Saturday, September 30, 2006

DJs living rooms - text in German, but still visually entertaining.

Friday, September 29, 2006

John Hodgman recites 700 hobo names. dare ya.

Reminder: Lowfish vs. Dethlab & Friends TONIGHT at Oslo!

One of my favorite shops, The Apartment recently commissioned the collective Illegal Art to cover their windows on Crosby Street in SOHO with hundreds of Post-its, in honor of inventor Arthur Fry, and to engage and motivate the people of New York.

I especially enjoy The Apartment because it is much more than a boutique / design consultancy. Creative director Stefan Boublil's philosophy on the art of living well comes through in everything The Apartment presents to the world. Check the apt life section for some great stories, opinions and links.

Friday fun via Core77:

Museum Camoflauge

Cassette Generator

Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the subject of horror-punk, proto-goth, black-lipstick-surf-punk, whatever you want to call it... here are a few classic gems:

The Damned performing Jet Boy Jet Girl in SF, 1979 (NSFW)
The Damned performing Plan 9 Channel 7 at Whiskey A Go Go in 1982
The Cramps performing at the Napa State Mental Hospital
Alien Sex Fiend performing I Walk The Line at Coney Island High
The Misfits performing Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight in Detroit, 1983

And the piece de resistance:
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY performing Sonny's Burning at The Hacienda in 1983!
"Hands up, who wants to dieee?!"
Dethlab played this at the Magic Stick last summer at T.Raumschmiere's personal request. It was a moment, to say the very least!

+ bonus just for Bethany: Grimly Fiendish music video (please note, the video is so amazingly mid-80's cheesy, it may ruin for you what is probably the best gawth song evah.) Bad video aside, I think this is still going to be our wedding song...

Unfortunatley I couldn't find a clip of The Exploited performing Horror Epics live. If anyone has it, please send it along. I'm obsessed right now.

The Horrors have a brand new video for Count In Fives, which so happens to be my favorite track of theirs. You can watch a 30-second clip MySpace, or stream the entire thing here (registration required.)

The current horror-punk revival is [to me] the most exciting thing in music since electro-punk ripped a hole through the banality of commercialized electronica and the declining club scene of the late 90s and early 00s. Aside from both being re-tuned and revved-up takes on subcultures that first occurred roughly around 1980, I would consider both movements rather than simply genres or musical trends. Being born from the halls of art schools, both come with a level of craftsmanship, a very deliberate and designed attitude and style, and perhaps most importantly a cheekiness and sense for humor and theatrics. There is also a fine balance between anti-establishment attitude and mass accessibility. Not to suggest that any of this is unauthentic. On the contrary, the artists behind such movements are indeed smart and thorough, but have a wide-eyed optimism and purity of conviction which is neither powered by or jaded by greed. This combination of intelligence, craft, and the pellucid enthusiasm of youth is a beautiful thing.

Richard Dawkins' new book The God Delusion is out. Here's a video clip of Dawkins discussing his book, and here's a presentation he recently gave at the TED conference.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OMG, HFC: Black Ice Bat!

The mission? You know the cookies and snack foods you've been munching on? Yeah they want some of those. Or more than just some. Probably all.

One for the miserable and beautiful: according to the official Pas/Cal blog, their new EP Dear Sir is set for a November 7th release date. You're thinking, "but... I thought the debut LP was coming next." So did we. But we are talking about uber-perfectionists Pas/Cal after all. Dear Sir should satisfy the hungriest fans in the time being, and once again will feature the amazing artwork of Sean McCabe.

Black celebration two day notice: This Friday is the Sex & Sedition One Year Anniversary Party. Suction Records co-founder Lowfish will bring his "unique mix of electro and industrial-strength robo-disco" to Detroit for a rare live performance - showcasing music from his upcoming LP on the legendary Satamile label, as well as classics from his ten years of production work, including releases on hometown favorites Ersatz Audio and Ghostly International.

Lowfish appears unfazed by bats

We're also rounding up some special guest DJs, dusting off the "Deth, FX and 666" gear, and working on a few other special touches just for you!

Sex & Sedition VIII
Friday, September 29th | 10pm | $5
OSLO: 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI

One week from today, The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit presents:
MoHa! live (Oslo, Norway)
Thinkbox live (Canada/USA)
Paris '68 Djs (Detroit)
Wednesday, October 4th | 9pm | $5
CAID: 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit MI

Clicky here for big poster by Mike Segal.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If you're sitting at home in New York City right now, get up and head over to Galapagos Art Space. Psychic TV is performing, Cowboy Mark is DJing, and there will be free tattoos.

I can't make this stuff up. [flyer]

I was luck enough this week to be introduced to Run Wrake's short animated film "Rabbit" on the big screen. It has won prolly like 35 awards including a British Academy Award because it rules. You can see it in an eenchy tiny small window here, but I highly encourage you to buy the DVD from the artist when he begins selling it Oct 1st.

If you dig the aesthetic of Rabbit, you should check out the video for Peter, Bjorn & John's Young Folks


Records "pressed" on discarded x-ray plates. DethLab's first 12" is *so* coming out like this.

Detroit's G.A.R. Building is on the market for a mere $220K.
[thanks Alex!]

There's a new Pink Skull remix of Hardfloor's "Da Legacy". It's sick.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Addendum musings about long-ass tracks and the wild world of amateur record playing:

Being hyper-ADD and coming from a deep rooted post-punk/rock'n'roll philosophy about playing records for people to dance to, I've always been most drawn to DJs who can rapidly sequence songs from a variety of genres and create a dense, complex experience over a short amount of time. That's why going to the early Motherfucker events and listening to Cowboy Mark and Carlos D spin at Lit circa 2002-3 was such a blast of fresh air and inspiration (not to mention... okay, to mention: 2 Many DJs, Optimo, and especially the Nag Nag Nag crew from London.) It reminded me of City Club during the Wax Trax! glory days, and the golden rule of never ever playing more than three songs in a row from the same genre. That said, most readers know I spent plenty of time in the Detroit techno scene early on (mostly as a curious rivet-head,) and then again for a few years in NY (as an old-ass rivet-head who had discovered Prada...) so I understand the culture is completely different and respect it for what it is - which is a tremendous amount of fun in the right mind-set.

Going through the top played Dethlab selections since May, I noticed that not only are most of them technically "techno" records (super nasty, gnarzy techno records mind you,) but are extremely long. The long part bothers me, because I really prefer to play songs start to finish in their entirety, as intended by the artist. Referencing the previously cited Pitchfork article, most of these are not designed for listeners, but rather for DJs to cut up and mix into sets. The really unfortunate part of this trend is that the original songs bloat into eight to twenty minute tracks that have little hope of ever being played on the radio, or by electronic-oriented rock DJs (ahem,) or listened to at home by anyone but the most dedicated. I absolutely adore Audion's Mouth to Mouth, but would love to see nine minutes chopped out of it, and it become a hit pop song - which it could so easily be. The thing that sets Mouth to Mouth apart from most of the current long players is it has essentially a punk-rock song structure, and delivers a wide range of experiences and sounds throughout. Two other Dethlab favorites, Black Powder and Anticipation also fit this paradigm. All three tracks cited actually are extremely similar to the tried-and-true trademark Nine Inch Nails structure of soft-loud-repeat, deeply rooted in UK punk. The songs I find myself most drawn to are about building anticipation and then delivering with a bang. (We should note here that there is a huge difference between building anticipation and trance's "epic breakdowns", which are not only stupid, but leave people with nothing to do for uncomfortably extended periods of time while the DJ essentially jacks off.) The undisputed master of building anticipation and applying punk song structure to electronic music is Mr. Pascal Arbez a.k.a. Vitalic. Arbez's latest, Bells is admittedly Vitalic-by-numbers, but the Vitalic formula is nothing to screw with, and Bells is the most refined example to date. Clocking in at a mere five and a half minutes, it is an exercise is decadence for the listener, and one can't help to pump their fist every time the bass kicks back in - which is often. Just like a good hard rocking techno track should be.

Then again this is all just the opinion of someone with too much time on his hands on a Monday night.

Suction Records products are now available from the Ghostly Store, including Solvent, Lowfish, Black Turtleneck and all your favorite snow robots.

Also, last week saw the release of Mouth to Mouth, Audion's epic single dubbed "the bee song" during the DEMF and heavily "buzzed" right here (sorry, I couldn't help it...) Related: Pitchfork looks at a trend in lonnnnng techno tracks. (I'm personally a huge fan of the two minute punk standard, and would love to hear more electronic music that is short, sweet and to the punch.)

Amamzon Wishlists of star artists and designers.

Bill Viola wants The Crow soundtrack and Rem is pining for Star Trek, The Original Series on DVD.

(Probably fake, but does it matter?)

A thought to start your week with:
Somewhere in the United States, there is a child who was raised with Klingon as their first language.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Addendum to Mike's previous post...

Shelter : CAID : September 23


Tues. Sept. 26 @ 19h
Delfos Cafe
Muntaner, 108

rojo presents it's new issue- berg.

Artwork by: Maite Zabalza, 310k, Meri Santos, Blu, Tvboy, Bruno Santinho, Jinyoung Shin, Carolina Diaz, Paul Ryding, Me love, Elena Grimaldi, Santiago Lombardi, David Rios, Karoly Kiralyfalvi, Bruno 9li, Gabriel Fazzioni, Sergio Mora, Lorenzo Gatti, Guarch, Maud Fiori, Jon Burgerman, Friends With You, Doma, Boris Hoppek, Genevieve Gauckler, Akinori Oishi, Anna Sun Barthold, Rebekka Dornhege, Florence von Gerkan, Marie Gerstenberger, Lisa Kentner, Anna Leidenberger, Malena Modeer, Sayyora Muinova, Ulrike Plehn, Bernd Skodzig, Lea Sovso, Hans Thiemann, Vivien Waneck, Yassu Yabara, Vincente Pessôa, Baixlaigua, Rubens LP, Maite Carames Pons, Isabelle Rabaud, Erin Petson, Holly Wales, Ovni & Kenor.


This coming Tues. Sept. 26 @ 22h

Sala Bikini
c/ Deu i Mata, 105

Hot Chip

Tomorrow night is the opening of Shelter at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit - a critical and creative exploration in a variety of media form artists from all over North America and Europe.

opening reception 7pm-10pm, Saturday, Sept. 23
exhibition runs: Sept. 23 - Nov. 5, 2006
CAID: 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit MI

"The intent of this exhibit is to gather people working in a variety of media and disciplines to explore aspects of shelter, with the realization that truly creative solutions often come from unlikely sources and the synergistic effect of creative minds sharing different perspectives.

In the face of current natural disasters we have witnessed a deficiency in conventional approaches to providing shelter in emergency situations. There are also chronic shelter needs ranging from the experience of homelessness in our urban centers to inadequate shelter for the impoverished worldwide.

We understand that shelter is a basic human physical need. The complicated social, political, economic, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of providing it are what we need to explore."

-Hugh Timlin, juror

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Sorry for the last minute notice:

Tonight (Fri. Sept, 22) at 19h.
c/ Ferlandina, 53- presents

Barcelona based artist, Lolo's work.

Most people who have been to Barca have seen many of Lolo's child-characters peeking from behind walls,
perched up in trees- sailing across billboards. Always brings a smile to your face. Lolo is good vibes.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I did just post about this, but we have a poster now!

Lowfish poster [blog size]

+ Lowfish makes good shopping music apparently.

The White House has announced revisions to their revisions of the Geneva Convention. Now included in "acceptable forms of torture": having one's toes covered in cupcake frosting and being placed in a small room with hundereds of white bunny rabbits.

Or maybe I was just dreaming this between smacking the snooze bar this morning. It's hard tell these days.

Anyway, enjoy one of the best sites on the internets.
(A re-post, but worthy... like Cute Overload edited by Vice, but better.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The photography of Phil Poynter.

Cool photos

For those of you into abstract art, this is really a beautiful photo stream on Flickr. It's micro photos of glass. Reciprocity. Grabbed from Future Feeder.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the first press shots of what i've been busting my rear on for the last 2 months in Italy: KIA Pro_Cee'd (i did the interior, sorry it's in dutch...)


Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Has it been a year already?

Sex & Sedition VIII: One Year Anniversay Party
Friday September 29th, 2006
OSLO: 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit
10pm | 18+ | $5

LOWFISH live! [Suction, Satamile, Hymen, Clone, Ersatz Audio, Ghostly]
with residents DETHLAB:
Bethany Shorb [Toybreaker, Cyberoptix]
Michael Doyle [Burnlab, Dorkwave]
+ friends

Dethlab's Sex and Sedition residency at Oslo has become synonymous with the very best of new dark electronic music: from the first North American appearances of international live artists Vitalic and Motor, to dj sets from favorites such as Kill Memory Crash and Solvent. Celebrate the first anniversary of Sex & Sedition with Suction label co-founder Lowfish, who recently released a new 12" on NY/SF electro label Satamile, and is currently completing his fifth full-length.

Lowfish is perhaps one of Canada's most prominent electro producers, yet something of a genre melding oddity. His clinical and critical production of tracks are very "new school", yet built from the DNA of early new wave and IDM. The weapons of choice are what they have been from the start: semi-operational analog synthesizers, temperamental drum machines and scratchy recording gear. The name Lowfish came from those weapons of choice and the result, being a production aesthetic that is lo-fi "ish" - Lowfish.

Lowfish has released 4 full-lengths and a stack of singles on labels including Suction Records, Ersatz Audio, Vynalogica/Clone, City Centre Offices and Satamile, with scores of remixes and compilations appearances for respected organizations around the globe including Morr Music, Ghostly International, Turbo Recordings, and even the National Film Board of Canada.

Live? Lowfish has turned out to be a dancefloor menace, with his awe-inspiring mix of modern electro and industrial-strength robo-disco (aka his own brand of precision drum machine electro pop) to the acclaim of audiences across Europe and North America.

This past year Lowfish recoiled into his studio in order to prepare his new material (leaving only to play select dates). Efforts will commence this February with Persuasive Science, a catchy and punishing 12" on Satamile, and a mini-EP on Hymen - Travel Sickness.

This will be Lowfish's first live performance in Detroit since 2002, and is one of a select handful of international shows to preview his new LP - not be missed!


Thurs. Sept. 21 - Sun. Sept. 24
Various locations

bam festival

All over the place great!

To name a few:

The Hidden Cameras
R & S

full program

Monday, September 18, 2006

For anyone in the north of france this weekend check out 3 solid days of great music & interactive art in Lille at the NAME festival.

Parties go til 6AM with the likes of Ellen Allien & Apparat, Matthew Herbert, The Rapture, Troy Pierce, Thomas Schumacher, Superpitcher, Konrad Black and Sascha Funke, among many many others.


Favorite funky german electro label of the week, Check out MP3 downlaods for FYM - keeps me happy while pushing pixels :)

Modified Casio SK-1

[via MatrixSynth]

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Best unsigned myspace recording artist of the week :) Come check out the the record release party tonight at BPM in Brooklyn. Lineup As follows:

Kotchy (Record Release)
Eclectic Method (A/V Mash)
C-TRL Labs (A/V Mash)
UnitedTelevision (A/V Mash)
No Selector (Live)

Sat. Sept. 16th, 10PM - 4AM
237 Kent Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tomorrow in Chicago:

Saturday, September 16th
MOTOR [Mute] live!
with DJs
Kill Memory Crash [Ghostly International]
Trancid [Dark Wave Disco]
Mr. Bobby and Rayaline [Androide Kult]
The Lab: 500 W. Cermak, Chicago
10pm - 6am | 18+ | $5 before 11pm, $10 after

If we could be two places at once, tomorrow would be the time to use those powers. This should be one monster of a show that will leave the city crapping rivets for weeks. The venue is apparently an amazing space on the south side with a marble stage(!) and is receiving all new sound and lights as we speak.

+ new interview with Bryan Black from has an exclusive slideshow and audio interview with Banksy spokesperson Simon Munnery from this weekend's Barely Legal exhibit in Los Angeles. Pass it on.

It's an electro feast in Detroit this weekend with:
Legowelt + TLR tonight at OSLO
BMG of Ectomorph + Dethlab Saturday at the Masonic Temple
and Dorkwave w.s.g. Nathan Rapport and Patrick Russell Saturday at Corktown

Friday, September 15
OSLO: 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit
10pm | 18+ | $tba
Legowelt [Bunker Records, Creme Organization - Netherlands] live!
with DJ's
TLR [Creme Organization, Global Darkness - Netherlands]
Anthony Shake Shakir [Frictional Recordings - Detroit]
Smackos [Strange Life Records - Netherlands]
Crazy Ape [itwasreallynothing - Detroit]

"Legowelt began producing music in the early 90's when the adolescent schoolboy came in sporadic contact with the sounds of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Model 500, Blake Baxter and Chicago heroes such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Armando Gallop and Mr. Fingers. Later on this palette of influences grew with early Mu-Ziq, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, various stuff from The Irdial Discs label and virtually every type of freaked deep music he could get his hands on.

But nothing had quite the influence of when he first heard a band called 'Unit Moebius' on the radio. A punky palette of RAW freaked out Lo-fi Chicago trax and deep Detroit jams made with machines which were found next to the garbage can. Shocked in awe he heard that this music came out of The Hague, Holland, the very same city he lived in! Put on the right track by this fact he stumbled into the Bunker Records office and discovered a world of contemporary autistic freaked music lovers who looked beyond all the bland house and dance music that ruled the media and clubs. Musical mentors such as IF and Melvin White (aka pametex) lectured him with even more unknown sounds such as early electro and the obscure pre-1983 Italian disco which production secrets were closely studied. In 1998 Bunker released the first vinyl of Legowelt: Pimpshifter, a six track mingled Italo Chicago combi which became an instant cult hit with tracks such as 'Sturmvogel' and 'Total Pussy Control'."

Saturday, September 16
Free Domme 2006 afterparty
Masonic Temple: 500 Temple, Detroit - Shriners Tower (right side)
11pm | $8 suggested donation
featuring DJ's
BMG of Ectomorph [Interdimensional Transmissions]
and Dethlab [Toybreaker and yours truly]
+ fetish burlesque show at 12:30

FreeDomme 2006 is the largest fetish event of the year, and a benefit for Mistress Golden, who is fighting "lewdness" charges for running a legitimate, no-sex professional domme establishment in Oakland County.

"The court has ruled that alternative lifestyles can be considered lewd, and, therefore, illegal. Mistress Golden has unsuccessfully fought the court system on this issue for two years, depleting her savings. In the end, she was faced with a choice between putting herself and her family through a lengthy, sensationalized trial or pleading No Contest to a felony with extensive fines. This is a fundraiser to help offset that loss.

People who engage in any act that a judge, a jury or the court of public opinion considers lewd or obscene can be charged, prosecuted and convicted as felons. This fundraiser will promote tolerance, raising the awareness of alternative lifestyles, in the spirit of diversity and democracy on which our nation was founded. If you believe that the government has no place dictating what consenting adults do behind closed doors, then support this FUNdraising event!"

Whether pro-domme is your cup of tea or not, this is an important personal liberties cause, and it's going to be a total blast of a party. BMG + Dethlab = dark-ass electro all night! Dress code will be enforced, so find your inner-goth and be creative (and when in doubt, black is best.)

Saturday, September 16
Les Infants Terribles: Les Crustacean Liberation
Corktown Tavern: 1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit
10pm | 18+ | free
featuring Dorkwave DJ's, plus special guests
Nathan Rapport [Record Time, Lucid, Sass]
Patrick Russell [Mentalux, Fresh Corporation]

Lobsterfest is back, and nobody cooks like Dorkwave (sorry - that was cheesy.) Anyway, in its third season, L.I.T. is still the choice place for utter ridiculousness, and the best mix of music in Detroit. Nathan and Patrick are sure to bring something special.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Rainforest: A Landscape In THE Shower
Exhibition opens Wednesday 20 September 2006, 7 - 9pm
Exhibition runs Thursday 21 September - Sunday 17 December 2006

LACE's exhibition of Dustin Shuler's The Rainforest: A Landscape in the Shower will be the first time this remarkable living sculpture has been shown. Rainforest is the culmination of 15 years of work and experimentation by Shuler. It represents a fertile point of departure from his large-scale, static sculptures. Here he leaves the manipulated heavy metal of his past works behind and focuses instead on the creation of an organic system and the shifting relationships between the sculptural environment and its live inhabitants.

In Rainforest, Shuler has created a miniature ecosystem fashioned out of a mass-produced shower and bathtub unit with elaborate water, light and sound systems housed in clear plexi-glass units flanking each side. The turtles, fish, birds, frogs and foliage that populate this microcosm are the "living" component of the sculpture - as they respond to the cycles of light and weather that Shuler has programmed into the environment, they also respond to and interact with each other in ways that the artist can neither predict nor control.

Dustin Shuler's work provokes a thoughtful investigation of our environment and the increasingly blurred distinction between natural and artificial aspects of our urban ecosystems. This exemplary sculpture reflects the artist's passionate interest in living systems and invites the viewer to consider the energy, effort and technologies that are required to sustain "natural" living environments in otherwise inhospitable locales. This pressing global issue has particular relevance in Los Angeles, where technology sustains lush environs and a vast urban population in the midst of an arid desert climate.

Alexander Apóstol: Selected Works
Exhibition opens Wednesday 20 September 2006, 7 - 9pm
Exhibition runs Thursday 21 September - Sunday 17 December 2006

LACE, in partnership with the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) at Harvard University, is proud to present an exhibition of recent photographs and video by Venezuelan artist Alexander Apóstol. The exhibition, curated by Bill Kelley, Jr., features two large-scale photographic series-Residente Pulido and Residente Pulido, Ranchos-as well as new video work. The exhibition will premiere at LACE in September 2006 and run through December 2006. The exhibition will then travel to Harvard University under the sponsorship of the David Rockefeller Latino and Latin American Art Forum.

Bill Kelley, Jr. writes of Apóstols work: "In a post-identity world, where subjective memories and histories now take on a more important role, discussions around urbanism carry a gentrifying signpost while, ironically enough, investing the city with new political and discursive possibilities." Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Apóstol contrasts the city's cultural environment with some of the utopian ideals that have shaped its architecture in order to consider the connecting threads between place and time, history and actuality. As Apóstol re-appropriates, re-contextualizes, and sometimes even digitally manipulates images of Modernist edifices in a current state of dilapidation, he attempts to reconcile the ideological failings of the past with the socio-political and economic realities of the present. In a city like Los Angeles, where early 20th century urban planning now forces us into unique patterns of metropolitan life, this type of thoughtful investigation is a key process in understanding our local environment.

6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
Admission to LACE is free with a recommended donation of $3.00 ($2.00 students, members free). Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6 pm, Friday 12 - 9 pm.
For more information, please visit the website

Dictionary of Dublin Slang

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's momenet of zen.

(Headphones suggested.)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit opens next month with the exhibition Meditations In An Emergency, including a mural by Wooster Collective and Deitch Projects fave Barry McGee.

Filling a gap between collection-based institutions such as the Detroit Institute of Arts and community-focused organizations such as The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, MOCAD's goal is to create a venue for international contemporary art in the city. (Actually, the Cranbrook Art Museum has been doing an excellent job at this, but there is always room for more art + the two will be collaborating on the much anticipated Shrinking Cities exhibit early next year.)

Thursday, October 26th will be a special patrons preview and afterparty, featuring Ghostly/Spectral Sound DJ's Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott. The museum will open to the public on Saturday, October 28th.

Leading up to the MOCAD opening, look for these brightly colored "art arrows" all over the city: part of a multi-tiered awareness campaign conceived by o2 and designed by Christopher Bissonnette and myself. In a rather playful, Dadaist way, people are encouraged to use these arrows as they see fit, and send in digital photographs which will used in a special installation the night of the preview. Check back here, and at the MOCAD site in coming weeks for more.

My favorite feature of iTunes 7 (released yesterday afternoon) is full integration of CoverFlow into the interface. The visual browser allows you to flip through your library as if flipping through records, plus iTunes can search for cover art, even if you didn't purchase the records through Apple.

As a follow up to Mr. Doyle's post below, if you find yourself in San Francisco before September 18th, make sure to check out the SF MoMA Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint exhibit. The entire 4th floor (plus part of the atrium and 3rd floor stairwell) have been turned over to Mr. Barney and his petroleum jelly sculptures in all their various forms. There are also plentiful objects from Drawing Restraint 9 (the movie) including the aforementioned whale poop, and some stunning and beautiful oversized C-prints made from movie stills (mounted in self-lubricating petroleum jelly frames, natch).

Each phase of Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint project (1 through 14) is on display here. Like all good retrospectives, this one gives the viewer a chance to see themes in the artist's work that endure and mature over time, as well as increasing mastery of his chosen mediums: drawing, sculpture/installation and film.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We finally saw Drawing Restraint 9 this weekend. As expected, and in many ways totally unexpected: wow!

It starts off so slow: seemingly pointless scenes that go on foreeeeeeeever. Long shot of Bjork being Bjork. Long shot of Matthew Barney being Matthew Barney. Then she gets on a boat. Then he gets on a boat. Then they get on another boat. (I'm all for creative masturbation, but forty minutes in, I'm like, "are you for real?") A few minutes later things start to get really weird (and weird always = "good!") It gets brilliant right quick, and doesn't let up for the next hour and a half. Maybe only people totally in love can truly get this movie. In the most base of terms, it's the story of a couple not getting along, who take a trip together and re-spark their connection with each other. Granted, this involves whale poop tea, and... well, you've either seen what happens next or you need to. We ran into couple friends the next day, gushed about the movie, and agreed that sashimi = love. That's all I'm going to say about the story. If you were nervous as I was about this, it doesn't come off as a Bjork music video. She does sing, but it's mostly subtle, and works very well with the film.

An interesting point about Barney, is there are plenty of filmmakers who are better filmmakers. There are plenty of artists who are better artists. But, as Bethany pointed out, the real art is the recontextualization, and Barney's ability to postion himself in this undefined area - and get massive support from his patrons to execute extremely ambitious works. The art of simply being Matthew Barney is genius, and I have the greatest appreciation for that level of ambition, vision and ability to make things happen. He is someone who defines his own destiny - for both his work and his life. This makes him a genius.

This'll leave skid marks on your soul

Lots to write, but we're way too busy geeking out about the new iPod product family - especially the sweet little aluminum suffle (the ultimate Mac-nerd tie clip.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm proud to report that i'll be repping URB Magazine on this Sunday's episode of Flavor of Love.

the show airs at 10pm EST and PST

and then replays like 8 million times next week

I might be on for 20 minutes. I might be on for 22 seconds. No way to know, but I am in the commercial, so that's a good sign.

for those who live in the area, we'll be watching at my house. feel free to come by.

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Bansky is on a roll this week.

Life-sized Guantanamo Bay inmate- behind bars in the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland, California.
The inflatable doll, dressed and bound was up for one and a half hours before security staff shut down the ride.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Dwell visits Detroit and eats some pulled pork.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We recently installed the TimewARP 2600 analog synth emulator here at the lab, and have been geeking out all week - making the most wonderfully nasty sounds. The thing is so good, it is endorsed by ARP founder Alan R. Pearlman, and you can be sure this will be showing up all over upcoming Dethlab tracks. (Yes, we're finally writing our own material.) As excellent a piece of software the TimewARP is, it does leave us longing for the feel of real knobs and the smell of warm circuits...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

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besides having one helluva natural sweater, julian s. process makes some amazing music under the guise of pink skull. be sure to check him out at the guggenheim in nyc october 6th with ratatat.
(and yes, i'm baaaaack)

Nobody does electropunk quite like the French (and French-speaking Belgium.)
They did "invent it" afterall.

A few bands that have knocked my robot socks off lately, in their own words:

"KAP BAMBINO try to exist in the fringe of the actual French musical movement, like some no-futur bastards, totally devoted to non-stop amazing performance. They can perform all their live shows as if they play with their own lives. On stage, the KAP BAMBINO impressive turmoil has an identity of its own..."

"Born end 2002 after a digital encounter between Yeti Popstar and Lizzie Stardust, VELVET UNDERWEAR started as a classic electro-pop band but their big no-fi tendencies quickly brought them to make more noisy stuff..."

"BLACKSKIRT is the logical evolution of all that sounds... more dance floor but by the way more Rock too, tittles with electric/accoustic guitar and voices are in work. Take care of what will be uploaded next..."