Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thanks to the interwebs, I’ve developed musical A.D.D. I am forever on the prowl for something new, and when I find it, my feeling of satisfaction is fleeting. After a few listens I’ve mentally moved on and resumed my quest for the new again.

So when something stays in rotation for days, or maybe even weeks it’s worth noting. Shine by Louderbach (on Minus) is just that kind of song. With Joy Division inspired vocals and haunting melodies, Louderbach is at least a temporary antidote to my acute disfunction.

Although I couldn’t find an official video, I did stumble upon this fan-made version created as part of a contest hosted by the Minus label:

PS: Also, best of luck to Bruce Sterling...his words continually inspire. I especially enjoyed his talk at SXSWi 09, where he spent no less than 15 minutes shouting angrily at us for not living up to our responsibilities as an audience (e.g. twittering when we should be listening, pirating books and records instead of earning the fulfilment and street cred associated with searching out obscure records on vinyl or second hand paperbacks).

Bruce Sterling at SXSW

If only I could quiet my A.D.D for long enough to absorb Mr. Sterling’s words, there might be a lesson in there that could help with my condition.

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