Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year from the team. A brief reminder that tonight's endorsed celebration is upstairs at 59 Canal in Chinatown, NYC with DJs Magda, Plexus and Troy Pierce. This is a very small space, so get there early - 11pm at the latest. It's also $20 and there is no guest list whatsoever, but well worth it. As mentioned, this is also my semi-official NY going away party. If bleeps and clicks aren't your thing, or if you have the energy for a second throw down, the only other public party in NY Burnlab fully endorses is the Motherfucker New Years Bash at Downtime. See post from Dec. 21 for details.

For those in Boston on January 2nd, Jared Louche is doing a one man show at Man Ray's at 9pm. The coolest cyberpunk poet you're likely to meet will be "telling some twisted tales from the road, injuring a few songs from 'Covergirl' and h3llb3nt, mumbling some jazz-king riffs, unwinding reflections through the shotglass darkly and generally dropping off-the-hook rants from the rock'n'rollercoaster life."

Tuesday, January 6th is the annual Designer's Night, in tandem with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Once again hosted by legendary artist and designer (and my former college instructor) Camilo Pardo at the equally legendary Bankle Building on Woodward Ave. Music, booze, design-speak, Detroit style.

Finally, check out the current Computerlove featured artist, Patsch. Stunningly elegant and gritty graphics which defy time.

*for the team: It's never too late to get in your best and worst of 2003 lists. But, the sooner the better!

Burnlab: Now with more tasty chunks of goodness in every bite!(TM)

Friday, December 26, 2003

STYLUS tonight. Fun, friends and a variety of sake drinks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

just announced is the M3 Summit taking place in miami during the 2004 Winter Music Conference. The M3 will be brought to you by the same good folks behind earplug. after reading their mission statement, one can say their hearts are in the right place.

Burnlab: smack it up, flip it, rub it down. (TM)

The awkwardness of the grammar is the beauty of it.

Hey, greeting from Detroit by the way. I highly recommend The Inn On Ferry Street to any wayward travelers looking to stay in one of four beautiful renovated mansions or two carriage houses in theoretical walking distance of almost everything cool to do in Motown... for not a lot of money either.

Maybe its all the proofreading at the new job, but am I the only one driven crazy by the header 'Knowing Stuff Your Friends Don't Makes You Cool'?

Shouldn't it be- 'Knowng About Things That Your Friends Do Not Know About Makes You Cooler Than Your Friends, Are'

Droid Behavior keep techno on the up'and'up in la-la. Last weekend's party was as solid of an underground event as you will find- no small thanks to this guy.

It ain't no Detroitluv or even a Naughtybooth, but Cued-Up maintains So-Cal pretty well, as small as it may be. And I'm quickly learning that all of the local DJs listed here, that you probably haven't heard off, are actually pretty fucking good.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Big Magazine is back online - finally! Looking good.

Reminder to all our editors: please get your 'best of' lists and comments in as soon as you can. People really do pretend to care! The ones I've received so far are really good. No pressure though. :)

Despite the inevitably contrived name and SOM bullying into the process since day one, the design of the Freedom Tower is... well, not that bad. It has some smart elements, but aesthetically leaves me ho-hum. If you haven't yet, check it out for yourself and read what Muschamp has to say.

By the way, tweaking on the site is complete. Welcome to version 4!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I don't believe we haven't linked this here before - do check out our friend Bethany's clothing company Cyberoptix. Cyberhip cyberfetish for cyberpunks.

If the official Burnlab endorsed NYE party with Magda isn't enough for one night, Michael T. and the Motherfucker NYC crew present a late New Year's bash (1:30am-8:00am), featuring the usual suspects playing rock, punk, new wave and disco, and our friend Cowboy Mark spinning electro and industrial in the 'make out room'. Downtime, 251 W. 30th Street. Go to the Mofo site site for more info and reduced admission.

Space 380 is an interesting music promotions firm which helps independent labels and artists gain public and industry awareness, college radio airplay and tour and distribution support.

Friday, December 19, 2003

edit: strike that. I'll be flying to Detroit 12/22-12/30. We'll deal with the DMV later.

I'm sorry, this isn't Live Journal, but I need to vent out loud for a moment. I can't decide which is pissing me off more right now: Geico or the NY DMV. If I'm driving to Michigan without insurance next week, so be it. All I know is New York is doing a pretty darn good job convincing me I made the right decision to move. Must everything be a drawn-out, complex process? I guess it wouldn't be New York otherwise. Hmm... Listening to Skinny Puppy really super-duper loud all afternoon probably isn't helping the situation. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

I'll be at the Arnold's show late, but for sure, and our good friend and hugely secretly amazing DJ Brian Jackson will be molesting the turntables with an array of music we fully endorse and condone at Subtonic, courtesy of Bunker NYC. You should come out and shake it to the likes of Coil, Swayzak, and whatever tricks B has up his sleeves.

Burnlab: Assimilate.(TM)

Groovetech may be dead, but good audio streams seem to be poping up all over. I've been drooling over the playlists Matt MacQueen sends out every week from his radio show, Clinically Inclined in Chicago. Matt has a new home for MP3 archives of the show for all us out-of-towners to download and enjoy. The playlists are always full of great records, and btw also archived on the site. Go here and check it out. Good work Matt.

This is apparently not new news, but I just heard about it: Otto Von Schirach of Schematic Records is currently considered a primary member of the Skinny Puppy crew and has been working on new material along with cEvin Key, Omar Torres, Nivek Ogre, Mark Walk and others. The first new Puppy track since 1996's The Process LP is included on the soundtrack for the film Underworld, which you can listen to here - also featuring The Icarus Line, David Bowie and others. Can we say "Not quite The Crow?" I'm really loving this track, but ugh... looks like a terrible movie. An all new SP album is scheduled for an April 2004 release. (If you don't like the annoying Flash soundtrack site, there's a short high quality sound clip here.)

Speaking of Puppy, there is a good interview with designer Steven R. Gilmore from XLR8R transcribed here.

And speaking of Schematic, Arnold Steiner's exhibit, ROM opens tonight in Williamsburg. (See Monday's post for details.)

Thursday, December 18, 2003

bleep bleep bleep

Photos and streaming live set from the Kooky Scientist and more info on Magda's New Years Eve party form Penetrate.

Just in: Troy Pierce and Heartthrob live blips in Baltimore on 12/13. Download it here.

Burnlab: You heard it here first... unless you're cooler than us, in which case you either need to be worshipped or killed. We'll get back to you on that.(TM)

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

from the icy tundra of lapland, comes the latest offering from micro-music sweeties Desert Planet...come get your 8-bit on.joystick pop

another hot and heavy purveyor of beats is the young and oh so sassy Aaron Hedges straight outta DC. he's played the city more times than i can count...even when i'm drunk and seeing double. if it's not a party in the basement of MShanghai Den, the Fluxcore gallery in Williamsburg, or some ultra chic parisian den of ill-repute, you will find him swerving here down + dirty.

Burnlab: this is illegal, isn't it?(TM)

One for the folio.

This is not what the upcoming Solvent LP will look like. Back to the drawing board, but I'm pretty proud of this draft and wanted to share it. Make sure to get out and buy the brilliant Radio Ga Ga twin 12"s next month.

All Music Guide blocked on their in-office network. How messed up is that? Anyway, I'm posting on Rob Theakston's behalf while he finds a way around it. Here's Rob:

Hi there.

After much prodding and pressing from various folk, I have begun work on the follow up to my last mix CD of two years ago.

I am offering this up to Friendsters and Burnlabbers only, as I will only be duplicating the exact number requested and will not be for sale. These will be professionally duplicated (read: not a cd_r) with nice, minimal packaging.

Artists include Round Five (Rhythm and Sound), Jan Jelinek, Stephan Matheiu, Twine, Kevin Shields, Mark LaLiberte, Taylor Deupree, AGF, Telefon Tel Aviv, a track from yours truly (which will be limited only to this disc) and a few others...

Please email me ( should this be of interest you.

Drama, drama.

Burnlab: Better than a punch in the eye... or seven.(TM)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Kind of an in-progress launch (a lot of links to sort out, and the splash page will probably change a few more times), but here it is - Burnlab version 4: better organized, new look, new flavor, new aroma. The result of months of noodling and fussing.

I know the links in the new Friends+Family section aren't working yet, but give it a look and remind me if I overlooked anyone who's actually a friend of Burnlab.


if you're drinking champagne before new year's eve...

BLV4.0 coding and testing, testing and coding continues. Trying to get it on line for the lunch rush.
Stay tuned.

Burnlab: Nice pants.�

Monday, December 15, 2003

Reposting this from Adam Shore's mishpucha post.

Beware the Evil that is Caninus.

ROM: A Digital Art Exhibition by Arnold Steiner
opening reception Friday, Dec. 19th @ REPLICATE
242 Wythe Ave., #2 (actually on N. 3rd between Wythe and Kent) / Williamsburg Brooklyn / 718.218.7688 / 7pm-9pm / complimentary drinks

Arnold will be showing large format prints on vinyl featuring work from Schematic and Counter Flow. If you can't make it out Friday, the show will be up through January 30th. Definitely check this out.


The fine folks from Adbusters present Black Spot Sneaker.

[Thanks Nix for the link.]

don't know how many of you know this already, but Swedish Covenant provide excellent hi-energy futurepop, with plenty of beats and a cold Scandinavian inflection (oh, and pretentious weirdo lyrics..) See this video for evidence.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Amazing typographic work from Pascal Tremblay

Some sunday night animation weirdness: Catfish Hotel (have your broadband fired up and watch the quicktime)

this week's scoop:

So as rumor has it, I'm moving to Detroit as early as January 4th. The paperwork won't be finalized until x-mas week, but I wanted to get the info out now as Magda's NYE party at 59 Canal will double as my NYC going away party. We'd love to see everyone there. Great music, great people and plenty of bad behavior. I'll be back east at least once a month. Given my usual travel schedule, few should notice the difference. ;)

Saturday evening was a superb NYC/Detroit experience. Starting with the best ADULT. performance I've seen yet. Every day that passes Adam and Nicola seem to get darker and weeeeeiiiiirder... and better. The new songs are killing me. This was followed with fellow Motown ex-pat Jon Santos (tha Killah from Manilla) facing off in an impromptu freestyle rap battle in a stairwell at Tonic. Hard to really explain, but quite awesome. Santos rules.

Ah... NYC would not be what it is without the influence of Detroiters, yet Detroit is certainly not NYC. Wish me luck (please.) Lots of new projects and adventures are in the works, including Les Infants Terribles - tentative name for Burnlab's monthly postpunk/industrial/electro night in D-town, in association with Blackbx and R. Theakston Heavy Industries. Venue TBD, but impact is eminent January 2004.
All for now.

Burnlab: You are repressed, but you're remarkably dressed.�

Saturday, December 13, 2003

If it's on the internet, it must be true.

RYT Hospital is the leader in advanced medical technologies... or its a very elaborate and well done piece of web art by Virgil Wong.

Word has it that the new Nine Inch Nails album, Bleedthrough is finished and slated for release in early 2004. (Yeah, right after the Tapeworm LP comes out.) Trent Reznor recently told Alternative Press that the new album "explores loss and possible discovery of self, along with alternate layers of reality and perception set inside a nightmare you can't seem to wake up from... with lots of feedback." He went on to say, "Computers, among other things, are ruining music these days. I hate the Pro Tooled sound of perfection and everything being fixed. This record is most definitely un-fixed."

The last statement immediately brought to mind the live, single take video for March of the Pigs, directed by Peter Christopherson, a.k.a. Sleazy. (Quite possibly the best music video of all time.) Now all we need is a cramped little club tour and its 1990 all over. Break out the cloves and lace up the Docs, baby.

Burnlab: Doesn't it make you feel better?�

Friday, December 12, 2003

sound extraction x and dj driver will treat us to a live and improv electronic instrument jam session this saturday (for free) upstairs at the berkely front.

Burnlab: happiness is a warm laptop.�

these are a few of my favorite things.

these are not.

Burnlab: decking your halls.�

When I Sold My Soul to the Machine is a documentary about the electronical music culture in The Hague, the Netherlands. From the early nineties on this culture has emerged. This film will travel back and forth in time, alongside the artists and styles while connecting characteristics and peculiarities of electro into a whole.

Not out until May '04- but there's a priceless clip of Ferrence on the mic.

Burnlab: Dancing in wooden shoes.�

Thursday, December 11, 2003

A [Gruesome] Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. In a world of let's-cash-in Christmas albums, this has remained one of the great holiday classics. Sadly, we'll never be able to listen to it the same again. If you're curious, here's some general information on the album, and here's a quote by Mr. Spector himself stating that he's "probably relatively insane." I see a case forming... Good luck, Phil.

Burnlab: Guilty until proven innocent.�

Longest Line , Location: Ginza Apple Store (Tokyo), Director: Masanori Fukumoto, Date: Sunday, November 30, 2003. Apple's first store in Japan just opened last month in the Ginza shopping district. This is a video of the opening day. I guess those Japanese folks know a good product when they see one....

Burnlab: symmetrically asymmetrical

Sorry, I couldn�t go without posting this.

(from my university�s library website)

Burnlab: Where coffee is more effective than crack. �

"New, amazing. One night only. 10:00 pm tonight. Inventive new style of
music. See performances by self-professed "musicians" holding small white
video game consoles. All the rage. Harsh, annoying. "This is gaoing to
blaow ahp," says Mr. M. McLaren of Paris, France. Exciting new "chiptune" genre. You better be there, otherwise in ten years everyone will trading stories about what it was like at the big show, and then won't you feel left out. Staring into your drink, wishing you had something to say. We've all been there. Now's your chance to change all of that. Curious new music. A startling and innovative step backwards in technology. What will they think of next?"

.: Thursday, 12 11 2003 : 10:00 PM
.: The Tank
.: 432 West 42nd St. New York NY 10036
.: $5.00

(i am personally hoping that nullsleep busts out with some depeche mode tunes.)

Burnlab: because there's nothing like instant gratification.�

What do Jay-Z, Mike Bloomberg and Frank Gehry have in common? Not much, if you ask me.

Burnlab: Nobody move, nobody get hurt.�

Ponce de Leon is one of the more mysteriously genius bands you've never heard. Imagine New England teenagers meeting Andre 3000 in a carnival ride circa 1985.

I'm only including the whole URL because the domain name is so genius.

I like the full screen blog!! Makes it easy to read.

Burnlab: Now in large print for Seniors�

We're dangerously close to finishing some long overdue site updates. Until then you have to view this full screen blog mess. You'll be okay.

Burnlab: Have some soup.�

You're a Post-Punk. You know 70s punk was cool, but it was mostly just a stepping stone for the greater intellectualism of what would come after. The 80s were amazing. You quite possibly have huge hair, and may wear lots of black. Snare drums need reverb. Lots and lots of reverb.

Big freakin' surprise there. (This took eight questions?) Here's a bonus one: The Birthday Party is the only band listed under music on your Friendster profile, true or false?

Burnlab: Hands up! Who wants to die?�

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Re. previous post:
As they drove away [from the courthouse], the song "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)" blared on the stereo as Houston sang along and Brown kissed her bruised cheek.

That is seriously fucked up.

Burnlab: Pardon our French.�

This is the real question, Chris: Is wife beating cool in your area?

Wife Beaters of the World: Rejoice.�

OH, and:

Burnlab: Not just for crackheads.�

allen, just crack actually cool in circles where you are? i was suprised to find out that young/fucked-up/well-to-do kids from london find crack cool...amazing what a desire for the newest thing fosters


You're Avante Garde Indie. You listen to abstract music like free-jazz and Krautrock. You drink too much coffee and you scare the fuck out of the rest of us. We're afraid to call you pretentious because we know that we all just don't get it. There are few of you out there, and most of you will probably die soon.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
brought to you by Quizilla

Burnlab: It beats crack� Or does it?�

How Indie are you?

Burnlab: We were looking for jobs and then we found jobs. And heaven knows we're miserable now.�

Everyone's favorite graphic design super firm, The Designers Republic ready a site overhaul for 2004. Have a sneak peek.

Happy Holidays from Syd Mead

Burnlab: free delivery available.�

Rob Theakston won't be the only Michigander gracing NYC with his presence this weekend. Burnlab favorites (and fellow art school freaks) Adult. and Ian MacKaye's favorite band Tamion 12 Inch will be performing with French "elektro prankster" Electronicat at The Knitting Factory Saturday, 12/13.
10pm, $15, buying advance tickets is a really good idea.

November marked the release of The Mitgang Audio's debut LP The View From Your New Home on Ersatz conspirators Suction Records. Listen to samples of this seriously top shelf synth-pop at the Suction website.

Contemporary master of electronic body music Terence Fixmer just released the first single from his recent collaborations with Nitzer Ebb vocalist Douglas McCarthy. Look for a full length album in early 2004, and for the pair to tour together, starting in Barcelona on January 23rd. No US dates yet, unfortunately.

If you missed The Kooky Scientist's live set in New York on Saturday (about a half dozen people immediately come to mind - you know who you are), you can listen to his recent Detroit performance here [RealPlayer required], courtesy of our friends at Paxahau. The Scientist's laptop and array of custom little black boxes move the sound from ambient, to tribal, to blippy minimal, to crushing 4/4 EBM, to pattern arrangements you've just never heard before... often colliding all at once with amazing clarity, like a fine synthetic torte. Not the same as being there, but definitely worth a good listen. Big thanks to Fred himself for the photo above.

Getting nostalgic, I've pulled up my copy of Mindblower for the next installment of Dorkwave. Seriously.

Burnlab: Rivers of blood, years of darkness.�

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

a bit of a late report , i know, but madga´s opening set for richie last thursday in barcelona was inspired, despite the normal spanish problem of people normally showing up after midnight (magda started at 10). i unfortunately had a 7:40 flight to london the next day and made it to the airport completely hammered. while in london i also picked up a fondness for queen rivalists the darkness and picked up excellent cds by the streets vs. basement jaxx, also known as audio bullys and the balls-out drum´n bass/jungle compilation by adam f and dj fresh breakbeat kaos, a must if you´re feeling cool but a bit agro...

Compound Therapy to cure all that ails you.

Burnlab: When we first got here, we had a saying...�

1. I'm in New York this weekend. You will party with me. And then I will be back NYE for more.
2. As a lifelong rabid democrat, whomever gets the nomination between Dean or Clark..well, I wouldn't be surprised if the other person became their running mate.
3. New Darkness christmas single rocks.

Burnlab: Where activity partners and those just here to help collide.�

I'm torn between Dean and Clark. I only want the one who'll send moving vans to the White House in Jan 2005.

Burnlab: Being a crackhead means never having to say you're sorry.�

Gore endorses Dean. Liberman and Gephart receive sharp stick in eye.

Seriously, time to pack it up anyway fellas. Let's trim it down to the doctor and the general right now. Everyone else is so boring! Well, Al Sharpton is anything but boring, but come on...

In other political news, what has John Tenney been up to? Check out Activate Royal Oak, John's local political action and information site. Also see The Royal Oak Experiment (which is like a local version of The Onion.) Now that's the awesome I'm looking for. So good.

Burnlab: Tastes like chicken.�

Oh, another thing I'm trying out here is signing every post with a new slogan. We'll see how quick that gets old.

Burnlab: You could get it removed, but you will die.�

You know how much we love to give you [the loyal Burnlab reader] scoops, so we're going to try to provide at least one juicy one a week.

Those looking for the perfect New Year's Eve party in New York need look no further than our favorite little night spot 59 Canal, where Magda will grace us with her charm, antics, and especially brilliant record collection and DJ skills. A few out of town guests are already making plans to be there, including this guy.

Alright, you may have already known that, but probably because I told you in person.

If you haven't seen Magda's new web site yet, do check it out. Also see the really nice work of designer Francisco Lopez who made it all happen.

There's one more biggie, but we'll hold off until the paperwork is done. Let's just say that the Lab may have new yet familiar digs sooner than later.

Burnlab: Feels good inside your head.�

Monday, December 08, 2003

Just launched! Bush in 30 Seconds, a political TV ad contest to help find the most creative, clear and memorable ideas for ads that tell the truth about George Bush's policies. You don't have to be trained in the art of filmaking to participate, you just need to be ready, willing, and able to turn your clever ideas into a real 30 second ad.

Music video jukebox from Submarine Channel. There's a Spike Jonze section and a French New Wave section. Very nice!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Don't feel bad Mike. Sheer laziness kept me from Mutek- no weather nessesary. Did attend Create:Fixate, which was a lot closer to home. Wasn't blown away by the art, although there were some original prints from my new favorite book. Excellent music- techy, IDM, breaks and such. Unfortunately, I don't know who was rocking what.

And speaking of mediocre art with great music...

Alan Oldham's, new website has some fun old Fast Foward radio programs for download. Skip the comic book stuff and go right for the early 90's beats.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

New York has made me a big weather puss. Instead of going out in the snow to see PTV3 I spent the evening loading up my hard drive and credit card at the endlessly addictive iTunes store with essentials I'm kind of embarassed for not already owning - such as The Fall's Rough Trade Anthology. Anyway, I believe a night of Dorkwave is in order over the Christmas holiday. Anyone with a bar and a good sound system in Detroit want to hook that up? Like Friday the 26th? Seriously.

Don't forgot about Vegetable Orchestra
They sound good as good as they taste.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Mr. Picassohead. Enough said.

R.I.P. Micromini. Long live Micromini.

Thursday, December 04, 2003


Hey, fksche.

I know everyone in New York reading this is probably on the list for Micromini tonight, but it would be really cool if we all paid the paltry seven bucks so Kevin can go to Germany without a bunch of debt collectors in dark sunglasses on his tail. Just a thought.

In other NYC happenings this weekend, Psychic TV will perform here for the first time in 15 years this Friday at the Coral Room. Doors at 9pm, show at 11, $15, no list, 512 W. 29th.

Former Psychic TV member Fred Giannelli, a.k.a. The Kooky Scientist will be performing Saturday night at our favorite little Chinatown afterhours joint, 59 Canal with our good, good friends Plexus and Troy Pierce. 11pm, $10, the address is... well, 59 Canal Street. This show has the hottest flyer I've seen in ages. Check out the Flash version here. The timing is a bit weird, but I'm not betting that Fred and Genesis are going to be sharing the stage at any point this weekend. You never know though.

December edition of the Daniel Miller Happy Hour went up today. I wait for this every single month like watching water boil. Agh... the playlist isn't posted yet!! It's the "best of 2003" show, so you ought to know it all anyway.

Back in Black.

You know how sometimes you come across great music in like four or five different genres and it turns out there's one guy behind it? No? And the same guy who's work you're really digging calls you out of the blue to direct a music video a couple years ago, but it didn't happen because the label didn't have any money, and who were you kidding because all you have is a little DV camera and a lot of ideas, but damn, how cool was that? No? You know how sometimes the output is so good you write a blog post about it, and then like three months later write about it again just to remind people? Yeah.

Bryan Black, former programmer for Prince and cofounder of innovative machine rock group H3LLB3NT is busy busy, which is good for us robot muisc consumers. Motor, his gnarzigkeitesque project with Olivier Grasset a.k.a. Oli Shaddow, released a brilliant EP this summer on NovaMute, and is set to put out a new remix of the Throbbing Grislte classic Persuasion. A full length album is also in the works. Black's electropunk outfit xLover have just about finished an LP tentatively titled Deep Kink to follow their Trash Me single (also featuring a sexed-up cover his former boss' Controversy.) Label and exact release date not yet confirmed, but expect it sometime around February or March. One date that is confirmed, February 16th will see the release of Throb, the long awaited new Haloblack album. I haven't had a chance to hear it yet, but Jared Louche says, "It�s brutally fractured and static-driven. His best record yet." Jared is one blue haired cyberpunk poet to trust.

Oh, and totally unrelated, I'm working on a little piece about the search for Donald Trump's abstruse hair Tuesday night which will be published on Rob's Blog. Hold tight.

Micro's all right
Mini's all right
They just seem a little weeeeeiiirrrd...

Micromini surrenders tonight, or, rather, gives up the Ghostly.

Matthew Dear live
Kevin McHugh (aka Benedict Arnold)
Filter 14 432 West 14th St
10pm-4am $7

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

London's burning down down down down down down down
New York's burning down down down down down down down!

4/4 industrial according to Tiga. Out now on Turbo.
(Thanks Gibby!)

FYI, the DSL at the Lab has been out all day and I just figured out how to "borrow" wireless broadband from a neighbor. If I'm slow with emails and posts, that's the excuse.

Did everyone read Kevin's little announcement today? Two strikes against New York, and two more reasons to go to MicroMini Thursday night.

Remember: When you read Burnlab you know stuff your friends don't... which makes you cool.

tomorrow (thursday) i will have the great pleasure of seeing magda open for richie hawtin in my very own town of barcelona while in the company of barcelona�s newest yank resident geoff white and the amazingly unjustly under-known simon ashton, mastermind of downtempo wizards big bossa (check out his music from his release "badalona". it ranks among the best of current downtempo but sadly its distributor went under. he�s currently working with steven halliday from agent sumo on a new more electro/experimental release featuring ayesha, the singer from my band, misnoma)...sometimes the world being so small has it�s benefits

Jorge Pardo at the Gaggosian LA. This will be the first large-scale exhibition of the artist�s work in Los Angeles since 4166 Sea View Lane in 1998�an off-site project with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. For most of his career, Cuban born, Los Angeles based artist Jorge Pardo has been making work that defies categorization. In 1997 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago the artist exhibited a boat as sculpture; in the same year for the Skulptur.Projekte in Munster he built a pier. He has also produced bedroom sets and blown glass light fixtures. For the aforementioned exhibition at MoCA, Los Angeles, Pardo built an entire house. All of these works, including his paintings and drawings, have this sense of luxuriousness, underscored by a rich and varied palette and a mid-century design sensibility. However, Pardo is neither a craftsman, nor a designer. Instead, Pardo�s work consistently blurs the boundaries between several creative disciplines and, �perhaps, it�s time to create a new category for thing�s like Pardo�s objects and installations, a category that is certainly a part of art, but is peripheral and supportive of it � and more symptomatic of culture at large than of art history or critical distinction.�
For his latest exhibition Pardo will be exhibiting a mixed media installation comprised of a large architectural sculpture, light pieces as well as several paintings and drawings�providing an overview of the diversity of his work. Pardo also designed the interior space of the recently opened bar, The Mountain, located in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles, in which he�s also a partner.

On The Farm: Live Stock Footage by Livestock
In this exhibit, farm animals show us their point of view through wireless video cameras installed temporarily on their head and necks by virtuoso animal and plant videographer Sam Easterson. Easterson�s technology enables a cow, a pig, a goat, a chicken, a sheep, and a horse to guide us around their world; what they look at, what catches their attention, how they move through space, and how they relate to one another, on the farm.
Center for Land Use Interpretation Independent Interpreter (CLUI) Los Angeles is located at: 9331 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

�The Bazaar Bizarre is the first bi-coastal punk craft fair in America. Crafts have been denigrated as a feminized form of expression, but Bazaar Bizarre represents an impulse to re-value the abilities our mothers and grandmothers taught us, while making them our own.� This year the BB has attracted the best of the D.I.Y. craft scene to bring a unique holiday shopping experience to Los Angeles, there will also be a dominatrix-led cake walk and raffle prizes.

Hi Burners.

I'm announcing this here first, so here goes:

Tomorrow will be the final Micromini. I'll spend the first half of 2004 in Berlin, working with Richie Hawtin.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The Truth About Raves.

Two weeks ago, choreographer Jessi Scopp performed two works in a show at Williamsburg Art neXus (WAX). One older piece to two parts of Thomas Brinkmann's "Click" series, and a new piece to Hearthrob's "Jazz Hands at the 330 Wythe Social Club." Her work stood out next to pieces by two other accomplished young choreographers.

The Village Voice called her by far the most sophisticated of these three young choreographers. Scroll down to "Three for the show..."

Everyone go do THIS. NOW. It's too easy and important not to. Thank you.

It's Tuesday, which means Gibby Miller and friends are doing DAMAGED at the Leopard Lounge: 5th Street and 2nd Ave., above Sin Sin in NYC. Punk, post-punk, electro, nuwave, nowave, dorkwave. Cheap drinks. Dancing. Bad behavior on a weeknight. See you there.

Prior to Damaged, Pinter, Herrera and I are going on a little paparazzi adventure into uncharted territories of society absurdity. More on that tomorrow.

Martin Gomez, well, is the shit � new work � PROCESSING OILPAINT

Please welcome our two newest conspirators to the editorial staff:

Lynnel Herrera is a New York scene barometer, professional tastemaker, contributor to Flavorpill and works at Karim Rashid Design.

Derek Plaslaiko is one of the very best DJs in Detroit (if not the world), formerly Rich's tech bitch, an Untitled resident and a genuine stand up gentleman if ever you met one.

I started to write an article about the WTC memorial finalists, but Maureen Dowd of the New York Times summed it up more articulately Sunday in her editorial Unbearable Lightness of Memory.

The eight designs for a memorial at ground zero, gleaming with hanging candles and translucent tubes and reflecting pools and the smiling faces of those killed on 9/11, aim to transcend. And they succeed. They transcend terror. They have the banality of no evil. They represent the triumph of atmosphere over atrocity, mood over meaning. The designs are more concerned with the play of light on water than the play of darkness on life.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Lenora Claire presents: APOCALIPSTICK
Friday, December 12th @ The California Institute of Abnormal Arts(CIA)
"Apocalipstick is glamorous devastation. We're dropping our glitter bomb on the world. We're attacking with our ideas, our music, our love of performance art. Apocalipstick is a place for all the Obscenesters and Maximalists. Where the worlds of sideshow, burlesque, drag, and underground film collide.
Featuring: Fudgie Frottage,Count Smokula,Erotic slideshow by Bluegirl,Miss Satanica,Gorgeous glass-walker Serina,Nora Keyes of the Centimeters,David Lovering of the Pixies,Music spun by Shok, Shaye Saint Johns first live show

If you�ve been reading Burnlab for a while, you�ve probably picked up that I�m all over Sonicterror. Even with their few releases, I wouldn�t hesitate to call them my favorite electronic label in the Midwest; they just don�t do any wrong (a hard thing to do in a genre which has been �the hip� for the last year or so). So I�m excited to say that Detroit�s edition of Sonicterror, Feed the Machine is doing a party with Detroit�s own and much talked about Soundmurderer, and local drum & bass favorite Matt Clarke and headlining this nice little party is champion of Sonic Terror, Enduser.

Oh, and since the Feed the Machine guys are super swell, the first 50 people will be getting ...

edit: Feed the Machine tee shirts. Dig

(I expect anyone who is able to come out. Obviously this isn�t German, and micro and minimal are not the first words that come to mind when describing the sound, but it is in my opinion one of the more important events that you�ll be able to hear.)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Vinyl-philia lives ... thanks to the Brooklyn Phono Company. Just check out this impressive list of gerunds - the BPC provides mastering, lathing, pressing, sleeving, jacketing and boxing for shipping, from their Crown Heights mastering studio/pressing plant/warehouse. Other than printing the labels and creating the metal plates for pressing, the BPC does everything in house. Current clients include the DFA, Satamile, and Plant Music.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Listen to samples from the two new Solvent EPs, designed by your's truly and art directed by SV4, with a nod to maestro Saville. (Plus a behind the scenes look at the design process, courtesy of Will.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Matt Dear's Leave Luck to Heaven receives four stars from Rolling Stone. Sometimes the mainstream media knows what they're talking about. There's even a very nice comment about the artwork from a reader. Woohoo! Truly one of the very best releases of the year in any genre, watch for it in finer record stores on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Miltos Manetas was an artist with a big mouth, a brassy pair, and ambition any true New York artist has to admire. Is he really dead? Not likely, but write him a poem anyway.

Let Jared Klett's wit be a lesson to us all: Geek (dash) Boy dot com

Best fan site ever: Fuck you Casey Spooner dot com

Quick note to our editors - so that posts open in a new window instead of the Lab Report frame, please include this bit of code in your HTML tag: target="_blank" You can go back into "Manage Posts" and correct this. Please do actually.

Looking forward to seeing the entire NYC team at the Kompakt show at APT tonight. (No mesh shirts, please.)

And, BitBoy - sorry I missed your 8-bit Schmode post earlier. I should have assumed! Seriously, someone should book The Fitness out here or in Detroit. I'd love to see them live!

Since I'll be in DC stuffing myself with Tofurky all weekend, here are my next two contributions:

American Antigravity.

Album covers remade with legos.

Oh, by the way, the Ryan Elliot mix is kicking my fucking ass. And Wired can eat a bowl of donkey poo.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Not only have I heard the aforementioned 8-bit Depeche Mode Megamix (scroll down at iRobotnik), but it inspired me to seek out some 8-bit sounds of my own, I found Midi for the Masses packed with DM midi files which have somehow managed to load themselves my Sony T616 mobile. I suppose I get some sense of twisted satisfaction from the strange looks I get when answering the phone to the haunting polyphonic sounds of Pimpf or Shake the Disease. And speaking of The Fitness, they�re currently trying to bring their own catchy electropunk sounds to the masses. If you�ve got a venue, and you�re interested in booking them to play, drop me an e-mail � I�ll put you in touch with their people.

this thursday i�ll be accompanying friend/designer/artist markus haub in a night of music vs art...markus taking on the art side with more of his mixed media work (photoshopped images printed then manually manipulated) while i�ll be handling the music side with a ableton live set of my own new material...apologize to keep posting things happening in barcelona but hopefully there are a few of you out there (somewhere!) that can make it.

8pm til? at LIVING, c/ capellans, 9, bcn

Global Feast: Detroit: Thanksgiving Eve @ tangent gallery. Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, David Alvarado, DJ Nova, more. Not to be missed.

Just when I was ready to give up on this filthy- festering-firey hell-hole that is So-Cal, two words made me feel a lot better...

Mutek Tijuana

Chad, you in?

Also- what's this I hear about Bloomberg wanting to make NYC a 2am bar town? If that happens, then where will us west coast fools go for the occasional all-night shennanigans- Detroit?

Musicwise, much love right now for...

Dani Siciliano (this is the single, but the whole album drops in Jan)
Michael Mayer- Fabric 13 (better than the last mix, still not sure if its better than Immer)
VA- Gigolo 7 (Yeah- I was almost sick of them too. But listen to the Terranova freakout. Gaaaahd!!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2003

RADIO.BURNLAB has been updated with a handful of new links. We are proud to be the exclusive online source for Ryan Elliot's new mix Us and Them. In limited CDR circulation until now, this has been called the "definitive minimal techno mix of the year" by people who's opinions make a difference. Check it out. (Unless you're a nitwit from Wesleyan University - see posts below.)

Kevin, I hope you saw this on your playlist article:

""This one playlist had a lot of German techno," Aubrey said. "We predicted this was a kid wearing a mesh shirt who wanted to be a Nazi." At a party shortly afterward, Aubrey recognized the playlist and asked whose music it was. "They pointed to this kid in a mesh shirt with a swastika on his arm," Aubrey said."

"Now you're playing with power."

8-bit maestro Bitshifter will be playing all the gameboys his thumbs can master at The Psychasthenia Society @ Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg tonight. $5 / doors at 7:30pm

Transmode Virus is kicking my ass right now.

Speaking of 8-bit music, check out the amazing Depeche Mode Megamix (BitBoy - this is for you!) from Nullsleep.

Big thanks to Lynnel Herrera

The advent of iTunes has led to a new form of discrimination: Playlistism.

Only the most hirsute and manly among us will one day become Beard Champions.

I thought Seattle's The Fitness were a bit 'rough around the edges' when BitBoy dropped them on me a few weeks back, but it turns out I can't get their hooky, unapologetic and unquestionably fun electropop out of my head. Check out some of the sweet morsels at their home page. Chauffeur is straigh-up irony-laden electroclash (and absolutely infectious,) while Phone Sex is as fresh and punky and you'll find anywhere... reminds me of the Dead Milkmen and the Cure's Boys Don't Cry LP for some reason...

Sunday, November 23, 2003

I wish there were a better term for "shout out"... maybe a simple "hi" will do.

Say hi to our busy friend F.J. Desanto, who Brian and I ran into briefly at the Telefon Tel Aviv show last week. FJ is frontman for the industrial band The Aggression, dark synthpop project Hypefactor, programmer/cowriter of the new Chemlab LP, and an administrator at the Hydrogen Bar.

Funny, I had no idea you could order a G5 using Apple iTunes. : )

Virginia Tech's X Cluster went operational recently, becoming the third ranking supercomputer in the world. Built from 1100 dual 2Ghz 64-bit Apple G5 workstations, the VT cluster is measured at 10.28 trillion calculations per second - which, in lay terms, is pretty darn fast. Here are two photos of the project team ordering the G5s. So, do you just log on to the Apple Store with your American Express card and type 1100 in the qty. box?

Saturday, November 22, 2003

inventor of a programming langauge or serial killer?

Friday, November 21, 2003

excellent flyer mike...after spending the last six summers on topless beaches in spain the idea of not sweating the beauty of the human form seems something more people should come to grips with

Next weekend is the Untitled Thanksgiving Spectacular, with resident brilliance from Tadd, Derek, Servito and very special guest Scott Sterling... and perhaps the most controversial flyer since Sarah Klever's Paris Hilton is Burning design.

Look good.
Taste good.
It's good to be Untitled.

Doo Dah Parade
Almost 1,500 participants in over 100 �marching� groups will appear in Doo Dah�s 27th occasional event, toasting madness and mayhem-- making it one of the largest in the �Other Parade�s� colorful history! This year�s parade-goers are expected to top the 45,000 spectators at last year�s Doo Dah. Along with the usual chicanery, parade organizers expect a new surge of inspired social and political satire. Highlights of Doo Dah 27 include The Queen Mummers, Linoleum Bonaparte, Clown Doctors from Outer Space, Bungee Barbies, Simian to Human, Dead Rose Queens, The Spawn of Captain James T. Kirk, Elvirus & the Vaccines, the Grand Old Hags, Amnesty International, The Human Burrito, Caesar's Circus, Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin, BBQ Hibachi & Grill Team, Synchronized Housing Drill Team, Macho Dog & Bones, Johnny Neurotic, Raelian Religion, The Howdy Krishna's, Men of Leisure, Torment of Roses, Claude Rains & the 20-Man Memorial Invisible Man Marching Drill Team, The Riddler, 13 Human Flies, Tequila Mockingbird & the Royal Doo Dah orchestra and more!

Shock-O-Rama-A-Go-Go is an annual 24-hour film festival of horror, sci-fi, arthouse, eurotrash, sexploitation, cannibal films, revenge films, midnight movies, rock and roll films, cult films, rebel films, and other over-the-top perversions. Plus performance art, burlesque, vaudeville, live bands, and more!

The LADWP Light Festival in Griffith Park is home one of the most popular and fastest growing light festivals in the nation. The Light Festival began almost a decade ago, under the leadership of the late City Council President John Ferraro, who represented the 4th Council District, which included Griffith Park. Ferraro strongly supported the creation of the spectacular lighting display as a legacy holiday gift for the people of the City of Los Angeles. It was Ferraro's hope that this spectacular winter wonderland would become an annual holiday tradition. In the years since the first �Festival of Lights' in 1994 the Light Festival has grown into one of the most exciting and popular light festivals in the country.

T. Raumschmiere , Dance Disaster Movement , The Mae Shi @ the Anarchist Disco @ the Echo 1822 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, 9pm

Wes Clark dosn't think Outkast is breaking up

hitech lowtech clock....if you have some time check out the page i found it on- yugop....looking around more i found the remedi project, more interactive animations (go to zach lieberman�s gesture machines series...simple but very cool)

Thursday, November 20, 2003

State of the nation, courtesy of Warp.

computational design and new media from Daniel Shiffman

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

WTC memorial design finalists announced.

last year at this time i was embarassed to recommend coldplay�s latest as my preferred fall/nostalgia album (in accordance with those who spent many an adolescent hour weeping over unrequited love with the smiths). this year i am a bit less embarassed to to recommend elbow�s "cast of thousands" as my choice for accompaniment while walking evening wintery streets weeping love lost...

Our friends are all busy busy this week. Jimmy Edgar updates his site with thirtytwo secrets. ooh.

Oh, and the Telefon Tel Aviv show tonight Rob mentioned starts at 9pm. See ya there.

All those living in NYC would be well served to get themselves to this show tonight.

@ The Coral Room.
512 West 29th Street

Free Show! Open Bar!

OPEN BAR. And one of the finest live sets of the year. You can't lose.

Compliments of our friend Todd Sines:

hi kids.
I am playing at this event; if you're in or around NYC, please come out!
Saturday 11/22: The first in the series I.AM.NY at Open Air
With too many of NYC's clubs shuttered and radio on corporate lockdown it's harder than it's ever been to hear new music. Saturday some of the finest veteran and up-and-coming NYC heads on the scene are gettin together to showcase original material and a throw a party of old NY proportion..

Saturday 11.22 at Open_Air
121 St Marks at Ave A
10pm till 21+

Playing their own original unreleased tunes
Brett (Boundless Music)
Chicus (Redbud Records)
Dinesh (Drive By)
Sasha (Codek Records)
SeanB (Freeskool)
Todd Sines (Planet E) -Playing a live set at 2 am SHARP!
Yao (Royal Flush)
Yellowtail (Royal Flush)

We'll be archiving this event on-line at Broken Beat Radio, Tim Sweeny will be playing excerpts from the night on his radio program "Beats in Space" the following Thursday WNYU 89.1 FM-November 28th. We'll also be giving out CD's with exclusive tracks from the producers that night.

sponsored by
Broken Beat Radio
Irma Records
Beats in Space
Doors at 10 PM ...going until 4 AM
$3 cover

more info?

PS. keep your eyes peeled for 26 November 2003. Robert Hood, Todd Sines as .xtrak LIVE, DJ Soul, Kimyon..
Coral Room / NYC
512 W 29th St bet 10th and 11th aves
info 212 244 1965
doors @10pm
$10 in advance
$12 at the door

one of the most intriguing offerings i�ve received recently: the "la monga" party, where "in a reverse of darwinian theory" a woman will be converted into an ape...hmmmm. (sorry it�s all in spanish, but i think you get the idea)

what brand are you

Magda has a new web site. Check it out. Finally we can keep track of all her antics around Europe, in lovely 8 pt. bitmap type.

I recently designed a desktop for the soon to launch official Chemlab site Hydrogen Bar dot com. You can download it right here, in three different screen sizes. It's sort of a remix of the original artwork for Oxidizer. While the Hydrogen Bar staff gets all the pieces in order, enjoy the discussion lounge and short clips from the upcoming LP.

Rockstar for a day: Monday night was the much ballyhooed NYC stop on the United Tour, headlined by Pigface. After I was dragged on stage to share the microphone with Jared Louche on the Reznor penned anthem Suck (seriously!), three busloads of punks ended up at New York's most dungeon-like bar, Lit. Martin Atkins and Curse Mackey DJ-ed upstairs, while Carlos from Interpol spun classic Lit postpunk in the basement. Nice. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

uni_05_54 - 8px - Burnlab loves trend

Ghostly International bastard child Mike Dykehouse recently mastered his full length here in NYC. "Chainsmoking" in all of its dispossessed and corn pop beauty, is now posted on the Ghostly site under their upcoming releases column. A little trompe l'oreille (trick of the ear) in that he played all the instruments on the record, and produced it himself. And he's really sorry about that ...

Finally ... Kompakt in New York next Tuesday. Watch promoters drool over the line out the door at APT. Tickets are selling out and can only be purchased at Other Music. Bring on the Reinhard!

REINHARD VOIGT (Live Performance)
With Other Music Guest DJs:
Scott Mou (Casio) & J Dennis

APT: 419 W. 13th Street NY, NY
9 p.m. to 4 a.m.
$5 advance - only in store at Other Music

Monday, November 17, 2003

shawn mackinnon is my friend and classmate. he is (possibly) better known as dj 80 percents and plays great music on tuesdays from 3-5pm (est). tomorrow's theme is ex-lax, regarding los it live and phone in your requests! i will be co-hosting and making friends on the air.

The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were
Maybe you can't always judge a book by looking at its cover, but you can often judge an album by its cover. The cover art of a record or CD has always been an integral part of portraying the image and the essence of the recording artist. Documented by many books, record cover art has become an art form in itself, above and beyond the music inside the jacket. Many renowned artists have shown their love for this medium by creating covers for their favorite musicians.
Conceived by music archivist Michael Ochs and graphic designer Craig Butler, this project takes album cover art to a whole new level. One hundred established graphic and fine artists were approached to create the definitive album cover of their favorite recording artist. Each chose an iconic musical subject from the 1940s to the present and from the genres of rock, blues, jazz, country and soul music. The result is an original and highly creative collection of contemporary art.

Famewhore rips off Fehlmann?

Gather the troops

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Opening Dec. 11: D Troit, the inaugural show at Gigantic ArtSpace, 59 Franklin St., New York, NY. "D Troit examines the city of Detroit and its specific socio-political conditions that have given rise to new forms of cultural and artistic production. ... This exhibition is not a comprehensive show representing the city of Detroit, but a sampling of the diverse body of visual culture and music in the city." For more details, read the full press release.

The NYC contingent will have to share their thoughts for those who can't make the trip.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

history, theory, and loudness. read the band descriptions and replace musical influences with listed panelists from the mit a random kind of makes sense...

Friday, November 14, 2003

[Regarding the previous post] Damn, Kevin - that's scary!
Better than horoscopes for sure. Hilarious.

You are The Faith! You are so underrated it's sad. You are shy but hold a lot of anger and power inside of you. You may seem kind of snotty but it's mainly misunderstanding. Also you are highly self-involved in the projects you undertake, you are a go-to person. Don't worry, everyone will come to their senses and start paying attention to your awesome talent in no time.

...change one answer about clothing (couldn't decide between all black all the time or button up shirt - because both are true), and...

You are Minor Threat! You are intelligent, energitic and DIY embodied. You don't take any crap from anybody, but are willing to accept anyone in the underground. You love to exchange new ideas and are well respected in the scene. People like you because you started it all, you are passionate and you are great at what you do.

Just the right pick-me-up after spending SEVEN hours in Detroit Metro Airport today... er, I mean "The Edward H. McNamara Northwest International Gateway". Whatever. I love that there are a dozen newsstands in the terminal. I hate that the edgiest design magazine to be found is Metropolitan Home. Seriously!

Being a DC native, I'm particularly fond of this poll: What DC Hardcore Band Are You?

For those NYC folk looking for something to do tomorrow night, 2 suggestions:

1 ADORE :: this Saturday November 15th , 2003
Music starts at 10 pm - til 4 am. No Cover.
DJ/Producer Marc-Alan Gray ( Loveslap! SF, SocietyHeights, London/SpencerGray,
Tommy Bones( Kingstreet/Nitegrooves/ Wave , hosts Christina Chang and Suheyla Pekin

121 saint mark's place
between 1st and Avenue A
**NOTE OPENAIR has been remodeled so here's a good cheap opportunity to see what they've done.

2 DICK CHENEY's DANCE PARTY Saturday Nov. 15
Free ($4 cash bar)
11PM until ?
Aaron Hedges District of Corruption Cubik, DC)
w/Special Guest:
Bruce Tantum

FLUXCORE Gallery & Event Space
340 Grand St. Williamsburg, Bklyn

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Karl and Marius return to Lab Report active duty on the same day? Yay!

If you've been wondering where to do your virtual record shopping since Groovetech's demise, try nuloop. This French site offers free Real Audio previews of large quantities of vinyl.

For those tracking my location with push-pins on one of those big wall size world maps, I'll be back in New York City on Friday... maybe even for a whole week! The extra-extra-extended stay in Detroit has been a blast for sure, but I do admit I cried myself to sleep last night for missing the Raumschmiere/Ellen Allien show back east. Before this starts to read like a personal blog, on with the news:

Textfield Magazine #2 now on select newsstands.
The Galactica November issue online.
Nice work and sweet little site from intoto.
Maharam textiles: great stuff. Be sure to view Hella Jongerius' Repeat family under 'featured textiles'.

Just launched a new site - check out The name "Unlekker" is a play on the word "lekker" from German and Scandinavian languages, meaning lovely or fabulous. Unlekker is, well, not.

Detroiter Todd Osborn takes on The Bug in a good old fashioned ragga soundclash for a Peel Session. Under the alias Soundmurderer, Osborn has recorded several 12's for his own Rewind-Records imprint and also records for Spectral/Ghostly under his own name. Unquestionably, Osborn wins this battle hands down.

just got this sent from the sonar mailing list. cool to have detroit on my doorstep for once

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Kevin's post led me to check up on Legodeath, now the more generic Blockdeath to avoid overzealous lawyers, which led me to WeAreRobots, which led me to select 'Robokopf' from the lineup, which led to much snickering.

Photographer Tim Davis, whose latest New York exhibition at Brent Sikkema Gallery garnered positive reviews but has received less friendly notice by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). He is one of the 261 people sued by the mass-market music monopoly for downloading music on the internet. To help with legal fees, Davis is selling "Free Timmy" t-shirts for $25 on his website,

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Geeks and Legos.

You've always wanted to...

That settles it then. In addition to being the international newswire for freaks, unwitting hipsters and metrosexuals, Burnlab is now the unofficial Ellen Allien fan club. Someone has to do it.

Yes speaking of Ms. Allien, can anyone tell me why there were only 20 people at The Echo on Sat.? I just don't get LA. I am moving to Berlin, I swear it!

Speaking of Ms. Allien, Bitboy has photos from last Friday's show in SF with Rich.

...And speaking of photos, I've been terribly delinquent in uploading evidence from the past few weeks. I hope to remedy this soon.

For those who have never seen him live, your children will shun you for missing T.Raumschmiere on Wednesday, at the Knitting Factory. Even more dramatic, is that he'll be sharing the stage with dreamy Berlin frau Ellen Allien.

Wed. Nov 12 9pm
The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St, NY NY
$12 adv. $15 door

Monday, November 10, 2003

Daniel Miller Happy Hour on Radio Eins: November edition.

Friday, November 07, 2003

A design for a glass dome, which would be elevated over Crystal Palace Park, has been proposed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, double winners of the architectural award the Stirling Prize. It would be built above the plinth where the original Crystal Palace, created by Joseph Paxton to house the 1851 Great Exhibition, stood. The original Crystal Palace burned down in 1936. Philip Kolvin of the Crystal Palace Campaign, which fought to save the top part of the park from being turned into a 36-cinema multiplex, approached the architect Chris Wilkinson 18 months ago to create a design. Chris Wilkinson said: "This will be an iconic building of the 21st Century. It will be the first building of its kind in the world."

On November 8, the James Cohan Gallerywill present Pictures From the Surface of the Earth, an exhibition of photographs by Wim Wenders, the acclaimed film-maker best known for films such as Paris, Texas (1984), Wings of Desire (1987), and The Buena Vista Social Club (1999). This will be the first exhibition of his photographs in New York. Since 1983, Wenders has developed a major body of photographic works from his travels which have taken him around the world. Our exhibition will focus on his large-scale panoramic photographs taken in the American West, Cuba and Israel. For Wenders �the road� has held much allure and has been the driving force in his cinematic and photographic career. In his images of urban and rural landscapes, the essence of a place is captured and becomes the main character driving the narrative. They are stories unfolding within a single frame.
JAMES COHAN GALLERY, 533 West 26th Street New York NY 10001, Nov. 8 � Dec 20.

In anticipation of Tim Burton's new film, BIG FISH, Moving Image presents a retrospective of the filmmaker's imaginative body of work. PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE launched a iconic comic character while further establishing Burton's cinematic talents. ED WOOD pays homage to B-movie visionary Ed Wood, and features an exceptional turn by Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi. Burton's animated short VINCENT will precede the feature. BEETLEJUICE reveals Burton's style at its most audacious, as Michael Keaton delivers a wild tour de force performance. BATMAN is rich with Burton's visual sensibility, a magnificent realization of the world of Bob Kane's comic book. BATMAN RETURNS amplifies the first film's style, and is propelled by an ensemble including Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, and Christopher Walken.
35 Avenue at 36 Street, Astoria, NY 11106

SOUNDLESSONS, Sat. Nov. 29th 2003
The Soundlessons Collective comes together once a month consisting of LA's best dj's, tastemakers & teachers.

Tom Guiton, Laura Merage, Lori Bauman, November 8 - December 11, Opening reception: Sunday, November 16, 2-5pm, I-5 Gallery, 2100 North Main St., #9 (at the Brewery complex), Los Angeles, CA
Each artist re-describes the figure within different media and artistic traditions. Lori Bauman uses video to transform the simple act of a man walking into an expression of timeless isolation. As the cloaked figure moves through the ruins of ancient Venice, the work draws us into its mystery. In other work, she captures stills from her videos to further infuse the mundane with social and religious meaning. Tom Guiton paints human-scale figures in a collage-like manner uniting naturalistic and symbolic elements in the same image. The juxtaposition of content requires a re-framing of context. Laura Merage also uses context to envision the human. Her photographs become objects as she places figurative elements in boxes arranged as sculpture.

Spundae features Richie Hawtin this Saturday, 6655 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood and Ellen Allien is at The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd., Silverlake.

UP HOUSE - a new way to think about the home.

The Copro Nason Gallery presents "Closing Party" the end of "THE HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE" including the vignettes of the Deux Filles Dolls, "LE JEU DE KINDERSPIEL" produced and directed by Augusta Fea. Vera and Barbara Duffy,Blaine Capatch, Anthony Sunseri, Amy O'Neil and introducing Ivy Rose Geary with music by Mr. Uncertain.
Saturday Nov. 8th, 6pm to 11pm, 11265 Washington Blvd., Culver City

Shock-O-Rama-A-Go-Go is an annual 24-hour film festival of horror, sci-fi, arthouse, eurotrash, sexploitation, cannibal films, revenge films, midnight movies, rock and roll films, cult films, rebel films, and other over-the-top perversions. Plus performance art, burlesque, vaudeville, live bands, and more!


Tell it to the hand.

Yes, you are surrounded by idiots.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

The anti-post:


Lynnel H helped.

Pigface hit the road today. A few dates our readers may want to know: the industrial supergroup (that has outlived most regular groups) rolls into Detroit's St. Andrew's Hall next Tuesday 11/11, New York City 11/17, Hollywood 12/03, San Fran 12/06, and homecoming at The Metro in Chicago on Saturday 12/13. In typical fashion, there will be as many as 14 artists from different bands involved at any given point along the tour. Holding down the key positions will be Martin Atkins (PiL, Killing Joke, Ministry, etc., etc.), En Esch (KMFDM), Charles Levi (My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult) and our good friend Jared Louche (Chemlab, H3LLB3NT). Jared will be hocking super-limited-edition Chemlab EPs and reissues of the the legendary "Fuck Art, Let's Kill" t-shirts.

After getting good and bruised at the Pigface show in Detroit next Tuesday, slide into some Germanic minimalist funk down the street for part four(??) of Magdapalooza. Paxahau welcomes Magda back again - this time its a FREE show at swankyish nightclub Panacea.

"If Magda were a drug, I'd take her every day."
- Matthew Dear, 2003

Consider Wednesday ruined.

This Saturday is the opening reception for the Actual Size Biennial at the Detroit Contemporary.

The Actual Size Biennial, in its fourth run, returns to its original size from the fall of 1999 when detroit contemporary hosted 4.25" by 5.5" Actual Size. Again, each participating artist was individually invited to create one work for this exhibition in any medium; any approach, maintaining the size restriction of 4.25" x 5.5". A personalized note mailed from a distant land filled with brief allusions to adventures and new experiences? Perhaps, but these are stories exclusively to and from Detroit. detroit contemporary's largest exhibit to date, with nearly 250 intimate works, small enough to fit in your back pocket, this exhibition once again demands recognition of the diversity and wealth of creative talent in our urban community. All works will be exhibited within the walls of detroit contemporary.

This six-week art exhibition runs from Saturday, November 8th through Sunday, December 21, 2003 with an opening reception to meet the artists on Saturday, November 8th, from 6pm to 10pm. detroit contemporary's galleries are open Thursday through Saturday 12pm-6pm and Sundays 12pm-5pm. Please take note of this change in hours. detroit contemporary is located in the Woodbridge Historic District at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd. This is two blocks north of Warren Avenue, two blocks south of the I94 expressway, and three blocks west of Trumbull. You may contact detroit contemporary by phone at 313.898.4ART or via electronic mail at detroit contemporary's web site is This event is free and open to the public. Free on the street parking available.

I just found out thirty minutes ago that I'm on the roster of participating artists (due to some drunken promise/proposal made many months ago, I guess). Never fear, the gears are spinning. Also showing work are Burnlabers Andy Malone, Jaron Rothkop and Sherry Gaines, and Detroit area artists from all walks and disciplines, such as Maxwell Davis, Ron Zakrin, Kate Silvio, Mark Arminski and Herb Babcock.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hey everyone, Thursday night is the next chapter of Micromini...

Come on down to FILTER 14 for the return of MAGDA and Sammy Dee!!!!

Also playing will be Philip Sherburne, the man who COINED THE TERM "microhouse." And he will definitely define it for you. I'll be spinning records, and sweating to the newies...

Filter 14
432 W 14th St
10pm-4am $7


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Monday, November 03, 2003

Welcome to Burnlab Mike Servito (it's about time)

Lots of wonderful things going on in Detroit in the upcoming week!

first this...

Thursday, November 6th

Ghostly International's Spectral Sessions

Over a year after the label's involvement in the famed Touch series, Ghostly returns to the local club, where much of the original story began. This event celebrates the efforts of sub-label, Spectral Sound, including Matthew Dear's new album, Leave Luck to Heaven.

Chicago's Dirty Criminals crew guest stars, direct from Gigolo records.


Matthew Dear (live - Spectral, Plus 8, Perlon)
Todd Osborn (Spectral, Rephlex, Rewind!)
Carlos Souffront

In the Red Room:
The Dirty Criminals (Gigolo)
-Hieroglyphic Being (live - Spectral)

The Necto
516 E. Liberty

$10 / $15
Doors at 10


and then...

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

Paxahau presents
in association with blackbx and ghostly

but, seriously...

A Birthday Celebration for Paxahau's Jason Huvaere and Ghostly's Sam Valenti IV!

At Untitled

Featuring the musical tastes and talents of the following artists:

Main Room

Sammy Dee
� Perlon | Berlin, Germany

Sammy Dee is one half of the Perlon super-group Pantytec. He has performed in Detroit three times for us and has left everyone in wonder over his amazing track selection and impeccable mixing. From spaced-out funky techno to deep, bass-heavy house rhythms, Sammy Dee throws down sets that make techno lovers and househeads alike move. And nobody has more fun during it than him.

Ryan Elliot
� Ghostly International | Detroit

The dapper dressed Mr. Untitled has been making big moves as of late. With his new mix out on Ghostly titled "Us and Them", Ryan has been featured on Chicago's Proton Radio and gotten stellar reviews all over Detroit and beyond. He is also credited for bringing back techno during the week with his residency at Goodnight Gracies in Ann Arbor on Tuesdays. With smooth, quick mixes and tight selection, Ryan lays down icey-cold tech-house in a fashion that gives credence to the thoughts of those who think he is one of Detroit's (and the mid-wests') best-kept secrets.

Back Room

Matthew Dear (Live P.A.)
� Perlon, Ghostly International, Spectral | Detroit

Derek Plaslaiko & Mike Servito
- Untitled, Detroit Bachelor Deejays| Detroit

With paxahau resident DJ's

Chuck Flask & Drew Maddox

This event will be taking place at the Untitled club night inside The Shelter at Saint Andrews located at 431 E. Congress in downtown Detroit.
18+ with valid photo identification gets you in the door, 21+ to partake in alchoholic libations. As always, The Shelter offers drink specials until midnight.
10:00 PM � 2:00 AM

Tickets are on sale starting Monday, November 3rd at PayPax.

All on-line ticket purchases will come with one FREE CD of your choice from our extensive archives. This offer excludes live pa's. These recordings are digitally mastered and professionally printed for quality. Upon ordering, your name will be held at the door and your CD will be waiting for you. You can choose the dj set of your choice by visiting and selecting the archives option.


Change the Channel.

where you at doyle???

Friday, October 31, 2003

For all you Angelenos who are annoyed with the ridiculous cover charges around the city for lame Halloween events featuring tired DJs and rooms full of 18 year old hipster wannabes; I offer Chad�s list of interesting Halloween events for under 20 bucks.
Los Angeles Cacophony Society presents... THE INSTITUTE OF MENTAL DECAY. This is not a haunted house but a living exhibition of the degenerate soul. Tour the bowels of the historic Crocker Bank building, and test your mental fortitude as you encounter room upon menacing room of creatures too disturbing to be contained by asylum or lab. Enjoy entertainment and refreshment upstairs, until your number is called and you meet your fate. Most will escape alive, if tarnished. $10 admission, Friday Oct. 31 and Saturday, Nov. 1, 9PM-2AM. 453 S. Spring Street, in Downtown LA. No Children. For more info, email mentaldecay at

LIQUID KITTY is having their 8th annual Halloween Bash! The saying goes, "Face your fears but face them drunk". Costume contest and no cover charge- Sounds like a good combo- terrorific.

THE VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE presents Passage 'a L'Enfer(Passage to Hell) featuring: a cavalcade of nudie cuties hosted by Blaine Capatch Live music from Mr. Uncertain, The Maharaja of Melody DJ Millionaire mesmerizing magic, mirth and merriment!
All Hallows Eve, Friday, October 31st, 2003 Showtime: 9 P.M.@ The Derby 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. , Los Feliz
Tickets: $15, 21 and over, costumed attire suggested for the conscientious socialite

SPACELAND in Silverlake presents Sixth Chamber, Spooky Pie, Sounds of Asteroth, & Iggy & the Stooges Tribute
(discount with costume). Spooky Pie, Sounds of Asteroth, and the best DJ on LA (as voted by as and legitimized by the LA Weekly Music Awards) Reverand Dan!

another example of how weirdly small the world is: i was leaving the stage following a gig last night in a dive bar in barcelona when a guy stopped me to say he liked the music. we went on chatting a bit. turned out he was a musician. i dubiously went on with the conversation...what kind of music? electronic, cool...what, you�ve released some records? cool...on force, inc???

sure enough just checked the archives, oct 1, featuring a post by me about my band, followed by a post about geoff white, the guy i met last night (cue twilight zone theme)

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Columbia University Technology Week
At the heart of the semester, the dean is asking the whole school to hesitate for a week and reconsider the question of technology. Looking for the right ways to ask. Refusing any tired, simplistic, single, or suspect answer. Opening ourselves to unexplored potentials while celebrating our deepest traditions and ethical responsiblities. Thinking. Together
So every lunchtime and evening throughout the week there will be presentations by professionals on themes that might interest you. The schedule can be found on our website in the link below. Please feel very welcome to come to your school and join in the week-long discussion and the final Halloween Party with Prouv� in Buell Hall.

TURNAMENT - A Festival of Turntablism
MC - for the first time in Los Angeles in almost two decades - The Rappin' Duke!

Ace & Duce - Los Angeles (Los Angeles Free Music Society founders), amk - Los Angeles (flexidisc collages on classroom
record players), DJ Icy-Ice - Los Angeles (Stacks Records proprietor and hip-hop primemover), DJ Jester - San Antonio (URB Magazine Next 100 artists2003), DJ Quest - San Francisco (Live Human founder and"Hamster Breaks"mastermind), DJ Smallcock - Sydney (3000 RPM of terror from Down Under), Dublab Soundsystem (Daedelus, Derelict, Dr. Rock,Frosty, Nobody) - Los Angeles (transglobal Internet broadcasting pioneers), Emil Beaulieau - Lowell (America's Greatest Living
Noise Artist performs a dignified and professional tutorial on anti-records)

INSTALLATIONS (in the Derby Room)
DJ Meeuw - Amsterdam (king of the colourful 7" working an all-45s set of dancehall / ragga), The New Blockaders - anti-concert David Woodard - Los Angeles (lecture / exposition of the Brion GysinDreamachine)

November 7, 2003, 9:30 p.m., The Derby Nightclub (21+), 4500 Los Feliz Boulevard (corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard), Los Angeles, California 90027 323.663.8979
Admission at the door - $25 / $20 UCLA students with valid identification - Contact for advance ticket sales information.

Machines Never Die: exhibit opening Nov. 7th at TIA Gallery, Brooklyn NY - featuring the work of Arnold Steiner, the man behind Schematic Records' brilliantly disturbed design and illustration, and live video by Phoenix Perry.