Thursday, March 31, 2005

attention mannheim, amsterdam, cologne, belfast & berlin residents:
(everybody's #1 jedi's:) pheek and jason corder are touring lovely europe, right now. please check them out if you can, i promise you'll like it.

April 1st Laverys Bar, Belfast, UK - Pheek & T-Polar
April 2nd Theatre Graaf Wichmann, Amsterdam, NL - Jason Corder aka Off the Sky
April 6th Liquid Room, Mannheim, DE - Off The Sky
April 9th Rosis, Berlin, DE - Pheek, Jason Corder, Dennis DeSantis, DJ Cotumo
April 10th Amsterdam, NL - Off the Sky
April 15th, Zoo Club, Mannheim, DE - Pheek
April 16th Run Sounds, London, UK - Pheek and others
April 30th Planet Bass, Cologne, DE - Dennis DeSantis, Sensual Physics

the fabric is being pulled apart...pun #2: i do not dig this

file under: Damn, why didn't I think of that?

[via Core77]

And wouldn't I be remiss if I didn't mention that Clark Warner and Marc Houle will be in NYC this very Friday evening! Clark will also be part of the Lansing gig for the Minus/Spectral tour; a flyer and details also at Ghostly. By the way, I'm pretty sure that both Matthew Dear (AKA Audion) AND Magda will be at ALL events, just to clarify.

I wish I was in New York City tonight.

A messge from our good friend Cowboy Mark:
[no-wave icons] Tuxedomoon are doing a totaly awesome free spooky, eat your damn heart out Nick Cave, Live set at the Tribeca Grand Hotel! Yeah, I know that figgin place blows... but my pals are djing too: JDH, Speculator, Chupy & Gilles...

but soon as they are done, SPLIT, cuz there is a better place to be!
at happy endings!

Minus/Spectral tour 2005

Two of our favoritest people from two of our favoritest lables kick off a mini-tour this Friday. Magda and Audion [a.k.a. Matthew Dear] will be bringing the magic of Final Scratch and some of the most incredible records you've never heard to intimate venues in Austin, San Fran, NYC, Lansing, Chicago and Detroit over the next nine days. Check the flyer for special guests, including Osborne, Broker/Dealer, Heartthrob, Clark Warner, Marc Houle and more.

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful!"

subject: a birthday party
more specific: Betty Marie Barnes (of Saturday Looks Good to Me fame) turns twentyone
when?: Thursday, April 14th
where?: Oslo... you know where Oslo is, right? It's in Detroit.
who's behind this?: those fancy lads, Burgundy and Panic from Pas/Cal
why should I come?: there will be cake, festivus, and much dancing and merriment
what will it sound like?: Burgundy, Panic, Mike Servito and myself will be DJing... so expect everything from Mu, to Prince, to LCD Soundsystem, to Motown, to Nine Inch Nails, to Morrissey, to Adult., to Michael Jackson, to... I don't know... if it's good, we have it.
when should I be there?: It's a school night, so we'll be there around eight. The rest is up to you. Just be there and have some goddamn fun. It's spring! :)

Visit the official website here.
(Seriously, who gets a whole website for their birthday party?)

Here's an Excel spreadsheet with a preliminary lineup for the Motor City Music Conference.

If anyone asks, this did not come from Gr3yman.


Some preview clips of the upcoming Ellen Allien album, Thrills. All should be amazing, with "Your Body Is My Body" sounding the most promising. And the artwork by Steffi + Steffi (why can't I find a darn link?) is fantastic.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On the Matter of Impulse Buying

Our Very Own Modernist Dollhouse

Now we just need to purchase a baby on the black market to share the all the joy with.

plusminuszero offer some subtle products via Japan. Be sure to check out both the new and original collection.

Balenciaga Autumn Winter 2005 by Nicolas Ghesquiere: killer.

This is Hardcore

New photos and merch info added to the Panic site.

i saw the dr. who pilot saturday and i know it´s supposed to be cheesy but it was not good cheesy, despite the best efforts of michael winterbottom favorite christopher eccleston in the lead role

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New trailer for the BBC's re-tooled Dr. Who series.
[via Voltage]

+ an all new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer at the official site.
[thanks, 'the haig']

Oh, and one last thing for this afternoon: Hey you in the red truck, shave your mustache.

Even if Fischerspooner never made any music, or films, or absurd stage shows, never turned the art world on its ear and the music world on its eyes, I will be forever grateful to them for introducing the english language to the phrase: "Prepare to be aesthetically destroyed."

Curbed reports Brooklyn greenway gets funding.

Protein OS reports on technology that uses human bodies for broadband networking.

By sending data over the surface of the skin, it may soon be possible to trade music files by dancing cheek to cheek, or to swap phone numbers by kissing.

Now that's hot.

Regarding previous post:
1) Ew.
2) Thank god it wasn't a video...
3) Congrats on your well spent fifteen minutes, Pat.

If you just can't keep your eyes off this semi-celeb car wreck, gives Mr. skeevy moustache way more attention than he deserves.

On the Matter of Being So Fucking Into You

Le Meme d'O'brien and it's Evolution

If you have not yet listened to the voicemails in their entirety then you have not yet seen a day lit by a bright and loving sun. Let's do it

Monday, March 28, 2005

Panic on the streets of Arnhem...

We love you, Gibby.

one line record review:
Waiting for the Siren's Call is unmistakably New Order.

Bless you Hooky, and thank you BB.

Official release April 26.

On a tangent, the lucky few who stuck around the Noise Tank party late on Saturday night got to experience my interpretive pantomime to Bizarre Love Triangle in full effect. (I think I skinned my knees...)

Hot off the tape deck: Panic and Burgundy of Pas/Cal and Betty Marie of Saturday Looks Good to Me kick out a faithful interpretation of Blondie's Call Me for your listening pleasure.

[via Ryan at MCR]

Detroit is really not so bad.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Our friends over at This Is A Magazine just released their most original and interesting project to-date. It's their "EVERYTHING WILL BE OK" performance art edition, which consists of a 300 page PowerPoint presentation from artists including Pamela Anderson and George W. Bush.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Andy Vaz and Kevin Micromini at Café Deville tonight.

If you're not in Miami, this will be the most fun you can have in NY. None other than cupcake mistress Lynnel has written about it in Flavorpill and the New York Times wrote:

"Vaz...delights in letting his micro-compositions twist and mutate as they go - designed both to focus and dissovle the mind."

I mean, if you can't trust the liberal media to tell you where to party, who can you trust?

Café Deville
103 Third Ave at 13th St
10pm - ?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

For all us old CCSers: Anthony discusses ice skating and car interiors in the New York Times.

Complete coverage of the New York Auto Show here.

Nissan's new Michigan design studio

[Architect Jennifer Luce's] approach has gone beyond the dot-com cliche of comfy sofas and pinball machines sprinkled around a high-tech office: at Nissan she drew on lessons from her work on lofts and houses - about the texture, color and "intimacy" of materials, as she puts it, and about the balancing of privacy and openness - to reconcile workplace efficiency with human needs. - NY Times

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

LA's best radio station, KCRW, had an insightful interview with the aforementioned Thom Mayne. Worth a listen, just click here and then navigate to the "Reporter's Notebook" section of the program.

An artist or a hack?

A very cool online quiz.

Banksy invades New York. ( via Gothamist.)

Iceland Fond for Fischer

His only crime was to play chess but playing chess is not a crime.
- Lilja Gretasdottir, president of Iceland's chess federation

On the Matter of Nambers

If you need to investigate Nambers:


Laurent Garnier's The Cloud Making Machine: a magical new project from one of the nicest and most talented guys in electronic music.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

RIP John DeLorean

[thanks Lyn C]

Morphosis and SCI-Arc co-founder Thom Mayne wins the Pritzker Prize. More at the NY Times

"Thom Mayne is a product of the turbulent '60s who has carried that rebellious attitude and fervent desire for change into his practice, the fruits of which are only now becoming visible," the jury wrote.

For Mayne, winning the Pritzker is vindication for the years he spent struggling to maintain the purity of his unorthodox ideas. His stand earned him a reputation as an angry young man and alienated many clients.

"My whole essence was attempting to do something I believed in. I didn't understand how to negotiate that notion of the private and the public world," he said in an interview at Morphosis, his Santa Monica studio. "Your whole life you're told you're an outsider and you can't do that, and then you're honored for it."


Saturday, March 19, 2005

rob, i am all over your props for tommy b. trammel got all the credit but brookens was the tigers version of the pistons vinnie johnson, the boy who stepped up when the big boys faltered... oh my, the good old days...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Phaedra Robinson's show Communicable Comsumption opens at Meadow Brook Art Gallery Friday March 18, 6 PM.

The New Potatoes.

STARK+Puma Man + Fly

The good folks over at Kompakt have started their ownmp3 site. All your favorites from the Kompakt family of labels (and those distributed therein) available for mp3 purchase at a fashionbly sensible euro-price.

Also, today is the second annual international Tommy Brookens day.

Respect to the hardest working average third baseman in the history of baseball.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

"File Magazine publishes images that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes,unconventional observations, odd angles - these are some of ways the photographs collected in FILE reinterpret traditional genres."

Indeed they do, and anyone is free to submit their own pics.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit presents Holy Sit (a.k.a. The Chair Show,) an exhibition of 32 artists, designers and architects from the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

April 9 - May 5th, 2005
Opening Reception Saturday, April 9, 6pm
Musical Selections by Mike Servito

Gallery Hours: Thurs - Sat, 12 - 6pm

5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48208

I love I Love You. Dirty pink powerpop for the people. Catch them at Rothko this Friday with knob twiddler Greg Shiff.

On the Matter of Blowing Up the Moon

NYT (reg req.): ...many of the country songs of the atomic age carried titles like "Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb," or "There Is a Power Greater Than Atomic."

If you haven't seen it yet: Episode III trailer. I'm a huge critic of the last two movies, but this one looks really good. Lucas himself said this movie is "not for kids."

metal rubber

Image hosted by
(cheers to nyclife)


Calling All Architects, Artists, Builders, Community Leaders, Designers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Environmentalists, Musicians, Planners, Preservationists, Transit Advocates, Writers:

Your voices are vital to the future of Detroit. Freman Hendrix invites you to hear his plan and offer your own thoughts on developing a new urban agenda and strategic policy that will leverage Detroit's rich urban past to greater effect and launch the city on a road to economic recovery.

Tuesday, March 22
***5:30 - 7:00 PM***
Historic Century Club/Gem Theatre
333 Madison Avenue (corner of Brush)

RSVP: (313) 861-8683

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

All new Fischerspooner website just launched.

Brooklyn: still hot.

mostly girls: H. Fredriksson
mostly boys: Yoko Devereaux

1derland: gorgeous.

'Cog' spoof: funny.

Toxi has released a new version of the hub, audio visualization software for creating realtime generated and sound-reactive 3d visuals.

[via Protein]

This was developed a couple years ago, but worthy of a new look: Dynamic Visual Guides for Free-Gesture Musical Interaction, also known as the Laser Theremin.

Not quite as good as the real thing, but this AND this still rock harder than most of your dandified rock hero worshippings of the moment.

This post is dedicated to Chris Daniels, Kevin McFancy, Will Calcutt and all those who believe.

paint by numbers, move by numbers, live by numbers, die by numbers

Processing is a programming language and environment built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. It was created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook. The software exports Java applets which may be posted on the Internet and shared with other artists and designers. is the online hub for the international community of people using the software. It hosts examples, reference, a public exhibition, and a discussion space.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Our good friend Arnold Steiner just launched an all new portfolio site. The line between genius and madness is a thin and elusive one...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Did somebody say cupcakes?

Last night's Pas/Cal show was magical, but the surprise treat of the evening was New York's Asobi Seksu, who left the whole Burnlab/Dorkwave gang stunned. (We all must have been under a rock!) Noisy and melodic. Harsh and beautiful. Be sure to check them out live if you can.

Asobi Seksu, like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine before them, are evolving and redefining what noise means within the model of pop songwriting. The band melds lush yet wonderfully crushing waves of white noise in variation with synth-driven pop delicacies and tight lounge progressions ala Stereolab. The quartet's melting-pot aesthetics also include narratives sung in combinations of English and Japanese.

Special thanks to Panic, Burgundy and the kids for a great night! (That is up until some crackhead backed into my car at the Coney Island drive-thru. Knowing when to call it a night: priceless.)

quite possibly the best job in the world (thanks tony s)

Friday, March 11, 2005

dorkwave, meet dorkbot
(does anybody know these guys?)

big big recommendation, after seeing his live show, for oh no, little brother of man-of-the-moment-and-future madlib, with his own production and that of his big bro and detroit pride jay dee

california (hc) memories.

Damn I miss driving. Nice classic Porsche understeer in the closing shots.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Image hosted by

As a DJ, there's nothing more exciting than finding something new for the ears. Inaqui Marin's debut album, Klinischtod is a bit minimal, a bit electro, and a touch of dorkwave. everything we love here at Burnlab. You buy!

Image hosted by

This weekend kicks off David LaChapelle's Artists & Prostitutes exhibit.

Deitch Projects plays host to this retrospective featuring three 15-foot L.E.D. screens, thousands of LaChapelle images, and a life size floor set to give visitors a true LaChapelle experience. Artists & Prostitutes will be showing March 12 - April 16. But no cupcakes I'm afraid, just hookers...

Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street, New York

dance partys are love

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

If you haven't seen The Other Auto Show yet, you still have one last chance this weekend. The exhibit will close 6pm Saturday, March 12.

Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
5141 Rosa Parks Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48208
Gallery Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 12-6pm

Read Lisa Collins' preview here and review here.

Next up at CAID: 'Holy Sit', an exhibition of seating by 32 artists, designers and architects from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, curated by Jeff Sturges and Robert Brooks, art direction by Camm Rowland. The opening reception will be Saturday, April 9th at 6pm, and the exhibition will run through May 5th.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Am I the only one who noticed that Drew Daniel now writes for Pitchfork?

Blackspot 2.0

Oh, Galliano...

A follow-up to the previous post about my highly regarded Ghostly cohort, Mr. Will Calcutt's exhbit this weekend, directly from the horse's mouth:

To my esteemed Friends, Future Enemies and Past Lovers,

This coming Saturday all Goodness and all Graciousness will break loose, photographically speaking, and I hope that you can attend if this sort of thing is up your alley. Please bring with you any Friends, Enemies or Lovers who might enjoy looking at photos as well.

I will be showing a collection of photography culled from The Vault (which sadly falls far short of the entire 60,000+ photos, but is nonetheless enrapturing in it's new Physical World expanse which fills the Gallery).

Big Remember: Will Calcutt
March 12 - April 9

Opening Reception Saturday, March 12

Clark/Valenti Gallery
113 1/2 Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

You can check out for additional info, and an image gallery once the show has opened (if you are geographically/temporally challenged).
I hope this email finds you all well and sorry if it found any of you twice.

- Will

If photography is not enough incentive, please note that the musical selections for the night will be in the very capable hands of Dr. Ryan Elliott and Dr. Clark Warner.

See Rob's Blog for more info.

Monday, March 07, 2005

If you've been with us over the years, surely you've read me profess my adoration of the Messerschmitt KR-200. See a plethora of beautiful little 'Schmitts and other pocket-sized lovelies at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum.

[thanks Doug Johnson]

I love that it's only Monday morning and the weekend is shaping up to be a most brilliant one:

Friday, March 11 our favorite new romantics, Pas/Cal will be performing at the Magic Stick in Detroit along with Asobi Seksu, Great Lakes Myth Society... and a breakdancing crew. $8, 9PM, 18+.

Saturday, March 12 is the opening reception for Big Remember, a solo exhibition by Will Calcutt at the fabulous Clark/Valenti Gallery in Ann Arbor. A soiree not to be missed.

If the powers-that-be can top this off with more spring-like weather, I'm going to be one happy boy.

Evidence from last Wednesday's Dorkwave shenanigans. Rock kids dancing to electro, hip-hop kids dancing to rock, dogs and cats sleeping together.... and yes, the mixer was smashed to pieces at the end of the night. It could be no other way...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rockstar Games launches Beaterator, a real-time, online Flash music sequencer and sampler, complete with loops from Ghostly artist Matthew Dear.

Two words you wouldn't expect to ever say: Kompakt Kittens

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Last night's BlowOut event was perhaps the best party I've ever been to, let alone been involved in throwing. So much fun. Such a great crowd. And Lee Marvin Computer Arm totally kicked my ass. This is definitely a band to watch. As David DeRoches said, "Like Fugazi with a trumpet." But even crazier. Read the Motor City Rocks review.

Last night kicked off the 8th annual Metro Times Blowout (aka "The Detroit Hipster Convention"). Panel discussions this year included: 'Friendster or My Space?', 'Is PBR still cool to drink?' and 'Has the appropriate number of bands for each person to play in been raised from two to three?'...

Also, Rob does a great job conveying our appreciation to everyone who came out on a school night, and to Jimmy Edgar and Sam Consiglio for doing such an amazing job playing records. Also huge thanks to Anthony and Eve at the Metro Times and Greg at the Majestic for having us do this thing. (Photos later on tonight.)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ADULT. is back with a revamped website, a new EP on Thrill Jockey Records, tour dates and news that Adam and Nicola are taking a break from running Ersatz Audio... click.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005