Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Weirdos Who Make Stuff

An excellent article about OmniCorpDetroit graces the cover of Detroit's alt weekly Metro Times today.

The Nerdy Playhouse

Author Laurie Smolenski does a fantastic job capturing the essence of OCD:

The OCD pop machine dispenses Pabst and strange treasures. Like a bizarre twist on the secret prize of an arcade game, if you press the machine's mystery button and feed it a buck, you may win a something most unexpected, like a bottle filled with colored tinsel. And it's not the prize that matters; it's that some grown-up hacked this thing to dispense hilarious junk that other grown-ups made, probably just to make each other laugh. This is the credo steeped through OCD: hilarious, whimsical, handmade genius. It's stuff that both confuses and illuminates, that incites discussion, and calls us to wonder how it is that things are made.