Thursday, August 23, 2012

Theatre Bizarre "Summoning" a Second Year at the Masonic Temple

Excellent interview with design genius John Dunivant about Theatre Bizarre and the largest (and possibly weirdest) Masonic Temple in the world:

Theatre Bizarre "Summoning" a Second Year at the Masonic Temple: Detroit’s underground carnival is heading back to the Masonic Temple this fall. John Dunivant is co-creator and the artist-designer of Theatre Bizarre. The design of this year’s edition of, what organizers call, “The Greatest Masquerade on Earth” picks up where last year’s ended.

Dunivant spoke recently to WDET’s Rob St. Mary about this year's event "The Summoning", the design, working with the Masonic Temple, lessons learned from last year's event and the current state of Theatre Bizarre's "grounds".