Friday, September 30, 2005

Soory for the lack of posts - Blogger has been down all day.

Two quick things:

1) Ms. Toybreaker and I just went to the premiere of Dave McKean's MirrorMask. Wow! Go see this movie now. I was expecting nothing more than eye candy (which it more than delivered on), but its actually a GREAT film. Instant cult classic on the level of Nightmare Before Christmas and The Dark Crystal.

2) Our dear Mike Servito kicks off METL, his new monthly at Oslo, with very special guest Keith Kemp TONIGHT. Swervo and the Kempinator. It'll be awesome. Come on down, Detroiters. Only $5, and Oslo events are now 18+.

NME has completely reworked their site and print publication just in time to let us know two very important things:
1) Blur will continue on as three piece. Damo will grace us with his crap guitar skills and keep it "punk rock".

2) Grahambo has decided once and for all that he wants nothing to do with what happened on 'Think Tank'.

in other not so important news, i've been mad swamped with the jobby-job and planning the sickest Halloween party ever (work-related of course) in nyc. although, i know it won't hold a candle to my burnlab team holding it down out there in the d.

hopefully more from me later, once I recover from my current Dutch houseguest.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Waaarrriors, come out to plaaaay..."

For those who may have been too young to experience The Warriors phenomenon in its heyday, here is a great article on the cultural impact of film, which mentions last year's halloween party in Brooklyn.

Rockstar Games is releasing a Warriors video game on Oct. 18th, a special edition DVD will be released next week, and word has it that a new film version is in the works, directed by Tony Scott.

It's a good time to be a warrior.

tomorrow (thursday) night is TEKKO4 in the jewel of barcelona that is the MAXALOT gallery (followed by visits to berlin and toronto). i have to start appreciating these things because it looks like my barcelona days may be coming to an end for now (corporate money and security is calling). more on that soon

Last year's best halloween party is spreading from coast to coast for 2005, and we are quite pleased to be hosting the Detroit edition...

Dethlab presents Sex & Sedition II: Warriors Halloween, featuring Jimmy Edgar's Creepy Autograph at OSLO Friday, Oct. 28th.

Come with a group of friends as a gang with your own unique look and gang name.

Full details at

The Madagascar Institute Presents:
Cargo Cult
Being: The culmination of years of hard labor and brutal ritual, the final push that will get the runway done, the ancestors pleased, the planes back, and delivered to us the abundant cargo that we so, so deserve; featuring: merchant marines, brazen brass, exceedingly clever flying machines, cardboard communication, synchronized semaphore, lighthouses, ropework, Melanesia, control towers, morse code, dazzling displays of ritual dance, arbitrary and capricious blood letting, sacred Jello, red crosses, gigantic, gimpy John Frum, sea chanteys, and your helping hands when they are needed the most.
an elaborate ruse for a tramway escape to a desolate island paradise. Beware of swashbuckling pirates, unsympathetic Red Cross workers, and John Frum.  If you follow the signs and complete the ritual, you will be amply rewarded for your faith. Don your WWII flight suit (or similarly inspired attire), brush up on your semaphore signals...and chart a course for 14 Honey Locusts Park, at 59th St. betw. 1st Ave and 2nd Ave in Manhattan.
Sunday, October 2, 4:00 pm. You will be done at dark.
Watch for the arrival of the Vanuatu Air Fleet for your first clue. Be late and you will miss it.

Bring libations, a Metro card and be prepared to walk.
Afterparty at the Carriage House, 59th St. Bet 2nd & 3rd Ave.

Thanks Lindsay for the heads up on this.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Three of Burnlab's most beloved Wednesday night at Oslo in Detroit:
Ellen Allien
Mike Servito
Oslo (you know where its at by now, right?)
Wednesday, Sept. 28
21+ | 9pm | $15
Brought to you by our dearest at Spectral Sound.

Matt and Ellen will be in LA on October 3rd at Avalon.
Our comrade most recently moved to La-La land, Mr. Gibby MOC Miller will be turning the ripe old age of 28, so buy him soda and share a slow dance.

URB Loves Threadless is now live.

How hot would it be if someone from Burnlab got the most votes!?

You have 3 weeks to submit a design, or simply judge the work of others.

I am hereby declaring this DIY or DIE week on Burnlab.
That being said - and before I say anything else
I would like to present you - the content seeking reader with this

Crimethinc's DIY guide II

This rugged little urban pirate handbook includes practical information and tips on tons of different projects, tasks and adventures: dismantling capitalism, forearm guards, software piracy, diy spelling and grammar, travelling on trains, backpacking, evasion communiqué #2.25, herbal gynecology, how to abort, sewing, diy oil change, quarter pipe, records, cd's and zines, book publishing contacts, postal jubilation, cook it yourself, wheat flour egg noodles, intro to plaster, black and white photography, safety pin tattoos.

It comes free with any order from their website - and its totally worth buying anything there just to get your hands on it. They used to have it up as a PDF. If i can find it when I get home - I'll upload it for everyone. Or you know - you could just Do It Yourself and search for it.

Monday, September 26, 2005

This is awesome: A Miniature Gate in Hot Pursuit of a Miniature Central Park

[thanks Kenda!]

Speaking of DIY-
This guy made a balloon bass.


The balloon bass is a musical instrument comprised of one round balloon and two skinny (twisting) balloons. It is made by using one non-inflated skinny balloon as a string and the other skinny balloon to create a resonator that connects the string to the round balloon. The balloon bass is a three-and-one-half octave instrument.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

For the DIY in us all, here's a book about building electronic instruments called "Electronic Projects for Musicians." It shows you step by easy step how to build a preamp, compressor, ring modulator, phase shifter, talkbox and 22 other accessories. !

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Look out honey, 'cause I'm using technology.

Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music draft by Miller Puckette.

That dude wrote Max/MSP. C'mon - Click Click.

Its probably the coolest thing I've read since this months issue of Vice on why we should kill off the baby boomers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mmmm...rabbits...mike, you ok?

rabbits make me think of a series of classic books by JOHN UPDIKE featuring a character called rabbit angstrom. i admit to only having read RABBIT IS RICH but if reviewers such as MARTIN AMIS pull any weight theres nothing to fear in reading any of the other books in the series.

Ann Arbor's electro-art-punks Ectomorph in this week's Metro Times.

"Maybe women have a way of talking to the machines, creating a dialogue that's both synthetic and organic," Sherman says. Gillen says: "Electronic music should be totally organic, with human ideas given a voice through machines. Ectomorph is all about people applying electronics to real time performance. It's like playing the tuba or cello. I'm not into standing in front of crowd turning a knob or typing on a keyboard. What can be more boring than that?"

Giant pink bunny. [Details here.]


The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent; and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy.

The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbit's body, a country dropped from the sky; ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines.

Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel.

Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside.

Such is the happiness which made this rabbit.

I love the rabbit the rabbit loves me.

Achtung Detroit: This is your three day warning.

"Audio Warfare Machinery"
photo courtesy Allert Aalders of Team Raumschmiere.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

rob, please...i love you like a mother. wait. um. but seriously if you want to forgive me check out this track by GORILLAZ with MF DOOM. i hate that it is so good. it kills all hate. hate between pop and hip hop, hate between mother and son. check it. i never thought a pop artist could make a good crossover track...especially not an english artist!. not fair. where did we go wrong? this is like led zeppelin and rolling stones all over again.

You are correct, sir. And for that, I shall kill you last when I go on my rampage.

sorry to be a nerd rob but its actually egon SCHIELE. i wouldnt have mentioned but hes one of my favorites, although, so you dont hate me, i do like the rachels album too. kiss kiss

I would agree with Sen. Glazer's book choice. Almost anyone who spent their teenage years awkwardly stumbling through the 90s will love this book. I can't count the times I've given it as a gift.

There was a soundtrack recorded by Tracker for the graphic novel that was released a year or so ago, but I prefer listening to Rachels' The Sea and The Bells and Music For Egon Schele instead.

Eat some mashed potatoes and mac & cheese, Yuss.

being recently broke-as-fuck ive finally succumbed to edonkey...but, a surprise came when i mistakenly downloaded a track featuring MF DOOM by GORILLAZ "november has come". damon albarn hasnt done anything this good since the early days of BLUR, a surprising mix of alt pop and hip hop. hip pop?

It's a rainy day here in LA (yes it happens) and the timing couldn't be better since I've been needing a good dose of melancholy since reading the amazing graphic novel Blankets last night. A long distance high school romance that takes place in the winter (approx 1993) between rural Wisconson and Michigan's Upper Pennensula — sigh.

Perfect music to accompnay this sense of fridgid warmth? How about Mick Harvey of the Bad Seed's new solo album, One Man's Treasure. Not as firey as his three decades of work with Nick cave, but equally austere while covering Lee Hazelwood, Tim Buckley and Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club.

And if my melancholy starts to approach wallowing, I'll just pop on Dimension Mix, with Beck, Sterolab and others covering the childrens songs of Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson. Far better than that awful Scooby Doo cover my Tanya Donelly.

Time sucker: flash-based police sketch generator.

Thanks BitBoy.
Here's mine.

update: We already have a wanted poster gallery at the studio.
ADD designers...

besides LA MERCE festival in barcelona this weekend its also fashion weekend, including CIRCUIT 12, the bi-annual alternative fashion festival, this thursday and friday. CIRCUIT started off six years ago as a student-y response to the bigger catwalks in barcelona but has steadily grown and is now, if not a direct rival, definitely stealing some of the bigger shows thunder.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dorkwave + Interpol this Sunday in Ann Arbor.

(As to not mislead anyone, at this time Carlos D is not scheduled to DJ... but it should be be quite a shindig nonetheless!)

Sweet thought from John Maeda.


Merce Cultural Festival Week:
Many happenings in the city... like this one:

Saturday, Sept. 24
Comerc, 36

dj's contra la fam

DJ2D2 (Fat Products)
ALEX MURRAY-LESLIE (Chicks on Speed-DJ set)
TREMOLO (Producciones Animadas / Scanner FM)
KOSMOS (Palace Recordings)
IANA HIMNIA (DJs Contra la Fam)
JAVIER VERDES (Verdes Records)
CHRIS VOGADO (Zero dB/Ninja Tune/Fluid Ounce)


Tour Dates for the Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto string of concerts in Europe have been announced. Anyone who can sneak in and record them for me will be greatly rewarded.

In a case of life imitating art, I'd like to take my hat off to the Bush family for emulating the antics of my all time favorite prime time soap opera, Dallas. They're EXACTLY like the Ewing clan, only dumber. And there's a tranvestite acting as a former first lady instead of sweet Miss Ellie.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Caught a few of the OFF ICMC performances the other week.


Lovely performance by electroliving + autonomia.

Beautiful visuals by epy's Leo Lass (depart).

I recommend checking out some of the projects on the depart site.
Inspiring mind.


This Tuesday (Sept. 20) beginning at 20.00h- rojo magazine presents the newest issue- mabu.

Cafe Del Sol
(Placa del Sol, 1)

Artwork by:

Denise Yummi Hamano, Point Point, Holly Wales, David Von Bassewitz, Studio Sughi, Gregori Saavedra i Sunye, Victor Castillo, Elinor Harari, Stefanie Rocknak, Frank Kalero, No Domain, TvBoy, Nofun, Yomar Augusto, Raquel Sacristan, Neasden Control Centre, Fupete and Gerjka, Tofer, Boris Hoppek, Carolina Melis, Sergi Olle, Carolina Morano, Pedro Cuevas, Leonor Feijo, Thomas Dashuber, Tweak, Georg Molterer, Richard Stow, Melania, Albert Bertolín.

Guest artists of the night:

Fakenice (this is me) _Background Music Selector
Alex Beltran _Outdoor Video Selecto

The tortuga 5 is the first panoramic pinhole camera (with 5 pinholes) in the world to be produced in small series.


You heard it here first.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

High school kids re-interpret DJ Shadow

"In the Winter and Spring of 2005, I started the Shadow Percussion Project, where I attempted to adapt a few tracks off DJ Shadow's remarkable album Endtroducing for a live performance group. By mid-February I had arranged both Building Steam with a Grain of Salt and Changeling for Percussion Quintet. Eager to hear what these arrangements sounded like, I brought the music to the Minnetonka High School Percussion Ensemble, an extracurricular music program that I instruct. The students responded to the music positively, even though it was extremely challenging. After a few months of intense rehearsal, the students performed both tracks for a live audience on Monday, May 16 2005...."

(Thanks Andy)

Lobster blood is a clear fluid. When the animal is boiled, the blood turns to an opaque whitish gel. It has no discernible flavor and is perfectly safe to eat.

Also, one of the classiest gents in Ann Arbor, The Bang!'s Jeremy Wheeler, has donated a limited edition 1" button designed exclusively for the evening. You know how to get ahold of one.

From this week's Real Detroit:

Saturday is another installment of Les Infants Terribles at Corktown Tavern with lobsters rockin' all over the place. What that means is... I have no idea. You really can't predict anymore. Another case of "you gotta see it to believe it." The freakshow is free so you have no excuses!


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

If you're in PDX, SF or NYC do not miss this rare opportunity to see Frankfurt artist Isolee. Sadly, no shows are planned for Los Angeles.

16.9.2005 |US| Portland, Holocene
17.9.2005 |US| San Francisco, Blasthaus
20.9.2005 |US| New York, APT

being a recent convert to the mecca that is IMDB i came upon what should be an amazing film: CHE, current goldenboy steven soderberghs take on the legendary revolutionary, post "motorcycle diaries", with one of our best actors benicio del toro playing one of our best revolutionaries...please hollywood, do not fuck this up.

with all the talk of what should prove to be a monstrous movie, "king kong", i beg everyone who loved "the lord of the rings" trilogy to see where their director PETER JACKSONstarted from: HEAVENLY CREATURES. i may not have remembered it so well but tony saracino made me watch it at least five times one summer back when he lived above what is now jonny o space...

Our friends and soon to be pop superstars Office have soft launched a new website and released their debut LP, Q&A.

tomorrow (thursday) night is the latest inauguration of work in what is becoming the most diverse and must-see gallery in barcelona IGUAPOP. this month features the warholian work of TXARLEY BROWN (pronounced through a basques ear as "charlie brown"), better known (in barcelona) through his djing.

to give an idea of IGUAPOPs range, their last major exhibition was of french grafitti maestra MISS VANs paintings and her new line for up-and-coming italian label FORNARINA. street art is invading the pocketbook.


[thanks Steph]

Bethany, myself and a couple friends from the studio were fortunate enough to catch a preview screening of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Monday evening. (Score 25 goth points each.) Not nearly as epic as Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride is very much its own film and no less captivating for its design, cinematography, musical score and exceptionally well crafted and original story. More intimate and dare I say darker than its predecessor, Corpse Bride opens in New York, Los Angles and Toronto this Friday, and nationally on September 23rd.

This post is dedicated to the awesome Fred Thomas

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tonight was the opening for 'Agora' in Brooklyn....scroll down a day or two for the intro. Is it worth going? Ah, glad you asked. Here's a mini review.
I believe I heard someone liken modern dance to a lot of arm waving and twirling. Certainly 'Agora' has got that covered. But the seemingly larger challenge for the production was how to keep 30 dancers from getting utterly lost in an empty pool the size of a Home Depot. This is where I'm not sure I can offer concrete insight. For one thing if you do attend and have prior obsessive tendencies to not miss anything, you will be disappointed. Clocking in at around an hour and fifteen minutes, most people at tonight's performance chose to sit. But even if you were perfectly centered on the pool, many parts of the piece take place at extreme 'stage' left and the same time. While many here in NYC have neck muscles still well trained from watching the US open, it's really difficult to see everything. There is the option to roam during the performance but seeing that it takes place at night, most people's instincts are to stay put.
The piece is basically divided up into half a dozen poetic vignettes. These range from some abstract themes in the beginning to some that seem more cohesive in the end loosly dealing with the phenomenon of agoraphobia but no narrative or linear story. Most of the time dancers are spread far out in the pool or clustered in groups. There are only maybe two or three short solo sections, hardly of notice. There are some 'special apparitions' that appear at random times during the piece. These I found most interesting. For what seems half of the performance, Jacob Robinette, pushes a cart with a working TV, lifts a lamp, and slides his wing back chair forward...over and over....across the whole pool.
What is truly amazing is all the work that the team did to clean and prepare the site for the show. New safety railing has been installed around the pool and there is not a weed or piece of broken glass to be found anywhere.
'Agora' aims to be a yearly event that will feature site specific performances by a number of artists. There may be some kinks to work out in this years presentation but you can't deny the effort is successful. I think most people left feeling they had seen a diamond in the rough. More info and tickets for 'Agora' here.

Actual Size 2005 volume one (Curated by Aaron Timlin) opens September 17 at CAID.

americans being stripped of their arms and property by the police, without even so much as an excuse (the second and fourth amendments do not have exceptions for "health reasons").

(thanx sneak)

Spend a few moments on's disaster relief page for current info on relief efforts, programs such as Adopt an Architect, and other ways to help rebuild lives and communities.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

More from the no beauty without danger and perfectly respectable adults behaving extraordinarily badly files: this weekend was host to an impromptu burnlab urban exploration expedition to the National Theater. Uncharacteristic of this group, *every* reasonable rule set up to help ensure the safety of life, limb and overall health of said explorers was broken. (don't ask.) Aside from one hell of a bruise, we all escaped unscathed and with some fine photos and ephemera!

The lone survivor of Detroit's original Theater District, the neo-baroque/art-nouveau National Theater was Designed by Albert Kahn and opened September 16, 1911. Its facade is rich with terra-cotta Pewabic tiles and although tattered to shreds, the original red velvet curtain still hangs above the splintered stage. The National began with silent films, vaudeville and burlesque acts and finished with adult films, finally closing its doors under the name of the Palace in 1975. The last assessment in 2002 values the theater at $616,600.00 and increasing every year. Quite a bargain!




[73 more here.]

Doc left me hangin'

Thanks to Doyle's coverage of happenings in abandon spaces in Detroit I'm pleased to provide some information about a similar event happening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Well this one doesn't quite involve unauthorized entry but has a lot of artistic cred going for it. "In celebration of the historic McCarren Park pool site, a 50,000 square foot empty pool in Williamsburg, Noemie Lafrance is creating a site-specific dance performance that invites the community to re-experience a moment in movement of this monumental public space." That's a bit quoted from the website linked below. I was luckly enough last evening to be invited to the tech rehersal. I can tell you that the pool itself is huge...and Sens, the production company has some interesting things planned for the performance titled "Agora". "Agora is a site-specific dance performance inspired by the McCarren pool site and performed by 30 dancers to a multi-channel score with theatrical lighting transforming the 50, 000 square foot pool into a vast staging area. Performed inside the large pool, the overlapping narratives of Agora will produce the illusion of travel through the different layers of visceral urban experiences and explore the phenomenon of agoraphobia as a social and physical reaction to urban architecture."
Opened in the teeth of the Depression as a Works Progress Administration Project in 1936, the McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was the last of eleven pools built in New York City during the Depression years. The pool has been abandon for some time but was a key site component in the recent unsuccessful NYC 2012 olympic bid. Here's some daytime photo's via
Agora has been a major undertaking in terms of getting the site secured and the creation of the piece. In total it's been a year in the making for Sens. Performances will take place at 8pm September 13-17 & 20-24 but the site notes an extension to October 1st. Tickets can be purchased via the Sens website or at the pool on performance night. The opening is this tuesday and burnlab will have a follow up review. "Agora" info.

Oh honey, we're ridiculous.

Pas/Cal is always a ton of fun, but was extra exceptional this past Saturday night. + Pitchfork has an update on the forthcoming LP.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

just finished the book i mentioned below and seriously recommend to everyone. steve jobs - visionary as much as ego-maniac - is a man that will most probably be more known in the future than now.

Friday, September 09, 2005

i am halfway thru the surprisingly riveting iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business, an account of the man and how and why he made macs the apple of our eyes (sorry for the pun...i couldnt resist)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

after reading SPUTNIK SWEETHEART, HARUKI MURAKAMI has officially become one of my favorite writers...

what has to be one of the greatest album openers, the boo radleys "everythings alright forever" s SPANIARD. shoegazer mixed with texmex guitars and horns...brilliant,original,untouched

This weekend in Detroit:

Our dearly demented friends at The Undercover Eskimo Collective invite you to the release party for their CD May I Sample Your Warez? this Friday night at Oslo.

"Very Nice to Fuck You: a CD release party featuring live electronick trash punk by Stevie + the Underground Eskimo Deejay Squad playin' slutty records like it ain't no thang. The new compilation will be availiable to purchase for $5. Suggested costumes include robot prostitutes, Dolly leather daddies, circuit fucks, trannie aliens, etc. etc."

1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit
10pm - close | 21+ | $5

Saturday is the 28th annual Dally in the Alley, Detroit's favorite block party. The Dally features four music stages, exceptional people watching, and over 100 beer, food and merchandise vendors unique to the Cass Corridor, the city's historic artist community.

Forest Ave. and Hancock Ave., between 2nd and 3rd St., Detroit
11am - 11pm | all ages | free

Saturday evening our good friends and secret lovers, the ever witty and dapper Pas/Cal perform at the Magic Stick with Slumber Party, Hard Place and WeRDJ.

"Since its inception Pas/Cal has fervently sought to spread the word according to its peculiar pop gospel. Two EPs on Le Grand Magistery and a handful of appearances on compilations have showcased to the world the band's mixture of sinister and sweet, perversity and prudence - all dressed up in deceptively catchy and meticulously arranged tunes with hooks that would make Johnny Marr jealous and turn Serge Gainsbourg's head. Accompany this with a penchant for colorful outfits and unique stage performances known to include actors, props and special effects and you have the complete Pas/Cal picture."

Magic Stick
4120-4140 Woodward Ave., Detroit
doors at 9pm | 18+

Next Saturday...

Top 10 under-reported news stories of the past year.

[Thanks Tommie]

just listening to princes gorgeous "purple rain" and thought of all that is dorkwave/dethlab in opening of "computer blue":

"yes lisa"
"is the water warm enough?"
"yes lisa"
"shall we begin?"
"yes lisa"

p.s.. anyone who hasnt listened to that album in awhile needs to listen to it asap. seriously. it makes me wonder what we are supposedly doing with music since then

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

per an article in a local barcelona magazine it seems that the revolutionary ROBERT MOOG is a goner. if you have not already seen it try to find MOOG the movie, an amazing (if sometimes condescending) look into electronic music pioneer number one. his view of electronic music as a knowledge of electric charges behaviour as they pass through conductors is something to be heard and seen from the man himself. after seeing the movie in nyc last year i was left with the question of what his invention might have become if he had not used a traditional keyboard as its interface, a decision he was convinced to make by a classic pianist friend. nevertheless, artists from stevie wonder to stereolab found his invention something special...

also, for fans of the history of rock, WAITING FOR THE SUN by barney hoskyns chronicles los angeles and its rise from early black beginnings through jazz and r&b to the surf sound of the beach boys to the pop-rock of the byrds followed by the post-manson rock of the doors followed by the folk rock of joni mitchell and crosby stills nash and young and then....(i have to read more)

oh, and as a response to the ipod only response comes from speaking spanish and knowing that the word for dwarf is "enano". kinda rough if thats the names source

What the...????

Creating a new island in the middle of New York City doesn’t require a landfill, just a little ingenuity. For nine days in September, a 48-foot tugboat towing an "island" on a 30-by-90 foot barge will partially circumnavigate Manhattan on the Hudson and East rivers. The brainchild of the late earthwork artist Robert Smithson, most famous for Spiral Jetty in Utah, the flat-deck barge will hold earth, shrubs, rocks and seven specimens of trees native to the region that will rise 30 to 35 feet. Smithson drew the concept for Floating Island to Travel Around Manhattan Island in 1970, but budget and permit issues derailed the plan’s realization, and he died in a plane crash three years later. The project, budgeted at around $150,000, is a collaboration of the Whitney Museum of American Art and New York-based art group Minetta Brook, and will run from September 17 to 25, after which the trees will be moved to a permanent island and replanted in Central ParK
(Architectural Record, August 12)


With art schools thriving and rent cheap, Los Angeles is experiencing an affordable art boom. Smart collectors have the region mapped out. Greg Escalante, a curator at the legendary lowbrow art magazine Juxtapoz, goes to Art Annex and New Image Art to scout for Beautiful Losers-style street artists such as Neckface and the newly emerging Date Farmers. Other collectors hit art fairs, such as Supersonic, for recent graduates. More conventional galleries also display the occasional steal, including the blue-chip L.A. Louver as well as Wilshire Boulevard galleries ACME, Marc Foxx, and Marc Selwyn Fine Art.(Los Angeles Times, August 25)

The Neistat Brothers shoot homemade movies with their Sony video camera and edit them on an iMac. One of their early successes, from 2001, shows Van illegally biking through Holland Tunnel during rush hour. The brothers gained immediate fame with the 2003 Internet release of iPod's Dirty Secret, which captures them taking Casey's argument with Apple straight to the streets. The website received more than a million hits and major media attention. Next, they were invited to show Mousetrap, in which a little creature is tempted by a tasty reward, on the big screen in Times Square and Science Experiments, a compilation of wacky shorts involving consumer goods, at the 2004 São Paulo Biennial. Notoriety has done nothing to alter their artfully outrageous nature, which was on display again in a film they made for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council earlier this year, where they slyly mocked the organization's honorees, including Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton. And their rebelliousness remains evident in their poignant reframing of scenes from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Breakfast Club on their website — Neistat movies that may be featured in their Paris invasion at Colette this fall. (artkrush)

Paul Laster interviews the three partners of Diller Scofidio + Renfro — Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, and Charles Renfro — about their architectural projects and the process of collaboration.

If you're feeling sinister tonight, and want to indulge...Sonotheque, Suhaildesign, Servito via Downtown Chicago.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

displaced designers - a Katrina relief project started by The Chopping Block guys - a great design company in nyc that some of my former Cranbrook classmates were and still are involved with.

A resource for those in the creative industry recently displaced by the on-going situation in New Orleans and the surrounding region ... We wish to help by offering these people a space from which to earn a living, to re-establish self-sufficience... to get back on their feet.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kembra Pfahler leading lady of shock rock band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and East Village underground art icon has been designing costumes and props for herself and VHoKB since the 70s. Known for having sewn her vagina shut and now for sewing dresses. Her lastest line for the public or at least a portion of the public is called "Clever Disguises for People Who are Dark on the Inside and Light on the Outside" and premiered at NYC's fashion week recently. The line took inspiration from factory made children's Halloween costumes (naturally) - "A sort of Satanic Chanel rock look." The line is available at Lost Shoe Productions - 168 Ludlow Street, NYC
Apparently VHoKB will be performing at Deitch Projects (18 Wooster Street) sometime in Oct. although I can't seem to find a listing, the VHoKB website is no longer, and no one on the web seems to have anything to say about any of this - a sad day indeed for someone who gave us Antinaturalism, and Availablism

Friday, September 02, 2005

to chad and doyle's point...i worked for karim for 3.5 years....i no longer work there.

Speaking of ten million watts: real life death rays and more fun stuff The Man doesn't want you to know.

remember: everything on the internet is true.

tonight: Ten million watts, they keep us going alright.

So I had this dream where I was at the top of a mountain and all of the Bush administration was about to open the Ark of the Covenant, just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark and all of their faces melted and they combusted.

Oh if dreams could only come true.

More extraordinary design, art and musings from the aforementioned Alyce Santoro a.k.a. Alyce B. Obvious.

[And on the matter of it being a small world, I couldn't help noticing my friend Thomas in Alyce's links section, who will be performing at the Delancey in NYC on Tuesday.]

more awesome, wearable weirdness:


Sonic Fabric, (as seen in BPM and the New York Times), is a 50-50 blend of cotton and cassette tape, is the brainchild of Alyce Santoro, a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist. Sonic Fabric can be purchased at Flirt and 3r Living in Park Slope. (and yes, it is playable!)

Engineering Richard Serra and wearable wallpaper from Metropolis Magazine.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

All I'll say on the matter is that I'm fond of Method products.

Now back to important things: How to live with 2,000 bats.

"Particularly in the summer, the bats will come in and of course the smell comes in and the droppings as well, so that's a bit of a problem."

per chads post, i think if we leave karim rashid alone long enough he will do the job for us, character assassination-wise at least. i dont think there were many designers with any decency who still liked him and those few should defect post haste to our side.

photonic textiles...

At the upcoming Internationale Funkausstellung 2005 in Berlin, Philips Research will show prototypes of its photonic textiles - fabrics that contain lighting systems and can therefore serve as displays. The researchers have managed to integrate flexible arrays of multicolored LEDs into fabrics without compromising the softness of the cloth. [via - we make money not art]

hi-rez images of the technology used in the research and the products themselves.

Zombies are cool.

Chad: "assignate"?