Saturday, October 30, 2004

Tonight: The UNTITLED Devil's night Costume Dance Party

@ The Labyrinth, 1703 Cass Ave., Detroit

18+ | 10pm - ? | $5 w/ costume (+$2 loser tax w/out)

haute techno in the catacomb ballroom:
Geoff White [live] + UNTITLED resident DJs Matthew Dear, Mike Servito and Ryan Elliot

punk, postpunk, post-proto-industrial, electro, new wave, shoegazer and all thing strange, clicky, blippy and beautiful with featured DJs in the street level bar:
Team Dorkwave + Michael Segal (Neptune illuminati, Detroit icon) and DJ Skitzo (a.k.a. the wolf in SV4 clothing, Ghostly International)

celebratory features to include the Untitled Wheel of Chance and a special surprise you can beat with a stick...

The only place to be on Devil's Night. Total mayhem or your dignity back. Plus, there's a Ramada hotel and the legendary City Club in the same building... where it's Devil's Night every night. Blackbx has even secured a special UNTITLED rate at the Ramada - just ask at the desk.


flyer front | back

(oh, and regarding item two in the previous post: I still hate that.)

On the Matter of Disparate Items

100 Non-Arguable Facts regarding the Bog of Eternal Stench in which we are so deeply entrenched.

We usually hate things like this, but this one we love and we can't tell why. "First off, fuck your bitch, and the click you claim."

These gentleman taught a robot how to love 1985 pre-adolescence.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Last minute Halloween costume ideas.

The casualties of Bush's Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Attention all armchair pundits, novice policy wonks and Allen:

Wanna win an iTunes or Amazon gift certificate? Take the challenge from my friends over at 1115. See how your electoral college predictions stack up against the real thing.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

From the always awesome Matthew Tobey:

If this doesn't sink Bush, I don't know what will. A local TV station had an embedded crew that shot video of bunkers of explosives after the invasion of Iraq. It looks like they have footage of the now-missing explosives from Al Qaqaa, which means they disappeared after the US came in. Here's the video.

More nice press for Les Infants Terribles.

Thanks Carleton and Walter!

"This equipment could be anywhere. But one good bet is Iran..."

For you pollster junkies, check out where the electoral predictions stand today. Could the ol' mitten state actually be the deciding showdown? Reason suggests that Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are the key to this election: whoever wins two out of three take the White House. As the projections stand right now, Kerry is leading in OH and PA, George has FL, but Michigan (typically a blue state) is dead-tied. If you look at the map, whoever takes MI would go over the requited 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Of course it's all just fun number play right now. Who knows how the potential four to six million americans abroad will vote, or how possible tampering and bullying will affect the outcome.

Our good friend Dan Selzer (New York's favorite DJ's DJ) has a lot of great stuff going on this weekend. If you know Dan, you know he writes long, but brilliant e-mails. I'm particuarly tired, so instead of editing the highlights as usual, I'm just posting the whole damn thing here. Enjoy:

Hello again, hello
Just called to say 'hello'
I couldn't sleep at all tonight
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

I want to tell you about a few things. About a few fun-time parties I'm involved with this weekend of Hallowe's Eve. Also about some record label style activity.

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
When I'm here alone
And you're there at home

first, while I (briefly) have your attention, please visit , the new website about the new monthly party ALLDISCO. It features playlists and mp3 mixes of our first night, and offers the oppurtunity to sign up for the alldisco mailing list, which is highly recommended. I will make sure ALLDISCO® mastermind Jeremy doesn't abuse said list with spam and the selling of your address to questionable marketeers. Please read our usage and privacy policy. Thank you.

Maybe it's been crazy
And maybe I'm to blame
But I put my heart above my head
We've been through it all
And you loved me just the same
And when you're not there
I just need to hear

ALSO, just wanted to let you know that Acute Records ACT007 will be out early in november. The Prefects are Amateur Wankers is already getting amazing press in both the UK and US, being called one of the great lost punk post-punk bands. It's a really fun CD and you should buy it. I NEED your money. Acute Records was also profiled in the NYC issue of XLR8R, will be featured in an upcoming issue of the online mag Dusted Magazine, and will be part of a New York Times article regarding the career of Glenn Branca. And we've got like, 10 CDs planned. Keeping busy.

Hello, my friend, hello
It's good to need you so
It's good to love you like I do
And to feel this way
When I hear you say

so this weekend I'm taking part in two (2) parties, or as I like to call them, partys. The Warriors party is saturday and Motherfucker is sunday. To view the respective flyers, please visit:

for another take on these parties, please visit my Crazy Rhythms Life Partner Mike's website:

yes. Grab Cakes are an actual New York City delicacy. They aren't often on the menu, so the next time you're at one of New York's fine dining establishments, be it Jean Georges, Daniel or the Four Seasons, even if it's not on the menu, just ask for the Grab Cakes. I highly recommend them.

Now here's the deal with the big parties, and no I didn't write either of these party promos, see how concise they are?:

A party of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The armies of the night number 100,00; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and on Saturday, October 30th, they're gathering at The Warriors Halloween Party at Supreme Trading.

Saturday, October 30th
Supreme Trading
8000 square foot warehouse venue
213 North 8th Street (Roebling/Driggs)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10PM - 4AM
OPEN BAR 10-11
$10 rsvp to:
$14 at door

Tim Sweeney (DFA / Beats in Space)
Dan Selzer & Mike Simonetti (Crazy Rhythms)
Matt B. Safer (The Rapture)
Cat Hartwell (Fannypack)
Ilirjana (Vice / The Pop Manifesto)
Phil-Two (Fagtronix / Bad Mixing)



this from one of the motherfucker promoters:

Also THE Halloween club night to be at!!!

Motherfucker is being thrown at SPIRIT again.. for those of u who missed the Anniversary party it was one of the BEST MOFO's I've been to yet.. so I'm excited that they are returning to that killer space… so here it is.. as always.. this is pretty advanced notice.. it would be nice if people who wanted to get on my list would email me sooner then later rather then waiting for the day of the event to get on the reduced list…..

Here we go!

Michael T., Justine D., Johnny T., & Georgie Seville Present::
MOTHERFUCKER – Halloween Creepshow! - Sunday OCT 31st

Main Floor DJ's
Michael "Ghoul" T
Justine "Satanica" D
Dave "Goblin Boy" P

Put a Spell on you Spinning:
Possessed Rock N Roll, Puke Green Punk, Nosferatu New Wave & Devilish Disco!

Upstairs in the Beelzebub's Lounge:
Tommie "Dr. Cyclops" Sunshine (XJR, Gigolo, NYC)
(Crazy Rythmes) Dan "The Terror" Selzer"
and Mike "The Maniac" Simonetti
Spin: Post Exorcist Punk & Nu Wave Monster House!

In the Witches & Warlocks Lair:
"Spooky" Smallchange
"The Butcher" Dirty Dan
Spin: Raw… Gut Wrenching Soul, Ghostly Garage & Voodoo-Billy!

Masters of Horros
Linda Simpson & Theo
Scare the hairspray out of you!

Stroke of Mid-Night Performance by:
The Undead Fuckers!

Hellacious Fire Show
By Ted-E @ 1:30am

Burn in Hell with Head Promosexual
Ron "Armageddon" M

Grey Goose OPEN VODKA BAR 10-11pm

Give-a-ways from Tony @ Tina, Auto Lux & PM

Transtesticle b-day bash for MS Mudhoney


530 W. 27th St (btwn 10/11th Ave)

Countess Thomas Unlocks the Castle Gates @10pm
Trolls pay $10 bucks b4 11pm w/ Invite $15 after 11pm

(Or Simply mention ure on Daniel/DRG's Reduced! Get on my reduced list! Email me! and BETTER STILL when ure on the reduced list u get to go
on the List Line.. MUCH quicker!)

Suckers w/ No invite and No List who can't even remember my name pay $20 all Nite!

18 to feast/21 to drink .. Any age to DIE!

Dress Code: Early 80's slasher Victim, Disco Zombie, Blond Drenched Prom Queen, Devils
in white "tails" or Blue Dress. Wheelchair bound killy trannies!

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

thank you neil diamond for the lyrical interludes.

good night and much love,

dan selzer

I'm off the bed. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Some dates to keep in mind here in NYC:

November 3 @ F.I.T. Bruce Mau lecture on his Massive Change exhibition.

November 17 @ F.I.T. Santiago Calatrava talks about his recent work including the proposed transit hub for the World Trade Center site.

Tickets and more info at the urban center books site here.

November 29 Frank Gehry @ Tishman Auditorium. Details a bit vague on this one right now but we'll keep you posted.

George gives the finger

my post u.s.a thoughts:

i have been back in spain for a week now and, although i´m glad to be back, i miss the political race and the baseball playoffs. in a critique of detroit life, though, i must say that mike d and jonny o et al are doing a hell of a job keeping it interesting. "untitled" and "les infants" are doing the city proud, and it was my great pleasure to hang out with/meet such detroit/burnlab icons as mike servito, rob theakston, allen (my ex-nemesis) goodman, ryan elliot, jason clark, and a hot girl which i will not mention (but who should be aware of who she is)...detroit rock city lives on

Fischerspooner collaborator DJ Unknown has posted a Bush-bashing acid techno burnerMP3. . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Peel tribute tonight on WDET, in the midnight hour.

The evil will start early this year, this devils night..... eve. when Ultradyne terrifies the fine folks at Olso, Detroit by way of Soft Curls

read:// im going as ultradyne this year

my friend and mentor pheek was nominated at Canada's ADISQ awards for best electronic album. get ready kids, he's coming for you....

Returning to Minneapolis last July, Olson sliced his head open with a mace purchased at a Montana truck stop—resulting in a trip to the emergency room and five staples in his head. "All of a sudden my shades got all red. Everybody started throwing towels at me," Olson says. "Nate looked at it and said, ‘Just keep going, man.'" "It was cool-looking, though," says Young. "All of his face and all of his set-up was just covered in blood. The blood had mixed with all his gnarly sweat, so it splattered everywhere. When he opened up his set-up later, it looked like someone had murdered a little mouse in there. Disgusting."


Metro Times

RIP John Peel

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mister Robot a.k.a. Eugene Mirman [previous post] clears up all this "swift boat" nonsense once and for all here.

This is the best thing EVER.

Mister Robot

[thanks bitboy]

After you vote next Tuesday, cast your vote for Chris "Christmas" Rodriguez to replace that jolly fatman.

File under: "You've got to be shitin' me..."

The year is 1983. In a small town nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Alex Rogan is about to discover the adventure of a lifetime.

An 18-year-old with an uncertain future, Alex becomes the master of a video game only to discover that it was put on Earth as a testing ground by Centauri, a huckster trying to save his vulnerable galaxy and make a little money in the process. Centauri offers Alex membership in an elite cadre of space pilots charged with protecting the universe.

Alex must find a way to reach his potential, while a great danger looms out in space, waiting for him....

The Last Starfighter... the musical:
Now playing at the Storm Theatre, 145 W. 46th Street, NYC

50,000 visitors participated in 2nd annual openhousenewyork event held two weeks ago. This is good news from the organizers who pronounced it a resounding success. More facts: the weekend drew folks from 40 states and 35 countries making it the largest event of it's kind in New York city history. This blurb from the press release seems to sum it up: "The growth of the event is a testament to both the public's interest in architecture and design, and our site sponsors' generosity in sharing the history and design inspiration behind some of the City's most treasured spaces."
This year they have added a post OHNY weekend photography competition. If you went to any of the sites and shot photo's submit them by the 27th(that's this Wednesday) and your work could be featured in an online gallery and in next years program. Check out FOCUS for more info.

Only nine more days until the Frat Boys get voted out.

"Resistance to information" plays well with "new realities".

A large majority of President Bush's supporters continue to believe that Iraq either had weapons of mass destruction (47 percent) or a major program to develop them (25 percent), contrary to official findings, a survey taken this month found.

And three out of four Bush backers believe Saddam Hussein provided substantial support to al-Qaeda or was involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, while 56 percent said the Sept. 11 Commission found such ties.

In reality, the commission found "no collaborative relationship" between Iraq and al-Qaeda.

The poll, conducted by Knowledge Networks, was taken of 968 people during Oct. 12-18, after the final report by Charles Duelfer concluded that Iraq did not have a significant WMD program. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.2 to 4 percent.

The survey also found that Bush supporters have "numerous misperceptions" about the president's positions. Majorities incorrectly believe that Bush backs the Kyoto global-warming treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the International Criminal Court, and the treaty banning land mines.

And the gap between faith and reason continues to widen...

as if i needed another reason to wax poetic about canada:
wednesday, 17 november @ 6:30 pm
bruce mau and yabu pushelberg will lecture on designing the future.
the kimmel center
new york university
9th floor, room 914, 60 washington square south
(btwn. thompson & la guardia place)
free and open to the public. seating is limited.
please rsvp to 212.596.1660 or via email:
thank you, canadian consulate general.

Neat: "London Bridge Is Curling Up."

Saturday, October 23, 2004

11:49 on a Saturday night and everyone is on MySpace right now... what's with that? Are all my friends really as lames as I am?

I'm really digging Jimmy Edgar's new look. Love the blood spatter and the freakin' stethoscope. I'm going to steal that.

NY Labbers:

I'm celebrating turning 29 today. I'll be DJing at Opium Den from about 10 until about when I pass out.

Opium Den
29 East 3rd St

You'll hear my favorite little micro-ditties. Some rarities I brought back from the Continent, and some unreleased goodies, too. Come get drunk.

Courtesy of

Friday, October 22, 2004

Detroit's premiere electro party professionals Soft Curls presents Carlos Souffront (a man with impeccable taste in both dance records and imported cheeses), and the always awesome Tamion boys at Oslo.

I'm going to try to cram two days worth of sleep into a nap momentarily, and then head on down for some sake and synthesizers. See you there, Dorkwavers.

It's 7:24am and I'm still at work from yesterday morning. Production meeting at 8am and client meeting at 2pm, so no going home soon. Welcome to the 'busy season' I guess. Oddly, I don't mind all that much... once in a while.

George W. Bush is one funny guy. Not really. Watch this.

[thanks Joshua]

Thursday, October 21, 2004

More news updates from the Department of Rumors on the Internets :

Recently unearthed, many are enjoying the lusty delights of Lynne Cheney's lesbian erotica.

Also, it's now been shown that George W. Bush and John F. Kerry are tenth cousins once removed

more to come, I'm sure. . . .

Tom DeLay gets served.

My friend Lee Isles has been a very good and important friend and co-worker to me over the past few years. A few months ago, he upped and left his safe harbor of Ypsilanti and voyaged off to the big apple. The best thing about Lee is that...while he may be socially inept at times...he has a heart of gold and is always, ALWAYS willing to help lend a hand if the cause is right, and he's usually the first one on the front lines.

Once again Lee's fighting the good fight. A friend of his teaches English in Harlem, and the resources for textbooks are very VERY low at the moment (no child left behind...except in the lower class, eh W?). He's trying to raise money to help this teacher purchase copies of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway for a class. They have no copies at hand, and are about $450 or so short of reaching their goal. Now I know pleas and charitable efforts come along every week or so with a new cause, but I urge you to consider making a donation for Lee's cause. He has Paypal all set up and ready to go. He's found a dealer where he can get copies for a really low price. If you can't donate, and you have a blog...please consider linking to his site so others may do so.

I don't like Hemingway. He's not my literary cup of tea, though I do respect and recognize his importance in the world of writing. However, what I don't like even more is people..especially high school students... being denied one of their rights as citizens, which is access to a reasonably sound education.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just in time for you lunch-time surfers: Dorkpol photos are up.

Jon Stewart is on fire .

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Getting the swing of my new wireless keyboard, which feels kind of silly, but will do just fine while I wait for Apple to send a replacement part. Sorry for the play-by-play on this topic. It must be incredibly fascinating...

Okay, while I'm getting used to typing on the new equipment here at the Lab, here is a funny conversation overheard at the after-after-after-party Friday night (actually well into Saturday morning at this point.)

the scene: A half dozen people slouched around a coffee table covered with beer cans and an overflowing ashtray at the end of the evening.
girl: So, what do you do?
boy: [pause - slightly pained expression] I'm a singer.
girl: Really? What band?
boy: [long pause] Interpol.
girl: Oh my god! Do you sing that song... what is it? Stella? Stella something was a diver? What is it?
boy: [long pause - cautiously looks around for help - nothing but grimaces that say, "sorry, can't help you, man." - long pause - quietly] Uh, yeah.

Finally, a site with incredibly detailed plans for building that Night Rider KITT replica you always (never) wanted.

And don't look now, but the US Navy has gone Metrosexual.

Michigan residents can use the Secretary of State's Publis Voter Information Center to verify registration, find their local polling station, see the their ballot, read details on proposals and much more. An incredibly useful website for both beginners and highly informed voters.

No on 2

One thing Michigan voters should be keenly aware of is the exact wording of Proposal 04-2:


The proposal would amend the state constitution to provide that "the union of one man and one woman in marriage shall be the only agreement recognized as a marriage or similar union for any purpose.

The whole issue of marriage being defined as "one man and one woman" is more about a majority's attempt to be more equal than a particular minority than it is about the slightly less cynical but even more absurd idea of "traditional values." (The "traditional values" argument kept women and ethnic minorities from voting in this country for a long, long time.) Even if you consider yourself a moderate who takes a similar personal view as John Kerry about the definition of marriage, the real sticking point of this amendment should be the "...or similar union" portion. Same-sex marriage is (embarrassingly for anyone who values liberty and equality) already illegal in Michigan. What this constitutional amendment attempts to do is go way beyond that and remove any formal recognition for domestic partners.

The following statement from Michigan Equality explains the long-term implications of Proposal 2:

This proposed amendment bans legal recognition of any union similar to marriage entered into by same-sex as well as opposite sex couples. The vague "for any purpose" language would permanently outlaw domestic partner benefits under which worker's families and children are protected. This amendment will, for generations to come, deny the possibility of legal recognition of civil unions and thereby deny many of our citizens the benefits, rights and responsibilities available to those who are legally able to marry. This amendment discriminates against a class of Michigan citizens. Our constitution has never been used as an instrument of discrimination.

Thanks to Rob, Christian and Allen with my little personal computer crisis. The coffee cup is now a full 48 inches away and a new keyboard is in the mail, if anyone cares.

Now back to the news.

Hell... just read what Joshua Marshall has to report.

Also, be sure to read the in-depth article on how George W. Bush's mind apparently works, from the New York Times Magazine.

Until my coffee damaged keyboard issue is resolved (read previous post carefully,) I'm stuck writing anything coherent on the Vaio sitting next to my PowerBook at work, e-mailing it to myself and cutting and pasting the text.  This is tedious at best, so please don't be offended if I don't reply to your e-mails over the next few days.  Speaking of, does anyone know how to replace the keyboard on a Titanium PowerBook?

Monday, October 18, 2004

5 s*533ed c6ffee 6n 0y *6werb662 t6day, s6 n6w the r5ght ha3f 6f 0y 2eyb6ard 6n3y ty*es n40bers. s4ggest56ns we3c60e. ser564s3y. th5s s4c2s.

I think it's obvious where those monkeys are going.

Sorry... this link at the bottom of the Marc Almond article [previous post] strikes me as funny.

Marc Almond is in critical condition in a London hospital after suffering severe head injuries in a motorbike crash last night.

short n' sweet:
mylo @ tribeca grand this past saturday = stellar.
if you didn't make it for that, whoops.

pheek coming to nyc this january. oh yeah, i can feel the dubby love now.
lookout for a ping-pong match with um, someone...not so cool-ish.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Last year, I think Rob posted this. It's back. Campbell's will donate cans for the team that receives the most clicks HERE.

It's an embarrassingly easy thing for you to do right now. Do it now, and come back to reading this.

Now that you've done it, which I am sure you have..... .... ... notice that the New England Patriots are in the top 10, and the Houston Texans are dead last. Sorry, I've got politics on the brain.

Click away.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to Les Infants Terribles last night. Completely packed out. Lots of new faces. Slam dancing to Ministry and Yaz records like it was 1990. Too many great records to remember. Mayhem. Awesome. :)

More photos coming soon.

If you were there and took some photos, please, please, please e-mail them to:

Friday, October 15, 2004

In 1942 five aircraft companies, including Lockheed, and McDonnell Douglas, joined forces to create the Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel to test aircraft for aerodynamic data. The 19,000-square-foot facility was one of the first large supersonic wind tunnels in the world. The "Coop Wind Tunnel" contributed to the development of postwar commercial and military aircraft from 1945 to 1960. In 2001 Art Center College of Design acquired the building for use as a public exhibition hall, and this Saturday night at 8pm Fritz Haeg will be holding a party in the wind tunnel to celebrate the conclusion of his gardenLAb experiment, which brought over 100 of our city's artists, architects, designers, writers, film makers, performers, educators, politicians, activists, pacifists, scientists, academics and thinkers to experiment, meditate and speculate our relationship to Los Angeles.

Speaking of relationships to Los Angeles, the Electronic Music scene has had a tenuous one at best, however things are looking up in the near future. On 10/21 head to the Conga Room at 5364 Wilshire Blvd. to support the Morgan Geist and the Metro Area DJs, and on 11/4 join Tiga as he spins at the neon-bathed Key Club at 9030 Sunset in WeHo.

PBS has been airing a 2-hour documentary called "The Choice 2004."
"Culled from more than fifty interviews with the candidates' families, friends, colleagues, and political adversaries, "The Choice 2004" takes a hard look at the character, experience, and worldviews of Bush and Kerry and illuminates defining moments of their lives with rare archival footage. The program also examines both candidates' decision-making on going to war in Iraq."

PBS is airing this fairly frequently and I saw it last night. You can watch it in it's entirity online at the above link. I'd call it a more substance filled counterpart for Farenheit 9/11. A must see.


Les Infants Terribles: Dorkpol
The Official Interpol After-Party

Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit (next to the old Tiger Stadium)

special guest DJ Carlos D. (Interpol)
and the Dorkwave trainwreck tag-team:
Mike Servito
Rob Theakston
Jon Ozias
Michael Doyle
Allen Goodman
Jae Jae

18+ 10pm - 2am
21+ 10pm - later


Don't flake out.


A consolation prize to those of you stuck in a Windows world, Google Desktop. What's that? You'd still rather use a Mac? Try CherryOS.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Tissue Culture & Art Project (TC&A)was set to explore the use of tissue technologies as a medium for artistic expression. "We are investigating our relationships with the different gradients of life through the construction/growth of a new class of object/being – that of the Semi-Living. These are parts of complex organisms which are sustained alive outside of the body and coerced to grow in predetermined shapes. These evocative objects are a tangible example that brings into question deep rooted perceptions of life and identity, concept of self, and the position of the human in regard to other living beings and the environment. We are interested in the new discourses and new ethics/epistemologies that surround issues of partial life and the contestable future scenarios they are offering us."

The artists are also designing what they call a MetaBody, creating a semi-living object consisting of different tissues that originate from different bodies. They will be collaborating with the French performance artist Orlan, who constantly experiments with her own face, using plastic surgery to transform herself into the quintessence of classical beauty: a new being modeled on Venus, Diana, Europa, Psyche and Mona Lisa.
The artists will culture Orlan's own skin and hybridize it with skins of different pigmentation from other people of different races to create a miniature Harlequin dress. By culturing these tissues together while they are stripped from the bodies' immune systems and making them a single, semi-living entity, they intend to abolish identities of individuals, genders, races and species.

Culled from Wired Magazine, Thanks Alisa.

Thank you William Gibson. Props to DJ Bradley for pointing it out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Watch streaming testimony from the 1971 Winter Soldier Investigation in Detroit, and John Kerry's testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committe later that year - unframed by either the left or the right. The straight story is always so much more interesting than the spin... and pretty much always on senator Kerry's side.

(The 128k stream seems to work the best.)

These are the armies of the night.

Our good friend Phil Oh (the man with the softest hands in New York City) is throwing a fabulous Halloween party based on the award winning* 1979 film The Warriors. Check out the ridiculous DJ line-up below!

here's all the info right from Mr. Oh:

A party of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The armies of the night number 100,000; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and on Saturday, October 30th, they're gathering at The Warriors Halloween Party @ Supreme Trading.

Supreme Trading
8000 square foot warehouse venue
213 North 8th Street (Roebling/Driggs, Brooklyn NY)
10PM - 4AM
OPEN BAR 10-11
$10 rsvp to
$14 at door

Afrika Bambaataa
Dan Selzer (NYHappennings)
Tim Sweeney (DFA / Beats in Space)
Matt B. Safer (The Rapture)
Cat Hartwell (Fannypack)
Ilirjana (Vice / The Pop Manifesto)
Phil-Two (Fagtronix / Bad Mixing)


(also, tell all your friends. i'm afraid no one's going to come and i'll be very sad. f*ck that. this party is going to be hot. I think)

*not really, but no less awesome.

If for whatever reason you can't get out to a movie theater or order a DVD from Amazon, Going Upriver can be downloaded in its entirely here. The file is 650 MB, and server capacity may be sticky at peak hours.

I still recommend getting a group of friends together and seeing it on the big screen if at all possible.

just back to detroit from phoenix where it's amazingly still 95+ degrees...

a couple of recommendations from my visit to nyc:

two exhibitions that actually merit attention in the talent void that is chelsea:
#1 the sofi zezmer show of sculptures made of plastic objects (mostly medical) that come off as 3d versions of flash animations (mike weiss gallery thru 0ct 16, 520 w.24th)
#2 the martin borowski show of paintings of post modern architecture and furniture which contrast the 2d quality of the 3d objects (stellan holm gallery thru oct 27, 524 w.24h))

two book of illustration that inspire me to start drawing again:
#1 "monstruo" by carlos huante, work heavily indebted to frank frazetta among others
#2 "bruised fruit" by david choe, illustration, grafitti, graphic design...hard to believe the whole book is by the same person

Tonight at 976, our favorite Wednesday night dance party:

the crucial get down vs. the enablernetwork
Cowboy Mark Vs. Lisa Hsu
Funshine (Mark) vs. Bubbles (Lisa)

+ your hosts Gibby and Dave Elliott

New wave, italo, acid, idm, electro, punk, bla bla bla...

976 happens in the basement of Lit, 93 2nd Ave., NYC
Wednesdays, 11pm-4am, and always FREE!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend" - Jacques Derrida is dead, but what is dead?

All the internets is a buzz with a rumor about Poland, Mr. Kevin

I don't know what "internets" you've been looking at, but I've been reading a lot of therumors on the internets.

A tale of two films and one bitter stooge

If you've been following the news and blogworld, you know that media giant Sinclair Broadcasting Group has ordered its affiliate stations in swing states to pre-empt prime time programming with what is basically a feature length propaganda ad by the same folks who brought you the swift boat spot. This is not a paid advertisement, which is a blatant violation of FCC regulations and raises the possibility of Sinclair stations losing their broadcasting licenses. Imagine the shit-storm if CBS ran Fahrenheit 9/11 on prime time a few days before the election? This is not a free speech issue, but a severe abuse of power and influence by Sinclair executives. What to do? The one thing television companies care about more than anything is money, and a handy way to prevent 1/4 of American households from being force-fed a string of distortions with the sole purpose of destroying Senator Kerry is to let the sales manager at your local Sinclair station know that you are requesting advertisers to boycott their station. Josh Marshall has all the info you need, including a list of advertisers.

Just as one-sided, though not being beamed into living rooms, acclaimed filmmaker George Butler's documentary on John Kerry during the Vietnam era, Going Upriver is testament to the strength a well made documentary can have. I'm sure it's possible a handful of people could walk out of the theater still thinking Vietnam was a good idea and that John Kerry isn't one of the most corageous and honorable men in modern history (not so much for his combat time, but for what he did afterwards), but it's not likely. Seeing and hearing the 27 year-old Kerry speak with such purity, honesty and conviction and accepting responsibility for his own actions (something nobody in the current administrations seems capable of) I certainly went form luke warm to enthusiastic about the Senator. Going Upriver is currently in theaters around the country, and definitely worth seeing. A must see actually.

Did you know that the main guy behind Stolen Honor and the swift boat ad (other than Karl Rove) was hand-picked by the Nixon administration in a simiar attempt to discredit Kerry back in the 70s? John O'Neill - 33 years a bitter GOP stooge.

Wake up with the king.

Slate explains Burger King's weird new ad campaign.

On the Matter of Purchases and Celebrations

Doyle sold Louisiana to Brandon Lee. He then hired MG to create a dance befitting such a sale. Bap.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Nothing but candy at durkl dot com.

And have you ever listened to the Burnlab source code?

Farewell to a hero in so many ways.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Is Bush Wired?

Reminder: Solvent, Lusine and Skeletons tonight in Ann Arbor.
See you there.

On the subject of science and politics, the latest 527: Scientists and Engineers For Change.

11:00 (e.s.t.) this morning on the Brian Lehrer show:

President Bush does not approve of most stem cell research and has doubts about global warming. Some scientists think the famously pious president doesn't believe in science. Where does John Kerry stand on the issues, and how would he be different from W?

Tune into WNYC online.

Since we've brought up Rothko a couple times this week, everyone should block out the first week of November, whether they live in New York or not (and those who don't should be looking up airafre.)

Wednesday, November 3rd, Team Dorkwave returns to 976, Gibby Miller and Dave Elliott's postpunk/electro/free-for-all dance party at Lit. Depending on how election day goes (that's Tuesday, November 2nd... ahem ) we'll either be celebrating or drowning our sorrows. Either way, it will be a sloppy good time in NYC's coolest basement bar. Check Make Out Club and for details as the date gets closer.

Saturday, November 6th will be the official debut of UNTITLED NYC. If last month's preview party at Happy Ending was any indication, this will be complete madness of the highest quality. Performing live will be: Kill Memory Crash, James T. Cotton and Audion, with Osborne, James T. Cotton, Ryan Elliott, Mike Servito and Derek Plaslaiko on the decks. (I hate that term, but couldn't think of a better way to phrase it.) Plus, it's a double birthday celebration for Ghostly main man SV4 and everyone's favorite Persian Prince Latif Eans.

11.6.04 at Rothko
116 Suffolk St, Manhattan
more details soon

New York won't know what hit it, but only New York can handle it.

Our good friend Dan Selzer just landed himself a spot in the Village Voice's Best of New York: Best DJ's DJ.

Besides the fact that he runs the nyhappenings music list, which makes him the most clued-in guy in town, DAN SELZER is the DJ music nerds who like early electronic, experimental, and post-punk want to hear when they leave the house. That's 'cause his record collection makes everyone green with envy, and also 'cause he knows how to string the music together just so. His label, Acute, is dedicated to putting out obscure no-wave artists like Theoretical Girls. And when he DJs, it's part entertainment, part education - just as it should be.

I couldn't agree more. (I can write a whole lot better, but I couldn't agree more.)

Dan will be working his magic this Saturday at Rothko with JDH and Julian Process for FREE! Get your asses down there and get some edutainment.

By the way, you can get your hands on the entire Acute Records catolog via iTunes. No record store clerk is worth his Arto Lindsay tee without it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tuesday nights cancelled Brian Eno lecture at Terminal 5 ended up being re-scheduled for last night at the Center for Architecture. The turnout was large and filled the space and unfortunately, I think some folks couldn't get in.

Rachel Ward did the introduction and was clearly upset over the closing of Terminal 5. She used the word "eviction" so I think hope for the exhibition re-opening is slim. She got a round of applause for her effort.

Musical accomplishments aside, Brian Eno is a great public speaker. He talked about his work using a mix of detailed explanations, humor, and personal stories. He comes across as being very well read, especially in science. He admits having a keen interest in Darwinism and theories of complexity. He relates these interests to his music and never becomes dry.

He explained that the inspiration for his 'Music for Airports' came while he was in the Paul Schneider(father of Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk) designed Cologne-Bonn International Airport. He said they were playing the most horrible music that intended to calm the passengers and reassure them they weren't going to die. Eno said 'Music for Airports' also intended to calm passengers but also communicated if you did die, wasn't life exciting and interesting?

My favorite quote of the night came when Eno spoke of multimedia and said, "The most interesting thing you can do with your television is adjust the color. It's even better than changing the channel."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ghostly International presents:
Solvent, Lusine + Skeletons

this Friday, Oct. 8th
Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, MI
18+ | flyer

+ more Solvent dates (all with Lusine except Toronto)

Fri. 10.8.04: Ann Arbor, MI Blind Pig w/ Skeletons
Sat. 10.9.04: Chicago, IL Empty Bottle w/ Skeletons
Wed. 10.13.04: Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Artworks
Fri. 10.15.04: NYC (CMJ Festival) Tonic
Sat. 10.16.04: Austin, TX venue TBA
Tue. 10.19.04: Houston, TX venue TBA
Thur. 10.21.04: Madison, WI Catacombs Coffeehouse w/ Cepia
Fri. 10.22.04: Milwaukee, WI Riverhorse (75) w/ Cepia
Sat. 10.23.04: Minneapolis,MI Kitty Kat Club w/ Cepia
Fri. 11.5.04: Toronto Gladstone Hotel as Black Turtleneck (Solvent side project)

Mondo Lounge The Retro Party at the Historic Hollywood Masonic Lodge
Saturday, October 16th, from 6 PM till Midnight
Earlier in the day, participate in the car rally and architecture tour. Everything you love in one place & time: Retro Fashion, Vintage Vegas, Modern Architecture, Tiki, Atomic Age Cocktails, Space Age Living, Classic Cars & more...

Visiting Paju City, in South Korea's Gyeonggi province, can be an unnerving experience. Barbed-wire fences and armed soldiers on constant guard for possible North Korean infiltrators are inherent to the scenery. Daily North Korean propaganda broadcasts ceased only in June. But despite these glaring reminders that the two Koreas are still technically at war with each other, a little cultural oasis has managed to spring up just down the street from the Unification Observation Tower, a structure built on Mt. Udosan in the demilitarized border zone so that displaced North Koreans can view their former homeland.
Dubbed the "City of Romantics" by Hankook Ilbo, a Korean newspaper, Heyri Art Valley is a well-planned, 122-acre residential community located about an hour north of Seoul. Meant to spur creative production and thought, Heyri was started by cultured city slickers who wanted to escape the urban chaos of Seoul. Here, fences are banned; architectural harmony, neighborly values, and the arts are encouraged. At least 40 percent of each of the mostly small multifamily buildings must house a public, cultural activity.
Dalki Theme Park, officially known as "I Like Dalki," and the Ssamzie Art Warehouse next door, are perhaps the only two buildings that don't lay claim to heavy-handed messages of peace and culture. With more of an interest in play than politics, the architects—Moongyu Choi of Seoul's Ga.A Architects, Minsuk Cho of Seoul's Mass Studies, and James Slade of New York City's Slade Architects—say that their plan was to create a dynamic, visually stimulating place where low and high culture, and reality and fantasy, would mix.

I Like Dalki Theme Park , Heyri Art Valley, Paju City, Republic of Korea

Guiser presents a rare selection of original and previously unpublished material looking at, listening to and writing about the legendary figure Leigh Bowery. The extraordinary personage of Leigh Bowery has had an enormous influence on visual culture - across fashion, art, music and performance - and SHOWstudio wanted to celebrate this legacy. Guiser brings together previously unseen film footage of Bowery being photographed by Nick Knight, with unreleased sound material from 'Minty' demo tapes as soundtrack. An essay by one of Leigh's contemporaries, Donald Urqhart -whose own artistic output and creativity mirrors the breadth of Bowery's output, as well as intertwining creatively with it. Urqhart's text gives personal accounts of some of the posthumous events that have commemorated Leigh Bowery. A fascinating, unpublished image gallery of aspects of the recently-documented archive of Bowery costumes displays the intricacy and detail of the extraordinary garments

Join DWR and Jacaranda Thursday, October 14, from 7pm to 9pm for a mini-preview of Jacaranda's imaginative music series. Hear percussionists test and select the DWR furniture best suited to John Cage’s seminal and informal 1940 piece, "Living Room Music," scored for doors, floors, furniture, books, magazines, voices and an optional melody instrument.No traditional percussion instruments are used; in fact, according to Cage,” any household objects or architectural elements may be used as instruments." An excerpt will be performed at DWR under the direction of composer/musician Art Jarvinen. He and his percussionists will be joined by violinist Joel Pargman, singer Christina Sjoblom and keyboard player Mark Hilt in this fun mini-concert preview of Jacaranda's opening concert.

Electronic Space:
Herwig Baumgartner/Scott Uriu of Spacekraftlab
Sunday, October 10 at 3pm
"...when we describe our vision of a future of architecture we think of it as the materialization or architecturalization of the ephemeral and invisible forces around us. An environment that influences our everyday decisions making, they way we think, fear, make love, move and feel. We call these environments electronic spaces."
Los Angeles-based firm Spacekraftlabworks with architecturalizing electronic space by experimenting with sound files, sonograms, overtone spectrums, dust particles, and magnetic distortions. Projects include SOUND CITY (Los Angeles), MQ ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM (Vienna) and THE NAM JUNE PAIK MUSEUM FOR ELECTRONIC ART (Korea), projects that articulate an architectural language that forms an interface between the visible and the intangible. Spacekraftlab was founded 1999. Baumgartner received his diploma in Computer Music and New Media at the University of Music and Performance Arts, Vienna and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna after studying at Sci-Arc in Los Angeles. Uriu graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and was educated at the Architectural Association in London. For more information on , visit .

Cinespia and Hollywood Forever present:
An Evening of Experimental Film Shorts from the Psychedelic Era
A Benefit for Film Restoration and the Iota Center, Saturday October 9th, Gates at 6:00 Films at Sundown, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower - $10 Admission Tickets available at gate

Please join us for this special night of visual music, a program of mind-expanding work by 1960sWest Coast experimental film artists. Hand picked by Cinespia¹s David Hollander, these abstract animated films are profound, beautiful and inescapably psychedelic.(FYI – David Hollander is a Los Angeles DJ specializing in obscure library music…)
Among these rarely screened jewels is James Whitney's "Lapis," created entirely with intricate hand-drawn dot patterns intended to activate the psychic forces of the mind, as well as Scott Bartlett¹s "OFFON," a psychedelic metamorphosis of film and video. Also included is "Cycles" by legendary Bay area filmmakers Jordan Belson and Stephen Beck, as well as hypnotic works by Don Fox, Adam Beckett, Pat O'Neill, and Jean Painleve. Bring cocktails, blankets and picnic dinner for this rare screening beneath the stars. DJ John Wyatt spins a psychedelic set before and after the screening.


Problems at Terminal Five.

What was billed as this fall's coolest art exhibition being held at the former TWA terminal at JFK designed by Eero Saarinen has been closed less than a week after it opened by Port Authority due to security concerns. The Manhattan Users Guide reported this:

A shocker. Terminal Five, has been shut down by the Port Authority yes, the same Port Authority that was a sponsor. Seems there was a bit of vandalism on opening night and the PA decided, rather late in the game, that the whole thing would be a security risk. As you can imagine, curator Rachel Ward (who has worked for a year on this with no pay) and the artists are distraught. The PA, over the years, has maintained a fairly unpopular image, which this latest move will no doubt further burnish. You can help get Terminal Five open again by calling the PA's perfectly named Ernesto Butcher, 212.435.7887, and urge him to reconsider.

More from Manhattan Users Guide here.

Astralwerks was to present an interesting appearance/discussion program with Brian Eno featuring his Music for Airports tracks. A cryptic email was sent out just before the event was scheduled to go down announcing the cancellation. I considered heading out to JFK for this.

Curious to see if it will be open for this weekend's openhouseNY program since it is featured. This may be your only chance to get out there and see the terminal.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hey NYC!

Enabler & The Crucial Get Down present:

SECURITY: The Elektro-Tekno-Disko Edition
Featuring :
Plastique de Reve - DJ - International DJ Gigolo / Mental Groove
Tim Sweeney - DJ - Beats in Space / DFA
Cowboy Mark - DJ - The Crucial Get Down

Saturday, October 9, 2004 @ 10pm
Happy Ending: 302 Broome St. (between Eldridge and Forsyth)
$4 at the door
Thursday 10/7/04 from 10:30pm-1:00am, daze will also appear live
on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space radio show (WNYU 89.1 FM)

Burnlab (tm): pumping music, slick dj's, fog machines, and laser rays....
* drunken plaslaiko appearance not confirmed at press time.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Les Infants Terribles
Dorkpol: Official Interpol After-Party

Friday, 10.15.04

Carlos D.* + the Dorkwave trainwreck tag-team

Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit

18+ 10pm - 2am
21+ 10pm - later

always free!

Metro Times Best of Detroit '04
Best roaming dance party with attitude: Les Infants Terribles

Carlos' Friday residency [with our August guest Cowboy Mark] at Lit is one of the things I miss most about New York. Blackbx and Burnlab are pleased to present his first ever DJ appearance in Detroit. Interview from Filter here.

+ The Dorkwave Trainwreck Tag-Team of Servito, Theakston, Ozias, meself, and special guests.

Congratulations Burt Rutan on winning the X-Prize. SpaceShipOne hit 368,000 feet today on the anniversary of the Sputnik launch in 1957. This second flight in two weeks clinches the 10 million dollars put up by the Ansari X Prize competition. More here.

Beautiful new website for Dublin-based photographer Aiden Kelly and a new single from design savy Irish indie rockers Random.

Brian Eno, four boomboxes and an overhead projector
Tuesday October 5th, 7pm-9pm
Terminal 5, JFK

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The single most unsettling structure ever built by the hand of man: Ryugyong Hotel.
Something deep inside my brain tells me that the 75° angle of the hotel's outer walls is exactly the wrong angle; it says sinister, it says creepy, it says get away.
Sorry Ren-Cen, you've been trumped.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Many, many, many years ago one evening, I happened to be playing with a radio(this was pre-boom box era) and spun the dial south of 92 FM. Somewhere around 91 I heard for the first time the strangest but most captivating sounds. Was it a station or something out of tune? Eventually after some time a voice came on and announced himself as Neil and said this was the wrong time to listen. A bit puzzled and fighting off the urge to sleep, I continued to listen curious about this Neil person and his warning. Neil turned out to be the dj at WRUW FM and 'the wrong time to listen' was his show. Neil played music I had never imagined existed like music concrete, experimental, and industrial. Neil liked Stockhausen, early 60's computer music, Avant Garde composers, and especially Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music Album. I instantly got hooked on his show and would stay up till 2am fighting sleep to listen. Eventually years later, I met Neil and got my own show on WRUW in Cleveland. I would always go down to the station and hang out when he did his show. Many Detroiters credit Mojo for his pioneering radio show that exposed innovative electronic music. Neil is probably my equivalent, and he's still at it. WRUW has a re-vamped site and an archive of Neil's show; now called Dare Waves. Have a listen. His show description hasn't changed in over ten years: From darkwave to space rock, industrial noise to power pop, ambient soundscapes to psychedelic mindgames, Dare Waves presents a full spectrum of electronic and guitar-based music. Check him out streaming from the site Wednesdays from 7:30-10:00pm

Dorkpol: 10.15.04
Details soon.

(thanks Allen for the brilliant codename.)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Irony is still cool: best shirt of '04.


One of my favorite politcal writers, Joshua Marshall has been busy, busy blogging today. If he's not already on your daily bookmarks, worth a read.

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