Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Solution

photo by EquinnoxX

Download nyctaper's recording of NIN's last [New York] show "ever" Nine Inch Nails: August 26, 2009 Terminal 5

[thanks Greg!]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

S2DIO Night: Angel Fever

This past weekend's Detroit By Design S2DIO Night at the Bankle Building was a blast. Big hat tip to John Ryan and Rich Rice for organizing it! Some pics below:

S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night
S2DIO Night

Architecture isn't about bricks, it's about people. Sometimes naked ones.

This is brilliant.

New York Post: High Line is a Lust Cause

"Note to parents strolling the High Line: Don't let your kids look up.

The Meatpacking District's newly opened, much-touted urban park along an elevated, former railroad trestle has unwittingly turned into a peep show near The Standard hotel, as randy hotel guests perform sex acts in front of floor-to-ceiling hotel windows."

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Goudron live + teh arts at S2DIO NIGHT: ANGEL FEVER Saturday

Ms. T0ybreaker and I are excited to be DJing w/ DB2 as Dethlab and showing photo and design work at this month's special edition of S2DIO NIGHT: ANGEL FEVER, curated by John Ryan.

Saturday, August 22
Bankle Building, 2944 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI
9PM | $5 donation | please use rear entrance

Goudron (live)-Ron Zakrin [Ersatz Audio, I.T.]
Carlos Souffront
dR. disKo DUST [John Ryan]
Dean Syst3m

Peter DeAngelo
Michael Doyle
Bethany Shorb
Amber Locke
video art projections by Demonbabies
atmosphere & video shoot: Isaac R.

A couple previews:

photo by Bethany Shorb [more here]

Solvent slides comp 24"
illustrations by Michael Doyle

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Moar fog, plz."

[Adam and Nicola are the best.]
Photos and video clips of ADULT. live in Detroit this past Saturday:

Adult. live
Adult. live
Adult. live
Adult. live
Adult. live

Much more here.

Also, go to for info on her first book of photography, First Edition - spanning 11 years of work.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Woodward Dream Cruise '09

Some photo highlights from this past weekend's Motor City gearfest:

original Ecto1 cruising up Woodward
swarm of DeLoreans
swarm of DeLoreans
Hunter House Hamburgers
mint AMC Pacer
Plymouth 'Cuda & Lotus Exige
Jag E-Type & Morris Minor
... and skulls.
Magnum P.I. Ferarri 308 GTS, KITT & A-Team van
No matter. It's awesome.
Hunter House Hamburgers
"Jesus built my hotrod"
these dudes built it

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SCINTILLATION by Xavier Chassaing

The camera work, the projection mapping, the music... everything.
Wonderful little film here.

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

via Coilhouse

Speaking of Coilhouse, issue 03 arrived yesterday and it's fantastic. Big congrats to Nadya and the team!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Musick in Detroit tonight, tomorrow & the night after that

Dark Ass Bats 7.05.09

It's the first Wednesday of the month, which means Dark Ass Bats!, our residency at the Magic Stick Alley Deck with GLÜHUFR + special very guests Replicas performing live at 11PM.


Thursday night ADULT. makes a rare DJ appearance at The Study [above Ronin] in Royal Oak. More info here.


"Have you got any yak?" Mr. No and Bryan Black photographed at the Packard plant by Bethany Shorb, 2007

And this Friday, Burnlab's evil[er] twin organization Dethlab is thrilled to present MOTOR live at The Works Detroit.

Read Walter Wasacz's excellent fortnightly electronic music column The Subterraneans: The pious beat | And the gods shtupped... including the following bit about Death Rave Detroit:

... Of course, no juxtaposition of Greek and/or Roman gods with electronic dance music fun can exclude Detroit. We’ve turned the local rave prototype into a global institution that begat the annual Movement festival. Finally on firm ground, thanks to Paxahau’s promotional hustle now combined with creative leadership by the incomparable Carl Craig, we feel good about the future as we look forward to May 2010. But, damn, what do we do in the interim? Plenty, actually. Take your pick between weeklies and monthlies programmed by FreshCorp, Proper | Modulation, Macho City, Hot Pot and Sin-de-kat, among others. But for local hardcore slaves, one upcoming event stands out above all — the return of the Franco-American electro-metalists named Motor, fresh off a European tour with Depeche Mode.

Comprised of native Minnesotan Bryan Black and Parisian Mr. No, Motor released the full-lengths Klunk and Unhuman on Mute before signing with T. Raumschmiere’s Berlin-based Shitkatapult label for the newly-issued Metal Machine. The music is hard, heavy and now muscular enough to fill an entire stadium with evil rhythmic tremors. Resident Advisor calls some of the new material "almost like KISS gone rave," which might be slightly over the top. But just slightly. We recommend you download "Schism" or "Death Rave" onto your iPhone, put on your headphones and jump up and down on your bed for hours on end. Or better yet, experience it live this Friday at the Works.

Motor comes to town courtesy of Dethlab, Detroit’s original gods and goddesses of the dark electro arts. Michael Doyle, Bethany Shorb and David Blunk ll, who joined the team last year, have built their own distinct scene through selective programming and execution, welcoming Fixmer/McCarthy, Solvent, Lowfish and noise-pop crossover artists like 800Beloved, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Spectral Mornings into their seditionist fold. Come early; contort yourself until late. Very late. The show is at 10 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 7; $10 for 18 and over. The Works is located at 1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit.

1983: It was a very dark good year

Three films that still haunt me - and were clearly formative aesthetic experiences:

The Hunger

The Keep