Saturday, August 30, 2003

just a quick note, recently back from a month in thailand and laos and a weekend at the criminally little-known notting hill carnival in of both to come plus loooong overdue pictures from glastonbury and sonar

Friday, August 29, 2003

The Lightning Bolt/Wolf Eyes show at the Knitting Factory NY Saturday night is sold out, but you can still go hear Dan Selzer do his thing downstairs at midnight. Here's what Dan says:

I'm djing saturday at the knitting factory, around midnight, in the tap bar for free. [bla bla bla] what's gonna happen is tons and tons of people are going to come see Lightning Bolt and Wolf Eyes, who are both very intense and exciting, sort of, actually, I can only take a couple of minutes then I'm like, "I gotta sit down, why's it so loud?" of music like this. Then after the show, people are gonna think, should I go downstairs and dance to early 80s electro-funk and italo-disco and other fun trendy genres, played with skill, verve, and gusto? Or should I go home. Then they will go home. But forget about them! What about you? You want to come to the knitting factory to hang out in the tap bar and listen to my records. [bla bla bla] ...look, it's been a really long month, and it's only the 28th, so don't start with me.

But if you ARE going to that show, it's be stupid not to come downstairs and say hello and maybe breakdance for a little bit, it'll be refreshing after all that #()*&#(*^# music.

New Hot Hot Heat video by MK12. Check it out here.

MK12 were contacted in early April '03 by Stuart Meyer of Sub Pop about creating a music video for the single NO, NOT NOW by the band Hot Hot Heat; the song would be the second single off of their album MAKE UP THE BREAKDOWN. As MK12 had been pirating Hot Hot Heat?s music for some time, they were eager to give something back to the band and the label. The video was completed on May 27th. Then we ate Thai food, and went to sleep. Sub Pop liked it, as did the band. MK12 thinks it looks neat, and is a fitting coming-out for the SUPERPOP style soon to infect global airwaves. Huzzah!

ATMOSPHERE Call for Submissions

ATMOSPHERE is an event intended to cultivate a productive interface between artists and supporters of the Michigan underground and outsider art communities. It is an opportunity for members of the creative community to further the collective aims of the regional arts scene by engaging collaborators and mentors in their area.

ATMOSPHERE provides an unconventional and compelling space for artists to display their work, commune with fellow artists and make valuable industry connections. They will have the opportunity to develop portfolios, meet industry leaders and receive professional advice.

A collection of artwork from the video, painting, photography and design disciplines will be projected onto screens and selected pieces will be displayed on easels alongside the walls of the venue. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Carlos Hinojosa, Images of artwork in digital form (300dpi 720*480 pixels) can be mailed to: 373 Columbus Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Industry professionals interested in connecting with ATMOSPHERE artists are encouraged to contact Adrian Pittman,

The next ATMOSPHERE is September 17. Artists who would like to be in the upcoming show should mail their artwork before September 12.

September 17 Lineup
Dabrye(Ghostly International/Ann Arbor) Live PA
Dykehouse(Ghostly International-Planet Mu/Ann Arbor)
SV4(Ghostly International/Ann Arbor)
R Elliott(Ghostly International/Ann Arbor)
Iggy Ignotius (Carlos check spelling with Martin)(Abolisionist/Ann Arbor) Live PA
Aarnio(Atmosphere-Ghostly International/Poland)

ATMOSPHERE: connect.collaborate.create.
Wednesday, September 17, 10pm - 2am
Goodnight Gracie: 301 W. Huron St. Ann Arbor, MI
$8 at the door (Bring your portfolio or at least 12 copies of your demo CD/Tape/Vinyl and get in for $5)

Just in case you haven�t heard:

Paxahau 5-Year Anniversary
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003

Reinhard Voigt (Live) (Kompakt)
M. Mayer (DJ) (Kompakt)
Deadbeat (Live) (~Scape)

Chuck Flask (DJ) (Paxahau)
Drew Maddox (DJ) (Paxahau)

9 PM - 2 AM� Times Square, Detroit
2 AM - 6 AM � location will be disclosed at Times Square

This is a presale only event, tickets available at the usual record shops

I hope I�m not the only person who�s in love with MIT OpenCourseWare.

This coming November, the peripatetic art dealer Kenny Schachter plans to open a gallery devoted to photography in the westernmost stretches of Greenwich Village. Dubbed Cross Eyed Photos and located next door to the BMW motorcycle dealership on West Street between Charles and 10th streets, the new space is debuting in November. The project should be fairly glamorous -- Vanity Fair photog Mark Seliger is a partner in the enterprise. Long known for art shows mounted in temporary spaces, Schachter opened Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary, a permanent gallery in a space designed by Acconci Studios, at 14 Charles Lane in June 2002.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

What happens when you do a Google image search for "drunk robot"? Yeah, that's what I thought: our very own Princeton correspondent.

For my first official �back to Burnlab� update, one should check out the new issue of Wired for the sole reason they write a short but complimentary summary of the Proce55ing project I�ve been involving myself with.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

"Yes, but how does that relate to education policy, and a budget crisis, Gov. Schwartzeneggar?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I have no idea who posted this response to 'Detroit is a dead city' or the reliabilty of the information, but the fact that it takes a while to load says a lot.

Re: Re: Your details

Dear Sir or Madam -
Although I appreciate you interest, I am quite content with the state of both my details and my application. I am also pleased to be of service, but no thanks are in order. Really. No, really, no more thanks please.

best regards

P.S. We're stocked up on 'wicked screensavers' as well. Thanks.

High quality streams of Adult., LCD Soundsystem and more live.
Big thanks to Chris at Protein OS.

DANAM: lovely portfolio of Zhang Dan and Chen Man.

Finally an explanation of what Almond Joy, Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix, Freemasons, New York City and Al Gore have to do with the Apocalypse (or "Endtime") according to Sunny.

Make sure you don't miss The Omega Man. Also, check out Bill's prophecies.

Geeks and fire.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Some tweaks at radio.burnlab to make room for a handful of new mixes coming soon. First off: Josh Glazer's mix, which he did months ago and I finally made time to upload it. Worth the wait.

Concerning Chad Clark's post - Am I the only one who thinks that Hirst needs to start doing heavy drugs again?

Google can now do caluclations within the searchbar, go ahead and try e^(i pi)+1)
"Just checking... hmm... maybe today... ah... nope."
(39 months late, but who's counting?)

Damien Hirst accused of sadism over butterfly collage.
Animal rights activists, who have previously taken a dim view of Hirst�s stark meditations on life and death, are not amused. Amazing Revelations, a triangular collage made from thousands of dismembered butterfly/insect wings, will be one of the centerpieces of Hirst's much-anticipated show at the White Cubegallery in Hoxton, east London, next month. The exhibition will be Hirst's first solo show in Britain in six years.

�Ever since the 1950s, there have been short-lived fads for plastic-clad buildings. The last time round, it was the 1980s and a new translucent wonder material known as twin-wall polycarbonate, very handy for greenhouses and garden centres, was quite the thing among architects experimenting with curvy shapes. It should come as a bit of a shock to find this now mundane stuff revived in a landmark cultural building in 2003. But the new Laban Dance Centre in Deptford by Herzog and de Meuron makes plastic seem natural, valuable, and somehow inevitable.�

Force of Evil - Abraham Polonsky (screenwriter of Body and Soul) directs what is perhaps the most important film noir ever made. Filmmaker/historian Martin Scorcese helped finance the restoration of this film which he considers one of his favorites. John Garfield stars as a lawyer corrupted by a promised payoff from a ruthless racketeer. When Garfield's brother gets in the way of the racketeer, Garfield must choose between his brother and cold cash. The lawyer in Force of Evil is undoubtedly Garfield's best role, and Thomas Gomez gives a riveting performance as Garfield's noble and tragic brother. The fast paced and vitriolic dialogue and the superb New York location photography make the film colorful and entertaining. However, it is a philosophical and subversive film. An "autopsy of capitalism" is the way Polonsky described the book upon which he based the screenplay. The plot pitts the working people in the numbers racket against the big crime bosses. Polonsky was blacklisted after making this film, and HUAC also attacked Garfield. Force of Evil is purported to have been Senator Joe McCarthy's most hated film. Please join us for this restored 35mm print in all its glory.
Saturday, August 30th, 2003 at 8:30 P.M.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower, No reservation necessary. Tickets sold at gate, gates open at 7 pm - DJ David Hollander spins funky soundtracks at 7pm.

Power Failure is the Mother of Invention � Designers ponder the concept of �emergency� as it relates to the products and infrastructure we use everyday.

Burnlab is getting some fresh paint and updated plumbing this week. First off, the Conspirators page (at left) has been updated to include our most recent additions to the editorial team. Also, long-time collaborator, charter conspirator and master of broken drum machines Micho McAdow is working on a new home page.

If you couldn't be more excited about the new Al Franken book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced View of the Right." You'll be even more gleeful at the news that Fox News' suit against him, at the insistence of Bill OReilly, has not only been shot down, but already forced the publishers to print an extra 90,000 copies, push the release date up by a month, and made it #1 at Amazon!

Haven't visited in a while - still brilliant: 1h05

Here is a handy little tool to help all future speech writers help out Future Gov. Schwartzenneger with his acceptance speech.

Indie scene battle: Detroit vs. Omaha

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Friday, August 22, 2003

Please, to all who love America, register yourself as a Patriot.

a new film adaptation of "charlie and the chocolate factory" is in the works. this version is to be directed by tim burton with johnny depp, prospectively, playing willy wonka.

Friday 8.22
Brooklyn's favorite bartender Tony Saracino will be working on his birthday tonight. You should join him, us and all the cool kids in South Brooklyn at Buttermilk: corner of 5th Ave. and 16th St. The award winning jukebox will go quiet tonight as Dan Selzer DJ's like only he can.

Saturday 8.23
Brian and Phoenix from Memory Systems and the Bay Area's infamous SYNTH events present CONDITION. "Smarty pants techno + covert acid trax" provided by Brian Jackson, Badbunny and special guest DJ Dirty, plus visual destruction by Phoenix and C-TRL. Boogaloo: 168 Marcy Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 10pm - late, no cover.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

For its fall fashion issue, the oversized glamour glossy W commissioned 17 artists or artist-teams to produce a portfolio of images of Kate Moss, waif supermodel. Many of the most interesting works depict Moss fashion-free, that is, in the buff. Lucian Freud, Alex Katz and Takashi Murakami all paint her in the nude, while six daguerreotype images by Chuck Close show a nude Moss in dramatic detail, including two shots of her celebrated face sans makeup as well. Even when clothes are involved, the artistic approach to dress seems to be about -- undressing. Lisa Yuskavage puts Moss in naught but beaded panties, striped socks and one of the artist's trademark blonde wigs, while Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin have her wearing only a tiara and a tulle veil. And Richard Prince, well, he puts her in a vinyl nurse outfit.

The Altoids breath-mint company has come up with an ingenious way to promote its new "breath strips" (in peppermint and cinnamon, suggested retail price, $1.79) and raise a few bucks at the same time for the New Museum (whose acquisitions of new art Altoids supports in a big way). For the promotion, Altoids commissioned five artists -- Beth Campbell, Erik Hanson, Dave Muller, Dave Rathman and Wayne White -- to make an original comic strip interpreting the word "strip." These works go up for auction on eBay, Aug. 25-Sept. 4, 2003, with proceeds from the sales matched by Altoids and donated to the museums. Lucky winners of the art also receive a year's supply of Altoid Strips. For more info, see

Print mavens are heading up to Williamstown, Mass., this summer for the exhibition "Constructs for a Brave New World: El Lissitzky's 'Proun' and 'Victory Over the Sun' Portfolios," July 26-Nov. 16, 2003, at the Williams College Museum of Art. The two portfolios include 18 lithographs and two covers, drawn from the collection of A. Fenner Milton and installed according to Lissitzky's Constructivist precepts by Williams' exhibition preparator Hideyo Okamura. The Proun portfolio -- "Proun" was Lissitzky's acronym for "Project for the Establishment of a New Art" -- consists of six images of abstract geometric forms that the artist considered a new universal language of design. The Victory over the Sun portfolio casts the protagonists in Kazimir Malevich's 1913 Futurist opera of the same name as mechanical puppets made solely from geometric shapes. The show is organized by Deborah Rothschild with assistance from Amelia Avdic and Patricia Hickson

The new 20,000-square-foot flagship Ferragamo store that has opened at 655 Fifth Avenue is planning to premiere its own art gallery on Sept. 12, 2003, just in time for Fashion Week. For the debut exhibition, titled "Game," some 17 artists were invited to make works inspired by a black calfskin pump with a Louis XV-style heel and "labyrinth" patterned zigzag stitching -- a style inspired by Futurism and Cubist collage -- that Ferragamo designed in the 1920s. Among the participants are Vanessa Beecroft, Sylvie Fleury, Luis Gispert, Mark Handforth, Brad Kahlhamer, Armin Linke, Rob Pruitt, Tobias Rehberger, Rosemarie Trockel and Pae White

New-Wave-a-Palooza (aka KROQ'S INDLAND INVASION III) tickets go on sale 8/23, but you can get them right now (Hurry!!) by going to, search Inland Invasion, scroll down to Hyundai Pavilion 9/20, and select Find Tickets. In the Presale Password box enter: FUTURE.
Thanks to my friend (the anonymous Duran Duran fan-club member) we're off to L.A. to see them, The Cure, Hot Hot Heat, Dashboard Confessional, Interpol, Echo & The Bunnymen (!), Violent Femmes, Psychedelic Furs, Fountains of Wayne, Bow Wow Wow, General Public, Berlin, Dramarama and Mark Almond of Soft Cell on September 20. Presale ends 5 pm Pacific Time.

Although I've never experienced a building of his that I really "liked," this is an interesting article on the new Disney Music Hall in LA designed by Frank Gehry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

focus:electronic is tonight, beginning in the 12am hour Eastern. The topic: KOMPAKT records. Online listening has resumed, and this one should remain mostly uninterrupted.

In the space of the last 12 months, Ai Records has become one of the most talked about, revered, and collectable of all and any independant labels anywhere. "New Town" is the label's long awaited dual-format compilation, bringing together over 5 years IDM, Experimental Techno, and other dance floor destroyers from a myriad of artists the label has absorbed.
Andy Freer - "Super Galaxo"

Following up Mike's GI Jerk Off post below...File Under Irony

The Dept. of Consumer Affairs has recalled the George Bush action figure, due to a choking hazard.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

What to do if you get kicked off Friendster:
Fu@!k Friendster

The new album might be nothing but some mediocre techno, but while doing some research for my interview with Kraftwerk last week, I stumbled upon this rather intensive fan site. Check out the equipment lists from each decade. I wanna get me a stylophone.

This weekend in Chicago features Derrick May on Friday at Smartbar and Radiohead on Saturday in Wisconson. Hopefully I'll remember a bit more than the last time I saw Radiohead in London. I think they might have played "Lucky". That's all I can recollect since in London, even the plastic concert cups are proper pint sized.

Battlestar Galactica

Monday, August 18, 2003

detroit seems to have weathered the blackout without too many incidents (not including the truck one block over that someone set on fire thursday night).

in related weekend news: the management of st. andrew's had to close the shelter on saturday due to flooding. as it turns out, this had nothing to do with the blackout and water-system pumps, but, rather the rain and bad pipes in the building. (you'd think clear channel could cough up some cash for better plumbing). never being ones to let a potentially good time go to waste, untitled moved to an unused unit in the brooklyn lofts (a little b & e in the name of fun never hurt anyone). through a number of calls and text messages our usual cast of characters spread the word and untitled got a late night loft party makeover. derek, mike, traxx, and deecoy kept partiers happy until about 5am, when we decided to quit while we were ahead and pull the plug. next week: back to the shelter and more craziness.

regarding the below-listed post on keokiclash: keoki is so late on the whole mocking electroclash thing. Whatever It Snakes did that, like, a year ago ("wait...what? he's not mocking it? he's actually serious??!..." )

Gaiman and McKean have released The Wolves in the Walls, yet another beautifully illustrated story for frightening young children

We're off to Philadelphia for a couple days. Topping the list of things to see is the M�tter Museum. The Mrs. and I have a thing for old buildings filled with dusty glass jars of formaldehyde and strange looking apparatuses. We'll see if the prestigious M�tter can top the Niagara Falls Museum and its stellar "freaks of nature" collection, or the eclectic and stunning Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze . (Those who've visited the Lab know that this is being typed from a vintage dentist chair, we use a 1918 anatomical chart as a window shade, and your chances of being made to watch Brothers Quay films are quite good.)

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I was wondering why there was so many breadcrumbs on Franklin this morning as I finally made my way back to Brooklyn, past Dune-- unless I take my bike, I can't make the party (if it ever happened....)
I don't usually turn down a gyro, either. Nevermind, got to hang out with Parker & Ryan at my favourite spot Black & White.
No link, but I highly highly highly recommend if you're around 10th between 3rd & 4th in NYC. Say hi to Richard & Jimmy at the bar.

Kevin's Throbbing Gristle post deserves a little more attention.
Here's the deal:

The original member of TG are to hold a three day event at Camber Sands resort town, on the British coast in May 2004. Guest performers include Coil, Carter Tutti (aka Chris & Cosey), Alec Empire, Soft Pink Truth, Richard H. Kirk , Daniel Miller (DJ set), Pan Sonic , Merzbow and many more. Four person chalet packages start at �500, which seems like a bloody good deal.

On a side note, check out this recent interview with Daniel Miller: fellow PowerBook totting bandwidth junkie.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Sorry, Allen, I had no intentions of stealing your thunder. I'm just testing my skills. I'll go for a little shameless plugging here. Remote on DVD is having our Los Angeles launch party tonight, hosted by Booty Blaster...featuring DJ Roddy Bottum (ex-Faith No More) at the "legendary" Catch One Disco.

I have yet to run into Tim Hecker ... Hm

Oh and I see this new conspirator is trying to steal my glory ...

G.I. Jerk-Off

(Thanks Fred)

In between MUTEK and Movement, try to spend sometime with your buddies TG and some of their friends...

Big welcome to our newest conspirator, Kevin McFancy. Perhaps you remember the Creative Time events at the Brooklyn Anchorage, or maybe you know one of his many Friendster� personalities. Even if the answer to both is "No, Mike. What the hell are you talking about?" We're pleased to have him on board.

[Regarding the Untitled / Disco 2000 correlation five posts down]
Josh- So, if Jonnie is destined to pump one of the Untitled regulars full of Drano� and chop up their body, who are you putting your bets on? This is open to all readers: VOTE

By the way, the lights are back on in Brooklyn. Cold beer and internet access - yay! It was actually fun strolling around the neighborhood last night and seeing stars that probably haven't been visible since... well, 1977. Apparently Detroit is not fairing quite as well.

Ok, I have one small story to tell about the Blackout, I'm sure we've all got millions. But I'll condense this into a short one, sorry if it's too New York.

I'd decided to stroll up Bedford Ave. to listen for gossip. When I ran into D-town scenester Odell Nails, and another friend, we heard that Tribeca Oven was giving away all of their bread, since none of it could get routed to their customers (delis, hotels, restaurants). Sad that they'd be losing so much cash on it, but glad they were generous enough to help eveyone out, we decided to go grab some.

Along the way, we saw someone with enough gaul to SELL the same bread on the street, $1 per loaf. Understand, folks: he had walked around the corner with free bread, and sold it to people who were completely unaware they could get the same stuff for free. On top of that, his pitch was "buy bread now, you might need it'll remember me when you're hungry!" When we confronted him, he played dumb..."where? huh?"

This kind of behavior isn't new, or different from what you'd expect in New York. BUT, given the strange sense floating that we had no control over our fate, food supply or much else, it seemed particularly nasty. So by the time we made it to Tribeca Oven, and saw how much they were giving away (and losing), I was fumed.

We thanked the owner for being so thoughtful, but then this jerk had the nerve to come back and stock up for MORE! He was blending in with the rest of the folks, filling bags of loaves, with the intention of re-selling them to people who had no idea!!

I was so disgusted, I told the owner, who promptly kicked him to the curb. I'm all for capitalism, but, to quote DMX "if you do dirt, you get dirt." Holla!!

P.S. Anybody want some bread? No seriously, it's free...

If you didn't feel secure, Tom Ridge is here to reassure you..

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Twilo to re-open? Not exactly.

Attack of the Smartasses
Yeah, yeah... more about Friendster�. This is a really good article for both the addicted and yet-uninitiated.

(Thanks to Kevin McFancy for the link.)

A look into NYC's past, or the logical conclusion of Untitled?

The funniest tie in I could think of: CLASH

Oh wait...something funnier...

...who plays superstar the afformentioned flick.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

A study funded by the US government has concluded that conservatism can be explained psychologically as a set of neuroses rooted in "fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity". More here.

Speaking of cars, CDN's featured portfolios got a lot better since the last time I checked. updates with images and more details about Rich's new CTRL system.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Car Design News has images from the CCS 2003 senior show. As usual, some really beautiful stuff, as well as what appear to be studies for future Pontiac Azteks. Nothing quite as bad as the new production models to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, especially BMW's trio of aesthetic atrocities.

"There is no plan B."

Core77 invites you to the IDSA National Conference kick-off party. Wednesday, August 13, 11pm - late, at Remote: 327 Bowery btwn 2nd and 3rd. Hobnob with famous designers (like me - heh), drink too much, show up to the conference bright and early Thursday morning to see legends such as Gijs Bakker, Karim Rashid and Eva Zeisel. Sounds like fun? You bet yer slide ruler.

I'm off to Quebec for two weeks. Have fun and play safe

Monday, August 11, 2003

"Drive it like you stole it."

My idea of a typical Sunday morning: (Engine revs in background, rows of orange cones stretch out in front of the windshield) Dave P./ driver" So how fast can I go?" SCCA sports car racer Ken/co-driver "Drive it like you stole it."
This past weekend I was invited by Porsche to have a little fun with one of their new $100,000 Cayenne Sport Utilities Vehicles. The program was called the 'Cayenne Experience' and offered a controlled environment to push the vehicle to the limits. The day consisted of laps on both their pavement road course and an offroad course including a 20' tall hill ascent and water crossing. Programs like these are becoming more common for automakers to offer as they aim to prove all the advertising jargon isn't just made up. I did a few punishing laps on the road course in the Cayenne Turbo and I can attest the thing is quick. Believe me, I shook my head in disbelief when I heard Porsche was releasing a sport-ute but the thing is fun. Programs like these are great because they give everyone an opportunity to do something we all dream about....beat the crap out of something we can't afford.

Even if you didn't skate in the 80's chances are you heard about Gator. He sported some of the coolest deck graphics and made Vision Street Wear a must have fashion item. But alas there was no happy ending, now serving 31 years to life in prison, he is but another tragic example of the cost of trying to maintain fame. Get the complete story in the new film by RISD grad Helen Stickler. More info here. Some of the site seems not fully done yet.

Carl Craig will be at APT tomorrow night in NYC. It's only $8 with a RSVP and there is an open Stoli Cranberry bar from 9-10pm. It beats standing in the rain.
APT 419 W.13th St btw 9th & Washington

(You already know this, right?) Long before Friendster� became the all consuming and time sucking data harvesting machine it is, our man Gibby was running The Makeout Club: the ultimate grassroots hipster network. The navigation isn't so easy, but the web links are a much welcome feature.

Speaking of...
Unfortunately, F*uckster�.com is already taken by squatters. (I tried to register it.)
Thanks to Kevin McFancy for the link.

Oh, guess what? It's raining in New York... again!

spellingmistakescostlives. Check out rubbish TV.

Pixelblocks look fun.

While Doyle may think Mute may be the greatest label, I�m going to have to go with Table of Elements (I�m just not in a Kompakt mood today) which is releasing 14 specially colored and transparent records to celebrate their tenth year anniversary. So what�s been announced so far? How about Loren Mazzacane Connors, John Fahey, and Burnlab favorite (well, Allen Goodman favorite) Jim O�Rourke. You can expect these to hit your local shop on 21st of October. Get your avant-on

(Also, I would supply a link ... but Table of Elements seem to be against working web pages so here is a picture of a monkey dressed as a sailor, enjoy)

Belgian creative agency Flink launches the beautiful Flink Paper. Preview/download it here and view the printed piece here.

Christian Marclay at the Hammer thru August 31, 10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

It is sound-and our culturally determined reactions to it-that forms the basis of Christian Marclay's art. Taking his cue from both music and noise, he has produced a remarkable body of work exploring the space between what we hear and what we see. Known for his sculptures, including altered, unplayable, and distorted musical instruments and a pillowcase crocheted from the Beatles' complete works; his collages, including his Body Mix series assembled from various album covers; his videos, including the virtuosic four screen audiovisual composition, Video Quartet, 2002; and his performances, in which he plays broken and reassembled records on multiple turn-tables, Marclay crosses genre and media in his exploration of sight, sound and the translation of the audible into the visual.This exhibition is the first in-depth presentation of this influential artist's work in a major museum. It presents recent work never before seen in Los Angeles, including the critically acclaimed videos Guitar Drag (2000) and Video Quartet (2002), along with early works like the Recycled Records (1980-1986). Sculptural works include both small-scale objects such as Marclay's nine melted records (Untitled, 1989) and monumental works like Endless Column (1988) and Drumkit (1999). Also present are a group of letterpress prints on the Beatles' White Album cover and works from Marclay's still growing Imaginary Records series. During the past few decades Marclay has established himself as one of the primary links between the worlds of contemporary art and music; this presentation offers the viewer an opportunity to see the artist's development and to evaluate his entire career.

Related Items:
Negativland- (Mark Hosler, Chris Grigg, Don Joyce, David Wills, and Richard Lyons), they appropriate, dissect, juxtapose, scramble, reassemble, and regurgitate sonic material culled from a variety of sources--anything from network and shortwave broadcasts to private phone conversations and family recordings made in the kitchen. They mix this with an equally eclectic variety of instruments--keyboards, guitars, effects boxes, samplers, tape loops, squeeze toys, and so on. The end result is incredibly funny, often making a wry social comment; but it also has a strange coherence among its myriad layers, unparalleled by similar efforts of other groups.

Plunderphonics is a cultural paradox, one of the only truly underground musical phenomena to emerge in the latter quarter of the 20th century ("This art is more radical in its social and political associations than the introduction of the electric guitar"), yet featuring some of the world's most recognizable music imbedded in novel constellations of sonic diversity by John Oswald. Oswald flew past the level of mere sampling. Plunderphonics is an ambitious package containing 60 memorable tracks, from the Swinging Sixties to the Numb Nineties, on two hyper-dense discs covering the gamut of progressive musical endeavour, where punk meets classical, schmaltz marries metal, jazz divorces rap and electronica kills world. Each title features an instantly recognizable musical icon transformed into an electroquoted hybrid plunderphoney moniker such as Anthrax Squeeze Factory, Sin�ad O'Connick Jr., Beastie Shop Beach, or Bing Stingspreen. Often visceral, occasionally poignant, sometimes funny, never predictable and always challenging, the set is an entire record collection packed into this compact book form, including an extensively annotated retrospective account by reproducer Oswald, lavishly illustrated with full color collages. For the moment John Oswald is a solo movement, the most exciting school of one in music.

John Zorn is a composer and saxaphone player who lives and performs primarily in New York City. It is hard to categorize his music, simply because he deals with so many genres, occasionally blurring the distinctions between them. He has composed for jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, rock bands, and films. The only constant in his music is a restless desire to move forward, to experiment with sound, in all of its various manifestations. It is a pretty momentous task to try and summarize Zorn's career and the evolution of his work, so what follows is my half assed attempt at summary. There are certain themes one notices in Zorn's work, though they are by no means applicable to everything he does. Much of his music is very aggressive and abrasive, a kind of sonic "stylized violence." It is placed confrontationally with the listener, daring him to walk away or sit and listen.

Paul D. Miller is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician working in NYC.
Miller is best known by his constructed persona, Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid-a character from his upcoming novel Flow My Blood the Dj Said. Miller has recorded a huge volume of music as Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid and has collaborated a wide variety of preeminent musicians and composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Butch Morris, Kool Keith a.k.a. Doctor Octagon, Killa Priest from Wu-Tang Clan, Yoko Ono and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth amongst many others. His written work has appeared in The Village Voice, The Source, Artforum, Raygun, Rap Pages, Paper Magazine, and a host of other periodicals. His work as an artist has appeared in a wide variety of contexts such as the Whitney Biennial, The Venice Biennial for Architecture (year 2000), the prestigious Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany; Kunsthalle, Vienna; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and many other museums and galleries
errata erratum from the MOCA Digital Gallery

Experimental Music Chronicled Hertz-Lion YIELD

Sunday, August 10, 2003

It�s not my fault that every interesting �art� project comes out of MIT � really its not.

"Eigenradio makes its optimal music by analyzing in real time dozens of radio stations at once. When our bank of computers has heard enough music, it will go to work on making more just like it. Since we listen to so much music all the time, Eigenradio is always on and always live. What you hear on Eigenradio is the best of the New Music, distilled and de-correlated. One song on Eigenradio is worth at least twenty songs on old radio." ...

Saturday, August 09, 2003

We all know that Mute is the most important record label in the whole world, right? Okay. Good. Here are some new reasons to spend your hard earned money:

T. Raumschmiere: Radio Blackout full length album, 9/22/03
Client: self-titled debut LP, 8/18/03 UK, 8/26/03 US
Laibach: WAT - first new LP in seven years, 9/8/03
Plastikman: Closer - first new LP in five years, 10/21/03
(f'ing brilliant, by the way)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: God is in the House DVD, 8/11/03

Speaking of the godfather of beauty and sorrow, be sure to check out the extensive interviews, audio clips and full-length videos from his upcoming appearance on ITV's South Bank Show.

And remember to listen to the Daniel Miller Hour on Radio EINS to hear it all first.

(Hey, when does Radio EANS go live?)

Can you play 4 games at once? I can

The Interactive Cinema Group at the MIT Media Lab has a blog. Outstanding!

Just a few weeks before the Broadway theater season begins this fall, we're reminded that some of the most interesting and thought-provoking work on stage happens nowhere near midtown.NYC Fringe Festival.

From the greatest ape of all, Kong, to the King of Lizards, Godzilla � from the nightmarish future-visions of H.G. Wells� THE TIME MACHINE to the tongue-in-cheek heroics of "Battlestar Galactica" � the Cinematheque�s 4th Annual Festival of all things secret, sinister and space-age is back with a vengeance!!

A night of the legendary Don Ho with a Hawaiin Tiki Party is going to be the Tropical Hollywood event of the summer. Tonight at The Key Club, 9039 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

WRAP IT UP -Stephen Kieran, left, and James Timberlake at their SmartWrap pavilion at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

The 3D film fest
This 10 day festival will be, simply put, the biggest, most thorough set of screenings ever done anywhere in the world, of stereoscopic films from the 1950's.
No anaglyphic (red/blue) "3-D" here; all films at the Expo will be run as they were intended to be seen: In 35mm "double interlock", Polaroid system, on the huge screen at the world famous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood!
And what a group of films! Not only are we screening titles like "Dial M For Murder", "House of Wax" and "Phantom of the Rue Morgue", we will be showing a large body of work not seen in 3-D in over half a century! From "Gog" and "Money From Home" (Martin and Lewis) to "The Glass Web" and "I, the Jury", in many cases we will be showing the only surviving prints. In some cases, both "eyes" do not survive in printable form, meaning that they will NEVER be printed in 3-D again!

A Special Outdoor Screening of THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE
August 9th 8:30 pm $10
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Blvd (at Gower)
Tickets available at gate. Gates open at 7 pm

Among the many fall exhibitions involving fashion and couture are two standouts. "Shocking! The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli," Sept. 28, 2003-Jan. 4, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the first major retrospective of costumes by the acknowledged arbiter of style in the 1930s. The show is organized by curator Dilys E. Blum and surveys the Italian-born designer's career from the 1920s to the closure of her salon in 1954.

Two months later, "Bravehearts: Men in Skirts," Nov. 4, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004, at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute, features more than 100 gender-bending items, with examples ranging from ancient Greece and Rome and the "hyper-masculine" Scottish kilt to examples from Asia, Africa and Oceania and from contemporary culture icons like David Bowie and Boy George. The Met's show is an expanded version of a show of the same name that appeared at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2001.

Freelance curator and dealer Cristine Wang opens her new gallery space in Brooklyn with "Williamsburg Bridges Asia," July 31-Oct. 26, 2003, a group exhibition of works by Wenda Gu, Ken Feinstein, Tony Oursler, Lewis Stein, Zhao Bandi and several other artists. The gallery also boasts a selection of audio works, limited-edition artists' books, wearable art and DVD videos. The gallery is located at 88 N. 1st Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211; for more info, contact

NYC forecast. (Thanks Tony.)

Friday, August 08, 2003

We're all winners:

Craig Henry Architects win the Dublin Landmark Tower / U2 Studio design competition. Pickup Line Contest. (At my suggestion, Israel used the last one in the lobby of the Standard Hotel a few weeks ago. It got a 'look'.)

Throw away your McSweeny's and check out the newest edition of Broken Wrist Project. This second installment features more outstanding fiction, illustration and creative design than you can shake a stick at. The first installment received kudos from the Fader, Surface, Q and Urb, it was also named one of the 100 coolest things on the planet by Gear Magazine and it won an award for design distinction by ID Magazine. The second one easily trumps the first one and features a cover illustration by Fabrizio Moretti of the Strok_s. Worth every penny of the purchase price.

Can't decide if this is the best thing I've seen all day, or I've just been drinking too much...

Magda live at MUTEK 03 [RealPlayer format / 132kbps]
Superb blip blip bleep. I am so going to Montreal next year.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Okay, so this guy is taking pictures of solar flares in his backyard yet the press still calls him an amateur photographer? He may be lucky, but I think he earned the right to be called a photographer

IDSA National Conference is next week. Signed up yet?

those out in detroit this saturday should stop by untitled, where local teen heart throb, jimmy edgar, warp records' newest artist, will be performing a live techno set. saturday also marks jimmy's birthday (emphasis on the word "marks"). anyone who knows what happens when birthdays and untitled mix, knows enough not to make any plans early sunday morning.

view the trailer for the upcoming film, "party monster", here . for those who don't know, party monster tells the true tale of michael alig and the club kids that inhabited new york's limelight in the early nineties. drugs, dancing, and murder all rolled into one. now that's entertainment.

The latest Gen X trend to be 'named', and therefore rendered irrelevant: PeterPandemonium

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tokion: Creativity Now
September 6-7, New York City

Matthew Barney, Peter Saville, Christine Vachon, Neil LaBute, etc.

Dig! Snaps & Handclaps MP3's! One here and one over ... here.

So I have officially joined the Blog game by activating a TypePad account. You can check my blog out here, though I warn you it�s not as entertaining as Rob�s.

Attention all east coast robots: Burnlab favorites Lowfish vs. Solvent live at Filter 14 in NYC next Thursday 8/14, courtesy of Satamile.

For Earthlink users: there have been several convincing targeted e-mail scams going around recently. The latest is a service suspension warning. This directs you to a real enough looking form that asks for your credit card info, social security number, etc. Obviously, DO NOT provide any info, as this appears to be a fairly well crafted hack/identity theft scheme.

Since Jared is a big attention slut (you heard it hear first) he updated the FTM page with another equally impressive mix (which has an equally impressive name)



Steven Marsden-Masterpeice 2.5-40/40
Cobra-Press Triger-Black Shadow
Steven Marsden-Diwali-40/40
ceephax acid crew-exidy tours-firstcask
amen andrews-vol1-rephlex
bug-gun disease-rephlex
subsonic-bloody fist 26
v/a-malfuntion-feed the machine
epsilon-extol.nihil.-bloody fist
kovert-v3rs10n1ng-damage (peaceoff)
team doyobi-kmas-skam
kovert-shock effect-praxis
parasite/electromeca-hurry up xxx-peaceoff
dj scud-ambush!-rephlex
mashup soundsystem-d.i.m.-mashup

Team Ghostly returns from their first assault on Europe - with photos.

I just noticed from the post yesterday about Alec Empire that Alec is releasing one of the many sought-after Akita/Empire tapes, CBGB�s, �98. In the noise and experimental community the Akita/Empire shows are notorious (be it Merzbow vs. Destroyer, Merzbow vs. Atari Teenage Riot, or the band they shared Intelligence and Sacrifice) for there innovation, there rawness, and most importantly there loudness. While I haven�t heard this particular tape, the Akita/Empire material shows amazing progression in the realms of �DJ�ing� and in my opinion their work together are wonderful examples of two of the finest DJ�s at work.

So go and check it out, dude

Oh! Speaking of noise, last night I heard Matt Dear play just a phenomenal drone/noise track that he claims he did the previous night. It hissed and spit � and well it�s been rattling in my head all day. It�s so good I�m wondering when Ghostly is going to create another sub-label (because it�s the hip thing I heard) for solely experimental work to compete against that other growing Ann Arbor label.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

This has to be one of the funniest sites I've seen in a while. Make sure you check out Dubya's blog. Big shout outs to Lee over at Blank00 for the tip off.

New Alec Empire video.
Read Alec's comments here. (Rumor has it the girl in the video is the bioengineered love child of Mr. Empire and Trent Reznor.)

Monday, August 04, 2003

It's no secret that I'm a huge Depeche Mode devotee from way back, and although the synth community might dismiss my comments this a blasphemous rumor, I'm here to proclaim that the German trio Camouflage, with their superb album Sensor, has surpassed anything the mode has released since the Violator-era.

Sensor oozes with superb production and charismatic vocals. It's a well-balanced electronic work of art, beautiful and warm, yet hauntingly melancholy. It's been three weeks since I put it in the CD changer and it seems to get better everytime I listen to it. If you're looking to step off the dancefloor, and enjoy some great "listening" music, check out Sensor.

An excellent mix for this shitty Monday

Forensics DJ - Super Rave Freak Out Mix - Feed the Machine


emotional joystick-ep2-zod
secretmixes/fixes-vol.1 acid_house
ace of clubs-traccid trax-paperplane
curtis chip-eating paste-zod
pp roy-seven up-rephlex
bass junkie-bass control e.p.-control tower
kill memory crash-blood turns black-ghostly
din_st-club goods 1-tresor
DK8-murder was the bass
drumcode 26.5
digital princess-listen to me tender-mosquito
ace of clubs-traccid trax-paperplane
kronos device-ravager of planets-battle trax
breakin all stars-megamix 2001-breakin'
squarepusher-selection sixteen-warp
wagon christ-lovely-persael
bitstream-bionic hand of the dj-pylon
computer rockers-return of the computer rockers-breakin'
dmx krew-dmx bass-breakin'
lowfish-maintain the tension-solvent

Untitled (Neos Esene Bil)

view small (186 KB)

I would love to hear your thoughts, so email me (allen at fksche dot com)!

My favorite painter in the whole wide world will have an exhibition at the Whitney (Peter Norton Family Galleries� Floor 3). Ellsworth Kelly is nothing short of genius and has had a huge influence on me. It would most definitely be worth your time to attend this event, as I will most likely be making the pilgrimmage out for this and the Micromini event. (Speaking of which, those interested in making the commute please contact me. It'd be fun to have a few tagalongs for the ride)

More information on the exhibit is here .

The work of Dale Frank

New Pitchfork? Whatever

The following was posted on the Ximian page today:

Novell, Inc., today announced it has acquired privately held Ximian� of Boston, Mass., the leading provider of desktop and server solutions that enable enterprise Linux adoption. This acquisition expands Novell's capacity to provide flexible information solutions to customers worldwide... The acquisition of Ximian expands Novell's ability to support Linux solutions as the company adds best-of-breed Linux desktop, groupware and management technologies, and welcomes several of the open source community's leading visionaries to the Novell team and a strong core of Linux developers into the Novell fold.

For any geek this is huge news. Ximian is the only real player in the Linux desktop game, and only second to Apple as the largest player in the *Nix desktop game. What this means, I have no idea. But as of now no one is talking on their blogs about it.

It�s kind of funny that I�m relying on employee�s blog�s for information rather than the usual sources of information. Heh

Sunday, August 03, 2003

August edition of The Galactica: Great photos of New York + more music, more art and more erotica.

Rob is back with a vengeance.

Tie a string on your finger for this one: The first installment of MicroMini takes place at Filter14 in NYC on Thursday, Sept. 4th. Featured electronics and bleep-bleeps from Montreal's Akufen and Vincent Lemieux, sexy-superstar-in-the-making Heartthrob, and visionary curator extraordinaire Kevin McHugh. Tickets are only five bucks, which leaves plenty of change for vodka.

MicroMini flyer design by the geniuses at Honest. Be sure to enjoy the very nice (if not kind of creepy) site navigation.

Friday, August 01, 2003

No Contact Jacket: Not only is it high voltage, but it looks great! Yeah, yeah... I'm still into Samsonite Black Label, old Prada Sport and all that cyberfetish stuff. Hey, Front 242 has a new LP out. 'nuff said. (Link swiped from The Gothamist - see below.)

Klas Tauberman created a nice Maya animation of a Technics Turnatable for his demo reel. Have a look here. Recommended for those with a high speed connection, otherwise it will take forever to load.

Warp decends on NYC for another event: 08.08. New York, Manhattan. Coral Room, 512 W 29th St (between 10th & 11th). Record Camp, Activaire, Warp Records Present: N.E.D. [Warp dj], Marcus [FLZ], Record Camp Djs, Tim & Mal, The Innovaders [Slunt Rec. Live]. 9-4am. Bring your dancing shoes! $10 / $7 with flyer.

Pole has a new site......check the STAGE area for some good audio selections including a James Cotton mix. asymetrically fresh

Finally, still feeling information deprived after you've visited burnlab? I know it's crazy talk. Well for those of us trying to keep up more help is here at