Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The decision has been made in regards to the new World Trade Center, and of course America showed its arrogance by selecting the tallest out of all the proposals. Not that the 1776 foot structure by Daniel Libeskind would make a bad WTC, I just prefered the verticle cityoffered up by SOM SANAA. I'll leave it to all you architects to debate the actual merits of the decision.

On the homefront, I started working today as the press intern at Thrill Jockey records. Home to acts like Tortoise and Mouse on Mars, I am thrilled (no pun intended) to be working with a label that has had such a massive influence on my musical taste. At the same time, I'm a bit disgruntled at the age of 27 to be an intern. The search for paying employment continues.

The Dallas Museum of Art kicks off its centennial year with a survey of 11 emerging Texas artists in "Come Forward: Emerging Art in Texas," Feb. 23-May 11, 2003. And in recognition of the art-world's affection for the young and the new, the show features work by artists who are either still in graduate school or recently graduated.
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth opened last December situated in Fort Worth's celebrated Cultural District, directly opposite the Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis I. Kahn, and near the Amon Carter Museum, designed by Philip Johnson. Tadao Ando was chosen to design the new Modern Art Museum and is his largest project to date outside of Japan, comprising five long, flat-roofed pavilions situated on a two-acre pond.
Massive planar walls of architectural concrete boldly express the building's basic structure while protecting the collection within. The desire to use diffused and reflected natural light within the gallery spaces was a major influence on the building's design. Immense cantilevered cast concrete roofs shade the building's exterior and accommodate the introduction of natural light into the gallery. Supporting the concrete roof slabs are five forty-foot-tall concrete Y-shaped columns. The Y-shaped columns and concrete roof are a magnificent achievement, and promise to be a symbol of the new Modern.
The Modern Art Museum maintains one of the foremost collections of postwar art in the central United States, consisting of more than 2,600 significant works of modern and contemporary international art. The new Modern features 53,000 square feet of gallery space, making it one of the largest museums in terms of gallery space in this country dedicated to modern and contemporary works of art. Only the MoMA in New York has more gallery space.
The opening also celebrates the 110th anniversary of the museum�s founding charter. The Modern Art Museum is the oldest art museum in Texas, and is among the oldest in the western United States.
Richard Serra's Vortex, 2002, was installed on the grounds as the first of a series of unveilings that celebrate the opening of the Museum's new building. Vortex, 2002, is the most recent in a series of 12 vertical urban structures Serra has produced, beginning with a work titled Sight Point in Amsterdam in 1971. Vortex is the largest and most complex of these in number of pieces and size. The plates, each approximately 67 feet tall and about 10 feet wide, twist and curve as they rise, forming an aperture at the top of the sculpture that is 10 feet across. The interior of the sculpture will be accessible through two 4.5-foot-wide openings that viewers may enter.
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth launches a new "Philip Guston Retrospective," organized by its chief curator Michael Auping, Mar. 30-June 8, 2003. The show includes 140 paintings and drawings that range from early figurative works of the 1930s to rarely seen paintings from 1979, the year before his death. Following its Texas premiere, the show travels to the San Francisco MOMA (site of the artist's last in-depth retrospective in 1979), the Metropolitan Museum and the Royal Academy, London.

The Chinati Foundation/La Fundaci�n Chinati is a contemporary art museum based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd. The specific intention of Chinati is the creation and preservation of permanent installations of large scale works, or large groups of work by a small number of artists. The emphasis is on installations in which art and the space around it are inextricably linked.
500X Galleryis Texas' oldest artist run cooperative gallery. Established in 1978, it provides one of the best exhibition spaces to up and coming artists in the city of Dallas. The gallery is located in a historic circa 1916 tire factory and air-conditioning warehouse and has over 3000 square feet of exhibition space. The plan for 500X Gallery was developed by two artists: Will Hipps a Massachusetts native who moved to Dallas to teach and Richard Childers, a local painter. The goal was to provide a space for artists to exhibit free of outside influences and dealer restrictions. Over the past 25 years the plan has succeeded, giving artists the chance to show their work to the public.

This Friday at Halcyon (our neighborhood coffeehouse/bar/record store/news stand/nightclub/vintage furniture store) Ben Neill brings his "mutantrumpet" for what promises to be a rare multimedia experience. Halcyon is located at 227 Smith Street. The show starts at 8pm and is free as always.

Coming to you live from Brooklyn, electronic music innovator and producer Ben Neill will be appearing with his talented multi-media collaborators for a special performance, celebrating the release of his latest CD Automotive, from Six Degrees Records. Ben Neill has played with every avant-garde electronic musician from the legendary John Cage and Robert Moog to DJ Spooky.

Ben will be playing his "mutantrumpet," the hybrid electro-acoustic instrument he created that allows him to play a traditional instrument while manipulating interactive audio and video projections. Joining Ben for his night of audio-visual alchemy at halcyon will be his production partner Eric Calvi and video artist Bill Jones. Ben's mutantrumpet will be "remixing" Jones' experimental video screens at the same time they are doing live mixes of the tracks from Automotive. The album was created from extrapolations of the funky beats created for the high-profile Volkswagen advertising campaigns that Ben has been scoring for the last two years. Bill Jones' one-man show of video work will be opening at NYC's prestigious Sandra Gering Gallery on March 20.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Conference on The State of Architecture at the Beginning of the 21st Century
A two day,eight topic, forum for the discussion of architecture in the new millenium featuring a huge line up of architects and theorists.
Stan Allen/James Corner, Peter Eisenman,Rem Koolhaas, Hani Rashid, Wiel Arets, Frank Gehry, Sanford Kwinter, Jesse Reiser/Nanako Umemoto, Jennifer Bloomer, Liz Grosz, Sylvia Lavin, Terry Riley, Bernard Cache, Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Saskia Sassen, Nigel Coates, Michael Hays, Greg Lynn, Michael Sorkin, Beatriz Colomina, Jacques Herzog, Winy Maas, Lars Spuybroek, Peter Cook, Andreas Huyssen, Thom Mayne, Robert Stern, Mark Cousins, Catherine Ingraham, Toshiko Mori, Ben van Berkel, Odile Decq, Toyo Ito, Kas Oosterhuis, Anthony Vidler, Liz Diller, Jeffrey Kipnis, Alejandro Zaera-Polo/Farshid Moussavi, Wolf Prix, Andrew Benjamin
March 28 - March 29, 2003, Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall, Columbia University

Monday, February 24, 2003

Rem Koolhaa$ is at it again. Only $600 million to spend on this one.

this weekend in barcelona is the 3rd edition of the zeppelin sonic art festival, a weekend devoted to the exploration of sound through music, featuring an homage to erik satie, composer and founder of the "musique d�amueblement" (furniture music) movement, as well as a lecture and performance by musician/author david toop

The Italian jean company Miss Sixty, on West Broadway in SoHo, has installed three artist's commissions in its experimental boutique at 246 Mulberry Street. The works include a wall-size painting by Katherine Bernhardt based on Mario Testino's Miss Sixty fashion shoot, a mural by the Belfast-born New York artist Allyson Spellacy and a documentary/animation film installation by Eve Sussman. The art projects are the work of A Kinetic Corporation, who are SoHo art dealer Bronwyn Keenan and partner Jacqui Millar, to promote artists outside the sometimes limiting art gallery boundries. A Kinetic has also arranged for artists to design covers for Flaunt magazine (the March issue is Marlene McCarty), and has commissioned Eli Sudbrack aka Assume Astro Vivid Focus to put together a compilation of indie music for a Universal Music CD.

Cell phone etiquette debates are nothing new. The fine line between freedon and annoyance is the target of increasing legislation. Try and use your cell phone here in any NYC movie theatre now if you feel lucky.... Wouldn't it be great if cell phones had a politeness button?

Politics and design + fear and humor (as spotted by Eric at Core77): The eerily cool airline style graphic icons of the Department of Homeland Security have been cleverly spoofed here and here, with really not much effort required.

Friday, February 21, 2003

This has been out a little over a year, but anyone longing new material from the likes of Front 242, Bigod 20 and Nitzer Ebb are encouraged to check out Terence Fixmer's 'Muscle Machine'. + I highly recommend shopping at Forced Exposure for a great selection of electro, EBM and all sorts of geeky and somewhat obscure titles in-stock. (Good selection of indie rock too, if that's your thing.)

For our New York readers still on the fence about swinging by 59 Canal Saturday night, word has it that out-of-town guests will include a certain record mogul from Ann Arbor and a certain robot from from San Fran.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Inaugural Launch Party for -32 "a non-thematic, non-hierarchical structure of open-ended linkages which bracket a space between origins in Beijing and New York. The aim is to open vessels of communication and to define dynamic lines of thought. As a cosmopolitan exploratory structure it is a small architecture magazine. Each issue has 32 "nodes" instead of sections or themes. 32 focuses on reality - seeking the relevant and necessary influences of architecture today. 32 asks questions that don't yet have answers - allowing its authors and readers relief from obvious closure. How should architecture react to politically and socially complex questions of wealth and poverty? What is the ecological sanctuary of the earth in the face of the city? Can architecture maintain its historical necessity as an essential foundation of the city in the face of political and technological circumstance? Its contents will be folded from the conversation and connectivity between its authors, while editorial direction will remain imminent."
02.28.03 friday, 7 - 9 pm @ -white columns gallery -see invite -read press release

Dinky is in Chile, but Magda holds down the fort at 59 Canal this Saturday.
Be there or be square.

+ This is also the semi-official going away party for our mate Oliver (gracious host of the legendary DMH events last year), who packs up for Berlin next week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Don't Worry, Keep Shopping
"At this moment, George W. Bush stands almost completely alone in his desire to make pre-emptive war on the nation of Iraq. Several key NATO allies � France, Germany and Belgium among them � have thrown sand into the gears of battle by refusing to prepare Turkey for an immediate war they do not support nor deem necessary. As this incredible state of affairs unfolded, Americans found their ears ringing with orange-hued warnings of imminent death. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge went so far as to tell people to load up on plastic sheeting and duct tape so as to bar their windows from chemical attack, but the administration he calls home made sure to tell people to live their lives normally and continue shopping."

Oh look, Burnlab V3.2 is only a couple days later than planned... a new personal record in punctuality. (The day I actually do anything I said I'd do on-time will be the day George Bush gives Saddam Hussein a big kiss on the mouth... with tongue of course.) Preoccupation with time is the enemy of quality - ask Peter Saville. (Not that I'm Peter Saville by any means.)

Anyway, please enjoy the new look, featuring more wood-grain and bubble wrap than ever. RADIO.BURNLAB is of course a couple more days off... but it will be so good! [hit REFRESH now, if this doesn't make any sense.]

a few sites very worth checking out if you feel like feeling that heartwrenching feeling where you question if you are actually as talented as you think yourself to be (courtesy of binah): valyard, the self-touted leader in "flash link storage", bases it�s claim on links such as: bionic systems and tetsoo production, both technoid graphics/animation fantasies.....check out the very timely-ly 80�s visomat inc......if you�re feeling at all debile as to the state of your selfimage and/or creative output, stay away

Monday, February 17, 2003

Brand new UNTITLED poster: fourth installment in the Gangs of Williamsburg series. Download it right here, print it and tack it up to have the hippest cubicle this side of Eight Mile Rd... whichever side that may be. [11x17"/300 dpi]

Check out Doug Chiang's Robota project. The production sketches are very cool. Hopefully the finished film will be more than just eye candy.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

[Preemptive apology for unilateral political rant.]

No doubt Saddam Hussein is a psychotic tyrant and is almost certainly hiding something, but just as disturbing is the fact that our unelected king wants war so badly that he can already taste the blood. Despite the administration's plan for world peace based on intimidation and presentation of such compelling evidence as aluminum tubes and video of trucks actually being driven (I myself have been guilty of both), the rest of the civilized world has finally grown the balls to stand up to the thick-necked schoolyard bully our government has sadly become. It's no longer just embarrassing. It's downright criminal when thousands, or millions of lives are at stake.

Dear Mr. President, before you throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming because some silly Frenchman said that this planet isn't yours to do with as you will, consider this: One single piece of reasonable evidence is all that is needed to justify your bloodlust, ridiculous vendetta in the name of your father, and inexcusable desire to control the resources of a part of the world you have no business in anyway. Even the overblown "evidence" presented thus far is flimsy at best. Come on. If you're going to lie, give us something good. No doubt there is real evidence buried somewhere on the outskirts of Bagdad. At least wait for that before you drag us all into armageddon.

There's still nothing like good simple Chinese wisdom:
"Only when we go along the line of political settlement can we truly live up to the trust and hope the international community places in the Security Council." - Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan

[End of rant.]

Friday, February 14, 2003

Thanks Jaron for the D.A.M. link. Shame shame on me for missing the Design Show.

Art night in Detroit - Dirty at the MONA and the member's invitational at the Detroit Artist's Market featuring a few Burnlab co-conspirators...

Burnlab v3.2 is dangerously close to launching. A big part of the redesign is the long awaited introduction of RADI0.BURNLAB, which will be a comprehensive portal to the best of underground streaming media and much of the music discussed here in the LAB REP0RT. One tasty link I recently came across, via the Electro Alliance, is a superb web radio program by Water Lilly. Go on, get your robot fix.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Deliciously dark new material from Suction Records. This is all I'm asking for. (Okay, this and somebody send G.W. back to the ranch before he starts WWIII, please.)

"Press Release: Hello. Suction Records presents "13", a three-track 7" single, marking the debut release by Tinfoil Teakettle. This is suction013. Tinfoil Teakettle is a collaboration between Gregory De Rocher and Jason Amm, aka Suction Records' full-time robot music composers, Lowfish and Solvent. This release is plagued by a curse, influenced by nightmares, and sounds like a modern take on the raw, morbid Electronic Body Music sound of early Skinny Puppy or Dive. The distorted vocal stylings of the EBM-masters have been reinterpreted with an icy vocoder snarl, signalling strange new directions for both EBM and modern electro."

Listen to samples here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Funny, no one ever asks me if I am an architect when I wear my eyeglasses I fabricated myself from concrete and meticulously bent sheet metal. I mean the arms fold with door hinges for Christ�s sake. I guess I will just have to face the fact that I will never be a great designer, as my eyewear is clearly subpar.

Furthermore, I am beginning to feel indignantly aggrieved at the Hollywood depiction of architects we have been seeing for the past few years. Ever since the movie �Intersection� in which Richard Gere and Sharon Stone played �ber-trendy husband and wife architects, the world seems to think we are all sitting around in colorless Armani banker drag behind some minimalist inspired office furniture (Artemide lamp carefully poised at its edge) balancing a steady stream of museum and million dollar residential projects while managing to keep the vintage Mercedes running. Movies like �My Life as a House�, �Til There Was You�, �Three to Tango�, and �Indecent Proposal� stereotype architects as rugged and masculine yet sensitive and artistic straight off the cover of some cheesy romance novel. I suppose �Indecent Proposal� was somewhat realistic as Woody Harrelson�s character was so broke he was willing to pawn off his wife for a quick buck. The world is far too dependant on TV and movies as a source for describing the world and completely deluded if they think this over-romanticized quazi-celebrity image of an architect is even remotely realistic. What is worse is I think some architects are actually starting to see themselves in this way or holding it as a paradigm of which to aspire. Now everyone, like George Castanza, secretly wants to be an architect; after all it is certainly glamorous.

Monday, February 10, 2003

It's Fashion Week here in NYC, although anything less than a parka would not be advisable with today's snow storm. For those who can go. Or if you are a tent groupie like me check here.

"Let me guess, you must be an architect...": from the New York Times. "severe." "stern." "out of control." More talk about Libeskind's swanky glasses than his WTC proposal lately. Hm. So what do my broken 1950s flea market bought frames say?

Saturday, February 08, 2003

This week I was up at the Rhode Island School of Design talking to my buddy Ryan's exhibit design class. The furniture department there will be showing at the Milan Furniture Fair this spring, and this unique course is responsible for RISD's booth - taking it from concept through fabrication, to set-up in Italy, and hopefully safe return to Providence. Used to seeing companies spend millions of dollars on exhibits, watching a booth go up for twenty-five hundred bucks is pretty darn impressive. The basic concept of pixelated milk crates for the stand was developed by grad student Andrew Coates, who's Topo Bench was recently Featured in the 2002 ID Magazine Review.

After a year of development, our good friends at Core77 have launched Coroflot version two. Coroflot is recognized as the number one design portfolio, employment and industry resource center on the web. The new site is both lovely and packed with info.

+ Watch for a refresh of Burnlab next week.

Friday, February 07, 2003

moby and dj shadow are in a bar...moby, being the good christian that he is, says to dj shadow "hey, don�t be so glum chum.cheer your music up a bit." dj shadow, being the master of samples that he is, says to moby "well as long as we�re being honest, you know it�s a lot more interesting when you don�t just use one vocal sample over and over again".....ok, wait i don�t have a punchline to this, but if the two of those dudes working things out sounds interesting: rjd2

Thursday, February 06, 2003

The P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center is having its own biennial -- of new Japanese art. "First Steps: Emerging Artists from Japan," opening Feb. 16, is the U.S. showing of a biennial exhibition established in 1995 by Philip Morris K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of the cigarette manufacturer. The 10 artists in the show are Chelin, Mika Funaki, Fumimasa Hosokawa, Chiharu Shiota, Yasuhiro Suzuki, TANY, Satoru Tamura, Kaori Yamashita, Motoi Yamamoto and Yuriko Yamamoto. The jury that selected the show included P.S. 1 director Alanna Heiss, MoMA drawings curator Gary Garrels, P.S. 1 curator Klaus Biesenbach, Susan Sontag, Henry Moore Foundation curator David Thorp, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum curator Yuko Hasegawa, French art critic Christiane Germain, critic and curator Hou Hanru and Tama Art University prof Akira Tatehata; moderator was Tokyo University of Fine Arts prof Kazue Kobata.

For its next exhibition, the Sonnabend gallery on West 22nd Street in New York is forgoing the usual cutting-edge art fare for a show of furniture by the French designer Jean Prouv�, Feb 22-Mar. 22, 2003. A founding member with Le Corbusier of the Union des Artistes Modernes, Prouv� made sleek and modern furniture that has become highly sought after, with vintage dining tables routinely drawing in excess of $100,000 at auction. The Sonnabend show is curated by the Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris, and features furniture designed for Art France and prototypes.

Perhaps the most complex and visually stunning work to emerge in the past ten years, Mathew Barney�s installations, sculpture, and five Cremaster films have left me in total awe. On February 21 the >Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will feature an exhibition which will bring together all the interconnected components�films, sculptures, drawings, and photographs�of Barney's celebrated five-part Cremaster cycle. The Cremaster Cycle films feature Barney in a variety of roles as well as iconic figures such as Norman Mailer, Richard Serra, and Ursula Andress. Cremaster is a Wagnerian meditation on what Barney has called �desire in the guise of a digestive system�. The title refers to the muscle that determines the height of the human testes in response to stimuli such as cold or fear, but beyond conscious control. Barney uses imagery, narrative, and character, but no dialogue to describe his hyper-complex mythology. In the last Cremaster film Barney uses the Guggenheim rotunda as a metaphor for the five components of the cycle, how fitting a place for a site-specific installation to encapsulate and conclude the entire project.

PIPILOTTI RIST, a Swiss-born video, film, and performance artist, creates art that addresses modern life. She studied commercial art, illustration, and photography at the Institute of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, and audio/video communication at the School for Design in Basel, Switzerland. She is considered one of the most original artists of her generation. Her work, particularly her video installations, which have recently brought her critical acclaim, creates a rare and effective melding of music and images. Rist herself explains her attraction to this art form: �Because there is room in them for everything (painting, technology, language, music, movement, lousy, flowing pictures, poetry, commotion, premonition of death, sex and friendliness) - like a compact handbag.� Elsewhere she has described what she does as �poems in motion�. Her works, which for many viewers have been like small epiphanies, are imbued with unusual emotional power. Chromatic saturation, music, associations, the layering and speeding up of images, flashbacks and arresting images all combine to give her work a cathartic effect. This work draws on deep-rooted sources in western culture: the psychedelic experience, symbolism and romanticism. Rist breathes new life into them by combining them with forms from the world of the television screen. To identify them, we must imagine a kind of cross-over between Rimbaud and Nam June Paik, or Caspar David Friedrich and Jim Morrison. Reflecting evidence of a certain contemporary sensibility in search of �alternative utopias�, Rist's works tackle the big questions, without seeming to at first glance - love, desire, death, catastrophe - which they explore with a truly jubilant freedom. A lecture on current work sponsored by the Department of Art and the the UCLA Art Council is scheduled for Thursday, February 27 - 7pm at the Hammer in Los Angeles

I just recieved my copy of This Is A Magazine's Compendium #1. It's stunningly beautiful. Over 200 oversized pages filled with amazing words and pictures by 30 artists from around the world.

If you don't have yours yet, I suggest you get on it before they run out. It's available in the U.S. at Vacant, 43 Mercer St. @ Grand, Soho NYC, or puchase online.

a few years ago, as a response to the inaccessibility of the high-profile fashions shows in barcelona, CIRCUIT was born as an underground alternative...a mix of fashion, art, and music, circuit hits version 7 this coming weekend, with guest-city reykjavic providing artists,designers and djs for the installations, fashion shows, and (spanish prerequesite) parties held throughout the city. (possible highlight: video projections on/in mies van de rohe�s barcelona pavillion)

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

los angeles stuff:
FISCHERSPOONER PRE-RELEASE PARTY featuring DJ UNKNOWN, The Ray Makers, and DJ Santo. is it just me or is it (at least) a bit silly to have a pre-release party for such an "old" recording? i think i burned through my bootleg cd back in 2000...
also more on the Moving Units.
AUDC presents: the Most Expensive Space in North America - One Wilshire, Telecommunications Hub of the Pacific.
reception 10 feb, 8:00 pm; lecture by GRAFT, 7:00 pm.

New Museum of Contemporary Art Announces Plans to Build First Major Art Museum Downtown and International Architecture Competition for New Facility.
A group of international emerging architects were recently announced to participate in a competition for the design of the new museum. The five firms selected are: Abalos & Herreros, Adjaye Associates, Gigon/Guyer, Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA Ltd, . and Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture P.C..
Currently at the New Museum:
Super-ficial: The Surfaces of Architecture in a Digital Age includes recent architectural projects that propose unique solutions for the surfaces of varied sites and structures. January 31 - April 6, 2003
Zenith Media Lounge - Digital Culture Evening - Artists, architects, and critics discuss the impact of digital technologies on architectural practice and specifically the unique solutions for the surfaces of varied architectural sites and structures presented in Super-ficial: The Surfaces of Architecture in a Digital Age on view in the Zenith Media Lounge. Panelists include Anthony Vidler, Dean, Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, The Cooper Union; Alicia Imperiale, author of New Flatness: Surface Tension in Digital Architecture; and, Artists Fabian Birgfeld and Teresita Fernandez.Zenith Media Lounge, 6:30-8:00pm.

"The Man in Black" is back! I have been a fan for a while now but after recently aquiring "The Man Comes Around" because of the cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", I appreciate Mr. Cash more than ever. The album is inspired - I can't wait to see some videos.

Mark Romanek - acclaimed director of One Hour Photo and ground breaking music videos such as Nine Inch Nails' Closer [hello Witkin] and David Bowie's Jump They Say [hello Goddard] - has completed a new video for Johnny Cash.

"The Man in Black" covers Hurt, the Trent Reznor penned anthem of regret with even greater gut-wrenching sorrow and tear-jerking effect than the original. Yes, I'm such a Goth sap this song still makes me teary-eyed every time. The track can be found on the recent album The Man Comes Around.

Now that Cash has shown two of my favorite contemporary songwriters [Reznor and Nick Cave] who the real prince of anguish is by adapting their own work, one wonders what eyeliner wearing student of misery he'll set his sights on next...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I just received two beautiful copies of Textfield Magazine 1.01 in the mail yesterday. Log on and buy yourself a copy, or run to the magazine rack of your favorite design book store before all 1000 are gone.

Monday, February 03, 2003

This is just sick.
0-120mph in four seconds, 420 foot vertical drop twisting 270�...
opening at Cedar Point this spring.

Just in: some yet-to-be-confirmed schedule shuffling for the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Apparently Adult. will now be playing live on Friday 3/21 with Miss Kittin and the Hacker, Memory Systems is moved to Saturday, 3/22, and Peaches and The Rapture are scheduled for Thursday 3/20 [the date originally scheduled for Adult. + Memory Systems.] I have little doubt this may change again, but it will most certainly be a week of great music.

You can now order Dinky's brand new Black Cabaret LP right from Miss Dinky has recently been played by John Peel himself on BBC radio, and has been asked to perform at Sonar 03. The final installment of the Dinky vs. Magda show this past Saturday at 59 Canal was extra spot-on superb and bit harder than usual. The first Saturday of the month will be a sorely missed night of digital decadence in NYC, but there may just be a solution in the works...


"The martial arts film is a crucial yet little-understood genre of Chinese cinema. While today fans of the martial arts film can be found around the world, and filmmakers from Hollywood to Japan to France draw inspiration from it, the unique origins, history and outstanding artistry of the genre remain relatively unknown. This program traces the development of the martial arts film from the silent wuxia pian (swordplay films; literally "martial chivalry" films) made in Shanghai in the 1920s and early '30s, through the '40s and '50s when production shifted to Hong Kong and Taiwan, to the ascendancy of the "new school" Mandarin swordplay films in the '60s and the kung fu (unarmed combat) heyday of the '70s."

this series features films too great to miss, such as early silent, female-casted SWORDSWOMAN OF HUANGJIANG (Huangjiang N�xia) and RED KNIGHT-ERRANT (Hong Xia); the legendary story of healer / bad ass THE STORY OF WONG FEI-HUNG; the panoramic epic GOLDEN SWALLOW (Jin Yanzi); the cantonese "rebel without a cause" ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN (Dubi Dao); and the first film to feature shaolin kung fu, THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN (Shaolin Sanshiliu Fang). additionally, Lau Kar-leung and Gordon Liu (among others) will be hosting screenings.

Moved into this warehouse loft on the Southside of Chicago about two weeks ago. For those who aren't familiar, the southside is like the most ghetto parts of Detroit, only with a lot more people walking about which makes it both more and less scary at the same time. As for the loft, 10,000 square feet of raw industrial inconvenience (gas leaks/bad wiring/no cable). Note the plastic hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom. Yes, it helps lock in the warmth from the two space heaters needed to keep my bed at a livable temperature. But- I wake up every morning screaming "Oh no, I'm still at the rave!!!"

Going to start exploring the cultural side of Chicago next weekend at the Illegal Art Exhibit with a special seminar featuring DJ Spooky and Mark Hosler of Negativand. That same weekend I'll get my first taste of a real underground Chicago throwdown with my absolute favorite jak- Traxx and uncle Gigolo- Tommie Sunshine. Hope its better than the insipid house music all the clubs are peddling around here.

BTW: I'm looking for employment at the moment- so anyone with friends, friends of friends or long lost acquantances that could help, please hit me up.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

if you�re interested in practicing a bit of spanish while checking out the design forefront take a look from time to time at binah, where,as "guapo" ("good looking" in spanish...explain later) i�ll be attempting to give my opinion on things en espa�ol para la gente del mundo...check it out.i was suprised to see through a view of central and south america that the entire world is doing some crazy incredible designwork...

Who says C-Span 2 is a waste of a cable channel. I caught a little bit of a commitee meeting discussing the current state of radio ownership and the soul-sucking monopoly conglomerates like Clear Channel hold over the airwaves. Most suprising was the inclusion of former Simple Machine owner and Tsunami member Jenny Toomey on the panel that also included Don Henley and Clear Channel CEO Lowrey Mays. Senators John McCain and Trent Lott were asking a bunch of serious questions regarding the loss of localism and competition in the radio market. They were also being pretty hard on Clear Channel in regard to allegations that the media giant forces acts to use Clear Channel's concert division for their tours or face declining radio play on Clear Channel station. There was also extensive talk about the current payola system. I wish I could be a bit more optimistic that any of this will lead to better radio programming, but at least it was nice to see it being discussed.