Monday, January 31, 2005

Re: Coachella...


Coachella line-up is out. Can anyone say New Order?

More than a couple, ahem, URB favorites on there.

I have 4 rooms reserved right now, so any/all looking to come, let me know.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Royal isn't exactly the new kid on the block, but it is the one to watch. Michigan does it again.

since i'm in a regal mood, there's a beauteous new watering hole in brooklyn that miss kendra and i will be hosting monthly parties at. we're working out the details, but it'll be nice and sweet, just like you.

wouldn't you just want to rock a pair of these ?

For the NYC contingent, tomorrow night British sculptor Richard Deacon(check the portfolio and images for his work) will lecture on Donald Judd. Judd, a Dia:Beacon favorite also has a few nice furniture pieces currently on view at The CooperHewitt. The lecture is part of the Artists on Artists series at Dia and the admission is only $6. More info here.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jimmy Edgar's current favorites

The comments are priceless.

Friday, January 28, 2005

even dumber then my harassing of girlareshort but so very very awesome

(by way of the fine folks at Upper Class Recordings)

So i recently found out that my favorite band in the whole wide world, girlsareshort, broke up

But i got their email address, and I'm going to email them and tell them they should get back together. Cause they are (were) freaking awesome. SO since 99.8% of you have never heard of this obscure band from Canada, I would like to present to you, various highlights from the various girlsareshort releases. If you are as inspired and moved by these brilliant people as I am, you can send me your rant as to why these guys should get back together, and Ill forward it over to them. Yes I really do realize how dumb this is, but, cmon, they were a fucking great band!, the music must go on.

my email is justdoc *at*

It's So Cold In Alaska - currently unreleased
Passport To America - from their Tigertail EP - currently out of print
Contact Kiss - from their LP of the same name - available on Hi-Hat Recordings
Mississauga Theme - from their LP Earlynorthamerican - available on Upper Class Recordings

hosting bill courtesy of my baby, Focus Media

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Anthony Braxton on the cover of The Wire! Good stuff!

(Oh and a cool Soft Pink Truth invisible jukebox, which you can listen to a sample here.)

rest in peace to one of the geniouses of our times, philip johnson

An oil war, a culture war, a Bush presidency, a depressing time for the poor and the Other. If it feels like 1989, then why am I not listening to the songs that gave me hope in 1989? Now I am.

In 1989, my hometown'sBest Label Ever released a benefit compilation to help raise awareness, and benefit the ACLU and Center for Creative Nonviolence. It became a foundation of my adolescence, and a perfect symbol for a time when protesting the war at the White House, marching for Gay Rights, Abortion Rights, etc. were as important as skateboarding. I've been aching to hear these songs again, particularly now.

Lo and behold, my new favorite blog has posted some tracks from this great comp,State of the Union. These songs all meant so much to me back then, I'm literally in a time warp just hearing them again.

Target promotes Design for All.

While Detroit seems to be swimming in creative energy, we are reminded just how screwed up things are at the top on a daily basis by the local and national media. Detroit Blog chronicles the latest drama surrounding Mayor Kilpatrick and the antics of the city council. Two words for Motor City politics: "clean sweep."

S2DIO Night is a brand new monthly event for creative types in Detroit featuring art, photography, music, dancing, schmoozing and more at the legendary Bankle Building/Detroit By Design HQ. Expect this to be packed with Dorkwave regulars and art school kids of all ages.

S2DIO Night kicks off this Friday:
January 28th, 8pm-?, FREE, BYO
2944 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI


I've taken a few day to try to find an mp3 of what has to be my favorite song of the past 12 months. Hell, maybe the past 12 years. Either way- I'm officially obsessed with Bloc Party and their new album is getting multiple plays a day. Especially "Like Eating Glass" which you can hear live.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Make Out Club is finally back online! Still pretty buggy on Safari, but everything seems to be working okay otherwise. Nice going, Gibby.

If you don't know, MOC was the virtual home and meeting place for hipsters long before the days of Friendster and MySpace, an still carries almost as much indie cred as an original Minor Threat concert tee. Click here for some background from Mr. Miller.

RIP Philip Johnson

File under 'there goes the neighborhood'. On monday the Gramercy Park Hotel bar will close it's doors for a year while undergoing renovation courtesy of Ian Schrager & John McDonald (Mercbar, etc.).
Monday will be the auction of all the fabulous furniture including Charlotte Periand chairs, and some of those kitschy trompe l'oeil end tables made of stacks of big books. If I didn't live in a shoebox, i'd outbid anyone's granny for one of those.

this past sunday i saw one of the best live shows i have seen in a long time. the main event was the pharcyde who destroyed the place with live drums, keyboards, and dj...but the best of the night was the opening act, reggie watts who mixed standup comedianship with live hip hop (he looped a beatboxed rythym then added various vocal lines and then freestyled over all of it...some of the freshest, most creative musicmaking i have ever seen)

wednesday, february 16th brings barcelona the french popmaster "-m-". sadly unknown in the usa and in virtually every country but france, -m- is a truely gifted songwriter whose first album "je dis aime" deserves to be a classic, mixing pop with funk, soul, and virtually every possible type of music into a lovely whole:

sala razzmatazz
02_16_05 21_00

Our good friends Devan and Nika, a.k.a. C-TRL labs have a new site for '05 and a new studio in New York City. (I'm bummed I missed the opening reception last week.)

If you're in Berlin next week, be sure to check out Marius' visual performance with Lia and Sebastian Meissner on February 4th and a one night installation of System_C on February 8th, both at Club Transmediale.

The premier of a new NOVA science magazine called NOVA science NOW aired last night. It's sort of a Dateline or 20/20 version of the science world, focusing on current developments between science and art. Last night featured the sculpture/engineering work of Arthur Ganson He does some amazing mechanical constructions that animate static objects. He has an extensive collection of past work in video form here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

On the subject of the horizon, Portishead announced in an interview to the BBC 6 Music they are in the process of writing a new album, that was well on its way to completion.

Portishead member Geoff Barrow said "We're actually into it as we speak. We took some time off for Christmas, but generally we're doing another record." He also commented on the rumoured break-up of the band stating. "We've just had our heads down really, we've never actually broken up, or parted, or whatever. So for us it just seems, even though we haven't played for years, we still see each other and write - we just haven't released a record for a long time."

This and more juicy music nuggets here.

Three best words in the English language...

New New Order

The Chicago Auto Show opens to the public on February 11th. Take a look at some shows of the past... both inspiring and embarrassing for exhibit designers. 1978 was quite the banner year, with Chrysler-Plymouth trailblazing experiential design with a "12-foot-tall fuzzy and silly creature". Nice.

[Thanks to John Salisz for the link.]

tonight at 24_00 in zentraus:
dj zuzanna grimm (half of zuzanium) rambla del raval, barcelona

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hans Monderman brings us a revolution in urban traffic design, currently underway in the Netherlands: remove the roads.

"All those signs are saying to cars, 'This is your space, and we have organized your behavior so that as long as you behave this way, nothing can happen to you,"' said Monderman. "That is the wrong story."

"Who has the right of way?" he asked rhetorically. "I don't care. People here have to find their own way, negotiate for themselves, use their own brains."

Madchester is officially back

a design junkies fatal overdose

by way of

The New York Times offers some unneeded, but unintentionally hilarious words regarding the downfall of club culture (an era entering phase four, or five I suppose). It's a hodgepodge of explanations, but worth reading for a Soundmurderer mention (with an explanation of breakcore using terms like: rowdy, noise, and convulsion), proof that minimal techno is no longer cool ("a clean-cut, metrosexual aura"), but most importantly, news that the new Daft Punk album will be released in March.

Burnlab World Headquarters is moving again - this time to Fashionable Ferndale Michigan. We should have all the mainframes and cyclotrons installed by the end of the week, and the helipad will be operational in time for a house-warming party some time in March. Since I'll be preocupied with the move, Review 04 is being put off at least another week, so if there are any stragglers, there's still time to submit your lists. You know where to send 'em.

Friday, January 21, 2005

OCD and 'no long distance charges' taken to it's logical extension.

When technology was cool

Core77 on a roll today: The Screenshooter.

Thanks to Jeff Rohlfing for endless minutes of cubicle entertainment with the Napoleon Dynamite sound board. Stupid. Funny.

Please blog it, spam it, just pass it around...


URB Magazine Tsunami Relief Program

Subscribe or Renew for one year ($14.95)

And URB will donate $10 to Save the Children's Tsunami Relief effort

Excellent design + music from the shores of icy Lake Superior.
(See Spectral Mornings' MySpace profile for audio samples.)

Core77 has just been added to the blogroll at the excellent site Design Observer. Congrats, gents.

Two great entries from Core77 today:

The Idiotarod | The Thought Project

I'm a couple weeks late on this, but better late than never, right? Our cohorts in Ann Arbor are pleased to announce the launch of ATMSPHR.RADIO in partnership with Percussion Lab and sponsored in part by ATMSPHR.RADIO broadcasts the best in experimental electronic, independent, and cutting-edge music 24/7 right from your iTunes or streaming audio-compatible player. It's been so long since I've updated RADIO.BURNLAB, glad someone is picking up the slack and doing it so well.

If you're not already, make sure to enjoy all the audible treats provided by Rob Theakston at his dual music blogs, B-Side and Mixed Blag.

Ken Adam served as production designer for seven James Bond films. He created two of my favorite interiors, the 'guest' bedrooms from Dr. No and the Rumpus Room from Goldfinger. The link above has some information and small sketches. There must be some larger versions somewhere online.

Why else would anyone freeze their ass off outside the inauguration other than to swear loudly within earshot of a CNN camera? [via Defamer]

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Put away that wallet! Don't you know today is Not One Damn Dime Day? Actually, it should be not one "damned" dime day; regardless, don't buy anything today.

Okay, I'm aware that it's 2005, and "mashups" reached critical mass a while ago. But when Sasha Frere Jones posted this, I had to check it out. Two great tastes, which taste great together: Fugazi and Destiny's Child. Together at last, they bring you Independent Room.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The official movie poster for H2G2 is out and circulating. It contains all the essential Hitchhiker's ingredients:
1 Arthur Dent with towel
1 sperm whale
1 cup of tea
and the number 42 represented in a star formation.
Here's a large version.

A recent interview with Mark Gatiss, (a vogon voice in the movie and also writing for the new Doctor Who yielded this quote reguarding Hitchhikers: "It's f*cking fantastic. It's very European. I thought it would be somehow Disneyfied but it looks really sort of dirty." We'll see Mark, ...we'll see.

passed to me by sarah k: amazingness from the titan probe...


and for hiphop heads, 2005 promises releases from prefuse73, roots manuva, and, most definitely the best news of all (for me at least), the third coming of the digable planets (blowout comb still sounds as love-i-ly as it did in 94). can´t wait...

but wait just checked ceeknowledge (doodlebug)s website and he lays down a mini digables european tour:

Tues 2/1/05 - Linz (Austria)
Wed 2/2/05 - Wien, B72 (austria)
Thu 2/3/05 - Salzburg, Arge (austria)
Fri 2/4/05 - München, Registratur (germany)
Sat 2/5/05 - Chemnitz, AJZ (germany)
Sun 2/6/05 - Münster, Skaters Palace
Tue 2/8/05 - Kiel, Luna (germany)
Wed 2/9/05 - Copenhagen, Rust (Denmark)
Thu 2/10/05 - Hamburg, Mojo (tbc)
Fri 2/11/05 - Wiesbaden/Colonge???
Sat 2/12/05 - Aarau, Kiff(switzerland)
Sun 2/13/05 - Düsseldorf, Unique (germany)
Mon 2/14/05 - Paris, Nouveau Casino (tbc)
Wed 2/16/05 - London, Jazz Café (UK)
Thu 2/17/05 - belgium or holland
Fri 2/18/05 - Amsterdam, Paradiso (holland) w/ Mos Def
Sat 2/19/05 - Berlin, Live Demo Special @ Cafe Moskau (germany)

he says that he will guestlist you if you email him ( i´m on it...i´ll let you know if it works

it is not everyday that a magazine speaks to those girls who just don't want to fit in. usually 'anti-cool' lads are catered for, often synonymous with skateboard culture and off the record activities. But Shameless does just that, but for girls. it is a progressive magazine for teenage girls who are underrepresented in the mainstream media: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of color, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists and activists. designed for 'girls who want more than the hair and makeup tips shovelled out by typical teen mags'. this call to action fits well with an empowered female youth, ready to take on society. shameless knows that while many girls want to be active in the world around them, it's not always easy. each issue of shameless offers a relief from the mainstream and a way to get involved. they do this by fuelling readers with women's success stories, "how to" guides and strong role models. the publishers/editors melinda mattos and nicole cohen were always disappointed by teen magazines. naturally, there is a hint of feminism at its roots, but this is blended with DIY culture and is generally constructive and realistic within its content.

as read in pitchfork: dead can dance european reunion tour, starting early march, will be in barcelona march 22 in lauditori (where matthew herbert big band opened SONAR 2003)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Speaking of Architecture...

Michael Wolf
Architecture of Density

Yet another reason why China is rad.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Photos are now online from last Friday's edition of Les Infants Terribles.

Now selling my body and/or soul for a free copy of this.

Inquiries welcome at front desk.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday January 18, in NYC,

Other Music presents

Isolée (live)
Kevin "Micromini" McHugh
DJ Casio
Philip Alexander

$6 adv./$8 at the door
419 West 13th St.

This is an exclusive North American performance. Rejko's first show in NYC ever.

For aviation and design fans alike...

Airbus A380 Super-Jumbo

The Archinect Winter 2005 Collection is here, featuring t-shirt designs by Christian Unverzagt, Peter Rentz and Clancy Pearson.

Design-dork chic at its best.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

A fantastically busy birthday weekend. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to Les Infants Terribles and donated to the the tsunami relief effort. We raised about $500 for Architecture For Humanity. The live silk-screening was quite a hit. Special thanks to Loren, Barbara and everyone who donated their time and skills, to Gretchen for playing crazy records and to Corktown Tavern for keeping things going past bedtime. Great party. Great cause. Photos soon. If you missed out, you can still donate directly through the AFH site of course.

Saturday night's opening for The Other Auto Show was also a huge hit. Special thanks to Andy Malone and Aaron Timlin for picking up my slack, to Rob Theakston and Jon Ozias for the excellent musical selections, to Alissa Lincoln for putting together the video design, Whole Foods for the cheese, Elaine, Joseph, the artists, the CAID board of directors and everyone who's efforts made this an exhibit Detroit can truly be proud of. The Other Auto Show will be on exhibit through March 12, 2005. Visit CAID online for gallery hours and details.

Congratulations to Emin and Ivana at Clear Magazine for putting together the first ever runway show at the North American International Auto Show Friday night. It was a real treat to be involved in this project. See the official press relase from DaimlerChrysler.

After many weeks of madness and hard work, Sunday we rested, and saw House of Flying Daggers, which is one of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen, and a beautifully tragic love story. I'm having a hard time finding any reason to not call this movie "perfect".

Isn't it time that everyone got their own Party Buddy?

Its night-out package includes a guide (the party buddy) to usher clients "through crowds of jealous bystanders," limousine service, complimentary drinks and V.I.P. treatment at six Manhattan clubs (Cielo, Plaid, Webster Hall, Copacabana, Spirit and China Club).

Fees for the night start at $350 a person; full rock-star treatment is available for $1,200.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mr. Burnlab!!!

okay detroit, are ya ready?
pheek is playing in your town tonight.
that's right, you heard right. and if tonight/this am in NYC was any indicator of the delight you have in store, please keep all arms and legs inside the car at all times. that's all i am sayin'.

a massive thank you goes out to all who made it to subtonic tonight for clark, heartthrob and pheek. it was such a wonderful night, and we hope to do it again real soon. thanks for the kisses and i hope you liked the cupcakes!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Boy it's been quiet around here. Must be an autoshow going on or something.

And the new Mu album should keep this dorkwave thing going for another 3 minutes or so.

calling all dance floor criminals in new york city: time to perpetrate!
three awesome parties in the city tonight -

the always fabulous clark warner, pheek (nyc debut), and heartthrob at subtonic.
107 norfolk @ delancy. $5 the basement. 10pm onwards. oh, i warned ya about this
one for a long time. you must represent, and there is some talk about kissing booths
in the wine casks.

jeff samuel (with suprise guest) at robots aka cafe' deville (13th & 2nd ave) in the basement. (notice a theme?) jeff rocks.

danny wang, papa joe wheelie, cowboy mark and other cool peeps whose names escape me at the moment will be at 49 ann.

live it. learn it. love it*.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Strange that no one on Burnlab is talking about the most important thing that's happened so far in '05. Some more info about what happened below:

props to DJ Bradley, intarweb ninja.

Living it in LA

Home James
Keep this number handy for nights when you've had too many martinis at Spider Club. "My colleague Jeremy and I concocted this basically because we drink a lot and we couldn't get home," proprietor James Gibb explained. Moments after your call, an actor-model type (in a mod black Mossimo suit) arrives on an Italian scooter. The bike goes in your trunk. You're driven to your door. He zooms off, no questions asked.
Home James ,(866) 26-JAMES,
Spider Club
So it's not a key to Bungalow 8. Those possessing a Spider Club card can waltz right into this club within a club, where a concierge tracks your favorite table or preferred nibble from the French bistro menu. The lush Moroccan-inspired lounge features private cabanas and VIP booths, which are perfect spots for spying Lindsay and Wilmer on the dance floor.
Spider Club, 1735 N. Vine St., (323) 462-8270
LA Dogworks
Massage. Hydrotherapy. Teeth whitening. For your dog. It's L.A., OK. Pampered pooches are lining up at this brand-new, 7,500-square-foot facility (open 24/7/365) that likens itself to a five-star resort.
LA Dogworks, 1014 N. Highland Ave., (323) 461-5151
Rika Restaurant and Diamond Lounge
Breathtaking views of the city? Check. French-Japanese fusion fare? Done. At this new Sunset Strip restaurant and lounge, order up one of the creatively presented sushi samplers (the Laurel Canyon comes on a wavy wood platter). The Oh, Melanie roll (salmon tartare wrapped in pink soy paper with tobiko crème fraîche) is named after chef Tracy Griffith's movie star sibling.
Rika Restaurant, 8590 Sunset Blvd., (310) 657-9500
Bored with Bikram? Snoozing through Pilates? Channel your inner Bond girl at this exercise-adventure camp that teaches how to take out an assailant, scale a building, and shimmy out of a tricky date. "Our mission is to alter women's lives, which sounds very kumbaya," CEO Sascha Ferguson said, "but people say it's the best thing they've ever done."
Spyschool at Absolution, 8535 Santa Monica Blvd., (310) 657-7878,
Mint Lifestyle
How's this for a shopping list: celibate nanny, Thai reggae band, and live lobsters sent cross-country. If this beck-and-call concierge service can fulfill those demands, imagine what it could do with something really difficult.
Mint Lifestyle , 101 S. Robertson Blvd., (310) 273-3225
Apartment Number 9
There is (real) beer in the fridge, and the furniture is straight-up manly. High end shopping is strictly for the boys.
Apartment Number 9, 225 26th St., (310) 394-9440

Here's the deal on gifts for Friday night's fundraiser:

Dorkwave button w/ $5 donation

Dorkwave button + super limited edition button w/ $10 donation

for an additional $10, bring any article of clothing you like and we will screen a Dorkwave logo on it, right there at Corktown! How punk rock is that?

for $100 donation, Rob Theakston will come to your house and make you dinner.

Remember, if you can't make out, you can help out Project Re:Build by donating directly.

There's also a nice article on Terror at the Opera in the Metro Times this week: click

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ralph discusses the new Dodge Charger in the New York Times. Be sure to see audio slideshow. The Charger is pretty hot, especially the front end, but hands down the sexiest car down at the auto show is the Ford Shelby GR-1. Debuted as a concept at the Pebble Beach concours, the running prototype shown here in Detroit is absolutely stunning (if not difficult to read) in its deeply sculpted polished aluminum skin.

I know there's a million good things to do in NYC on Friday.

I can think of at least two other parties worth shakin' it at, but if you can do it, I promise it will be so worth it to make it to Subtonic for Heartthrob, Clark Warner and the debut of the always stunning Pheek from Montreal. He's gonna kill it, and there's a few special surprises for you if you show your pretty face.



Clark Warner (M_nus | Detroit)
Pheek (M_nus, Contexterrior | Montreal) live pa
Heartthrob (M_nus, Contexterrior | NYC) live pa

Clark Warner is an old friend of the Bunker. He used to
play at our Undercity parties at Halcyon on Sunday
afternoons after many Saturday night opening / sideroom
gigs with Richie Hawtin in larger venues. He is one of the
best and most interesting chillout DJs we've heard, and
we're psyched to have him start us off properly tonight.

Heartthrob has been making unreleased secret weapons for
many of the best minimal techno DJs in the world. He will
finally be releasing something on wax for the rest of us in
the near future, with a split 12" with Pheek on
Contexterrior and a track on the new M_nus compilation.

Pheek has been making a name for himself with quirky
Minimal tech-house releases on netlabels like Thinner,
Epsilonlabs, and Clever Music. Tonight marks his debut
performance in NYC. Super SPECIAL surprises !!!!!

plus Resident DJ: kleverVice, Spinoza, Movement
visuals: Chris Jordan

Nice cover story about Camilo Pardo and the Other Auto Show in this week's Metro Times.

And big thanks for all the support behind the coming Dorkwave/AFH benefit:
Motor City Rocks
Uncle Grambo
Carelton and Walter
...and whoever might be slipping my mind right now. Thanks!

Now you can pretend to write like Mark E. Smith.

If that doesn't make you feel fabulous enough, use your cellpone to Google a more glamorous drinking hole.

the very welcome respite from the normally diabolical barcelona radio programming, scannerfm, has now been going strong for over 6 months. programming ranges from hiphop to electronica and their website features local as well as worldwide news and features, and has a link to their webradio. scannerfm can be heard weekends, and weekdays from 10pm til 8am.

the milan furniture fair is coming up in april. the premier furniture show in the world also offers an amazing chance to see hidden courtyards, palaces, and industrial complexes normally not on the tourist trail, as they become sites for the off-fairground shows. i´m currently making plans to go. if anyone´s interested drop me an email:

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Detroit Auto Show Afterhours
Your essential guide to design and drinking for the week
(originally posted on Core77)

The Motor City is blanketed in snow and the streets are crawling with journalists and sharp dressed Europeans. It can only mean its time for the North American International Auto Show . With the usual hooha surrounding the newest models, technologies, concept cars and exhibits, there are always a number of quality evening distractions that provide a more well rounded view of city's character, and serve as a relief from the dehydrating qualities of the acres and acres and acres of new carpet and paint fumes at Cobo Hall.

Tonight (Tuesday) is Designer's Night, always the highlight evening to close out press week. Hosted by Ford Living Legends Studio chief Camilo Pardo, this is the place to chat with fellow designers over cocktails and art. (And no bean counters are allowed in the door.)

Tuesday, 01.11.05, 7pm-11pm
Bankle Building, 2944 Woodward Ave.
Music provided by DJ Shortround
Presented by Art & Development Inc.
Design business card is required for admittance

The Design Show opens Friday at the venerable Detroit Artists Market, featuring product, furniture and fashion design from Detroit are designers.

Friday, 01.14.05, 6pm-10pm
Detroit Artists Market
4719 Woodward Ave.

Dance like you give a damn: after the Design Show opening Friday night, Blackbx and Burnlab present an evening of great music for a great cause: a very special Les Infants Terribles benefit for Architecture For Humanity's Project Re:Build. All proceeds from the evening will go directly to reconstruction relief for tsunami victims. There is no minimum donation, but we will have exclusive giveaways for contributions of $5 or more. We of course encourage you to give what ever you can. The Dorkwave Soundsystem will be joined by the strange, lovely and talented team known as Terror on the Turntables (a.k.a. Terror at the Opera.)

Friday, 01.14.05, 10pm-2am
Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Saturday night, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit presents The Other Auto Show, a survey of automobile culture in the Motor City. The exhibit features Detroit-area artists, architects, and designers each presenting a unique critical interpretation of Detroit's "love/hate" relationship with the automobile and its influence on our culture.

The Other Auto Show is co-curated by Andrew Malone and (um) myself. It will feature recent work from Robert Andersen, Mark Dancey, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Francis Grunow, Tyree Guyton, Brian Kritzman, Camilo Pardo, Jaron Rothkop, Gary Schwartz, Himanshu Sharma, Christian Tedeschi, and Ron Zakrin. The exhibition will also feature a critical essay on the history and effects of the automobile by Nick Sousanis.

Saturday, 01.15.05, 6pm-11pm
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit [CAID]
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Music provided by Rob Theakston

Oh, and the real auto show open to the public at 10am on Saturday, 1.15.05: info here

New Rhythm and Sound box set on Burial Mix. Sweet.

via Andy.

Monday, January 10, 2005

BitBoy Submission
What to do when you're bored and it's raining in LA? Design a t-shirt, of course. Check out my t-shirt design, it's called "high voltage" at If I get enough high scores the shirt will be printed and sold from the site and I'll win some schwag. Take a look, and if you like it, sign up and give it a score.

The top 100 artists in the world. According to someone, somewhere, that's really important and knows about these things.

Thanks Lee.

Friday, January 07, 2005


How am I supposed to get my Burnlab '04 Review done when I keep getting distracted?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Next Friday: a very special Les Infants Terribles benefit for Architecture For Humanity's Project Re:Build. All proceeds from the evening will go directly to reconstruction relief for tsunami victims. There is no minimum donation, but we will have exclusive Dorkwave giveaways for contributions of $5 or more.

We of course encourage you to give what ever you can.

We are pleased to announce that the Dorkwave Soundsystem will be joined by the strange, lovely and talented team known as Terror on the Turntables (a.k.a. Terror at the Opera.)

Friday, January 14, 2005
Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit
10pm | 18+

one other reason to love aforementioned moco loco, it means "crazy booger" in spanish

Monday, January 03, 2005

We'll be taking submissions for REVIEW 04 up through the end of this week. Remember, its open to all Burnlab readers this year, so getchyer best of lists over to


(and I have precious few from our beloved editorial staff so far.... hint!)


Time for the official unveiling. Issue should be on the streets NOW!

Lemme know if you're having trouble finding it.

publisher's note: I'll post some scans on the Dorkwave website this week.
This issue is so hot. Go buy it!
- Doyle

For those who have sunk into winter hibernation, tomorrow looks like a good PBS night. Nova has a special at 8pm called Welcome to Mars. It follows the two rovers we sent there and the control team here on earth. The web site for the show has some interesting features. The Launch to Land animation is well done and pretty cool. The discoveries by the rovers that mars was once awash in water should make the show particularly enlightening.

Good music for a good cause

We will be doing a special benefit edition of Les Infants Terribles on Friday, January 14th at Corktown Tavern in Detroit. All funds raised will go directly to Architecture for Humanity's tsunami relief and reconstruction effort. There will not be a minimum donation amount, but we will provide exclusive Dorkwave give-aways for specific contribution levels. Check back for details this week.

Our friends at Electric Avenue will be doing a relief benefit the same night at Diesel in Hamtramck, with Terrence Parker and a full line-up of excellent house and techno DJs. All procedes from this event will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Agency. More info at Detroit Movement Guide.

Surface Magazine's visions for the future

[via Core77]

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Burnlab loves MoCo Loco contemporary design and architecture news. These kids are plugged in.