Sunday, June 29, 2003

Jonathan Ive speaks about the design of the new Apple G5 in Wired.

The 3D Design department at Cranbrook has a new and improved web presence.

I've been MIA from New York and regular postings for two whole months, more or less - much to catch up on...

Jared sent along a link for the OneDotZero festival back in May. Uncharacteristically untimely of us to post so late, but do check out the excellent site. Speaking of our man in the UK, Jared is the artist of the week at Invisible Records, and the new LP Oxidizer is slated for an October release... or as soon as I get the artwork done. The new and improved Chemlab will be hitting the road with Pigface in October as well.

Plastik fantastik: A reminder that Richie and Magda will be kicking off the PS1 Warm Up music series this Saturday, July 5th. Rich's new album is slated for release this fall - the first LP of all new material since Consumed. Be sure to check out Mr. Hawtin's new Control set-up: once again pushing into the future by combining his 909 machine and array of little black boxes, Final Scratch, Ableton Live and Cycloops sampler into a custom XOne62 mixer, simply called CTRL. (No word yet if it has a foot pedal.) Michiganders can catch Rich and Magda with Matt Dear and [Evil] Clark Warner at the Detroit TasteFest on Thursday, July 3rd. The TasteFest has blossomed into a premiere music event. Also appearing are Carl Craig, Los Lobos, Wilco, Billy Preston, Juan Atkins, Derek Plaslaiko and many more. Derek apparently put on an amazing semi-live set at UNTITLED last night. Hopefully Paxahau archived it. While you're at the fest, pick up some Detroit love from Pure Detroit.

ADHOC Group presents Reduction of Complexity: An Exploration in Three Parts. Part 1, Making, occurs at the Rx Gallery in San Fransisco and on the ADHOC site July 17th.

Random is a cool, shoe-gazey band from Ireland with a very nice web site. (Be sure to check out the neat downloads.) The site also uses Autoscape, the official Burnlab font from the geniuses at LINETO - there isn't a better type foundry on the planet for my money.

A classic recently revisited: Goth or Not dot com
I forgot how much I dig this site, and spent way too much time clicking through the gallery tonight. I do have a bit of a rating system, for those interested in scoring higher on the goth-o-meter. The top ten lists are pretty dead-on (no pun intended) with my own picks. If you look like you're sixteen or younger, bonus 3 points for your pain. If the photo is actually taken in a high school cafeteria, bonus 4 points. Bonus 2 points for actually using your class photo. Photos in cemeteries bonus 1 point. Bonus 2 points for expert combinations of plaid and latex. Being from the cyberpunk/rivethead camp myself, any name including words like 'synthetic', 'machine', any German-sounding words, etc. get an extra 2 points. Minus 2 points if you look like you're attending the Renaissance Festival. (Cyberpunks hate hippies, and the Renfest look is a so close, you may as well be wearing a fanny pack and sandals. Sorry - my rules.) Bonus 2 points for a good punk name like 'Blowmeasshole'. Any pumped-up Glen Danzig look-a-likes with the word 'master' in their name get minus 4 to 9 points, depending on how self-important looking they are in the photo. Likewise for anyone who looks like they're in a shorts rock band or might own a Limp Bizkit CD. (Slipknot is not goth, f.y.i.) Good Robert Smith look-a-likes get an automatic 10 rating.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

As you may have noticed, has a new interface. You may get a script error message when using the code for a blank window in your links (this bit here: target="_new" or target="_blank"). Please click the "ignore errors" box and proceed as usual. Since the Lab Report is in a frame (that's some fancy web site authoring term), it is very important to include this bit of code.
Much thanks conspirators.

ARCHINECT has exclusive photos of the new Prada Tokyo store, designed by Herzog & de Meuron - probably best known for London's Tate Modern. (Scroll down to Paul's 6/25 post in the news section for images.)

Last week it was non-stop rain and chilly temperatures here in NYC. This week it's 90 degrees and pure sunshine. Right on que PS1 has released the dates and performers for this years summer Warm-Up. Check it out HERE. I'll most likely be pitching a tent and living there most of the summer with such a great line up. Kicks off with a bang on July 5th with Magda and Richie. Don't forget the sunscreen

Abandonned in the 1980's, the mile long stretch of elevated train track known as the High Line has been saved. The non-profit group called Friends of the High Line organized a competition to develop ideas for what to do with the mile long section of track on the west side of NYC. The winning entries will be the focus of a special exhibition in Grand Central Terminal from July 10-25th. Look for hovering car park ideas, senic walkways, and and an elevated row of cafes among others.

Inspired by how the Model T revolutionized personal transportation in the last century, a team of Ford researchers and designers created Model U. It is described as a clear expression of Ford Motor Company's strategy to pursue future automotive technologies without compromising today's customer expectations for personal mobility. It is a car designed to be good to you and good for the world. Did they rip Marc Newson off?
In case you missed the Retrofuturism exhibit at the Geffin Contemporary in LA here�s the virtual tour featuring the Jay Mays Thunderbird and the Marc Newson car with matching Mui Mui luggage.

Cinecitt� has grown up," said Luigi Abete, the studio's president, who is more Wall Street than Sunset Strip. He lamented that the studio, built in 1937 by Mussolini as a propaganda instrument, is too often seen as a relic, fettered to Fellini and his peers: "It should be seen as a current place, full of people who will be in the cinema tomorrow, not decades ago. Now the most important are the Americans."

Isaac Mizrahi, whose haywire fashion career seems apt for Bette Davis's warning about seat belts, is back in the biz. Mr. Mizrahi, naturally, says he never left. Now he joins Phillipe Starck in designing for Target.

The Betty Blowtorch movie premiers tonight at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood. Anthony Scarpa spent 2 years chronicling the all girl band and their pyrotechnical exploits. Also coming to the Arclight- AFI Fischerspooner #1 Documentary Screening & Q&A - July 9th. As part of their documentary series the AFI will be presenting a screening of Karen Fischer's work in progress documentary about the project. Warren, Casey and Karen will be attending the screening for a Q&A afterwards.

Superfuturecity � urban cartography for urban shopping experts
Superfuture city produces highly filtered and regularly updated maps for your shopping pleasure and excitement. Make sure you print out a full set before you travel. They attempt to keep these maps as up to date as logistically possible and often rely on user feedback. To date their industrious cartographers have mapped out the absolutely essential shopping districts of Tokyo, New York, and Sydney.

President Bush took a tumble when he stepped on a Segway two-wheeled scooter last week.

Now online: my latest project for Sony. Just click here then click on "Interactive Demo" in the upper right corner. Don't forget to build and download your desktop wallpaper.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

hoping to finally get to doing the sonar report tonight...if not, i�ll be doing a two-festival report some time next week as i�m off to england for summer festival dos. my band misnoma will be playing the left field stage at the 3 day glastonbury festival, in it�s 33rd year and 112,000 people strong. interesting (though fairly commercial) lineup including radiohead, lamb, royksopp, the roots, de la soul...and us of course

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

How fast is the world's fastest personal computer?
The new Power Mac G5 throttles past both the fastest Pentium 4 and a dual-processor Xeon workstation when tested using industry standard SPEC CPU 2000 benchmarks-SPECfp-base2000 and SPECint-base2000 measure the speed of a single task-either a floating-point calculation or an integer calculation-executing on a single processor. The "SPEC rate" metrics, which recognize multiple processors, more accurately demonstrate the performance of a dual processor system. The results should make your pulse race just a little bit faster.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Thinking Differently?
Following their run in the Top 10 most downloaded albums on the new Apple Music Store Fischerspooner have been confirmed to be part of the keynote presentation at this year's MacWorld Creative Pro Expo at the Jakob Javits Centre NYC on July 16th. More details as I get them.

Summer in Berlin
I'll be in Berlin over the fourth-of-July weekend, and I'm overwhelmed trying to fit in as much art, architektur, kultur and musik as I can. I've never been to Berlin before, so I'm looking for suggestions. There's a long list already that includes the Bauhaus Museum of Design as well as plenty of Daniel Liebeskind architecture. But I've got no clue about the bustling Berlin music scene. Any ideas how a traveling robot might best spend his evenings into the wee morning hours or other "musts"? E-mail me.

Wondering if anyone has friends, family, ex's over at Index Magazine. If so, please hit muh!

Summer has yet to make a formal apperance here in NYC and today's weather is about as depressing as it comes. Usually the trigger event to get everyone to break out the beach wear is the summer warm up series at the PS1 museum. We're probably a week or so away from the line up announcement for this year. In the mean time here's a few nice photo's I stumbled across on the Massie Architecture web site of last years courtyard installation. There's even blue sky in the pictures, for those here that forgot what it looked like.

Maybe Moby really is made of stars. The Grammy nominee and tea-shop owner's latest project is a new multi-media show at the American Museum of Natural History's reborn Hayden Planetarium. Before the Rose Center's $210 million upgrade, the planetarium featured a weekly Pink Floyd laser light show popular with the acid washed set. Moby will be the music coordinator for the new show, mixing his own work with Radiohead, massive Attack, Goldfrapp, and the Flaming Lips, to name a few of the bands. "Personally I think that it has noting in common with the old laser light shows, ' Moby says. 'This will be transcendent." Artist including his friend Jonathon Cramer are collaborating on the visuals. It should debut in October.

John Waters, whose Broadway rendition of Hairspray just won big at the Tonys, will direct his own script for A Dirty Shame, for Killer Films. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair, and Paul Giametti have all signed on to star in the comedy, which chronicles one family's twisted sexual life. Filming is scheduled to kick off this fall in- of course- Baltimore.

Lucha Va Voom is coming!- Mas sexo y violencia
What could be better than Latino midget wrestling and burlesque?

Yes, the Honda ad has been posted here three or four times, but SO good.

For those in Detroit, your friendly neighborhood record mogul SV4 will be guest DJing at Buddha Bar on 8 Mile Rd. tonight. More info at Ghostly International.

More updates from Form:uLA. Machines are hot.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Making it's way around the internet; you might have already seen this Honda commercial- done with no special effects. 606 takes, 6 million dollars, and funny water-sensing windshield wipers. clever.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The Archive Project - Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC: 1982-2003
The Archive Project is the first public presentation of Storefront for Art and Architecture's history. Over 1000 individuals have participated in Storefront's program of exhibitions, publications, competitions and discussions over the course of the last two decades.
May 9 - June 29, 2003, 97 Kenmare Street between Mulberry Street and Cleveland Place

Six firms and consortia have been shortlisted to compete for the job of writing London's "masterplan" for the 2012 Olympics:Arup, Foster and Partners, EDAW / HOK, Terry Farrell and Partners, MBM Arquitectes, Herzog & de Meuron, & Richard Rogers Partnership / WS Atkins
MBM Arquitectes worked on large-scale sea front developments in Benidorm, Rio de Janeiro and Salerno, and the Bute Avenue and Square in Cardiff Bay.
Swiss-based Herzog & de Meuron are probably most famous in the UK for the development of London's Tate Modern gallery, and have been given the job to create the main stadium for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
The Richard Rogers Partnership is famous for the Lloyds building, the Pompidou Centre and the Millennium Dome, while WS Atkins is an engineering firm and global technology consultancy.

A little more than a year ago, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh announced that noted Parisian architect Jean Nouvel had won the competition to design a $90 million expansion of Carnegie Science Center. The Carnegie Museums announced recently that it has terminated its contract with Nouvel, citing a "dramatic difference between the budget for the project and the estimated cost. "We are extremely disappointed that this course of action was necessary and that Jean Nouvel will not be the architect for the expansion of Carnegie Science Center," the museum's statement said. It added that it was considering litigation against the architect's firm, Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

NY Times article on Sonar 2003.

streaming audio and video from sonar 2003. Windows Media Player 9 required.

Monday, June 16, 2003

sonar_2003 over and out...regret to say that i wasn�t up to the challenge as much as i had hoped (overdid the training the previous weekends) but still was a great, avi�s, and wrap-ups to come from myself and liz....highlight was definitely matthew herbert big band. class

Friday, June 13, 2003

Dave Pinter's superb photos from Movement 03 (formerly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival) are now available for your fresh eyes right here. Also, photographic evidence of the 'Dorks, Laptops and 909s' debut at Untitled last Saturday.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Check out the Tronic Studio website, a really nice site and really nice work....

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

And for my first official offering to the lab report, I'd like to post the link for the new Luomo video. It's a remixed version of Tessio, which can be found on the new album The Present Lover. Thank you.

Monday, June 09, 2003 band has a very provisional website, where you can find demo mp3s from misnoma. WARNING: misnoma has very little to do with current electro/techno/80�s trends...sorry, but try living six years in spain and making music that isn�t just a little bit sun-shiny (and that�s something i would be willing to bet a first born son on, seriously).a more trendy awe-worthy site is in the works courtesy of ccs grad design group atmesfer ....more to come from both atmesfer and misnoma

Sunday, June 08, 2003

I remembered to bring the digital camera to Detroit, but forgot the cord back in Brooklyn... photos of the soon-to-be-legendary Theakston vs. Doyle set at UNTITLED will have to wait a week or so. Those in attendance were treated to everything from unreleased Metro Area and Kill Memory Crash to The Smiths and The Cars. Next stop on the tour is NYC: dates TBD. "Dorks, laptops and 909s" (underline 'dorks'), sponsored by AMC (the car company, not the theater.)

Friday, June 06, 2003

Those of us stuck on the west coast, not fortunate enough to catch the Ghostly show have a little reprieve this Saturday night as John Selway orients San Francisco to his unique interpretations of electro, obscure 80's electronica, robot-disco, new-wave and Italo-disco at Further Goes Electro. Also, if you haven't seen it, catch Theater Artaud's second-to-last weekend performance of R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe, a fantastic one-man show based on the writings of engineer, philosopher and utopian thinker R. Buckminster Fuller. More info here.

some nice black & whites of the movement festival by my friend, photographer geralyn shukwit.
(blogger help page is down (again) and i forget how to make the link... again)

Two doses of Rob: 1) Welcome Mr. Theakston as the newest Burnlab conspirator, and 2) that's right, since most of the UNTITLED resident DJs are in NYC for the big Ghostly showcase at Pianos on Saturday, Rob and I will be taking over the back room of the Shelter for this week's installment of UNTITLED. 10pm-2am, five bucks, cheap drinks, and Mike Servito in the main room. Don't miss the madness!

For those in NYC: do not miss Kill Memory Crash live at the Ghostly showcase. SV4 slipped me a copy of their soon-to-be-released LP "When the Blood Turns Black" tonight. Best thing out since "Anxiety Always". No kidding.

Oh, and this has to be the most fabulous web site ever. The Koneisto Festival For Electronic Music and Arts in Helsinki looks like the place to go. The lineup looks good, lots of Scandinavian weirdness, from Erlend Øye the singing DJ to Bjørn Torske, Jori Hulkkonen and more mainstream fare like Moloko and Seb Fontaine.

Those crazy Finns got it down.

A fun little piece of visualisation, plotting artist Clare Thornton's heartbeat against the stock value of Beate Uhse, German erotica champion.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Commission of Fine Arts in Washington, D.C., has given its final approval to the planned Frank Gehry design for a new wing for the Beaux Arts Corcoran Gallery, which was originally built in 1897. The $150 million, 140,000-square-foot expansion doubles space for both the museum and the Corcoran College of Art + Design, giving the museum a new entry on New York Avenue and the art school a central atrium and its own entrance. According to Corcoran director David C. Levy, construction could start in early 2005.

Stopped by the Artists Space in Soho opening for the Zaha Hadid architecture exhibition on view there till the end of July. This opening got quite a lot of hype by being plugged both on Flavorpill's weekly emailer and in Time Out. I'd say most of the crowd that braved the monsoon we've been having here in the city the last two days were more looking for a drink than an exhibition. This was fine though because the show is terrible. The exhibition can't decide whether it wants to show pretty pictures or architectural content(of which there was very little) The space was divided by several large hanging panels at skewd angles. Like all of Hadid's work the exhibit layout probably looked cool on paper from an overhead view but fails to work in the real world. The images are large and there is no way to stand back and actually see the work. There was a few panels on the new Rosenthal Center in Cincinnati that looks uninspired in the actual build photos.
Here's a tip from an obvious lay person....If you are a 'star architect' your best bet for a show is to focus on the's what got you where you are. Hadid's show seems a bit dim for the hype.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I've been an honored beta tester for V2.0 the past few weeks, and the public version just went live over the weekend. This may very well be the best graphic design resource out there... one of the best sites on the whole world wide web. No kidding. In addition to the news/portal functions from V1, there are hundreds of superb portfolios, featured galleries, tons of exclusive content and brilliantly tight and flexible navigation. Big cheers go out to Christophe, Fred and the crew over the pond. Well worth the wait!

More brilliant work from the lads at Form:ULA.
Damn these guys are good.

Jonathan Ive has been named Designer of the Year in the competition run by London's Design Museum to find "the UK designer that made the biggest contribution to design in the past year".

Official designer music: Karim Rashid has released two mix CDs, titled Newyorkelectronew and Newyorkelectropunkfunk. Interestingly enough, several tracks made their debut on Ghostly International's definitive Disco Nouveau compilation. (Thanks to our good friends at Core77 for the news.)

Quick Friendster� geek note: I am NOT Tony Wilson. I might have something to do with Peter Saville, but honestly have no idea who is behind the sharp-tongued Tony Wilson profile. It's not Sam Valenti either.... that would be too obvious, and I checked. Back to your regularly scheduled program.