Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Just returned back to NYC via Indy where I attended the Formula One US Grand Prix on Sunday. I'll spare everyone raving about how Schumacher threw down another brilliant performance. Maybe you didn't ever hear that there was a race. Seems Mario Andretti has a few ideas
on how to change that....Government promotion(huh?).....an American driver(like son Michael)....
In case Mario forgot, here's a little reminder of how tough the life of an F1 driver is:
Michael Andretti arrived in the high-profile world of Formula 1 for the 1993 season with great expectations, only to be embroiled in a catalogue of collisions, spins and mechanical gremlins which seemed to sap his confidence visibly race by race. A lack of testing mileage, the FIA's rationing of practice laps and his unfamiliarity with the circuits all told against the pleasant American, who was under pressure to produce results. Just as crucial, perhaps, was the difficulty he and his wife Sandy experienced in coming to terms with the way of life in Europe, preferring to fly back to the States whenever possible.
By September he had had enough, not even completing the full season.


A sample comment:

"Yah the desire to wipe my a-- with your dad's nose. Did you get the new fat music? Eat a fat d--- b----. The only community that I know of is me and your mother, f---ing on your Cellar Door."

Am I the only one awake? Butch Vig's studio was destroyed by a runaway backhoe!

Computer Love, Design For Freedom, Design is Kinky, K10k, Newstoday, Coudal, and Threadless want to give you a thousand dollars and two semi-permanent tickets. Go

My internet trend timeline:

LiveJournal > Makeout Club > Blogger > Detroit Luv > Moveable Type > Friendster > TypePad - When do I become hip?

Well I found it so completely confusing; first of all isn�t it somewhat of an oxymoron to have a blogger anti-hipster site? I suppose that is ironic which makes it hip..? Furthermore the site itself is just whiny and annoying hipster diatribes which again make it ironic which is hip. So in fact isn�t this just a hipster being bitter I hear that is very hip these days�.?

New Thinkbox release starring my damn self and partner in crime Donn Stroud. It's a thorough study on sleep deprivation and guitars. It's mp3 only right now, but we're putting together a CD filled with remixes, videos and other assorted goodies. This has been another self-promotion. Thank you for listening.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Chad, I find that site so annoying I almost deleted your post... but the writing is, like, totally deck - no matter how misinformed Ms. Plumley may be.


You've seen DJ I Robot from the bowels of the MIT Media Lab. Please meet Scratch Robot, a machine which converts e-mail messages to sound by mechanically scratching on a turntable. Scratch Robot was created by Stijin Slabbinck of Belgian firm Spess, who is also responsible for a variety of interesting robots, including the mechanisms in Green Velvet's La La Land video.

[Thanks to Lynnel Herrera from Karim Rashid Design for the link]

Decasia will be at 7:30 tonight, not 7:00

Check out Decasia at the Detroit Film Theatre. Decasia is a compilation of film footage that was considered too decomposed for restoration. It's a fascinating meditation on the fragility of mechanical image and the beauty of unintentional art. Decasia is playing Monday, Sept. 29, at 7:00 pm.

If you're not in the mood for that, Scarface opens at the Ford Wyoming Drive-in on Friday. It's playing continuously from dusk til dawn.

Someone should start a Union of Eccentric Taxidermists. Damien Hirst seems to feel a kinship....

It sucks that you can't COMPLETELY hate George Bush. He's passed legislation ensuring funding goes to museums and libraries to ensure they stay open.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

The all new Plastikman dot com went live today.

If you're reading this site, you already have a ticket to hell. Find out where you fall. (Ring six: City of Dis for me!)

While we're at it, this one is getting long in the tooth, but I'm still scoring around 80%. Damn.

Oh, and I read that 100,000 people showed up to a Dave Matthews concert in Central Park last week. Who the hell is this Dave Matthews? New York loses 100,000 cool points.

An apt tribute to the late Robert Palmer, check out the new 'Keep on Waiting' video from DJ Hell's upcoming album 'NY Muscle' (Real Video required). This link is to the original German page, and this link is to the google translated English version.

Friday, September 26, 2003

A government recognized authority or not, Liz Copeland just won Burnlab an extra 50 cool points for referencing Spoonie Gee.

Freak, freak, y'all.

Oh, I don't think I'd rank high on the mayor's list of 'cool' - call me a party crasher. Not enough hip hop, me thinks. But feel free to bring that record collection over here, Doyle, cuz I've got some awful ideas. Bring some Spoonie Gee so that the D can get away from the thug and back to the love.

From the Cool Cities Initiative link below: Granholm asked 30 of the mayors to name one person from their local group to sit on a statewide "Cool City" advisory panel.

So, Liz, this makes you the foremost authority on cool in Detroit, right? I'll bring my wardrobe and record collection over for a critique next time I'm in town.

One of the greatest men of our time, George Plimpton, passed away today at the youthful age of 76. It's a devistating, unexpected loss to the literary and journalism worlds. Quite simply, they just don't make people like him anymore.

On the cool cities initiative bit posted by my good friend Rob, I actually had the chance to sit in on one of these panels. Though the name itself is somewhat reprehensible, and Granholm's rendering of 'cool' is certainly in question, I found the discussion to be quite practical in nature, addressing the many concerns that threaten the very idea of 'life' in Detroit. As for those putting the thing together, which included the Detroit Regional Chamber and a study group put together for the purpose by Granholm, they seemed to be in the mood to learn. Of course we all left with the feeling that it's a very complex issue that needs much more than a band-aid to put into running order, but hell, at least this governer gives a damn (I can't wait for the reign of the evil Engler triplets; we do love our hierarchies in this country).

So Rob, don't you know someone who was vying for a position with the Granholm administration? Do you know what happened with that? Would you care to discuss this topic at Buddha tonight?

If the Lincoln Navigator isn't tawdry enough, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs has worked with Ford Motor Company to developed a new bling package for the garish SUV. "We saw there was a void in the marketplace for a high-end luxury, custom-edition vehicle that reflected style, class and luxury." Right... Read about it at Protein OS.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Our very own robot boy is back in SF after a summer of galavanting around the globe. Check out all the photographic evidence at iRobotnik.

Oh, and people have been flooding me with suggestions for good robot music in LA since my post this morning. Thank you much. This Sunday should be a proper LA freak-show gas, with an all theremin night featuring Project: Pimento, Seksu Roba and Charlie Lester.

Just touched down in LA, which has a good indie rock scene, but aside from The Echo, I find to be pretty dismal for electronic music (unless you like epic trance, 'progressive house' or whatever the hell they call it - insert choking sounds here.) XLR8R magazine saves the day with their LA issue, just in time. For a bit of the hardcore, I may have to check out my Friendsters the Mash Up crew this weekend.

Speaking of hard beats, I failed to mention that I caught a brilliant live show by Detroit's best and longest standing industrial/experimental duo DeLien last week - featuring our old Inter Animi conspirator Pete Greko. DeLien owns.

Detroit artist Tyree Guyton is at it again. Not with polka dots, but this time with pennies . Also in the news (although a bit older), Michigan's governor makes a complete jackass of herself high fiving Detroit mayor Tupac Kilpatrick and doing a press conference trying to "hip up michigan" while wearing shades. I'm sending resumes to several NYC employers as of press time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Photo strips from the past two weekends at Untitled now online:

9|20: Carnage is the New Black

9|13: Rise of the Drunken Robots

Untitled will be closed this Saturday so everyone in Detroit can go to the Paxahau 5 year anniversary/Kompakt party.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The world of music retailing seems to continue to spin out of control. It may not be news for some of you but award winning online electronic music retailer Groovetech.com closed it's URL this week. Read about it here.
This past weekend I had a conversation with Mark Verbos on the state of record stores and distributing electronic music. Mark's had mixed experiences going through other labels and releasing his own material. We both agreed though that things are definitely headed back underground. Mark also filled me in on a rumor that NYC staple Sonic Groove might be making a move back to their birthplace, Brooklyn. Further proof of the underground shift....here's the news from the source:

Sonic Groove Records .. we have decided
after 9 years in the same location its time for
change and cheaper rent. Our new space is
being renovated as I write. It will be super cool
when finished with a brand new atmosphere
& lots of new products too.

We stand firm in a scene that is going through
the roughest of times to show everyone that
this is a way of life and not a trend. We set out
on a mission in 1990 to push the most upfront
& futuristic sounds in underground electronic
music and to create a scene for it. And we will
continue to do so for many years to come.
We are making a move east to the Lower East
Side.Our new address will be 206 Ave B
between E12th & 13st.

Look for postings on grand opening bash
which will most likely include one of our crazy
parties afterwards. Exact opening date will be
posted in a few weeks after major
construction is done. Should be around
second week of November. In the meantime
we will still be here at 41 Carmine St and
expect a smooth transfer with no days closed
in between the move. I'll keep everyone posted.

Any repost would be highly appreciated.
Adam X

Good luck to those out there in the trenches. Everyone else, do your best to support any independent music outlet.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Burnlab says Jimmy Edgar is the coolest. Look for his Warp debut EP Access Rhythm and LP Bounce, Make, Model, "as soon as TDR finishes [the] artwork." Also watch for fellow Detroit heartbreaker/knob tweaker Matthew Dear's brilliant new LP Leave Luck to Heaven as soon as I finish the artwork. We can't wait for both these guys to visit New York soon.

Speaking of Warp, check out the brand new LFO site and twisted video for the crunch-o-tabulous single Freak.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Fun new broadcast promos for VH1 by Mike and Mike with audio by Mike.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Burnlab's number one sponsored weekly night of mayhem has been named Best Club Night in the Metro Times' annual Best of Detroit poll. We could have told you that, but its nice to get some affirmation. ;)

"Less than a year into bringing frothy sleaze back to the dance floor, the Saturday club dubbed Untitled has already been responsible for public spankings, vodka squirt-gun fights, a Miss Untitled pageant, three wonderfully unnecessary subgenres (sasspunk, jungleclash and dorkwave), flash-mob-style after-parties (BYO at the drive-in until 4 a.m., Jell-O wrestling, etc.) and plenty of assorted monkeyshines. Oh, and the music�s great too. Consider your liver pickled, Jack."
-Metro Times

[Pictured above, left to right: Myself performing a dorkwave trainwreck on the mixer, Untitled mastermind and Burnlab charter conspirator Jon O, Mistress Delia, Burnlab conspirators/dorkwave minions Allen Goodman and Mike Servito spreading the love at the 'Rise of the Drunken Robots' event last weekend.]

Remember, Kill Memory Crash live at Untitled tonight.
Carnage is the new black.

Friday, September 19, 2003

From our friends at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum NYC. It's lecture series time again...

Thursday, September 25, 6:30pm
Solos: SmartWrap
with Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake
SmartWrap is a concept for an innovative material with the potential to reshape the design of building facades, developed by the award-winning architecture firm KieranTimberlake. A viewing of the SmartWrap prototype, currently on view in the Museum's garden, is part of the evening.
Museum members $10; Nonmembers $15

To register, call 212.849.8380. For more information on SmartWrap or Fall 2003 public programs, visit the website here.

Yet another article extoling Apple's in-house product designer, Jonathan Ive and his role in resurrecting Apple from its ashes in 1997.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Doyle should find sometime to update the Untitled page. :)

Whoa, the G5 pbench scores have been announced:

2x 2000 G5 OSX 10.2.7 (G5 plugin) 547 (energy settings highest perf)
2x 3060 Xeon (OC'd 2400) 488
2x 2930 Xeon (OC'd 2400) 471
3200 P4 (800MHz) 427
3000 P4 (800MHz) 405
3495 P4 (OC'd 3.06) 386
3060 P4 XP Pro (533 FSB) 358 HT
2x 2200 Xeon PC 800 RDRAM CPQ Evo 357 HT
2x 1500 G4 (OC'd 1420) 348
2x 1333 G4 DDR OS9.2 (oc'd 1.25) 346

One should also note that the G5 tested is about half the price of the runner up.

By the good graces of my current employer, my Detroit detail has been extended into next week. This means another Saturday of robo-debauchery at UNTITLED. Very special guests Kill Memory Crash perform live this time around, bringing Chicago Industrial into the 21st century for all the freaks, geeks and fashion victims. Also, this from Jon O:

in keeping with the theme and aesthetics of kill memory crash, it has been decided (by those who decide such things) that this week's new chic will be inspired by car wrecks.
makeup based on bruises.
scents of gasoline and burnt hair.
torns clothes and stains of blood.
deconstructivism becomes destructivism.
carnage is the new black.

Performing in addition to KMC this Saturday are Derek Plaslaiko, Mike Servito, Ryan Elliot and Terry Dwyer. Immediately following will be UNTITLED's 2nd outlaw afterparty at the Ford-Wyoming drive-in. BYOL.

For those back in New York this Saturday, don't miss the 2nd installment of CONDITION, featuring Brian Jackson, Bad Bunny, and Dirty, plus live video by our good friends Phoenix and C-TRL. CONDITION takes place every month at Boogaloo - the most dangerous lounge in Williamsburg, 168 Marcy Ave.

The photography of Patrick Hoelck

Disgustingly good (commercial) Flash work by Joshua Davis

Mike Cina (or maybe Mike Cina�s girlfriend, Prate) digs both Tadd Mullinix and Jimmy Edgar. Hot

Also, Dluv has been moved to the "not" list.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

HTML Paintings

Peggy Moffitt, the model and muse for 1960s-era Los Angeles designer Rudi Gernreich, has signed a deal to re-create his designs. Moffitt, who lives in Beverly Hills, has held a trademark on Gernreich's name since the designer died in 1985 at the age of 63. Her partner in the venture is Rei Kawakubo, the avant-garde Japanese designer of the Comme des Garcons label, who will have full access to Gernreich's archives, including his 1964 topless "monokini'' swimsuit. "Rudi absolutely changed the vocabulary of fashion," Moffitt said Friday. "The world has picked at his bones for years, and I want him to be acknowledged for what he did." The Peggy Moffitt/Comme des Garcons label will hit stores in September. As an introduction this month, Comme des Garcons will begin selling T-shirts emblazoned with Moffitt's image.

This month the new LA Taschen Bookstore is supposed to be opening, designed by Phillipe Starck and located at 354 N. Beverly Drive. As you may remember from a post way back, Mr. Taschen recently took up residence in LA and currently resides in the Lautner designed Chemosphere.

I think I found a great new job.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Brilliant Illustrations from dan23
All in French but check the Section Exposition area.

This thursday night, if Isabel permits, the fine folks at Gothamist and 601am are going to have a happy hour party @ Remote Lounge 327 2nd Ave. NYC. Jen from Gothamist was kind enough to agree to let me play some records at this event along with Mike Cosentino of prescription wax Burnlab readers are invited to stop by and meet folks from two other great NYCBlogs. Things start at 8pm and will go to 12 or 1. Check the above sites for more info. See you there.

For a mere $425,000 you can own a street-legal Porsche 959. One of a few good things Bill Gates has done to improve our world. Also an interesting study in how legislation works for rich people. Thanks to Brian for the link...

Monday, September 15, 2003

Arrrrr! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Huge thank you to everyone who came down to UNTITLED this Saturday and making it yet another legendary night in Detroit. It's so good to have a home base in the D. Tadd Mullinix and Matt Dear were more brilliant than ever (if that's even possible), and the ever expanding Dorkwave crew had the kids snaking, pogoing, spreading butter and falling over speakers all night. Extra special thanks to Sarah for making the super-limited edition Dorkwave t-shirts! If you're curious what was played, or wondering what Dorkwave is all about, here's my set list from Saturday:

Ellen Allien: Trash Scapes
Cabaret Voltaire: I Want You
The Normal: Warm Leatherette
Tuxedomoon: No Tears
Tones On Tail: Go!
Swayzak: I Dance Alone
T. Raumschmiere: The Game is Not Over
Charles Manier: At the Bottle
Book of Love: Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls
Blur: Girls and Boys
Pulp: Disco 2000
The Cars: Just What I Needed
Revolting Cocks: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Friday, September 12, 2003


The Galactica, September issue on line.

Johnny Cash: 1932-2003
Take a moment and watch the video for Hurt.

Tonight in NYC:
Dirty Techno with friends Plexus/Kazu/and Kean from Paris
@ Company Bar 242 E10th St. btw 1st and 2nd Ave.
10pm till late

Thursday, September 11, 2003

just back from the first day of the fashion show series i wrote about (CIRCUIT). as one would expect there were very attractive girls aplenty, all of whom seemed to be all over the very much less attractive fey designer types (as one would also expect)...on the upside the burnlab.net press pass did get me into the shows in front of hundreds of people so there is some justice in the world...photos to come

Baths return to Bath, as a lovely and reserved 21st century spa designed by UK high-tech icon Nicholas Grimshaw.

While not exactly the most uplifting thing in the world, my good friends over at Blank00 have compiled a small list of records that were released on that infamous day two years ago today.

I happy to announce that I've been hired as the new Associate Editor for Urb Magazine. I'll be moving to Los Angeles at the end of October.

I've never been to La and only know about 3 people there- so anyone with friends, associates, whatever should let me know about them. My main priority is finding a place to live, so again- anyone with any suggestions please hit me up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

ok listen up...i left detroit after spending the first 22 years of my life there with the idea of never going back, so you guys seriously have to stop making it sound so cool or you�ll force me to reassess all that i�ve thought to be true for the last 6 years...well, but...wait, if it has to be that way, i guess i could get used to it, maybe...i guess i could even like it...damn

New Plastikman vid.
We should all enjoy it while
it's still up online.

UNTITLED presents: Rise of the Drunken Robots
Saturday, Sept. 13

How often do you get to dance to Adam Ant, Ellen Allien and the Revolting Cocks in Detroit? Come get your robot on this Saturday at the night which doesn't know the meaning of "too far."

the front room:
Tadd Mullinix
Matthew Dear
Only top shelf quality from the dynamic duo.

the back room:
Mike Servito
Robert Chavez Gorell
Allen Goodman
Michael Doyle (12:30-2am)
Dorkwave returneth for an electrostatic glamdustrial
postpunk rock and roll extravaganza.

Made by freaks, for freaks.

Be legendary.�
This and every Saturday at The Shelter
231 E. Congress, Detroit
Brought to you by Blackbx and Ghostly International
(with some murky associations to Burnlab, Klever, Paxahau and Vice.)

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My vote for coolest desktop viewing goes to this.

Greetings form Detroit. My posts will be sporadic at best over the next ten days or so, but you're in good hands. For those on the east coast of the midwest, Matt Dear is performing along with Carlos Souffront and Keith Kemp at Jimmy Edgar's new night: "Weekly Agenda" at Panacea tonight. I love Detroit so much.

Next week, Creative Time will present a spectacular new work by the amazing Cai Guo-Qiang. The piece involves pyrotechnics visible for a fleeting few minutes over Central Park. September 15, at 7:45pm.

Monday, September 08, 2003

The Wave administers the Voight-Kampff test to San Francisco's mayoral candidates

Speaking of second issues, don't miss out on This is a Magazine's Compendium #2, Fashion=Fiction. 192 pages of amazing artwork and more. You can order yours online here.

32: Beijing / New York is proud to announce the release its second issue. We hope that you will join us at the Storefront for Art and Architecture on Tuesday September 9 from 7-9 PM to celebrate this event.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Saturday Night in NYC:

The Living Magazine - New York City Edition
A Mack Industries Production
Saturday September 6, 2003

The Clemente Soto V�lez Cultural Center
107 Suffolk Street @ Rivington Street
In the Lower East Side of Manhattan

VIP/Press reception 7:00-9:00pm
With complementary drinks from PLAYERS EXTREME & Tiger Beer
General Admission $10 | 9:00pm - 4:00am
Line Priority for Pre-Sale Tickets via TicketWeb
As America's most respected voice for emerging music & culture since 1993, XLR8R invites the New York City community to experience the pages of XLR8R come to life for one night only! Come early to get your commemorative "10 Years of XLR8R" book or limited edition T-Shirt courtesy of American Apparel, while supplies last.

VIS-ED/STYLE: Highlighting photography and illustrations by XLR8R contributors throughout the years, plus live-action painting with DAVID CHOE and RICH JACOBS. See Adidas Originals' BATHING APE installation, our infamous T-Shirts Tribute and KID ROBOT'S collectible toy display.

MACHINES: Music Technology Lounge featuring demos of your favorite and upcoming DJ gear, software and hardware - with GEMSOUND, NUMARK, STANTON and EJ TURNTABLES.

REVIEWS: Listening booths courtesy of VIRGIN MEGASTORE featuring selections from our Top 100 Albums from the past decade, and playable demos of Ubi Soft's stylish action shooter, XIII.

FEATURES: Live performances & interviews with...

LFO [Warp]
ROB SONIC [Definitive Jux]
CRACK W.A.R. [Tigerbeat 6]
MATHEMATICS [Social Studies]
NEGROCLASH DJs Language, Lindsey & Duane

VJs Honeygun Labs, Videoscratching by Esquared.org, Quanteye and Werkaround

For additional details on The Living Magazine event series, and to link up with all of our participating sponsors, click http://www.xlr8r.com/ten

Sunday Afternoon in NYC:

The final installment of the Ft.Green Park party happens from 3-9pm in Brooklyn. Anyone who has slept on coming out to this party throughout the summer has one more chance. It's best described as Body and Soul with picnic blankets. Free and easy to get to from the C Lafayette stop and the G Fulton street stop.

Hey, I'm a huge geek but I would take cute girls over Russell Haswell anyday.

i didn�t manage any for SONAR, but lo and behold, my functions as a BURNLAB editor have helped me receive accreditation for CIRCUIT 8, the current addition of a semi-annual series of catwalks that happen in and around barcelona the coming 11-13 september...this started several years ago as an almost student level answer to the bigger catwalks that happen the same weekend but has quickly built itself up to be a close second, all the more fashionable for the underdog status.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Getting a little ahead of ourselves with a new splash page before the main page has been re-designed... oh well. Hold on. The photos are from a recent trip to Philly. One is the Mrs. and her cool boots, and the other is the PSFS Building - the first international style skyscraper in North America, completed in 1932.

My Friend Lyn is about to explode from excitement about this:
A silver blob opens today in Birmingham, England, as Selfridges department store. The structure is clad in 15,000 aluminum disks and designed by the London firm of Future Systems , known for Comme des Garcons boutiques in Manhattan and Tokyo and the media center at Lord's cricket ground in London. "We were inspired by Paco Rabanne dresses with sequins,'' said Amanda Levete, a Future Systems partner. "Our other analogy was the scales of a fish.'' British critics have compared the design to the Guggenheim Bilbao as well as to a toadstool, spacecraft and soap bubble. EVE M. KAHN � NY Times
Ok yeah it is another blob, but it it is a Paco Rabanne inspired blob!

Dutch customs find 2,000 baboon noses

Hey, thanks to Binary Junk for the link-up! (Do I know you?)

When is a blob more than a Maya rendering?

As Bucky Fuller once said, "When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

The problem with a lot of 'blobitechture' is that, despite being interesting from an academic and process standpoint, more often than not the resulting forms neither solve problems or are beautiful. Here are two examples of 'blobby' structures that buck(y) the trend: drop dead gorgeous and functional.

Looking something like bird's nest or a giant blood cell strapped to the earth with a complex network of rope, Herzog+DeMueron's competition entry for the Beijing Olympic Stadium was selected by an evaluation panel this May. Check out high-res drawings of all the "superexcellent schemes" here.

(un)Plug is a tower to be built in the La Defense area of Paris. It was designed by Fran�ois Roche and commissioned by the research department of the French Public Electricity Company, to develop a building that takes maximum advantage of solar energy. In his projects, Fran�ois Roche attempts to refrain from radically modifying the territory, seeking a form of dialogue with it. He is currently undertaking a critical experiment with new warping technologies to prompt architectural "scenarios" of cartographic distorsion, substitution, and genetic territorial mutations. See and read more about Roche's work here.

[Thanks to Paul Hemsworth for the links.]


best quote found on the web this week, compliments of that nasty bugger Dong-

"You smug Apple fucks may continue to peddle that All The Expense of Capitalism, All the Choice Of Communisim vibe you've got going, it seems to work for you."

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

A little reminder about the party New York has been bracing itself for. A large portion of the Burnlab editorial staff will be present, bringing a bit of Detroit craziness [Rob Theakston] and demostrating the drunken robot dance for the souls who have yet to experience [be horrified by] it.

MICROMINI (presented by Remote on DVD)

AKUFEN (Force Inc./Musique Risqu�e) LIVE
The one who splintered your radio into a thousand beautiful hiccups, and shook your booty. Akufen is in town to promote the launch of his new label, Musique Risqu�e. He'll be playing new material live, making his only NY appearance.

Vince Lemieux (Musique Risqu�e) Montreal
A fixture on the influential Montreal mini-tek and microhouse scene, Lemieux has brought a crucial sophistication to his new partnership with Akufen in Musique Risqu�e. Expect new tracks brought home from his recent excursion in Germany.

Heartthrob LIVE
His recent tracks have made quite an impression. Though they're as yet unreleased, Richie Hawtin and Magda have made them staples of recent sets. A live MPC and laptop set should introduce New Yorkers nicely to Hearthrob.

Kevin McHugh (Micromini)
Organized the Brooklyn Anchorage series for Creative Time, as well as more recent events such as "The Silent Project" and "We Sold Our Souls for Minimal Techno." A Final Scratch set of rare or new material...

at FILTER 14 432 West 14th St.
10pm - 4am

This will mark the launch of Remote on DVD, everyone who attends will get a free DVD with videos by Fat Truckers, Plastikman, Data 80, Capt. Comatose, 8-bit Construction Set, The Pattern, Interpol, The Liars and more...

$5 adv/ $7 at door (tix @ Other Music)

A wonderful essay on John Cage�s classic, 4�33�

"12k founder Taylor Deupree launches a new label called Happy, focusing on the eclectic sounds of alternative pop music coming out of Japan."

This is going to rock. More details and mp3s on the new site .

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Looking for an iCal replacement for your PC?

A good amount of hard-to-find Japanese art and design books ready to be ordered

I can�t believe this hasn�t been linked here yet, the winner of ID�s Student Review: �O� Tissue Ring


Interesting essay on Dell�s EULA

Here's a little eulogy for one of my favorite radio shows: I'm sad to report that CBC2's Radiosonic, had it's final broadcast on Saturday, August 30th. The show (hosted by Grant Lawrence) was a great ambassador for Canadian music. They introduced me to the Constantines, the Weakerthans, and Kid Koala among others. Radiosonic had an entire show dedicated to music for kids. Very cool stuff.

More Google gossip: Search for Kazaa on Google and you'll find this message "In response to a complaint we received under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 9 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint for these removed results."

If you live in Japan -

SYR 5 (Kim Gordon, DJ Olive, Ikue Mori, and Jim O'Rourke)

10-24 Tokyo, Japan - Club Quattro
10-25 Nagoya, Japan - Club Quattro
10-26 Osaka, Japan - Club Quattro
10-28 Hiroshima, Japan - Club Quattro
10-29 Fukuoka, Japan - Drum

Sort-of new work at Praystation.com, and a new short-essay at ArtKrush.