Wednesday, July 31, 2002

paxahau concluded their weekly event "volume" at panacea this past friday. in true form, the evening was another night of amazing music (courtesy of dj's carlos souffront and dayhota) and lots (and lots) of vodka. if you missed the event, you can still hear the music by going to the archive section of paxahau's site. if you haven't been there already, its well worth the trip. of particular note are the archives from the p.e.m.f. (paxahau electronic music festival), which happened memorial weekend at panacea. some unbelievable sets by the likes of vladislav delay, magda, ricardo villalobos, pantytec, richie hawtin, the kooky scientist, and many others are all preserved there for you, and future generations.

Since I brought up comic book artists, I definitely have to mention Detroit's favorite inker [and neighbor to several conspirators] Glenn Barr. An interview here and nice galleries here and here. Also see Detroit Contemporary.

Ashley Wood's new online store, ashleywoodarts dot com opened yesterday. Pictured above is Tony Saracino [Burnlab conspirator and co-owner of Brooklyn's hottest new bar] with an original HellSpawn ink board by Ash hanging above the register. In a rather unflattering way, the characters are eerily reminiscent of Tony and myself... perhaps in 20 years... maybe 5.

Here is a photo from the final installment of Cross Currents at the Cooper-Hewitt on Tuesday night. The guy in the yellow boxers was rocking out like nobody's business all night long.

Liz�s post definitely strikes a chord with me having spent 8 years in non-commercial radio formats. I find the comment about college stations particularly interesting as one of my past home stations WRUW-FM Cleveland of Case Western Reserve University has been voted best station in the area three years running, beating out all the Clear Channel stations. Why a huge monopoly like Clear Channel would feel paranoid about college stations is beyond me but I think they are missing an opportunity. Remember, folks like U2, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, REM, and Public Enemy were all huge college station favorites long before commercial radio �launched� their careers. If Clear Channel or XM were smart it would keep and eye AND ear towards those exploring the future of music.

Hello Burnlab members -

All this talk of fancy motor vehicles is a little too close to 'home,' so to speak, as Dream Cruise dominates the nearly unavoidable Woodward in the metro Detroit area in less than a fortnight...

OK, this is my first post, so let's see how this works out. Please forgive any learning glitches.

I ran across comments from earlier in the month by a 'higher up' in the Clear Channel system. It goes like this:
�Satellite radio is not the answer to good radio, much like Cable TV is not the answer to good TV. Both just give you more choices of crap.
Radio is categorized, and it ought to be. Only a slim number of people would like to hear Ja Rule, Rusted Root, Barry Manilow, and Dwight Yoakam on the same radio station. If you are actually looking for a station that will play Norah Jones, B-Tribe, Ned Otter, etc., then look for your closest college radio station. Give them a good listen. I guarantee you that after 30 minutes of pure hell, you will switch back to a Clear Channel Radio station because we play the hits.�

Steve Smith
Production Director/Imaging Director, Clear Channel
Lebanon, N.H.

(I transcribed this from the feedback section of Entertainment Weekly, July 12, 2002)

This is in response to an article on satellite radio, an article which I have not seen. I also must say that I don't necessarily root for all artists mentioned. But the general principle of hits vs. exploration (or even adventure) frightens me a bit. Perhaps I fall prey to the romantic notion that radio can make a difference and challenge conventions, but in this day and age of self-programming through home, car, computer and personal stereo playback units, digital television and satellite radio, who's to say? I suppose my question is, Does this comment sound as ludicrous to you as it does to me?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

My candy-colored Karmann Ghia obsession may soon become reality, but nothing will make heads turn like that Oblagon.. nice!
here is the one I dream about at night...

(can I buy a car from someone who's email address is "courtingthemuse"? yuck)

I can only imagine Mike sitting at the keyboard waiting for a post from me reguarding the automotive theme today. For the ultimate in impracticle cars look no further than here. Coincidentally it's about all my budget can afford and a perfect solution for those agonizing parking problems in NYC.

speaking of resevoir dogs, 12" dolls
of the cast of characters are now on sale, with a disturbing eye for detail. Mr. Blonde's accessory items include a gun, smokes, duct tape, and a severed ear.

Monday, July 29, 2002

Building upon Michael's post about his lust for impractical cars, I completly understand and share the obsession. However, as a Vespa and Lambretta owner and former caretaker of a long legacy of repair-addicted automobiles including a 1968 Saab 96, I can't imagine devoting the time, energy and seemingly bottomless pit of money it takes to keep these beasts on the road. What I lust for is a day where conversion of these classic designs to efficient and reliable electric power is practical and affordable as depicted in the movie Gattaca. If you remember, they drove our beloved Citroens, vintage Rovers and other classic designs equipped with eerily quiet power plants. Neat.

And since we're sharing, the mean streets of SF, formerly prowled by the mighty Saab 9-3 Viggen have been handed down to the not-quite-as-mighty, but very capable VW Beetle Turbo S. Vroom.

Burnlab and Engram Design support Textfield Magazine�: an "open form" magazine in greyscale, featuring some pretty amazing work. Click here to preview our sponsorship ad, and visit to view the progress and order your very own copy.

I guess this is officially 'fantasy motor week' at Burnlab. Jaron Rothkop just informed me that he's the proud adopted father of a beautiful '62 Vespa. I fully expect Israel to chirp in with a link about the latest GTi, and Olivia to share her Karmann-Ghia adventures on eBay.

Of interest, here is a discussion on architects' cars from our good friends at Archinect.
This is pretty interesting as well.

Happy motoring.

Raymond Loewy has been called the father of industrial design, and his work literally surrounds us more than 15 years after his death. A random sampling of his designs reveals the breadth of his genius: the Scenicruiser Greyhound Bus, the classic Coca Cola bottle, the current U.S. Post Office logo, the Lucky Strike cigarette package, boomerang Formica patterns, and even the interior of the Concorde. He not only pioneered the cocoon-like feel of modern airplane cockpits, but also the high-style shopping mall and the palatial department store. However the thing that sticks most in my mind is the Studebaker Avanti . In 1961 Raymond Loewy locked himself in a cabin in Palm Springs. Two weeks later he gave birth to the first prototype of the Avanti. The car that was intended to save Studebaker was the first American auto to use disk brakes and had a drag coefficient of .30. In my opinion, and I am sure Dave Lentz would agree, this is the most beautiful automobile ever made. So while we�re dreaming, when I design my purple concrete cube, feel certain an Avanti will be rotating on a platform inside.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

The ADD must be kicking in, as I've spent much of the weekend dreaming about owning impractical cars and designing a loft where I can park them. This somehow started while thinking about NYC Vespa gangs and Jon O's brilliant response of starting a Spree gang (complete with Kraftwerk inspired uniforms... not to be out-geeked by Camper wearin' indie-rockers!) Anyway, somehow the daydreaming went form Sprees to Messerschmitts to Citroens. That's where my head is at now.

ISO a 1972 DS21, black with red leather, excellent mechanical condition.

More geek news:
More details have surfaced about the new professional Apple G4 models slated for an August launch. Many of us in the design community have been waiting a long time for an all new enclosure which shares a closer design vocabulary with Apple's recent award winning designs, such as the titanium/carbon fiber PowerBook, the iPod and the gorgeous Xserve. If these spy photos are any indication, we're in for just another revision of the 'Smurf' tower introduced nearly four years ago. Hmm. The guts are pretty impressive though.

Friday, July 26, 2002

ashley moore, harlem's unwelcome white-boy and founder of angry red planet will blow your mind. when we were in school he was told at a review to consider rendering his spare black and white he ran to his desk and covered his drawings with a spiderman ink-stamp he had carved from a potato...burnlab new york has got to recruit this guy into the fold.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Dave Pinter told me NOT to look at his new site, OFFWHITE until he fine tunes the text aliasing and such, but it's looking pretty darn good so far. Great photos from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and MoMA QNS opening you won't see anywhere else. Consider this an exclusive and unauthorized preview for Burnlab readers.

Here is Dave's set list from the Cooper-Hewitt party as well, where Karim Rashid unknowingly prevented Cathryn Davis from beating the hell out of some Armani-clad letch.
I love New York :)

The new Alexander McQueen store opens today - 417 14th Street, NYC.
Should be worth a look.

Radiohead fans-
The band just opened their show in Lisbon with NINE new songs.
The recording quality is terrible, but it is stil worth checking out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

classic BBS hacking. beautiful. beware: link is heavy, so save work before launching.

Fully Awake is a documentary in progress about Black Mountain College, directed by Cathryn Davis. Little known but extremely influential, BMC was a democratic, multidisciplinary institution which has been home to the likes of John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, Josef Albers, Robert Rauschenberg and Allen Ginsberg. Bucky built his first dome there in 1948, and Cage began exploring 'found-sounds' in the early 1950s at BMC. More info on Black Mountain College at American Masters.

The kooky bunch of Austrian shutterbugs otherwise known as Lomographers have just released a complete compendium of their official works containing over 378 pages of over 2000 Lomographs. Looks like it could be worthy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Ok if you have to use an IBM formatted PC, then at least get a cool MP3 player . It's not an I-POD, but that is what you get for using some cake batter colored hunk of junk.
I suppose you could just wait until the new I-POD for Windows is released, but don't start thinking that makes you cool. You are still using a computer that came in a cow print carton.

Phat Hats
"Haute Hats" (Museum of Fine Art , Houston, TX)
June 30-September 8
Lilly Dache, Elsa Schiaparelli, Hubert Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent are some of the designers whose millinery work will be on display at this exhibition of distinctive headpieces from the mid-30's to the present.

Philip Treacy�s extravagant hats extend the world of coiffeur covers into the realm of visual art. Treacy has designed head sculpture for many haute couture houses such as Chanel, Givenchy,Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Helmut Lang, Thierry Mugler, Anna Molinari and Versace. Even better are the wooden hat forms he carves.

New and improved Cranbrook Design dot com: all about Crannies past, present and future.

For all you Neil Gaiman fans, Neil's latest children's book 'Coraline' with illustrations by Dave McKean is in stores now. Now that Shel Silverstein has passed way, someone has to carry the 'subtle warping of junior's mind' torch.

Detroit-based architect and 2003 Prix du Rome winner Andrew Zago has a solo-exhibition at SCI-Arc:
"Zago Architecture's "Cipher" is a structural grid occupying nearly the entire volume of the SCI-Arc Gallery. This grid functions as a combination object, theater, lounge, and refuge. Through juxtaposition of the grid with the gallery void, the project seeks to confound the classical apprehension of objects. Futher, through its animated occupation in both choreographed performance and informal use, the project seeks a condition in which one can contemplate form as a seamless continuum from action to thing. The grid is not universal; it is made particular by the corridors and stairways that are its constituent parts. As both theater and agora, it eschews the traditional strictures binding spectator to performer even while imposing its own insistent grain."

Monday, July 22, 2002

24 Hour Party People
The story of Factory Records, from Joy Division to the Happy Mondays

Grrrrrr! Somebody finally makes a comedy about Factory Records and the closest theater it is playing at is 7 hours away in Madison, WI. (???) Ah well. At least all you New York people can see it. The preview looks awesome.

Gorgeous portfolio site of this 19 year old designer: Wrecked/Wreckage. Damn! Makes me want to put on Sixteen Horsepower and build some evil machines for some reason. So nicely done, I'll forgive the fact that the portfolio navigation reminds me a lot of Jennifer Sterling. [Hey, maybe it's the other way around.]
Link from to our friends at Computerlove.

Keep your eye on James Thomas; indie fashion designer featured in New York magazine
He's my favourite architect of clothing (and brother-in-law (*cough*))
Article here.

"come on girl don't try to fake it, get up there and let me see you shake it..."
afrika bambaataa did a brilliant electro / house / prince / old school ghetto set at giant saturday night. pretty bad venue, but when he dropped "billie jean" i forgot all my troubles...

i actually rewatched "donnie darko" this past weekend myself. agnosticism / atheism / divine intervention and a joy division-driven soundtrack. excellent.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Israel will be happy to know I finally went to see Donnie Darko at a midnight showing in Manhattan last night. Wow! Like Lynch does Sixteen Candles... and it all makes sense... sort of...

Three words for you: KAIJU BIG BATTLE. Who doesn't want to see grown men in foam rubber monster suits wrestling... live! "Danger can happen." Thanks to Geek-boy.

New plugs for old favorites:
Kid Demo has released version 3 of his site. Lots of new work. Very nice.
Illustrator Ashley Wood continues to pump out outstanding work. Check Ash's site frequently and buy stuff!

event reminder: ZIP from Berlin joins our good friend Magda at [*]PENAIR this Friday.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

<< The C0NSPIRAT0RS department is back, with fresh blood.

Reminder: Dave Pinter DJs at the Cooper-Hewitt garden party this Tuesday 7/23, courtesy of "DJ Kreemy". Click here for info.
See you there!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Happy 5th anniversary to ARCHINECT today!

Paul P. is taking a much deserved rest, but do go check out the extensive archive of covers and features, including the work of Tom Muller, the "brilliant" *cough*;) competition winners and Israel's MOA Home. In-depth case study on Archinect at Domus Web here.

one of the more brilliant american films in recent years, "the royal tenenbaums", has been released with decent extras including a gallery of paintings by mexico city-based artist miguel calderon. "attack" appears courtesy of andrea rosen gallery (maybe you should go see it). miguel also fronts the "punk" band "large intestine." appologies for the quotation marks.

continuing with the concept of horror as an aesthetic:
takashi miike's "visitor q" and "audition" are now available for rent at better video shops. i own both and watch whenever i need to be kicked down the stairs.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Brian Kritzman and myself will be presenting current projects, talking about design theory and the mechanics of operating a modular, decentralized design firm at the next Core77 Offsite in October. There will also be site specific multimedia installations and music provided by Magda. Oh, and free drinks! Exact date and location to be announced soon. This Offsite is part of an ongoing education series and exploration of experience design presented by ENGRAM.

Before Time Out lets the rest of the world know next week, get down to Brooklyn's best new bar: Buttermilk at 5th Avenue and 16th Street in South Slope. Buttertmilk is owned by Burnlab editor and Detroit expat Tony Saracino, along with the fine folks who brought us the hip Brooklyn watering holes Great Lakes, Roxy and Boat. Already gaining a loyal following, Buttermilk sported a line around the corner after a Yo La Tengo show at Prospect Park last week, inspiring the comment "What is this... an indie-rock trash compactor?" True there is no shortage of shaggy kids in glasses and Vans, but the superb jukebox features enough post-punk and electro gems to keep me more than happy. Look for a new Burnlab mix CD in the near future with many of the Mute artists mentioned here the past few days.

Submitted for perusal: music and sound design by Cypher Audio from Toronto.

Speaking of sound and design, I had the great pleasure of visiting EAR Studio last week. Ben Rubin is a frequent collaborator with the likes of Diller+Scofidio, Mark Hansen and Laurie Anderson. It's a damn shame the budget for Blur at the Swiss National Expo was cut by a staggering US$10 million. D+S's beautiful cloud was built, but the "Brain Coats" and Ben's other multimedia installations remain on the shelf for now. More info about Blur here and the upcoming D+S book here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

MINI�ME, please
Take a ride on the nicely designed homepage of the new Mini Cooper.

Is it worth it? David is a membership and pay per series website designed by Eric Bassett which opened earlier this year. For a monthly membership fee of $9.97 you can view original shorts and animations designed specifically for the web and buy a David Lynch baseball cap or coffee mug.

Speaking of Mute Records, Andrew Fletcher, member of veteran Mute records recording artists Depeche Mode has started his own record label in the UK. His first signed artist is Client which has two singles (Client no. 1 and Client no. 2) posted for download on their site. "Client no. 2" reminds sounds a lot like 80's band Visage's "Fade to Gray". Good stuff, check it out.

Not only are Mac users godless, but are smarter and make more money than PC users. This is news?

Review the urban planning concepts for the World Trade Center site at the website of The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. They are not as bad as I thought... None of them, however, capture the heroic feeling of the twin towers, a feeling that was coded into the design of those buildings long before September 11th became a date to live in infamy. Do we really best honor the memory of the people who died there with "safe" architecture?

Monday, July 15, 2002

Under My Skin: The Films of David Cronenberg at Anthology Film Archives , NYC.
The series features many of Cronenberg�s films including Rabid with Marilyn Chambers and Crash which was inspired by the J.G. Ballard novel by the same title. The Ballard novel also inspired �Warm Leatherette� by The Normal . One off single released originally in 1978 and the first ever record on the Mute label. The Normal member Daniel Miller (a film student at the time) founded and now runs Mute and Novamute. Also look for �Warm Leatherette� covers by Grace Jones and Chicks on Speed.

"Love architecture, be it ancient or modern. Love it for its fantastic, adventurous and solemn creations; for its inventions; for the abstract, allusive and figurative forms that enchant our spirit and enrapture our thoughts. Love architecture, the stage and support of our lives." Gio Ponti
The Design Museum in London is featuring as a current exhibition Gio Ponti: A World Design Museum Exhibition. The site has lots of other really great stuff for perusal.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Fashion Report - Check out Red Threds by San Francisco designer Allison Nelson. Allison's creations employ dramatic detailing, asymmetrical hemlines, raw edges, layering and color stitching. Nice!

They say that idle hands are the devil's workshop --> here's my picks for New Yorkers this weekend to stay busy and keep your digits from purgation...

--> First of all, speaking of post-rave warehouses, Complacent and Dumboluna are throwing a monstrous party on Fri-Sat of this weekend and next (July 12-13 and 19-20). It's called 2002, and it's taking place in a huge (90,000 sq ft!) former power plant in Long Island City, Queens. I'm going on Friday the 12th to hear Dha Fuzion do some throat singing.

--> The Flying Machine is performing its very unique brand of theatre this weekend with UTOPIANS at the Ohio Theatre. Last I heard, there were still tickets available for this Saturday night 7/13.
I first saw this company in the 1997 NY Fringe Festival performing a play called Sad Since Tuesday. It still ranks as one of the best two or three pieces of theatre I've ever seen.

--> My theatrical family, The Faux-Real Theatre Company, is performing a free outdoor show for kids (of all ages) this summer-- The Tinderbox, based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. But with fire breathing. Take a break from accounting scandals and check it out this weekend in Washington Square Park. I'll be there Sunday at 6 PM.

--> In response to Olivia's syllogism, I agree, except in the instance that something is invisible, in which case if it is as it appears to be, it does not appear at all.

--> And speaking of Invisible...scratch that...And speaking of Accounting Scandals...scratch that...And speaking of The Devil, take a few minutes to read Who is Dick Cheney? -- a chilling but true fact sheet on the Vice Prez created by the good folks at


Appearances to the mind are of four kinds.
Things either are what they appear to be; or
they neither are, nor appear to be; or they
are, and do not appear to be; or they are not,
and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim in all
these cases is the wise man's task.

Hey, this is Andy, finally checking in! Mike, Burnlab three was worth the wait!

I'm currently busy with the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID), a 20 year old non-profit arts advocacy group. We are planning a kick-off event for early November this year at detroit contemporary. More details to follow.

I'm sorry to hear about Motor. Although I had a hard time supporting its recent mutations, I have many good memories of that place (especially during the Jon/Josh years)

Does anybody know what will happen to the building? A Motor v2.0* design charrette could be interesting...

* Technically it would be v3.0 if you count the Falcon Club.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Finally, Warp Records
announced a mini tour for the US. It is about time.
Arenas: 7/31 -- New York // Shelter , 8/1 -- Toronto // Phoenix , 8/2 -- Chicago // Metro , 8/3 -- Los Angeles // Mobius
Line Up: LFO DJ, DJ Ease (Nightmares On Wax), Prefuse 73, Richard Devine, Jamie Lidell, Chris Clark, Boom Bip (sans LA), & Luke Vibert
Special Guests: NYC � Dntel, Toronto � Nautilis, Chicago � Nautilis, LA -- Dntel, Sote

Alexander McQueen is to design the next set of windows at Barney�s. I think this is the first time since Simon Doonan began his window design career that another person will have a shot.

This month's La Luz de Jesus opening is for Liz Mcgrath. Her work which is delightfully morbid reflects influences from Roman Catholic iconographic art, punk rock and Edward Gorey - runs through the end of July - 4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

Bernard Tschumi, who transformed Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation into an international model for architectural education stepped down as dean on June 30, 2003.
goto article

Finally 0 comments Links to this post

I'm sorry to report that after 6 years as Detroit best club, Motor Detroit will be closing its doors for good on August 30th. A failing economy, as well as a declining nationwide interest in electronic music, cause attendance numbers to drop to the point where it was simply impossible to turn a profit. It appears that the age of the post-rave warehouse club has pretty much come to an end. I will be seeking new employment ASAP. For those Detroit expates who wanna say good-bye to Motor, but aren't sure if its worth the trip, a reminder that Richie Hawtin's 'Control' party will also be taking place that same weekend. So it'd be fantastic if to party with everyone all weekend long.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Maybe the best program on television [not really that bold a statement], EGG delivers the best of contemporary art with great insight and perspective. The website offers further depth with interactive pieces such as Eva Sutton's Hybrids.

Since we were first to announce two of the coolest parties in New York last week (Magda at [*]PENAIR and Berlin-New York at the Urban Experience Museum), here's another to check out: Core 77 discussion board favorite Karim Rashid hosts CrossCurrents Tuesdays in July at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. DJ Kreemy's parties take place in the garden 6:00 - 9:00pm, including what should be a killer Detroit Techno set by Burnlab's own Dave Pinter on July 23rd. The Cooper-Hewitt is located at 2 East 91st Street at 5th Ave, NYC.

Monday, July 08, 2002

bienvenidos from burnlab's european editor (i think) my mission is to give an overview overhere. a good place to start is here (barcelona), and a perfect place to get an idea of barcelona's style, fashion, identity,etc is dresslab
which gives a synopsis of barcelona through its music festivals(check out: >SEE3< in the SEE option in the menu for sonar2001, or >SEE4< for benicassim2001), its fashion (epitomised by its bi-annual circuit fashion show:>PLAY<), and its role as european trendsetter in multimedia/graphics/fashion (r+b-meets-fashion-meets-las-vegas >SEE02<, or the more up-burnlab's-alley mix of graphics/fashion/advertising/charminglydepressingmusic >SEE01<), plus a recommendation for the shops most visit-worthy in the modern world (>SHOP<)....more soon

Friday, July 05, 2002

Although the site hasn't been updated in years, [+ISM] remains one of my favorite places on the web. Matius and Tsuyoshi are busy with paying design work for magazines such as ESPN, Details and Discover. They've collected a body of work for a new site and hope to find time to put it all together in the near future. Stay tuned.

Another old favorite with a dark sense of humor, Yohan has a archived the past four years of Evil Pupil. It's sites like this that remind me that Flash really can be a great tool [and not just an annoying gimmick] when in the hands of a great designer. EP says Cyberpunks are not dead!

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Wow... what an enormous effort put into such a heinous design.

Governor Pataki has a very different view: read here.

On a lighter note, the fashion discussion at ARCHINECT is out of hand, and founder/director of propaganda Paul Petrunia emerges as a sex symbol for this post-911 age. God help us.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Looking for a *real* old-school electronic music experience? Then make sure to head over to the Audium next time you're in San Francisco. Described by its proprietor and composer Stan Shaff as, �the only theatre of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music�. Shaff and equipment designer Doug McEachern have performed electro-spatial music compositions in their custom-designed 169 speaker room for the public since 1975 - all in total darkness. The result? A unique sound-space continuum that evokes vivid dreams, memories, thoughts, and visions.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Our own Magda has joined the collection of Detroit area expatriates who now call Brooklyn home. She wastes no time making her presence in NYC known with a new DJ residency at [*]PENAIR every Friday night. Our friend ZIP from Berlin makes a special appearance on Friday, July 26th. [*]PENAIR is located at 121 St. Mark's Place (at Avenue A) in the East Village.

Meanwhile, back in Motown... Motor is sponsoring the Detroit Tastefest this year. The line-up at the Motor stage is:
Wednesday, 7/3, 8 - 10pm: Derrick May
Thursday, 7/4, 8 - 10pm: John Acquaviva
Friday, 7/5, 8 - 10pm: Carl Craig
Saturday, 7/6, 5 - 7pm: Kenneth Thomas, 7 - 9pm: Terrence Parker

*tech note: Blogger is having issues with the 'posted by' function everywhere. They hope to have it resolved soon.