young Museum in San Fran.

[via Dezain.net]

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

[via Protien OS]

The usual suspects...

As previously noted by Kevin, Untitled NYC is at The Delacey this Saturday night. Not to be missed. Full flyer here.

Core77 reviews the Massive Change exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

(If you haven't visited in a while, Core77 has a sharp new look, and expanded Clogger team.)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hot new Motorola t.v. ad featuring Dabrye.

Hello. I am now typing this from Doyle's bluetooth keyboard (in fact, an Apple Pro Keyboard). I just wanted to report that today was very sad. Very sad. Today was sad because everything was wet. Really wet. My socks got really wet, so I took them off. Doyle offered me a pair of his socks, but my feet are much too wet to put them on.

I should also mention that Doyle is proofreading this for me as I am not near the computer. In fact, as I mentioned earlier I am typing this from afar. Wireless. So if there is a problem with this post, you'll now understan why. I am doing my best.

So if you do not know I am n NYC. Dorkwave was last night. It was fun. People were happy. So happy in fact that people decided to drink. When people drink sometimes they get sad, but most of the time they get more happy. Stay tuned, this story is still developing.

Rumors of Their Cancellation Are Greatly Exaggerated.

Ghostly and Blackbox have managed to secure an alternate venue for Saturday's spectral spectacle. No longer an Undisclosed Location, the mysterious haunt is revealed: The Delancey. Still NY, still Detroit, still dirty, still ghostical. And with a line-up you'd have to live in a Red State not to lust after.

168 Delancey at Clinton St.

Kill Memory Crash (live)
James T. Cotton (live and DJ)
Audion (DJ)

Ryan Elliot
Mike Servito
and bringing up the rear . . . Derek Plaslaiko

night 1 of dorkwave detroit vs. ny (i have no idea if we can call this part two, as part of an elimination round?) has been sooooo good. thanks to dave elliot, gibby, dorkwave & the nyc hooker army! our unoffical photographer for the night was kendra who had the trusty burnlab camera provided by mr. doyle. i'm sure embarassing photos will be up soon enough....as soon as we can locate professor doyle. oh yeah, never ever ask allen goodman to participate in a dance off, you WILL loose.

Kerry won.

Enabler & The Crucial Get Down present:
SECURITY: The Schaffel & Glitch Edition

In the Pink Room:
Superpitcher - DJ - Kompakt Records
Ada - Live - Areal Records
Marcos Cabral - DJ - Trapez
Cowboy Mark - DJ - The Crucial Get Down

Drink. Yell. Dance. at a venue that's a little bigger
and located more uptown than we're normally used to.
Superpitcher is back in NYC for his second visit and
this time he's introducing Ada, one of the core
artists on the Cologne-based, Kompakt-distributed
Areal record label. Locals Marcos Cabral and Cowboy
Mark (doing his best techno impression) will join them
in the Pink Room. For one night, Superpitcher and Ada
will give us a little taste of how *they* party in Cologne!

For a bit of contrast, the outside Sky Lounge will host
the NYC stop of the Detroit Underground Fall 2004 tour.
Headed by Kero, this new label has close ties to Native
Instruments, Warp and Schematic and serves as a platform
to showcase all the deranged sounds he's already known for
with his releases on BPitch and Shitkatapult. Richard
Devine, Venetian Snares, Jimmy Edgar and Modeselektor are
some of the artists who have appeared on the label.
Their very special guest from Canada, Knifehandchop,
has many obsessions that are all on display in his music:
8-bit video game soundtracks, touches of
gabba-ragga-dancehall-pop mashups and a general desire to
cause raving delirium in others.

Ikon - 610 West 56th Street at 11th Avenue (enter at 55th Street)
18 to enter/21 to drink

Thursday, November 11, 2004
$14 in advance (Other Music - 15 E. 4th St.) / $18 at the door
buy your ticket online at wantickets.com.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

For any of you looking for a place to wait out the next four years, as of 20:55 GMT there is a sofa in Munich still available...

Canadian officials made clear on Wednesday that any U.S. citizens so fed up with Bush that they want to make a fresh start up north would have to stand in line like any other would-be immigrants -- a wait that can take up to a year.

Mike, I just have one word for you: SWEDEN

I would like to live in Sweden
When my work is done
Where the snow lies crisp and even
'Neath the midnight sun
Safe and clean and green and modern
Bright and breezy?free and easy
Sweden?Sweden?Sweden?In Sweden
I am gonna live in Sweden
Please don't ask me why
For if I were to give a reason
It would be a lie
Tall and strong and blonde and blue-eyed
Pure and healthy, very wealthy
I'll grow wings and fly to Sweden
When my time is come
Then at last my eyes shall see them
Heroes every one
Ingmar Bergman
Henrik Ibsen
Karin Larrson
Nina Persson

The Divine Comedy

I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream in which John Kerry asked me to be on his cabinet while we both sat at a bus stop. No idea what that means. "Secretary of blogging?"

So I get out of bed, check the major news sites to find that OH, NM and IA are still too close to call at 5:00am, write this entry and am about to go back to bed.

I watched Office Space again last night. I'm so glad I'm going to New York tonight. I'm in no state of mind to deal with the culture of corporate middle-america. I need to be around my own kind for a while - especially if the results of this election go badly. One step closer to Europe for me. I love America so much. Why is it so fucked up? Who are these people who took it over? How is this country so far off course? There's an iceberg with our name on it if we we don't straighten out.

5:45. Back to bed now. Maybe there will be a phone call about a cabinet position when I get up later.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Who the heck is Noise Tank?

Noise Tank is dark pop for affected youth.
Noise Tank blends pretty indie rock guitar and vocals with smartly textured, almost sinister electronics.
Noise Tank would be perfectly at home on 4AD.
(I mean, really at home on 4AD.)
Noise Tank might be my favorite band of the moment.
Noise Tank also happens to be the work of a kid named Doc, who happens to be the newest addition to the Burnlab editorial staff.

Seriously, download the two tracks from the link above, sniff some glue and break into an old factory. You'll be glad you did.

No matter what happens tonight, this happens Wednesday night.

I don't generally care much for sports, traditions or superstitions, but this I like.

Three more things I like today:

Voter turnout in my sort of middle-class-bohemian-pseudo-intellectual neighborhood was intense this morining. (Obviously, this is John Kerry's base.) It normally takes me about twenty minutes to vote. Mrs. Doyle and I spent over two hours in line today. This good.

I did some unscientific exit polling around my office (a place that sometimes makes Office Space look like a nutty time at Chuck E. Cheese's.) The general feeling seems to be, "the country is much worse off than it was four years ago. It needs to be fixed. (read: Bush blew his chance. I'm voting for Kerry.)" This sentiment is coming mainly from independents and registered republicans. Good.

The unofficial office polling also projects a resounding NO vote on Proposal 2 in Michigan - again, mostly talking to white suburban males I might expect different from. This is really good news.

inter spem et metum

Spinalcat is MIT thesis project using a set of disk-jockey turntables and paper 'records' that can be printed or drawn. One of the many cool parts is the optical scanner used is nothing more than the CueCat barcode scanner, widely distributed as a free giveaway.

On the Matter of the Signification of the Apocalypse

That was the sound of your brain killing itself.

On the Matter of What You Will Read While You Drive Your Car

From the Tobias Frere-Jones Preservation Society, a memo to personas insignificant and influencial alike. It is now a Clear View

But if you are like us and drive with Leaves over your eyes and the huff'd fumes of aeresol laquer lingering merrily on every nostril, do not despair (for we are not crashing, chasing or parking). We are having a Clear View.

Monday, November 01, 2004

On the Matter of Needing This Shit On Everything Now

Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Please.

(in that order)