Thursday, October 31, 2002

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Why wait for the government to implant you with a tracking device: "Get chipped!" Is this some sick Orwellian practical joke? Uh-uh. Verichip is FDA approved and the Chip-mobile is coming to your town. Hide the children. Surprisingly, John Ashcroft isn't even behind this one... though I'm sure it gives him a big ol' grin.

swayzak performing live in los angeles friday night at the king king on hollywood boulevard. tickets are (supposedly) available through the e l m. (although i cannot find my way through their site). i'll get mine at the door.

I'm just recovering from San Francisco's first electroclash event, and while I've been to more electronic music event's than I care (or am able) to remember, few enjoyed the fun atmosphere and great energy of this weekend. I've posted lots of snapshots at iRobotnik, just be warned there's about 1MB of photos, so be patient.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Opening today is the new exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum entitled New Hotels for Global Nomads. I was in attendance for last nights members only preview party. The evening drew a full house and while being good for rubbing shoulders with the uptown crowd, seeing the whole exhibition was difficult. The show is the first of its kind to document contemporary hotel design in the context of lifestyle. There are a number of commissioned works including a wavy business suite designed by Joel Sanders called '24/7'. While the exhibition focuses on the throughly modern, I couldn't help look at it with a more nostalgic eye. With most airlines deep in the red and the fat business travel accounts of the late 90's gone, the exhibition represents a lifestyle few can find ways to fund on expense reports these days. The exhibition runs through March 2, 2003.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Julie Taymor, one of my favorite directors, has a new movie depicting the life of artist Frida Kahlo (played by Salma Hayek). Taymor's past productions range from original musicals and Shakespeare -- Juan Darien and Titus Andronicus -- to classical operas and original films -- The Magic Flute, Stravinksky's opera-oratorio Oedipus Rex, and Fool's Fire. She has collaborated with distinguished artists Jessye Norman, Seiji Ozawa, and Zubin Mehta, and with topnotch stage and film actors, including Avery Brooks '70. Taymor's awards include a Tony for Juan Darien, an Emmy for Oedipus Rex, a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, two OBIE awards and the Brandeis Creative Arts Award. Taymor's first movie "Titus" was a visually stunning depiction of the Shakespearean play. I can only imagine that "Frida" will be equally fantastic.

Julie Taymor and Salma Hayek discuss "Frida"
10/30/02 - Barnes & Noble - Union Square
Flatiron/Union Square
33 E. 17th St.
New York, NY
(212) 253-0810

A side note: The dream sequences in "Titus" were done by Kyle Cooper and Imaginary Forces whom you might remember from the opening score to the movie "Seven". Their work is really great.

Sometimes the truth is so funny it's not so funny:

Sunday, October 27, 2002

We are getting close to developing an appropriate format for streaming audio. if anyone has been following recent news about copyright law, you are aware this is not a good time to start up a web radio station... or any radio station for that matter. Nonetheless, Burnlab is committed to promoting artists we admire - working in all media - and providing our users a resource to learn about and experience the best and most innovative work being created today. BURNLAB.RADIO will help establish this site as a finger on the pulse of the underground, and [thanks to our diverse and talented editorial staff] provide educated insights on the material we cover. The hope is that by exposing people to certain music, they will be inclined to purchase something they would not have known about otherwise. In that respect, we find it foolish that any record label would take issue with this broadcast. We do plan to honor the request of any copyright holders to remove specific material.

We have ruled out Live365 and other third party broadcast services. Streaming media will come directly from our server. It will most likely not be a SHOUTcast station. The reason for this is that radio content will be a feature of the "Burnlab package" as explained above, and is not intended as a stand-alone radio station. The station(s) will be programmed by a team of editors around the world, and feature new music, rare selections and historically significant favorites. I am still very interested to hear what specific features people would like see. Mail here.

On the subject, I'm using the alpha version of WINAMP Mac right now, and loving the sound quality and functionality. Highly recommended media player. Also, do check out Epitonic Radio. It allows you to create dynamic playlists from different genres and features a selection of new music I'm frankly envious of. Epitonic also offers quality editorial content and MP3 downloads.

Finally, a reminder to all that this Wednesday is Devil's Night. Our associates at Ghostly International and DJ Hell himself descend on Brooklyn to the delight of electropunks and art school freaks.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Last night at Paxahau's Tinnitus event, I had my head completely twisted around by some fantastic techno. It was three live PAs of funky, compelling and really really original ssslllooowwww-techno. First was a live PA by Swiss producer Luciano. Heavily delayed dub style pianos over really slick mid-era Speedy J-esq beats. You can get the almost full effect by checking out his not-so-live CD 'Live @ Weetamix. That was followed by a less compelling set by current bleep-bleep golden boy Akufen. Although the set was average, it would be wrong of me to not mention his incredible remix of Cabaret Voltaire's classic "Nag Nag Nag coming out this month on Novamute. The night ended with a set by Perlon artist Dandy Jack who was joined by Luciano in what became a three hour tour-de-force of dueling laptops. I'll let everyone know when Paxahua post the archives from this amazing night.

just back from a whirlwind u.s. to see fellow editors tony, olivia and mike in brooklyn and catch a beer (or 10) in i told mike, a nice new engram tshirt is being proudly worn thru the streets of barcelona. biggest design-related surprise of my trip was the quality of some of the restaurants and bars in las vegas...unfortunately i wasn�t able to find any good links but the mandalay bay resort has a couple of spots sporting over-the-top design worthy of a batman weekend is the annual artfutura festival in barcelona, which features the best of computer generated art from the past year, with highlights including the "kinetic light sculptures" of paul friedlander and radical software group�s carnivore project,based on software with the same name used by the fbi to monitor internet activity.sounds interesting (i had to say that or else i might be on some fbi blacklist)...........................................guilty pleasure alert (don�t read more if that leadup worries you)...if the coming of crisp fall nights makes you feel like reminiscing about unrequited highschool love while wandering the leaf strewn parks, buy the new coldplay... just don�t admit it to anyone

Friday, October 25, 2002

Sad but typical? Doc's move to China...
Why burn out when you can fade away? I say make less, not more.

Lifted from Core77: Superfuture city style guide. Also see the gorgeous new Sony Vaio W Series. Now available in the US. If it only came with a decent OS...

Lifted from Computerlove: We Come in Peace... nice! And check out the great work and clever interface of Emil Olsson's portfolio, Selected.Work.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

all the "news" someone deemed fit to print.

The Designers Republic have taken the wraps off their first retail venture in Tokyo. The store shares the name of their online shop, The Peoples Bureau For Consumer Information. Anyone with plans to be in the area, here's the address: 5-18-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo.
Also of note, there is an interview with Ian Anderson here in English and Japanese.

Smooth move Microsoft.

Our friends at Red Antenna are celebrating the release of their forthcoming compilation, "The New Electric Policy 2" this Friday [Oct. 25], 9pm at Subtonic: 107 Norfolk, Lower East Side NYC.
Festivities include live performances from Karl Zeiss and Variable-X, plus visual art from the Red Antenna agitprop department and Polar Bear Club resident guru, Giles Hendrix.

Also Friday night, the visionary and multitalented Carl Craig DJs at the legendary club Zouk in Singapore.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Just in: Fischerspooner are to perform at Irving Plaza on November 19th with very special guest DJ Hell. There will be a 9pm and a Midnight show, and those on the mailing list can purchase tickets in advance. We of course encourage all of you to go to the Midnight show, so you can make our much hyped lecture-slash-party at Galapagos Art Space beforehand. We have not confirmed if this is instead of or in addition to the rumored FS performance on Halloween night. (Perhaps Karl can lend some insight?)

Rich and Sven's new mix CD is released next week. Pre-order directly from Mute.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

entertaining interview with moving units.

One of the many projects in varying states of completion here at the Lab is a web site for The Fix [see events, left.] Here is a preview of a new feature: Fix Sketchbook documents many of my scribbles for the club flyers and identity of the ongoing electro party, presented as a 57 inch wide JPEG file. + We've archived all the flyers in one place for your viewing pleasure: Fix Flyer Gallery

Sunday, October 20, 2002

We're seriously investigating BURNLAB.RADIO [a.k.a. streaming music programmed by your favorite B-lab conspirators.] I'm leaning toward going with Live365, but would like any input from our readers on personal experience with different streaming media hosts. Of course we'd like to keep costs to a minimum, but only want to do it if will be a valuable feature for our users. Insight and comments much appreciated.

I got a little preview of Computerlove V2, and I have to say it will be the best and most dynamic resource on the internet for visual design. Can't say more or they'll kill me, but be prepared to be impressed... sometime before end of the year.

Got Berlin on your mind, Mr. Clark? ;) Marius should be moved there soon. Definitely looking forward to having a Burnlab representative based in the world capitol of underground culture.

Daniel Miller (of Mute Records, Depeche Mode fame) has a radio show, the "Miller Hour". Check it out in RealAudio at Radio Eins in Berlin.

The new film from Lynn Ramsay will be in UK cinemas from November 1st. The film recently caused a stir at the Edinburgh Film Festival and has now been nominated for seven awards at the British Independent Film Awards. The soundtrack is released on Warp at the start of November and features Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Broadcast alongside other tracks from Ween, Can, Stereolab, the Velvet Underground and more.

The new �Do You Know Squarepusher� album has been set free.The CD version comes with an hour long live recording of The Pusher in action.
Boards of Canada�s seminal �Twoism� will be released on November 25th

Designed by Deborah Berke Architects, Plane Space is a new gallery space in an old firehouse located in the historic district of the West Village. The gallery's programming will consist of a wide range of media by emerging to mid-career artists from the US and abroad.
The new space for the Lehmann-Maupin gallery designed by Rem Koolhaus might be worth a look- 540 West 26 Street

Ich habe eine Traum in Deutch
They say the recent Golden Age in Berlin is over. Potsdamer Platzwas a flop, bars have closed, new record labels are out of business and some people have moved elsewhere. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the city has poured over $500 billion into a city wide overhaul. Daniel Libeskind�s Jewish Museum and Sir Norman Foster's Reichstag Dome have become the architectural symbols of the new era in Berlin.
The art, fashion, & music collective of the Berlin has found a new raison d'�tre and with it comes the offspring of innovation and creativity which hasn�t graced the city in a long while. So is the Golden Age kauputt? The following Berliners disagree.

Stadtkind Ellen Allien owner of Bpitch Control started her career with the fall of the wall and is one of the hottest DJs Berlin. Credit for her great web site goes to Pfadfinderei a Berlin-based graphic design firm of 12 responsible for the monthly multi-sensory entertainment at WMF
Electro fans love the smutty stylings of the hypersexual hedonist Peaches on Berlin record label Kitty-Yo Records. Peaches was one the co founders of the label in 1993 along with Patrick Wagner from Surrogat. Other artists include Rocco Rot, Laub, Mignon, and Gonzales who is also a contributor to Nylon magazine.
Chicks on Speed -Melissa Logan, Kiki Moorse,& Alex Murray-Leslie have made Berlin their home.
Some other really great German/ Berlin based music labels:
Morr Music , Lux Nigra , Kompakt , ~Scape , Hausmusik, International Dee Jay Gigolo ,
032c - a Berlin based magazine for design, art, and music

An amazing phenomenon in Berlin after the wall fell was the spontaneous appearance of underground clubs in what was called hijacked venues. Club 103 for example found itself in an abandoned post office. Others happened where ever and when ever they could. Temporary Spaces- by Valerie MacEwan describes Berlin�s infamous club scene.
Bungalow Records - has news and listings of underground clubs and venues.
Random miscellaneous Berlin stuff:
Space Hall
Hard Wax
Love Parade, Rave Fest
Deutsche Guggenheim
Von Rot Gallery
IC Berlin
Eboy Graphic Design
Klub Radio
Radio 1

London's Trash parties have a number of great DJ sets available online for your listening pleasure in Real Audio format. Unlike the club itself, dress code is not enforced.

I'm nearly finished with the design for Memory Systems' soon to be released full length CD. Above is a little sneak peek at the artwork.

See our friend Oliver's web design portfolio at OLEX. Clean, beautiful Austrian design straight from Brooklyn.

This past Friday marked the final installment of Magda's weekly DJ residency at Openair in NYC. She'll be playing a handful of one-off events [including *cough* the Core77 Offsite November 19th] before jetting off on tour with the Plastik one. Pictured here at Lit, Odell Nails tries to sell Magda on the virtues of a rather nasty beverage called Sparks, which is a caffeinated, orange flavored malt liquor. With the Openair residency over, expect the NYC kids to be spending a lot more time at Lit on Friday nights. (Sparks will definitely not be part of the regualr routine though.)

Some recent content updates at the comprehensive website of French techno genius and super nice guy Laurent Garnier. Laurent will make a rare stop in Detroit on November 30th at the Johanson Gallery in Eastern Market.

Friday, October 18, 2002

News from Paul at Archinect: The six finalists in the Pentagon memorial competition have been announced.

I swiped this gem from old Burnlab favorite Justin on the NTB board yesterday: art or business?

In case you were asleep at the wheel for the first issue, the second Intersection magazine is now on the racks. The magazine comes from the same characters responsible for Dazed & Confused. It's essentially a car magazine disguised as a fashion mag. Sounds strange but their content selection is worth a look and read. This issue's got a story on the Lagerfeld ' Disco Van', news and pics of the Zaha Hadid designed BMW Plant breaking ground in January, and a piece on Patrick le Quement chief designer at Renault and father of the Twingo.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Since I'm now officially writing for three different design news sites [the one you're looking at + Core77 and Computerlove], it may take some adjustment to figure out what information to post where. Since Burnlab is home base, you can generally expect longer, more detailed rants here... for better or worse. Anyway, below are some highlights from the Things That Think consortium at the M.I.T. Media Lab earlier this week. Thanks to Jaron Rothkop I got to meet innumerable creative geniuses and got to play with some technology that will literally change the way we live. So where to start?

Perhaps not the most significant to mankind's progress, but very ingenious is the newest version of DJ I-Robot. This machine is basically the opposite of Final Scratch, playing real records on custom built computer controlled turntables. My favorite feature is the ability to program rhythms through scratching with the software interface... like an analog sampler of sorts. With the capability to 'fast forward' at up to 800 RPM, it must destroy records and needles at an impressive rate.

Of great interest to designers is a project by Aesthetics and Computation Group research assistant Simon Greenwold, first debuted about a year ago. Installation allows the user to draw objects in three dimensional space, and then pick up the screen and walk around the object as if it is physically in the room. The implications are staggering. As Simon says [no pun intended], "The fundamental idea is that once a work object is contextualized in space it has shared platform for simultaneous manipulation." Meaning that multiple users can access and manipulate information: be it an architectural design, large system engineering, a product or abstract information.

Speaking of manipulating information in physical space, Hiroshi Ishii's Tangible Media Group is dedicated to exploring language in its purest sense and developing better was to mediate information. Illuminating Clay is an interface that "allows users to explore and analyze free form spatial models. Three-dimensional geometry is captured in real time using a laser scanner. From this information simulations such as shadow casting, land erosion, visibility and travelling time are calculated. Finally, the results are projected back onto the clay model." Astoundingly elegant is the ongoing "Bottles" project. Custom glass bottles of different shape and size give out specific frequencies when uncorked, and can be assigned different types of audible information. This bottles can be assigned anything from musical instruments, to metaphorical information related to data interpreted from a web browser. The bottles can even be assigned voices and carry on a conversation.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Back from a quick visit to NYC, including stops at the excellent Buttermilk and Gel and Weave, to see good news for Detroit-area tourism: Instead of settling for the nice yet incomplete glimpse of auto production provided by displays at the Detroit Historical Museum and others, Ford Motor Co.'s Rouge plant plans to resume tours soon. Although they won't likely include time on a catwalk over steel that is being rolled, as described here, it likely will be well worth a detour. Now if only The Detroit Salt Co. would reopen the salt mines below the city for tours.

We are proud to announce two new official Associates: is probably the best daily resource for visual design on the internet. I'm honored an excited to be joining their very talented news crew.

More than just a record label, Ghostly International is dedicated to providing the very best quality in music, live events and visuals. Look for co-sponsored events very soon.

The thing I love most about both our new associates is they both maintain an outstanding level of quality, yet a very friendly feel and dedication to emerging talent. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Speaking of Ghostly... see you on Devil's Night.

One more note: remember to tune in to Liz's show on WDETfm online tonight from midnight to 5am E.S.T. for her Focus:Electronic program.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Omigosh I couldn't have planned on this being more relevant - this Wednesday evening is the monthly focus:electronic radio show, featuring a survey edition this time around on - hold on - industrial music! Details on LizSite.

Speaking of Industrial and EBM, Meat Beat Manifesto release their new album today, RUOK, the first in four years. "The newfound sonic direction is a direct result of the equipment and setting Jack used in the recording of the new album. The music was in part created in Jack's Bay area studio on an incredibly rare 1970's synthesizer unit called the EMS Synthi 100." The web site was quoted as saying. There are some limited live dates in support of the album. Curiously no San Francisco date though.

Special DJ Sets:
Jack Dangers ( Meat Beat Manifesto) with Ben Stokes (DHS) will combine
eclectic beats with live
visuals at select DJ dates in celebration of the release of MBM's R.U.O.K?.
DJ dates as follows:

10/31: NYC @ OPALINE XLR8R CMJ party

RUOK? Release Parties:
10/15 - San Diego @ The Pirates Den (2812 Kettner Blvd. )
10/18 - Ft. Lauderdale @ Venus Room (2520 South Miami Rd)
11/04 - Boston @ Ceremony (835 Beacon St.)

Monday, October 14, 2002

Further evidence of how deeply the roots of minimal techno are tangled with industrial and EBM: Here is what our friend Zip was doing prior to founding the Perlon label.

Another movie recommendation - opened last week in NY; "How to Draw a Bunny". This biographical documentary on "The Father of Mail Art" pop artist and Detroit native Ray Johnson (1927-1995). directed by John Walter, 'starring' Christo, Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck Close, narrated by Judith Malina. There doesn't seem to be an official site for this, but the Film Forum site has links to reviews.
and a gallery of his work:

Sunday, October 13, 2002

News from our friends in Singapore: The giant spiney metal clad eggs which have been rising on Marina Bay, also known as The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, opened this past weekend. The Esplanade is a state of the art entertainment and performing arts center which will house concerts, opera, performance art, dance, theatre, outdoor activities, shopping, and a high tech complex of restaurants. Designed by Michael Wilford & Partners and DP Architects, it is part of Singapore's strategy to establish itself as the cultural center of Southeast Asia.

Friday, October 11, 2002

That's just swell. On the same day Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize for devoting decades of his life to the peaceful resolution of international conflicts, the US Senate grants President Bush broad power to attack Iraq because...uh... oh, that's right... because of a personal vendetta between world leaders, control of a natural resource we should have phased out decades ago and war is just good fun [and a heck of a lot easier than fixing the economy.] On a related topic, US military personnel and high ranking officials are granted immunity from the potential of war crimes tribunals at the Hague. God forbid our leaders be burdened with the nagging threat of taking responsibility for their actions. This looks like the first phase of adopting President Bush's U.S. Does Whatever It Wants resolution.

Nice one, Chad! If I weren't going to Boston on Monday I'd be so there.

This is not brand new, but if anyone hasn't seen Jack Black doppelganger TransFatty's twisted little piece of pop culture candy, enjoy Archie and Edith in the 5th Dimension.

2002 Depeche Mode Convention" � Sunday, October 13 � 7pm-1:01am at The Palace, 1735 N Vine Street, Hollywood. Cover bands, DJs and ultra rare videos.

neil denari imitators...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

For those in LA this fall, our own Israel Kandarian has work featured at the upcoming SCI-Arc exhibit 30/30 Vision: Thirty Thesis Drawings from the First Thirty Years. The exhibit runs October 15 - November 4.

Not to be difficult Michael, but doesn't Brian Izard's design look a whole lot like the BMW 7 series? =P

Fans of things dark and tonal should check out the new Amon Tobin album Out From Out Where. Everything from blip-hop to proto-industrial to cinematic hellraiser styles. And the cover art by Openmind (1/3 of Ninja Tune group DJ Food) actually brings a new look to that most overused of techno visuals, the Gundam.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Political satirist and hero of the people, Michael Moore's new film Bowling For Columbine opens in select theaters this Friday. Unanimous winner of the Cannes Special Jury Prize, the film takes aim at the NRA: featuring interviews with Marilyn Manson, South Park creator Matt Stone, and NRA president Charlton Heston. Moore decided to make the film after giving up on the notion of becoming NRA president himself, in order to "return the organization to its roots [teaching the responsibility of firearms] instead of what it is now - a front for a right-wing agenda."

drew, of the san fransisco-based matmos, has a new project called soft pink truth.

Speaking of car design, check out the portfolio section at Car Design News. Interestingly enough, the student portfolios are generally better than the pros. Some outstanding ones are Jinwon Kim of Art Center Pasadena, Brian Izard of College for Creative Studies Detroit, and Jose Vicente Remon Honrubia of the Royal College of Art London.

In reference to the Sept. 30th post about the NY Times article Stylish Fleet, a very good source informs me that Frank O. Gehry is no fan [to say the least] of the BMW 7 series' awkward styling or the current direction of BMW styling in general. My faith in master Gehry's aesthetics are restored.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

this exhibit goes down this week, sorry about the late notice - well worth a look.
"Decades Gallery will host a very special retrospective this September featuring Louise Danelian�s collection of Andre Courreges � the master of 60s mod and space age fashion. Ms. Danelian was the first American retailer to exclusively sell Courreges and her archive is comprised of many rare and unusual items including those Ms. Danelian commissioned and �deadstock� from the Courreges boutiques she opened in the early 1970s"
check the "decades gallery" section for an online catalog.

Oz Dean informs us that the third edition of Design for Chunks is now online. Getting airsick has never been so fashionable.

Our man in Tokyo, John Balousek sends news of three great design events going on this week:

Tokyo Designers Block 10 | 10 - 14
Tokyo Design Week 10 | 10 - 14
Swedish Style 2002 Tokyo 10 | 5 - 15

Monday, October 07, 2002

Thanks to Chad for the Voice's Best of NYC link.
Congrats to our good friend Magda for the titile
"Best New New York DJ Imported From Detroit".
At least the room-mate gets a mention. :)

Also, big congrats to Andy and the other Hungry Wives for "Best Song Dissing New York's Club Scene", It's Over.

Speaking of, the Electroclash festival is this week. Go see the Wives, Tommie Sunshine, 2 Many DJs, Felix the Housecat and a slew of other great acts at Webster Hall Wednesday night.

PRAXIS � Magazine of Writing and Building invites you to join SoundCheck: Art, Music, and Cocktails to celebrate the release of issue 4. - Oct. 11 at the Whitney from 6-9pm.

The new Vespa showroom is about to open on Crosby just below Grand.

Has anyone heard the latest side project from Joel Petersen of the Faint? Broken Spindles was released about a month ago and I am currious.

Cheers to the Village Voice for acknowledging Sponge Bob Squarepants as one of the greatest achievements in animation in the past decade by using it as the artwork in the Best of NYC issue.

for all who may be interested:

this friday :[oct. 11]

music | drinks | bad behavior

delia's birthday | the fix @ lush

this friday, at midnight, delia will turn 25. please join us at the fix and wish her a happy birthday. things are sure to get more than a little out of hand.

new wave | electro | generic
music made by computers played by people with records


Wow, Olivia... the photos remind me that I need to take out the tight vinyl pants and burn them once and for all ;) Good song picks there, though Goth sites really need to put a stop to the black/purple combo. I'm tempted to register just to have a Cyberpunk music portal free of clich�s and a strict ban on guitar solos, bad poetry and excessive use of vague pagan symbols. Put it on the stack of things to do...

Okay, speaking of internet radio, Burnlab Radio is definitely an idea I've been kicking around for the next overhaul of this site. In the meantime, BitBoy's 80's Cafe does a nice job with Lab favorites from New Order to Nitzer Ebb, plus some rare gems. You can also listen to Liz Copeland live at WDET online from midnight to 5am every Sunday through Thursday nights [or Monday through Friday, depending on how you look at it.] At this very moment [1:11am E.S.T.] Liz is doing an album spotlight on the new Swayzak release.

I'm brainstorming on ways to improve Burnlab for the next relaese and any suggestions from readers or conspirators are much welcome. Send me an e-mail. There is still the notion of a one-off Burnlab magazine/book, but that's in line behind 50 other pipe dreams under pursuit currently.

Design for Freedom has a new online zine called SCOUTT which is pretty darn cool. Check out the interview with Tom M�ller.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Ok, maybe we have free Whitestripes concerts in Union Square, (thanks to a pretty forgettable car company), but one thing I'd like to change about NYC is the unbelievably poor selection of local radio stations (speaking of corporate sponsorship).

My highest recommendation for streaming radio:

warning--lots of goth party photos, and a rather bizarre font choice...

Saturday, October 05, 2002

this just in from ghostly:

Hello special friend,

You are the first to know, please spread the word if compelled by the power
of the ghost.

Ghostly International presents...

"Devil's Night" (NYC)

Feat. the entire Ghostly International Family:

-Midwest Product (live)
-Dabrye (live) (Ghostly, Eastern Developments)
-Matthew Dear (live/DJ) (Ghostly/Spectral, Plus 8)
-Tadd Mullinix as James Cotton (DJ)
+ new Ghostly artists, The Object (first NYC appearance)

With Very Special Guest:

DJ Hell (International Deejay Gigolos)

+ Your brilliant host/entertainer: Dykehouse (Planet Mu, Ghostly)

In the bar: Karl Zeiss and Variable X of Red Antenna.
+ She.Ra and Cut Faster of the the Record Camp crew.

Wednesday, 10.30.02

Water Street Bar
66 Water St.
Brooklyn (DUMBO)
18+ / $8
Limited CMJ badges (not yet posted)

Friday, October 04, 2002

Flyer #3 for The Fix, the only ongoing electro night in the Motor City. The heavily modified image is based on a Polaroid by previously mentioned make-up artist St�phane Marais... a "ready made" I found in the pages of Vogue. For those in Detroit, we're not going to tell you to choose between The Fix and Pop Artificielle tonight... go to both!

I have been advised to post some of my event happenings. So here goes: Tonight, Clark and I let loose with yet another crazy wild & unpredictable edition of Pop Artificielle. We always seem to have a great group of friends there with big smiles on their faces and sake drinks in hand. It all takes place at The Buddha beginning at 10 pm. All other details on LizSite.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

The latest update on Laura's arrangements. I really do hope that it is correct this time. My apologies for the propogation of previous errors:

"In order to clear up some conflicting reports, the Gavoor family wholeheartedly invites any friend of Laura who wishes to pay their respects (especially those from out of town that can not attend the visitation) to attend the visitation Thursday and the funeral Friday. Again, accurate information is crucial and Nancy Gavoor, Laura's sister, wants everyone of the people whose lives were touched by Laura to feel welcome however they feel comfortable saying goodbye to her. The family has made accommodations for the service and the amount of people who wish to attend."

This is good news for those that cannot get away this Thursday for visitation.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Photography, make-up, fashion, music and toilets:

Those familiar with St�phane Marais' cutting edge make-up artistry will be pleased to know that he recently opened a boutique / studio in Paris, as featured by FRAME Magazine. Also check out his book of Polaroids, Beauty Flash.

Andy Salzer, one half of the team behind the Yoko Devereaux clothing line, is also a founder of the Brooklyn-based new wave band The Hungry Wives. Check out the Wives' site for audio samples. I'm quite fond of the tracks "There's Something Wrong With Tim" and "The Splits".

Betty Cobb photographs some of my favorite 'alternative' icons, including Peter Murphy, Nivek Ogre, Nicole Blackman, and our friend and supporter Jared of Chemlab. Her superb portrait work can be seen regularly in the industrial/goth/electronica zine Outburn, who have finally gotten on the wagon with an in-depth article on Fischerspooner this month. Outburn has become an essential institution in its own right through a history of outstanding interviews with the likes of Blixa Bargeld of Einst�rzende Neubauten and Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode and Recoil, not to mention those listed above.

Speaking of Herr Bargeld [who apparently had some witty critique of our own Liz Copeland's German language skills recently], check out his ongoing "Serialbathroomdummyrun" photography project at Blixa has been meticulously documenting the bathrooms of every hotel room he has stayed in since 1990.

Laura Gavoor online memorial

Re: Agenda Suicide
Yep... if you click on "previous version" to the left, there is a Lab Report post from April 10th. There was some hullabaloo about this, as MK12 Studios [who created the video for The Faint] was experiencing server crashes due to high traffic. Burnlab hosted two video clips for a few days, but Saddle Creek kindly asked us to remove them, apparently unaware that every single graphic designer and electro fan in the world was trying to download the video right from MK12. Still one of my all time favorite animated music videos... and a great song!

This very well could be old news for a lot of you. Actually, come to think of it, there's a strong chance this was already posted here months ago, and I just happened to miss it. But, in case not: I visited the faint's web site for the first time today. A post under their news section from 5/16/02 gives you a link to the remarkable video for "agenda suicide". if you haven't already, be sure to take a look.

More recently, saddle creek , the faint's record label, had this to post on 9/30/02:

"The Faint's Agenda Suicide video will play on Senor Moby's House of Music on MTV at 1:00 AM (EST) on Monday, Oct. 7th. Although MTV was not going to play it, Moby's crew got permission to air it on their show. Thanks to them for that. Check it out if you can."

Update on Laura: The Gavoor Family wishes to reserve the funeral services this Friday, October 4th for the family *only* ... but please feel free to pay respects during any of the visitation hours this Thursday. A sad day. Love and condolences to family and friends.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Wanted to post this a little earlier today, but there were still too many rumors floating around that were unconfirmed. I did receive word from the 313 techno list that Detroit based Yin-Sight Management founder and techno historian Laura Gavoor passed away yesterday. I don't have a lot of details, maybe those in Detroit could post more info when it becomes available. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Sorry for the length but this was forwarded to me.

Dear Friends of Laura,

At approximately 10 p.m. Tuesday, Laura passed away after being removed from
life support at William Beaumont Hospital. She died from complications from
a brain aneurysm and stroke suffered Monday. This sudden loss is
overwhelming and she will be missed by her family and friends around the
globe. Please say a prayer for her and the Gavoor family.

Below are the arrangements for Laura -- I can not even start to contact all
of her friends and collegues with such short notice and hope that everyone
can forward this to people (especially international friends) that I might
not have email or contact info for.

There will be a visitation Thursday, October 3, from 1-4 and 6-9p at:
San Teiu Funeral Home
1-4p and 6-9p with a blessing from the priest at 7:30p.
1139 Inkster Rd. (just S of Ford Rd.)
Garden City, MIred Wood Funeral Home

The funeral service will be held Friday, October 4, at:
Funeral Services -- Friday, October 4
St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic
11 a.m.
19300 Ford Rd.

Please take time to pay your respects to her family and relatives -- many of
them do not understand the impact Laura had on the global dance music
community through her personal and professional efforts and how she
pioneered areas considered stardard today. It is important that we give back
to her by showing our support and letting her family know what she did for
each and every one of us as a friend and fan.

Her family has also arranged obituary listings in the Detroit News and Free
Press on Wednesday, Oct. 2 -- feel free to refer people to those as I think
they will have the same, if not more, information.

Regarding donations and gifts to the family, please send all items to:

The Gavoor Family
38294 Ladywood Ct.
Livonia, MI 48154

Please call me with any additional questions. Keleigh

Cornwall's multi-million pound tourist attraction, the Eden Project, has announced plans to build a third giant dome.
Arne Jacobsen: A Centenary Exhibition: celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the 20th century's most influential designers. The exhibition focuses on six of Jacobsen's major buildings and includes furnishings and products that have become international design classics

If you haven't seen Paul Drohan's graphic design work at D5ive, do yourself a favor and spend some time there. Fun interface and a 'dirty science' aesthetic I love. Also of note is his Weapons of Mass Destruction piece for the Design for Freedom project. Nice.

Although I do think that it is very, very cool to have White Stripes do a free (free!) show at Union Square, this is actually part of a 'guerilla' concert series sponsored by Nissan. Which is far more interesting to me than what Ford did with the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, by signing up to an idea that already existed rather than making a new event happen (no, the idea of a concert isn't new, but the idea of a duo rising in popularity such as the Stripes performing for free is absolutely fantabulous). Nissan has apparently gotten behind other free shows - even with Cheap Trick! Tee hee. I love it! Of course there's some not-so-great music in there too. This does, I suppose, in the end, amount to something of a marketing campaign. Though I must say, I've yet to own a Ford and I'm nowhere near considering a Nissan. Oh well, at least they help to make life more enjoyable by bringing us free live music while contributing to the industrial haze we breathe in during these fun outdoor events!

Why I love NY---A free Whitestripes concert in Union Square 20 minutes ago. (no cops or corporate sponsorship in sight)
Why I love Detroit--- Front seats at a (very pregnant) Kristin Hersh show last Friday.

I realised a 10 year old dream this weekend: 12 hooks, 60 minutes, 4 meters above the ground. I've been wanting to do a body suspension ever since the first time I read about it, and thanks to the Oslo Suspension Festival I finally got the chance. The pain was perfectly bearable, letting go of control was harder. I heartily recommend it if you want to see how far your body can go. Go on, learn to fly.

Chris Cunningham-works by the British artist, including collaborations with musicians Bjork and Aphex twin, now through 10/31 at PS1.
Lindy Roy an architect who teaches at Princeton and Cooper Union lectures about recent projects 10/3 at 7pm. 8 dollars. at the Whitney. I really admire Lindy's work - should be an interesting lecture.
Debating Ground Zero Architecture and the Value of the Void -NY Times article Daniel Libeskind talks about "Monument and Memory"

Nice post on Ricardo Scofido and Elizabeth Diller's fine example of Swedish design wizardry. For those interested in more (pre-General Motors) Saab heritage, check out the online Saab Museum. It features the history of the 95 and 96 line, and (in this humble contributor's opinion) one of the most beautiful sports car designs in history, Sixten Sason's 94 (also known as the Sonet 1).