Saturday, July 31, 2004

cooper-hewitt last night was stellar.
josh wink played a set filled with style and smiles.
derek plaslaiko did push-ups on the lawn in front 600 people.
-theakston, servito, doyle....get yer asses over here.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Archinect just published a fascinating new interview with Peter Eisenman by well known conservative writer Robert Locke. Those who know me, know that I consider Eisenman a sort of nemesis. After reading this piece though, I have a great deal of respect for his unapologetic, straight-forward demeanor. I still disagree with almost every word that spills out of his mouth, but I strangely admire him. The rhythm of Eisenamn and Locke's conversation makes for a quick and spirited read. Kudos to Archinect for getting the exclusive on such a well done and surely controversial article.

I received a link to this today.  I'm just wondering when it's going to be Detroit's turn.  More specifically, mine!  

My 10 favorites tracks of the moment:

John Tejada & Justin Maxwell -  Higher - Palette 
Slaab - Instead (Ark version) - Relax Beat 
James T. Cotton - Blood Red - Spectral Sound
John Tejada -  Rush (Tejada remix) - Frankie  
Mako & Bass Kleph - Like Abort Juan (Delta mix) - Floating Point 
Copacabannark - Caliemba - Perlon
Dapayk & Padberg - Dirty White (Jackmate mix) - Mo S Ferry
Ricardo Villalobos vs. Jay Haze - Archive  - Contexterrior
Mathew Jonson -  Decompression - Minus
A Jackin' Phreak - Acid Sex (gay fornication mix) - Rz

Mostly new, some old, everything sick.

Dorkwave top 10 coming soon...

Thursday, July 29, 2004


The skinny on the new James T. Cotton album?

The Dancing Box is worth every cent, just for the nastiness of the title track alone! You'd be a smart cookie purchasing both the cd and vinyl, so to not miss out on anything. The kid is sick!

Will Ferrell as George W Bush.

Speaking of Ghostly.. What's the skinny on the new James Cotton -"The Dancing Box"? I heard some samples which were tasty.

Ghostly is blowing up in the news! Rolling Stone is finally on the case - and L.A. Weekly gets a bit more extensive. The latter includes a brief, slightly vague quote by yours truly (isn't mystery more fun anyway?).

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Speaking of NYC...

Is it 1.2 or 2.1 DPI? I can never really figure it out with polaroids, ya know?

Christian Marclay
when: Wed 7.28 (8-10pm)
where: Eyebeam (540 W 21st St, 212.252.5193)
price: FREE
Multimedia may seem like a slack catch-all term, but not when it's applied to artist Christian Marclay, who likely had a hand in making the word necessary in the first place. Planted squarely at the nexus of avant-garde art, music, and turntable culture, Marclay was digging through thrift-store record bins and making experimental remixes back when old-school cats like Kool Herc were just pioneering the art of DJing themselves. In the subsequent decades, Marclay's gone on to create collages, sculptures, videos, and collaborative musical performances that redefine the rapport between sound and art. Tonight, as part of Eyebeam's ongoing Focal Point series, he discusses the conceptual mashups otherwise known as his work.

Apologies if this morning's post was a bit gloomy and all over the place. Feeling much better after booking my flight to NY, buying a fistful of lawn tickets for the Cure/Interpol/Rapture show on the 11th, and Rob sending not only some encouraging words, but his very inspired Dorkwave playlist, which I'll post on the site later tonight. Oh, and Shannon got home today ("home" being a relative notion for bi-costal Doyles), which makes it all better. :) receives a few updates, including some made up bios and tracklistings from myself and the brilliant Mr. Will Calcutt.

I've been kind of grumpy about the state of the Detroit scene lately, and am really missing New York for the first time since moving back. Part of that is Mrs. Doyle is out east having a great time, and I've been working long days in culturally retarded Auburn Hills and hearing a lot of same-old same-old techno stuff on the weekends. Okay, Hawtin a few weeks back was perhaps the best I'v ever seen him... brilliant... and Servito last week was incredible, but, other than that, hasn't been all that much to get fired up about. Bottom line: I need some inspiration. Very much looking forward to the Ghostly homecoming, the Curiosa Festival and to Gibby, Mark and Dave kicking some ass on August 13th. I know many of our readers don't know these guys, but believe me when I say they represent everything true and awesome about the post-electroclash electropunk scene in NYC. (No pressure guys, if you're reading this.) By the way, true die-hards Hong Kong Counterfeit will be special Guest DJ's at 976 tonight at Lit. One thing that's been inspiring is the new Matt Dear album, and I'm not just plugging it for all the obvious reasons! It's anything but same-old same-old, and really develops his distinctive microhouse/pop vocal crossover direction set with Leave Luck to Heaven. Definitely pick it up. *end rambling, contadictory early morning post*

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Because know...there isn't a war or an election going on.

Where has all the gnarly art gone? Why out to Santa Fe, for Disparities and Deformations: Our Grotesque, July 18, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005, an exhibition of 49 artists selected by former Museum of Modern Art curator Robert Storr for the Site Santa Fe Fifth International Biennial. A façade covered by black plastic rats courtesy of Kim "Mudman" Jones, a bloody cut-paper puppet from Tom Friedman, a penis-hat collage by Paul McCarthy, some decapitated heads from Louise Bourgeois, a hairy child’s shoe by Robert Gober, a cascade of guts from Adrianna Varejão, plus works by just about every artist who has ever plumbed the poop, including R. Crumb, John Currin (two new portraits, delivered wet), Inka Essenhigh, Douglas Gordon, Georg Immendorff, Elizabeth Murray, Bruce Nauman (a video of a mime), Hermann Nitsch, Gary Panter, Lari Pittman, Jenny Saville, Kara Walker, John Waters and Lisa Yuskavage

Ten years ago, Stephanie and Gabriel Baltierra of Los Feliz decided they loved their cars so much they wanted to get them blessed. "Gabriel's family is Catholic, and they like to bless everything," says Stephanie, 34, who drives a 1964 Comet Caliente and is a member of an all-female car club called the Minxes. The event she and Gabriel started, the Blessing of the Cars, has grown from a gathering of a few hundred friends and family and their vehicles to more than 10,000.The all-day and into-the-night annual affair, held at Hansen Dam (this year's on July 31, 2004), begins with a mass morning blessing by a Catholic priest, who then goes car to car, blessing each individually. Some people also ask him put holy water in their radiators. "It has been said that the event attracts ... more tattoos than the Navy," she says, "but I think, in the end, people come because they are passionate about their cars, just like they become passionate about anything else."

French billionaire François Pinault, owner of Christie's as well as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Converse, Samsonite and the Pinault-Printemps-Redoute retail chain says he will break ground this November for his new €150 million, 352,000-square-foot museum. Sited on one-third of the Ile-Seguin in the Seine in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt, the Pinault Foundation of Contemporary Art opens to the river "like a big spaceship floating on the waters of the Seine," according to Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who has designed the building to rival Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The facility is slated to open in 2007

The second floor of the Museum of Jurassic Technology is now open with the addition of the The Tula Tea Room offering light refreshments,and the Borzoi Kabinet Theater which currently screens the film Levsha, the Cross-Eyed Lefty from Tula and the Steel Flea at hourly intervals.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have dinned at Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles. It was perhaps the most delightfully surreal experience of my existence. David Lynch was in the kitchen and Korla Pandit was at his organ amongst artificial trees and vintage taxidermy making my steak ranchero most enjoyable.

Michael Moore's invitation to Bush for tomorrow nights screening of 9/11 in Crawford Texas.

Tractile LIVE (Moodgadget)
Clark Warner (Minus)
Aarnio (Ghostly International)

Tonight at Goodnight Gracie's in Ann Arbor | 10pm | 21+

Okay, maybe the internet still is awesome: Misprinted Type V3.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

BMW and Intersection magazine have jointly produced Car Parc 1. Part street meet, part product launch, the first one has already gone down last weekend in London. The Birmingham one is taking place this weekend. Good roster of contributers by scanning the parking spaces on the site. Too bad there are no images yet. Check it out.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Some subtle footage tweaking by framestore-cfc for an audi spot. Check the quicktime at the top and the before and after's at the bottom.

The Treasury Department has referred its investigation of Halliburton to the Justice Department. Not because of price gouging in Iraq, but because of business ties to Iran! There's money in that there "axis of evil".


[thanks to]

Agent Plaslaiko is having trouble accessing Burnlab at the moment, but if he could he would tell you that that tonights thing at Cooper Hewitt in NYC might not be outside, but its still going to happen. So you should stop on by regardless of the climate.  He also encourages all those back home in Detroit and elsewhere to send food. He'd like some tuna. Prefferably in spring water, not that veg oil shit. But he will take what he can get. Thank you.

K Mart is using a Ravonettes song in their new ad campaign. Not quite sure how to feel about that, but I am pretty sure the Reid brothers aren't getting any money from it.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Smart Cities Group at the MIT Media Lab recently unveiled a concept car designed with Frank Gehry. The project started several years ago with our own Munich corespondent Jaron Rothkop and Lear Corporation, and sponsorship has since been passed along to General Motors, who will display the prototype next year. Images here, and more info at AutoWeek.

Per BitBoy's post, you can find me on there as republidude313. i like to scope and find out what the last hip youngsters are saying about republicans.

One word: scary.

Four teams presented design concepts to redevelop the abandoned High Line along Manhattan's west side late last week. It's little surprise that Diller Scofidio + Renfro's concept focuses on user experience, while Holl and Hadid do little more than add their stylistic thumbprints to this incredibly unique site. View all the designs here. The proposals will be on exhibit at the Center for Architecture through August 14th. Exhibit details here.

after (what will surely be a stellar set by) Derek Plaslaiko at the Cooper-Hewitt you may want to hit up:

Friday July 23
***THE BUNKER*** UPSTAIRS: Kassette (Record Camp | NYC), Irwin Irwin creates very danceable live electronic music using his electronic drum kit, theremin, electronics, and laptop. He has collaborated with everyone from the Beastie Boys to John Cale to Fred Wesley. His live sets are very improvisational ... much more "live" than what usually passes as a live electronic music performance. Kassette is Dei Lewison and Zach Clayton. They create innovative soulful electronic music with laptop and live vocals. Dei is best known for her work as a vocalist for Metro Area. Zach studied the music of John Cage at Oberlin, and went on to study with Lamonte Young and Elliott Sharp while composing his own music, which was performed by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. Together they create beautiful music that references many cool things, but is totally unique.
gys (zer0 g Sounds | Boston) live pa Local Fields (zer0 g Sounds | Boston) live pa Smartypants (zer0 g Sounds | Boston) We are thrilled to present a night of deep dubby techno with some of the key artists on the Boston based zer0 g sounds label. gys released the first record on zer0 g, which immediately caught our attention with it's huge dubbed out basslines. He went on to release his debut album on the label last year. Smartypants has torn up the Bunker dancefloor in the past, and tonight should be no exception. In addition to his skills as a minimal techno and microhouse DJ, Smartypants has been producing and playing live. Tonight he will DJ and play live with Local Fields as Pantyfields.
plus Resident DJ: Movement, (Spinoza out of town) visuals: SeeJ (Chris Jordan) Fridays at Tonic/subTonic 107 Norfolk Street (212)358-7501 upstairs bands: $5, 16+, 12mid-2am downstairs DJs: free, 21+, 9p-3a

The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Summer Sessions are underway in NYC. Come schmooze, drink and dance on the lawn this Friday to New York's newest resident DJ, our own Derek Plaslaiko. More info here. While you're there, be sure to check out the current exhibitions, including FutureShack, exploring shelter for refugees and the homeless.

This Saturday in New York, Enabler and The Crucial Get Down present a special UK edition of SECURITY with:
Ed DMX (DMX Krew) - Rephlex Records, Breakin' Records
Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas) - Optional Records
Cowboy Mark (The Crucial Get Down, NYC)

Happy Ending | 302 Broome Street, btwn Eldridge & Forsyth
10pm | three bucks | flyer here

+ remember to get "funky and punky" with Mark this and every Friday at Lit, and in your cubicle every Monday via East Village Radio.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Our good good friends Plexus a.k.a. Mike Schroff and Boy Jesse a.k.a. Heartthrob recently started a weekly party in Billyburg called "Darkwave BBQ". (Not to be confused with "Dorkwave BBQ", which is a whole other thing in the works.) This week's edition is titled Coquettes For Kerry, and will be a fundraiser for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. How we adore mixing a night of drinking and minimal techno with politics and juxtaposed goth icongraphy! Here are the details, right from Plex:

Plexus & Heartthrob explore Politix...and host COQUETTES FOR KERRY: a benefit for the Democratic party.

As the world darkens, and the evil oil hawks continue to wreak havoc in the name of this nation, Plexus & Heartthrob do their best to do what they do best, while lending a hand in shaping things up. Enlisting a few talented friends, the duo have organized a night of music, libations & excitement. Look for the following plot twists in this weeks cliff hanger:

A rattling set by an accomplished musical guest (GIBBY)
A raffle of exciting items
A brief licentious performance by an ex Rockette (IVY)
Jazzterbation by Marylin Chiggers
Possible male nudity (Latif)
Pickled Pundits
A donation can and booth by local folk artist John Arnold
Regina's husband comes out of the closet
Michiko transforms into a harpy
Meat by Vivianne's Projects

All donated proceeds and a percentage of the bar (from the DJ's) will be donated to the Kerry/Edwards campaign. All guests to receive a coupon for a free shot of espresso at ST. HELEN'S Cafe in Williamsburg. Free meat to those in red white and blue.

Airing Thursday July 22nd. 10 pm, on Cash Checking, 28 N. 3rd St. @ Kent Ave., Brooklyn NY

He's back.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

We have yet to get first-hand reports back from the grand opening of Sven Vaeth's CocoonClub this past Friday. We have good reason to believe the party is still going. However much fun they may be having, nothing over in Frankfurt could compare to the the grande battle dance-off between Robert Gorell and Allen Goodman last night at Theakston and Lazar's birthday party. Incredible. This gives a vague indication of what went down, but moves such as The Spinning Claw and The Kneebuster have to be experienced in person.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are due to release a new double album, Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus September 20th on Mute.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Why Nader is NOT to Blame
Did Nader Help Al Gore in 2000?

Come celebrate the birthdays of both Mark Lazar and Rob Theakston, two of the finest human beings one could hope to know, tonight at Agave on Woodward in Detroit. Mike Servito will be playing tunes on the patio under a clear summer sky. Coctails and music start around 10pm.

Ralph Nader has apparently made his way onto the Michigan ballot with the help of the Republican party. About 40,000 of the 50,000 names submitted on the ballot petition were submitted for Nader (not by him) on Thursday. Nader had stopped seeking signatures about a month ago. Full story on NY

I really don't mind anyone agreeing with, or having good feelings toward Nader. But I hope that any of you in Michigan who support him can see how seriously the Republicans are taking this, and the advantage you'll give them by voting for Nader. Please reconsider any thoughts of voting for Nader in 2004. Save it for another time.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Frequently I keep tabs on updates on the orb site. Today there is this. A reference to Throbbing Gristle maybe? Anyone?

It's not like me to write about mainstream media here, but I have to say Anchorman is quite possibly one of the best written comedies ever. Not quite Young Frankenstein, or even the true tales of Bill Bonds, but highly recommended.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Back in March, the web site for the Bush-Cheney campaign featured a "create your own banner" tool, where you could enter your own slogan and print out your own poster, with the Bush-Cheney logo, and a note at the bottom "paid for by Bush-Cheney '04, Inc." Democrats, of course, couldn't get enough of this.

The original sloganator accepted everything, then it started censoring profanity and words like "Hitler" "dictator," and "evil." Nevertheless, many clever folks exploited the sloganator to their own ends before its sad demise only a couple of weeks after its birth, and its mourners assembled some of the best for this slide show.

Mr. Jobs said of Mr. Jackling: "He was a very wealthy man. Unfortunately, he didn't have very good taste."

Playlists on Dick Cheney's iPod.

Photos from last week's edition of Les Infants Terribles and more info on next month's I Dork New York now at

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lots of buzz about this guy Moose today...maybe you've seen links elsewhere. If not check out Symbollix for his work. Basically he's been creating corporate graffiti by cleaning surfaces in the UK. It's brilliant but the authorities are also keen to put an end to it. I'm sure the sentence will involve removing his work......errr. Love the stuff for hype. Genius.

Beloved Ann Arbor-based record label Ghostly International is celebrating its fifth anniversary by spreading the love across America. (Has it really been five years?!) Art and Artifice 2004AD hits New York this Friday night with Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Dykehouse, James T. Cotton (DJ) and SV4 (DJ) at the Knitting Factory.

A handful of new Ghostly releases hit finer record stores last week, including Aeroc's Viscous Solid, Dabrye's Game Over, and Matthew Dear's Backstroke (featuring typography by your's truly and photo-illustration by Mr. Will Calcutt.)

Catch an interview with Aeroc a.k.a. Geoff White this evening on Liz's radio program. Tune into WDET tonight at 1am to hear the latest in a seriese of on-the-spot inteviews conducted last month at Mutek.

On a total tangent, has everyone seen Burnlab editor and Brooklyn drinking-hole mogul Tony Saracino's new Friendster photo? Awesome.

Nice Linkage @ precursor.

Speaking of pods, try the MetroNap Pod for all your napping needs. (via MoCoLoco)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Yet another reason to drink...
As if another reason were needed. Thanks to Amazon Rainforest Vodka drinking is now an environmentally conscious task. With each bottle sold, buyers receive a preservation deed guaranteeing that 5,000 square feet of rainforest were saved. So far, the company has purchased more than 72 million square feet. Double-distilled from sugar cane, Amazon Rainforest has a sweet, ultra-smooth taste. One sip and you'll be ruined for grain or potato-based vodka swill. Via Trendsetters.

my, what a lovely eye pod you have

This slick little number is the size of an egg and holds 512MB of data. Very portable, discrete and the kind of thing you would get out in public for sure.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

@^#%& *^#@$ $%#*@!


Live: The Orb, Reinhard Voigt, Alter Ego
DJ's: Michael Mayer, DJ Koze, Superpitcher, Tobias Thomas, Triple R, Amm.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out for Les Infants Terribles on Friday night.
A few highlights:

* Kemp and Boomer were awesome.
* Greg Campbell on the mic: priceless!
* Jon O came through yet again with an amazing new space.
* Although it arrived late (due to Mark Lazar's radiator blowing up,) the sound system was so worth the wait.
* The bass-line from Bella Lugosi's Dead run on constant loop downstairs... all night.
* Traxx "singing" live at 4am. (God bless you, Mel.)
* Boomer bumping lame trance DJs at The Works at 6am to play Nitzer Ebb.

Photos to come shortly. The next edition takes place Friday, August 13th with New York's finest, Cowboy Mark and Gibby Miller.
See you there.

Monday, July 12, 2004

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Sign an urgent petition to stand up for the validity of the United States Constitution and stop the Federal Marriage amendment: the most un-American and morally corrupt act of terror G.W. has taken part in since... well, at least sometime last week.

"I am the epitome of rehabilitation" - James Joseph Minder, who resigned as chairman of US gunmaker Smith & Wesson after it emerged that he had spent 10 years in prison for a string of armed robberies in the 1950s.

More hi-jinx from the charming My Robot Friend. I suggest the little yellow tv.

Friday, July 09, 2004

For nearly two years my Diesel back pack has been my constant companion on my daily routine in NYC. Alas, I have nearly worn thru to the last layer of material on the shoulderstrap signaling retirement is not far away. As anyone spending time in NYC knows, a bag is an essential component of your wardrobe(take note Mr. Plaslaiko) So I have covertly begun a search for the Deisel's replacement. Axio's got some seriously cool packs sans all the goofy bungie and nylon strap nonsense. Created by Bob Haro, the father on BMX Freestyle bike riding. Haro was always an idol company for me and the Group 1 graphics they did way back in the day still seem fresh.

Tonight tonight!
Boomer + Kemp + massive new sound system + awesome space + drinks + you + us = chaos.
10pm (probably more like 11) - late (well after 2) | 18+ | free!
Les Infants happens once a month. Don't punk out. :)

tadd mullinix truely is a chameleon, strikingly illustrated by his appearance under the moniker james cotton... (i see why he added the t)

that chip weirdness is something i surprisingly have not heard mention of considering i live in barcelona. the scariest thing about it is that baja beach far from some chic, hyper-modern place but a place where the waiters and waitresses wear bathing suits and spray water and champagne over themselves...frightening

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Under the skin

Have you ever felt that being a member of a club was over-rated and you did not receive the special privileges you thought you would be entitled to? Well, Baja, a nightclub in Barcelona is offering their members something more than a gold-plated member card and has homed in on the concept that VIPs need to feel they have an edge. Since the launch of the club two months ago, 25 people have had a chip injected into their upper arm by a registered doctor at the club.

The microchip guarantees entry and provides access to a debit account from which they can pay for drinks. Approximately the size of a grain of rice and sits dormant under the skin until the club's scanner is passed over it. The chip supplies the scanner with a unique ID number and the balance on the Very Important Person's bar account.*

A similar technique is already commonly used on pets and likely to become a success in other areas. Each unique ID number would be transferred to other company databases. It would be great to pay for things with a flash of an arm and it would eliminate fears of theft as it would not be necessary to carry a wallet or handbag. Furthermore, if you were unfortunate enough to be taken to hospital unconscious they could simply scan you and receive your records.

However, the chip would contain too much information and would it be possible to have it scanned without noticing? The scanner would have access to your ID card, Social Security number and credit card. The company who developed this chip are currently working on the possibility of chips containing GPS trackers, which to some people has a sinister side.

As with many projects, they start out being innocuous but do not often stay that way for long. The potential uses of the technology are wide-ranging and not too far away in the distant future but at the moment, it requires a trip to the Baja Beach Club to witness it.

*the ultimate must-have for any burnlabber. barcelona nightclub optional.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The illustrious Dan Selzer will be laying down some Italodisco and new wave with DJ Chupacabras (Barcelona) tonight at 976, the new weekly affair at Lit in NYC + the expected unexpected from residents/hots Dave Elliot and Gibby.

upcoming guests include:
July 14th : COWBOY MARK (Rothko/Aktion)
July 21st : 4th anniversary party with MOONEY SUZUKI LIVE (and a special live band suprise), guest DJs Dave P (Making Time), Damian G (The Explosion), and EDMX (DMX KREW, Berlin)
August 25th: TEAM DORKWAVE (Burnlab/Untitled/Les Infants Terrribles) *that's right!*

Lit (you know) is at 93 2nd Ave. between 5th and 6th.
976 happens every Wednesday | 11pm - much later | free!

The new issue of URB hit the news stands on Tuesday. Les Infants Terribles is one of the magazine's "25 Hot Summer Nights Out":

What happens when Detroit's best promoter, designer and hustler decide to take the decks once a month? A new genre of music called "Dorkwave" is created along with this monthly basement party that features the skills of residents Jonnie O, Michael Doyle and Rob Theakston. Everything from '80s industrial to modern electro gets chewed up with shoegazer and indie techno. Special guests from Ersatz Audio assure complete re-education.


See all you terrible children this Friday.

Microsoft's own site (Slate) recommends a different browser. If for some strange reason you're still using Internet Explorer, switch to Firefox now. It will import your IE bookmarks and history. It has a built-in pop-up blocker and you can add all kinds of cool extensions.

the future of entertainment? capcom just released onimusha 3 featuring the motion-captured body of jean reno and his barcelona at least they have even gone so far as to have the advertizements look like movie posters and be where movie posters normally are.

i like the new words for 2004, though i would propose "404" being "the office mate who never seems to be in the office, presumably because he or she is sleeping in either the toilets or closet." (a definition which i am afraid might be slung at me)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Essential NEW WORDS FOR 2004 for the work-place vocabulary

Waving your arms around and talking bollocks.

Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and deciding who was responsible.

A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves.

The process by which people seem to absorb success and advancement by sucking up to the boss rather than working hard.

The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die.

An office filled with cubicles.

When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on. (This also applies to applause from a promotion, because there may be cake.)

The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato.

Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids or start a "home business".

A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny.

Euphemism for swiping free photocopies from one's workplace.

The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again.

The rarefied organisational layers beginning just above the rank and file. Decisions that fall from the "adminisphere" are often profoundly inappropriate or irrelevant to the problems they were designed to solve. This is often affiliated with the dreaded "administrivia" - needless paperwork and processes.

Someone who's clueless. From the World Wide Web error message "404 Not Found" - meaning that the requested document could not be located.

That minuscule fraction of time during which you realise that you've just made a BIG mistake (e.g. you've hit "reply all").

Well Off Older Folk.

Every once and a while some music hits the Ipod with such fury, that I almost violently crave more of the same, immediately.

Such has been my curse since allowing Vladislav Delay into my life. After obsessing over the Luomo material- in all of its studio and live mp3 forms- the new VD album, Demo(n)tracks, had me absolutely pained to hear more of his newer, more concise, dubby, clattery material. Then lo-and-behold, a full hours worth of free new material along the same lines. And- dig a little deeper to find over 40 tracks (some common, many rare).

Great weekend back in Detroit. NYC Labbers will be happy to know that neither day job nor marital bliss seem to be keeping Mr. Doyle on the straight and narrow. And his new car (no subways in the D) has a really complicated thermostat system.

Detroit high-lights:

-Flyering cars in the rain for next week's Les Infants Terribles (it rained from exactly when we got out of the car until exactly when we got back in the car. PERFECT TIMING)

-Tastefest Turkey leg. Too bad Mr. Craig's Dj sets wasn't as nicely roasted.

-Hawtin at Panacea. Since when do Detroit clubs stay open until 4am? Plus, the dancinest, diverest, buumpinest, weirdest, smilinest, funnest Hawtin DJ set I've heard in a long time.

-Reasonably priced drinks.

-Finally getting my record collection out of my parent's house and on its way to LA.


-Rain = humidity. We no sweat in LA.

-Sr. Theakston out of town camping. Sr. Plaslaiko too busy packing.

-Hawtin ONLY playing until 4am. i could have done another 4 hours.

-Never going back to Tastefest, therefore wasting the food/drink tickets given to me by Doyle.

Conclusion: Far better Detroit experience than Movement weekend. Too bad I won't be getting back for many many moons, but once the girlfriend moves out here, money will start going to the furniture stores instead of the airlines. BUT- i did just buy a Swiss Army self inflating air mattress. So expect Glazer's discount Los Angeles chateau to be open for visitors come September.

House Industries, opens a new shop in London this week. Named to reference the address, the shop will carry clothing, books and other design geek gear. Anyone across the pond in London should check out the opening on the 10th. More on House33 here.

Ladies and gentlemen: your next vice president. A rather different character than the current v.p. (who, last we checked at least, isn't dead yet.)

Don't worry Rob, we'll take good care of Derek. Starting with the set he's playing at the
The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is hot to trot for the third year in a row (sans blackout). They've just announced the line up this year.If you're in the city, it's a good time to peep the former Carnegie Mansion filled with design delights and catch some nice tunes in the garden. Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Friday night, and you can still leave early enough to get yourself into plenty of trouble someplace else.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Enter @ 90th & Fifth Avenue or 2 East 91st
Every Friday 09 July - 27 August

09 July
Ron Trent

16 July

23 July
Derek Plaslaiko

30 July
Josh Wink

06 August
Steve Travolta

13 August
Rich Medina

20th August
Todd Osborn

27th August
DJ Spinna

Free with Admission
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Artists Designed Wallpaper will be on view in the Museum's Great Hall featuring work by Andy Warhol, Karim Rashid, and XXX.
details here [PDF]

New York happily awaits the arrival of the Detroit cyclone kiss. Happily.

To the residents of New York City,

Within the next few days inside a haggard u-haul driving down I-80 you'll find the following contents: One (1) Derek Plaslaiko, several records, some clothes and several other objects, to be sure. Let's get one thing straight: much like Team Doyle before him, Plaslaiko is on loan to your city until you guys can get things bumping again. No matter how long he lives matter how much you will feel the propensity to claim him as one of your own....he is a Detroiter first; embodying the spirit and charisma of our music scene. You may THINK he's yours? But he's not. Please refrain from enabling yourself from further turmoil and confusion. Should you find yourself unable to handle his energy and spirit, kindly send him back to Detroit and we'll take good care of him. For much like Vernors and Lafayette Coneys...he's a Detroit treasure, and should be automatically revered as such. Feed him well, give him an adequate wage and a job with reasonable working hours so he can DJ and flourish during the night time. Give him plenty of space to chew up and spit out your tired, impotent electronic music scene and reinvent it gig by gig. But most of all? Brace yourself. I don't think you realize the cyclone kiss we're about to send your way.

Thank you.

Rob Theakston

Techno megastar Sven Vaeth's CocoonClub opens in Frankfurt on July 16th. Designed by Wiesbaden-based 3deluxe with the intent to take club culture to the next level, CocoonClub features two restaurants and a state of the art night club realized in 3deluxe's signature genetic architecture. The triangular main space is surrounded by "a permeable cell membrane wall containing 13 capsule-like, glazed micro-rooms. They allow visual contact between the active inner spaces with its main dance floor and the quieter surrounding area with its adjoining lounge." Resident DJs will include the likes of Richie Hawtin, DJ Hell, Miss Kittin and Vaeth himself. Images and more info here.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Add Jack Dangers(Meat Beat Manifesto) to the list of techno/electronic artists making good on all those interview quotes of wanting to do film scores 'later in their careers' Dangers and Important Records are releasing his version of the score to the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet on July 20th. It's a 2 disc set, score on the first and 50 sound effects on the second ( a nod to the classic BBC sound effects releases for things like Doctor Who). A bit more from Danger's site here.

Oh and someone best alert the office of homeland security over this. Can you imagine this just appearing on the freeway and a Fox news chopper just happening to pick it up?

Maestro of graphic design Peter Saville has launched a clothing line (available only at über-hip Parisian botique Colette) in conjunction with husband and wife design duo, Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro. Titled "From Painting to the Clothes" the result comes in the form of T-shirts, bags and cashmere sweaters.

Two for three Friday night. Electric Six cancelled their show at the Detroit Taste Fest. (We cried in out over-priced margaritas.) However, OSLO's 'special guest DJ' Carl Craig was superb, and Robotnick... all I have to say is OH MY GOD. The 53 year old Italo-disco/electro legend opened his laptop set with a version of Killing Joke's Love Like Blood, sang, danced, twisted knobs, and delighted a packed room of Detroit's heppest well past bar hours. The live version of Problemes d'amour left jaws gaping. A rare treat indeed.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Prof. Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibit opens in Los Angeles today the California Science Center
Decay is a considerable impediment to morphological studies. Therefore scientists have been searching for centuries for suitable preservation techniques. With the invention of plastination it has become possible to preserve decomposable specimen in a durable and lifelike manner for instructional, research, and demonstration purposes.. The plastination technique replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive polymers, such as silicone rubber, epoxy resins, or polyester: in a first phase solvent gradually replaces bodily fluids in a cold solvent bath (freeze substitution). After dehydration the specimen is put in a solvent bath at room temperature for defatting. The dehydrated and defatted specimen is then placed into a polymer solution. The solvent is then brought to a boil in a vacuum and continuously extracted from the specimen; the evaporating solvent creates a volume deficit within the specimen drawing the polymer gradually into the tissue. After the process of forced impregnation the specimen is cured with gas, light, or heat, depending on the type of polymer used. The class of polymer used determines the mechanical (flexible or hard) and optical (transparent or opaque) properties of the preserved specimen. Plastinated specimen are dry and odourless; they retain their natural surface relief and are identical with their state prior to preservation down to the microscopic level; even microscopic examinations are still possible "Slice plastination" is a special variation of this preservation technique. When applying this method, whole bodies or body parts (mostly deep-frozen) are first cut or sawed into 2-8 mm thick slices. These slices are then placed between wire nettings, where they are dehydrated, defatted and finally saturated with polymers in a vacuum. The impregnated slices are cured between sheets of film or casted with additional polymers in a flat chamber composed of glass plates to give them a smooth surface. The refraction index of the applied resins determines the optical properties of plastinated body slices. Body and organ slices produced with epoxy resins result in transparent specimens with good coloration of individual tissues; polyester resins permit an excellent distinction between white and grey brain matter and are thus used for the plastination of brain slices.
Prof. Dr. med. Gunther von Hagens invented plastination at the Institute for Anatomy at Heidelberg University in 1978 and has developed it further ever since. Plastination has gained general acceptance and is carried out in many institutions throughout the world. Particularly the hard-weariness, dura-bility, and lifelike state of plastinated specimens as well as their high instructional value have contributed to this acceptance.

as a second follow up to the post by josh, this sunday the maxalot gallery in barcelona will inaugurate WeWorkFromThem 1, an exposition by WeWorkForThem, creators of YouWorkForThem, (i am officially a bit confused) who are currently in spain for OFFF4 (OnlineFlashFilmFestival) this year held in valencia

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Friday night in the D:
Electric Six at the Detroit Taste Fest, 8:30pm.
Robotnick at OSLO, with *special* guest DJ, 10pm.

I'll probably take the car and the Mrs. to find somewhere with pine trees and sand and furry animals on Saturday. Canada sounds like an appropriate place to spend the holiday this particular year.

You all have a good weekend!

speaking of video...

Draw Down is a new short film by Phoenix Perry with Arnold Steiner and audio by Brian Jackson created for the upcoming second edition of the critically acclaimed RELINE DVD series.

The film will debut at the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center, July 15th as part of the Synaesthesiologists: Global Audiovisuals Now program. Watch a short QuickTime clip here.

(It should be noted that Kill Memory Crash provides audio for the Enter the Dragon trailer, re: Josh's post below.)

This will either be awesome or put me to sleep in 5 minutes. I'll let you know after I watch it tonight.

WPS1 which is the new streaming radio station from PS1 is up and running.

After a hard day talking about Jesus and family values, nothing says "let freedom reign" like a hooker. The sex industry gears up for the GOP convention.


The political action group Downtown for Democracy has organized a major fundraiser and art auction to raise “hard money to beat George W. Bush” in the November presidential election (“hard money” is the best kind -- according to election rules, it can be used for direct advocacy for a candidate). “Art Works for Hard Money” takes place on Tuesday, June 29, 2004, 8 pm-midnight, at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Passerby, 436 West 15th Street in Manhattan. Tickets are $75; call (718) 290-9153 for more info.

Participating artists include John Baldessari, Matthew Barney, Cecily Brown, Edgar Bryan, Mathew Cerletty, Paul Chan, Dan Colen, Meg Cranston, Steve di Benedetto, Trisha Donnelly, Keith Edmier, Harrell Fletcher, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg, Rachel Harrison, James Hayward, Christian Holstad, Jacqueline Humphries, Ryan Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Tony Just, Julie Kirkpatrick, David Korty, Nick Lowe, Christie Lyons, Nick Mauss, Adam McEwen, Sam Messer, Laura Owens, Elizabeth Peyton, Monique Prieto, Michael Rees, Kim Schoenstadt, Pieter Schoolwerth, Michelle Segre, Amy Sillman, Josh Smith, Aaron Spangler, Spencer Sweeney, Charline von Heyl and TJ Wilcox.

The D4D benefit is coordinated with an auction of more than 170 works by top contemporary artists at Phillips, de Pury & Co. on June 29, organized by two pro-Democratic groups, America Coming Together and Arts PAC. The silent auction is scheduled for 6:30 pm and the live auction at 8 pm; tickets begin at $1,000.

Vladcik performs his very popular techno-ballad, Elektronik Supersonik.