Saturday, January 31, 2004

Alexei Shulgin's first NYC performance is happening Feb 13th. Guaranteed to be a must attend for all you cyberpunks out there. More here.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The Empty Museum
Curator's Walkthrough: Saturday, January 31, 4:30pm
at SculptureCenter
44-19 Purves Street
Long Island City
718 361 1750

Please join us on Saturday, January 31 for a walkthough of The Empty Museum with SculptureCenter Executive Director Mary Ceruti.

About The Empty Museum:
The Empty Museum perfectly replicates a painting gallery in a classical museum with dark red walls, wood moldings and benches for quiet contemplation. On the walls, where one would expect paintings to hang, are pools of light, as if the paintings had just recently been removed. Bach's Passacaglia, written for the organ, resounds loudly. An ambiguous state of construction or demise presides but the overall effect is one of calm and contemplation. The replacement of paintings by music and light draws connections between the space of the museum, the concert hall and the cathedral. As with many Kabakov installations, the room functions metaphorically as both a manifestation of social institutions and a container within which imagination and creativity endure. Taking the museum as metaphor, the work invites us to reconsider the status of the work of art, and the institutions that house it.

Known as the leading figure of the Russian art movement of the 1980s known as "Moscow Conceptualism" Ilya Kabakov, is considered one of the most important artists of his generation. His "total installations" have depicted the gloomy bureaucratic and communal environments of Soviet life while celebrating the survival and strength of the human spirit. Although oftentimes melancholic, these are spaces that tell stories of poetic innocence and fleeting contradictions; places where longing coexists with imagination.

Take E or V to 23rd / Ely or G to Courthouse Square or the 7 to 45th Road (note: the V train does not run on weekends). From all trains, walk north on Jackson Avenue one block past 44th Drive and turn right onto Purves Street.
SculptureCenter is five minutes from Midtown by subway.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

FYI: my e-mail account, which has served strictly as a spam collector the past year or so will no longer be active starting next week... and I rarely check it anyway. Please use mike at burnlab dot net for all official correspondence and scheming. T'anks!

Speaking of UNTITLED, this Saturday night is the big fashion show, plus you can view the flyer for the very special evening of Feb. 7th with Jake Fairley, PAN/TONE and City People Music here. Atmosphere provided by Atmosphere. "Sex, drugs, money, power." (isn't that a Lard song?)

If you don't already have it in your hands, here is the Leave Luck to Heaven artwork. (And give me a better rating, please. 62.5%, wtf?)

Big ups to Untitled, which will be listed in Rolling Stone as one of the best parties in America.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Some eye candy for everyone as the only thing I can see out my office window here in the East Village are piles of dirty snow. Maybe not totally "new" but here is conceptual environment work from Craig Mullins for a video game called Tao Feng. Too good.

had a chance to see scott herren- aka prefuse73 aka savath & savalas- dj last saturday´s opening of new restaurant/bar, CLASE, in the barcelonian neighborhood of gracia...afterword i had a listen to the new savath & savalas release apropa´t (see joshua´s interview in the latest URB). my vote is still out on the album itself, but big credit for putting out such an acoustic album (and getting warp to release it) after making such a mark in the experimental/electronica world

Itchy Robot wins a Burnlab Parallel Universe Achievement Award. The Found Typography section is an extensive and vibrant collection of photography that could alternately be titled "Inanimate Objects (with Letters) Around Us".

It should be duly noted that while Doyle isn't a cocksucker,Telefon Tel Aviv not only have a brilliant new album out today but they've revamped their website as well. Check out the listening station for a bunch of unreleased goodies, featuring selections from the new album Map of What Is Effortless.

Burnlab: Where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came.

One more nail than necessary.

I was called a "cocksucker" by a cabbie tonight for giving him a $4 tip on a $14 ride (about 30%), instead of letting him keep the whole twenty... because it was snowing. Poor baby. Only after Mrs. Doyle started to dial the police did he pony up the two bucks, which we would have let slide if he wasn't such an ass about it. We really should have demanded all six back in retrospect. This might have been just a charming New York story under other circumstances, but I'm not able to think of one right now.

Anyway, Jimmy Edgar was spot on tonight, and great hanging out with the Record Camp camp.

By the way, confirmed today that my NY state drivers license is free and clear from red tape limbo, (and I can't wait to trade it in next week.) Sick as it is, I'm going to miss this crazy town. Michigan is easy living in comparison, but chances are not good that one can hang out with twenty really good friends until 3:30am on a Tuesday night, hear some brilliant music, follow it with brilliant food, and head home while the city is still going full-tilt in the middle of a full scale blizzard. Damn New York, I love you and hate you so much! Detroit is equally dysfunctional I guess, but with its own set of baggage.

My apologies for the Live Journal-esque posts of late. I'll get this all out my system soon enough.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Stylus is this friday 1/30 at Buddah Lounge

Not that Untitled needs plugs, but the Thinkbox crew from Windsor will perform live sets in the back room this Saturday 1/31

Next Friday 2/6 at the University of Michigan Media Union Atmosphere will present Monolake, with special guests Kero performing live visuals and Christopher McNamara and Steve Roy (of Thinkbox) performing a live audio/visual set.

Saturday 2/7: Something DetroitLuv calls Mutek Detroit: Quadratic feauturing Akufen (my favoirite perfrmance at Sonar2003), Monolake, Deadbeat, Clark Warner, Ryan Elliot and Kero. You might want to get tickets now.

All new sites for ADULT. and Ersatz Audio now live.

I'd actually prefer to see these guys spend the rest of their lives in a small cage together, but the option is not such a bad idea either.

Worst Cars Of All Time (Thanks to Shaggy at Core77)

Here's a great Readers Digest guide to the candidates from the BBC. (Thanks to Lyn!)

My favorite part, regarding the prez: "Is expected to base his re-election bid on his national security and economic track records. "

Hmm. Let us translate: A constant state of war and fear, 3000 civilians murdered (in the US alone) and the economy turned form historic prosperity to complete shambles since taking office. Now that's a winning formula! Jackass.

Great selection of crisp new pixel fonts from Ultrafonts.

Allen, that Sub Pop list is so good, it deserves to be reproduced in full for those too lazy to follow the link:

An incomprehensive list of rock & roll dos & don'ts. Comply.

The Dean's List:

1.) Record Covers: No old '50s picture of some unexplained dude on it. This is a cop out & an admittal that you just couldn't think of anything else to do. Hire a professional or even leave it blank.

2.) No self-titled records unless it is your first record. Don't be a fag. You blew your chance.

3.) Titles with conflicting terms such as Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere, Building Something Out of Nothing, Ancient Melodies of the Future, etc. are not intriguing, beguiling or amusing. They are dumb.

4.) Use extreme caution if you put "Rock & Roll" in the title of a song. It better rock and I mean really rock. If it is a ballad you should get an immediate ass kicking.

5.) Any record that runs over the 45 minute mark is now considered a double record and must be judged by double record criteria. You are making a statement by doing this. Does your record slip neatly between Tommy, Exile On Main Street, The White Album, etc.? No, I didn't think so. Edit it. You too boring.

6.) Please issue your LP in a gatefold sleeve!! Just make sure you make damn good use of the space. A gatefold sleeve is no place for minimalism there, Franz.

7.) Dancing or hand gesturing while holding a guitar but not playing it is cause for automatic ejection from the club. Don't get mad at security! Mr. No No Hand did it to his damn self.

8.) If you wanna name your band something that will be mispronounced by everyone, don't get all pissy-pants about it when they do. Even your band thinks this is lame.

9.) CD booklets are CD booklets. They do not belong in an LP. I would like to encourage you to dispose of these if you find them & immediately call the label for your LP insert that must certainly have been omitted. Obviously nobody would do such a lame thing as to put a 5" x 5" piece of "art work" in a 12" x 12" package. I need to smoke.

10.) 10"s are bad for much the same reason. Also they look like toy LPs, they don't file correctly & basically are just plain ol' full of much suck.

11.) It is never appropriate to title your record with a bunch of words that have no association to each other & do not make a complete phrase or sentence or what have you. Happy Cry Funny Gift is not an album title. You will be mentally filed under Suck Lame Do Not Buy Beat Up. Get your scrabble board out of the practice space, turdball.

12.) Ryan Adams & company have had the audacity to try to circumvent album length requirements as specified in rule 5 by releasing multiple albums at the same time. I call you out, Hee Haw. You have only released a double album in two separate packages. Not only is your album too long it is now waaayyy too expensive.

13.) Aren't the album covers & t-shirts of animals way played out by now? Why was this ever cool? When will it ever stop? While visiting a local shop recently I noticed that of the 20 or so new releases, a half dozen of the covers had pictures of animals on them. I spit on you & your lemur. Stop it.

LCD Soundsystem's Yeah 12" is brilliant and many have been quick to note this and congratulate James Murphy on his much-deserved seat in Musical Valhalla. NME's comparisons to Outkast and the Bee Gees are apt. But no one's mentioned that etched on the inner circle of the record is "Not as good as Loosing My Edge" (sic). Hilarious.

Subpop rips on Pitchfork and offers some wisdom that should have been said ages ago, like:

10.) 10"s are bad ... Also they look like toy LPs, they don't file correctly & basically are just plain ol' full of much suck.

Jimmy E at APT tonight. 419 W. 13th, NYC.
No Cover and free drinks from 9 to 10. (Except for Jimmy of course.)

Monday, January 26, 2004

Paul Petrunia [of Archinect and Extra Medium] is launching a group of interactive, up to the minute city-guide sites. First up: Events in LA dot com.

Marius, were you going to mention that Evolutionzone received a swank redesign?

Shrinking cities - a new project and competition for those of you who think about designing cities. And this week in Berlin: Transmediale, new media hipster fest and electronic music nerd-a-thon. More laptops than you can eat.

Losing my religion?

Or maybe just the pic of the week

Sunday, January 25, 2004

From the Media Whore files: Johnny Rotten does Reality TV

Burnlab: better to burn out than to rust

R.I.P. Helmut Newton. [1920 - 2004]

Saturday, January 24, 2004

REVIEW 03 has been updated with more lists and images.
(Still accepting lists from conspirators.)

Friday, January 23, 2004

Art Center Design Conference: Stories From the Source, March 18-21, featuring an incredible list of speakers, including designers Hella Jongerius, Thom Mayne and Eiko Ishioka, as well as prominent scientists and researchers.

[Re: last post] There are plenty of NYork Burnlabbers more patient than I (and Kevin, and Magda, and Rich, and Troy, and Oliver, etc., etc.) who deserve praise for not scooting off to more manageable and some may say trendy locales. (Though I think those who actually live in Berlin and Detroit find that assessment amusing at best.)

Three good friends of ours who have dug in for the long haul are Devan Simunovich, Nika Offenbac and Phoenix Perry. C-TRL labs is a new agency which brings together three great talents and long-time collaborators in the field of experimental film, live video manipulation and installation art. Be sure to check out their recent live video deconstruction for Richie Hawtin and Ellen Allien in SF last October, including the clinically cool piece STEREO/OP in the works section. Unlike a lot of the "pixel vomit" that passes for live video, C-TRL works with primarily original footage on homemade software and hardware to generate their uniquely "broken" quality.

NYC People (are there any left?)- Free drinks and jungle, compliments of my bosses. I think there's some fashion mixed in there as well.


I've been slacking on posts due to a lot of drama around moving, not the least of which involves the ongoing catch-22 situation with the NY DMV and my car insurance. As reward for getting my shit together and playing by the ever-changing tangled web of rules, New York just might let go, after threatening to keep me hostage for another 90 days. The relocation to Detroit is now officially titled "Operation Escape From New York".

As much as Mutiny in Heaven captures the state of my nerves (and patience with the greatest city on earth... so hard to choose just one quote from that song!), The Cars' Tonight She Comes has been the number one aural muscle relaxer this week. Highly recommended listening if you haven't pulled it out in a while and need a lift.

Okay, now that I've vented a fair portion of my personal drama, I'll get back to posting some relevant stuff later tonight. Cheers.

Burnlab: Where the weak are beaten down and pushed into the cracks in the pavement, then pissed on by vagrants. Oh, wait, that's New York City... the city I love... most of the time. (TM)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Generation of Electronics with a Soul. And from CES, some geek tech: a device that let's you kiss your land line goodbye.

ever wonder what you would get if mad max surfed and had an arc welder? answer: hype arc

tonight in chelsea: join me at the third anniversary of "the 59th minute: video art on the times square astrovision." music by leo fitzpatrick, kid america, and free drinks. did i mention free drinks? mike - enlist the regina unit, we will need back up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

i'm sure there's somewhere doing this in nyc too, but being based on this side of the atlantic i first caught wind of ipod battles through the london-based nowax...macs still rule the roost

Monday, January 19, 2004

I just want all of you to beware, nobody likes Goths.

Oh, but they don't care if you can Smack the Pingu. I got a 588.8......

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Kompakt Extra, Extra! Get your Speicher 14 here. HOT!

CBS has refused to run the winning '' ad during the superbowl. Bastards.

I love Anime.

Friday, January 16, 2004

A factor not to be underestimated come November: Wes is a total "hottie". You know... for an older guy. Mrs. Dolye thinks so too.

I know I can get a little political here, but this, in my opinion, is important news to us on the left. Michael Moore has endorsed Wesley Clark.

For most of us, it won't be a question who we DON'T vote for in the general election. But it is an important time for us to ask who we think should get to that point. I urge you to read the letter Moore wrote, explaining his reasons here.

A message from Dan Selzer:

Yeah, I haven't DJ'd in a few days, can you believe it? How have you been able to have any fun? Don't answer that. Firstly, in non-Crazy Rhythms new, I just want to mention that the Acute release of the essential Metal Urbain, Anarchy in Paris! is out now. If you like drum machines, punk guitars, synthesizers, angry french people, the stooges, and people screaming Fascistei! at you, I highly recommend it. Hell, if you like punk, post-punk, rock and roll, rock or roll, industrial, noise, electro, or screaming french people, really, it's highly recommended.

Thazright. Here's a link.

More than meets the eye.
(Again, props to Core77.)

New work form prolific cyberpunk architects Form:uLA.

Architectural conversions which are Not Fooling Anybody. (Link swiped from our good friends at Core77.)

Guerilla art, visual deconstruction and physical disinformation design from Tenzin Wangchuk. Awesome.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Nice little video clip of Jimmy Edgar live at the Burnlab crack den, Detroit: here.

Punk out, mofos.
Lil' reminder: tonight is Michael T.'s Double Fisted Birthday Bash at 13 (35 East 13th St., NYC) and tomorrow night Seattle's uber-stylish The Fitness grace Piano's (158 Ludlow, NYC.)

What is it, my birthday? Oh... yes it is.

i don't know if this is for real, but if it is i want one, if only to have princess leiah's "help me, obi-wan, you're my only hope" message coming from my coffee table at parties

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

For those of you not paying attention, Warp launched an MP3 download store. The whole Warp catalog (along with the almost perfect Lex and Arcola catalogs) are available to everyone in non-DRM protected MP3's for only $1.35 per track, and $10 for an album.

Now everyone, let's hold hands and watch the prices of our rare Warp 12"'s diminish.

Thank you Final Scratch/Traktor, kidding of course - now I can buy both the Hangable Auto Bulb 12"'s for under $10.

(On a geekier note, am I the only one who things tDR has just gone downhill? Obviously design really doesn't matter when you're offering cheap and good content - but, come on! Someone go kick Ian's ass)

Some of my best Friendsters are white.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

DJ Hell in LA
If you're in LA, don't miss this rare opportunity to check out this first ever and one night only event to see Berlin's DJ Hell with a live performance by Mount Sims - a real bargain for only $10 cover:

Sunday, January 18th
Doors @ 10 pm
4212 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


Doesn't Dick Gephardt look like the kind of guy who used to give guys like Howard Dean swirlies? Maybe that's why he's so pissed off Dean is kicking his ass right now. Who would you rather hang out with? Seriously!

That's all.

two things:

1. last night's party at the sullivan room with derek plaslaiko, troy pierce and plexus was a damn good time. for those of you who live in nyc who didn't attend...shame on you. who cares if it was a monday night.

2. bruce lee.

burnlab: you'll get no dinner, but we will show you a good time.(TM)

Also, please mind your grammar

Blogger doesn't support apostrophes, quotations, or hyphens. What a pain in the ass.

Anyways, a gem of an eBay find - a rare Apple promotional book geared towards designers. Currently it's only US $132.50. Come on, you know you want it.

Speaking of design fetishes, I don't think anyone has ever mentioned my favorite bookstore, Magma. It's the place to find all this beautiful design books you can't seem to find at your local Borders like Brockmann's Grid Systems in Graphic Design (the book that only a year or two back people were paying in the hundreds for on eBay - thank you Mike Cina), and Maeda's Design by Numbers.

Go forth and buy.

Monday, January 12, 2004

hey, for any berliners, this is an email from boris hoppek, grafitti artist/graphic designer who floats between berlin and barcelona (check him out in berlin or at least on his website...if not you´ll see him somewhere else and feel bad you didn´t check him out earlier):

>i am in berlin. try to meet me at bread and butter berlin,
>kinzo-club or berlin mitte, from 13th to 19th of january.
>and see a few fotos what i did the last holy days -

>presenting ROJO.mais. in BERLIN

>20.00h with reservation / 23.00h free entrance without reservation

>Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13
>10178 Berlin- Mitte

>guest sound artists
>Biggerval dj
>Conchita Martinez dj
>Sosa dj
>Henrik Deroux dj
>.G + Omar K. live
>Glaznost live
>Shudo live

>guest motiongraphics artists
>Boris Hoppek live
>Glaznost live
>Actop live
>ROJO.esee. various artists dvd

Neptune Records has moved to a new space, and it's totally fresh. More information about the only record store in Detroit that matters at

Sorry I've been lacking in the whole 'online' thing lately, personal, school, and work related activities have seem to conquer my time, but all that stops now.

If you've been wondering what I've been up to as far as work related activities, the small CDr label I've been running out of my apartment for the last few months has taken off a great deal in the last few weeks, and the 7th release in the catalog is coming out next week (or two) - along with more information here, a website, and online ordering.

As for my best of Burnlab, well. Soon.

RADIO.BURNLAB is being reinvented as we speak, by the generous efforts of Mr. Rob Theakston. Listen to the first installment of the new format, compiled by Rob and Andy Kellman:

Bark Psychosis - Miss Abuse
Junior Boys - Under the Sun
Talking Heads - Houses in Motion
Ryuichi Sakamoto w/ David Sylvian - Bamboo Houses
Insides - Distractions
Arthur Russell - Losing My Taste for the Nightlife

B 52S - Mesopotamia
Numbers - Intercom [Stalker Mix]
TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun
Perspects - They Keep Dancing
Oxtongue - Delight
Stars as Eyes - Settled

Streaming awesome: Trash Radio from the Trash Club, London.
This is Dorkwave, UK style! (click on 'music')

Trash Radio 18 features a very drunk interview with ADULT. and a live set.
Definitely worth checking out. :)

Awesome interview with Jimmy-Ex on Play Louder.

Burnlab: 'Inner-city' like Rochester Hills.(TM)

Javlog: politics, ecology, equity, urbanism, urbanity, curiosity, etc. from our friend and Archinect corespondent Javier Arbona.

Not only do I share a birthday with Martin Luther King Jr., but also our favorite motherfucker Michael T. Join the queen of New York's post-punk underbelly this Thursday, January 15th for his "Double-Fisted Birthday Bash" at Bar 13. Open bar until midnight and all the gender-bending over-the-top rock'n'roll madness you've come to know and love.
"C'mon down on Thursday and witness Michael T. as he tries to halt the aging process by pickling hermself with booze, drugs, and sex! He's got one heel in the grave and the other on a little plastic baggie in the bathroom stall! Keep this thing out past 6am and watch it go from glamourous night creature to a roller-wearing, flip-flop-chasing, welfare-waiting tragic mess!"
Classic. More info at Broadcast NYC.

Burnlab: I just want you to know that we can still be friends.(TM)

Be amazed at the beauty that is the new 2004 Hardac yearbook. Especially this little piece.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

M1 does it again. beautifying detroit, one space (and haircut) at a time. cheers christian!

just returned to barcelona...just wanted to say that my stay in the u.s. of a. was excellent...good to see that jon o and the detroit crew are keeping it going- the untitled anniversary was amazing...the residents deserve the hype (and happen to be seriously down to earth fellas as well)...and speaking of deserving the hype, ghostly/spectral/matthew/tadd/sam et al do....i had no idea of what was actually going on but as a detroit native i can say that the mix of detroit techno/electrifying mojo/hiphopness/city gritty that these boys work does my heart good. can´t wait for my next visit (in the meantime, barcelona is ready to explode, so come one come all...)

Burnlab: Where the editors are so hardcore they vacation in Detroit.(TM)

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ghostly International dot com has been updated for the new year, including all new Artistry, Visual and Culture sections. Be sure to check out the thoughtfully assembled Media of Desire lists from SV4 and crew. Oh, and thanks to Sam for the frighteningly accurate casting of the Encyclopedia Brittanica Kid (" insufferable pain-in-the-ass dork.") to play me in the upcoming Ghostly Movie. The full cast list can be found in our Review 03 section at left.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Hey, anyone interested in owning a record company?

Also, in case I didn't mention it, there's a nice write up in LA Weekly on my partner in Remote on DVD.

Burnlab: We can buy and sell your assets.(TM)

The first batch of lists from our editors and celebrity guests are up in the new REVIEW 03 section. Go check it out.

In addition to having my face in time out, there are also two other parts of me relating somewhat to New York right now.

1- My heart: My lovely girlfriend Molly Ozias is moving to Brooklyn this weekend. If you meet her, look out for her.... but keep the meathooks off! ;)


2- My ass: this monday (jan 12th) I will be playing for Tronic Treatment@ Sullivan Room (218 Sullivan St @ between Bleecker & West 3rd St ). Also on the bill, Plexus as well as Mr Troy Pierce. This is also the official going away party for Troy, as he is moving to berlin. Should be a fun night. I hear theres an open vodka bar from 10-11!!!

Good morning, hangover! What's new?

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I think we already covered the iPod battery thing. Great movie either way. Steve Portigal provides some follow-up links on the Core77 Clogger.

The iPod's unreplacable battery lasts only 18 months.

Good people behaving badly.
Just in: photos from NYE in NYC and new events announced from our good friends at Penetr8.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Just to give everyone in NYC a heads-up...Derek Plaslaiko's lovely mug is featured in a pic in this week's Time Out New York.

Burnlab: What, no Hot Sauce?™

Aibo goes to war?
According to this site, the US Army is working on an Aibo-like robotic soldier dog designed to help carry some of the up to 100 pounds of gear that today's soldiers are issued.

Ruben Fleischer is burning up the video screen for Dizzee Rascal, Gold Chains, Electric Six, & more.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

UPDATE: Just a quick post script to Senator McFancy's earlier post: I just got off the phone with God, and (s)he said (it was an snarky, ambiguous voice similar to Bea Arthur's) that Burnlab is the official web site of the great gig in the sky.

Burnlab: Where god goes for teh awesome.(TM)

Skip Friday's NIAS charity ball and head to the Detroit Artist's Market annual Design Show, featuring it's own black tie preview with music by Liz Copeland. Sadly, I will miss it to be in Vegas at the international CES, lusting after this year's coming electro-gadgets.

Things to do in Houston besides planning an escape route: Mathew Ritchie at the CAM, Francious Menils' Byzantine Chapel, and an obligatory visit to the Rothko Chapel

Steve Jobs just announced the new iPod mini. Which kind of spoils my plans for the Micromini iPod...or does it....

Pat Robertson has declared that God told him George Bush will win the 2004 election. I just wonder if God was only counting the electoral votes.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Described by one discriminating listener as "hooky, unapologetic and unquestionably fun electropop", "straight-up irony-laden electroclash" and "as fresh and punky and you'll find anywhere..", Seattle's "The Fitness" is finally headed east to play several NYC/Brooklyn venues:

- Pianos on Friday January 16th
- The Hook on Saturday January 17th
- The Pussycat Lounge on Sunday January 18th
- Lit on Monday January 19th

And while Macheads everywhere are anxiously awaiting the next amazingly great thing to be announced at tomorrow's Macworld Expo, Griffin technologies has announced interesting new gadgets, the iTalk and the SightLight. I'm sure by this time tomorrow my wallet will be considerably lighter than it is now.

Open source politics: the 15 finalists for Bush in 30 Seconds are in.

Friday, January 02, 2004

What better way to start 2004 than lusting after things that will seriously put you in debt for the rest of the year. The New York International Motorcycle show rolls(sorry...) into town today thru sunday. I'm headed over to the show on sunday, and will definetly be stopping by the Orange County Choppers booth to hopefully catch an in person brawl between father and son Teutul. More info here.