Thursday, September 10, 2009

Atompunks unite

If I weren't so freaking busy, I'd be in the Netherlands right now. GOGBOT Festival 2009 officially starts tonight. The theme of this year's gathering of socially and aesthetically curious artists and thinkers is Atompunk - drawing inspiration form the period framed by the cold war.

GOGBOT 2009 takes place September 10-13 at ten venues in the center of Enschede, NL (about an hour and a half east of Amsterdam and Utrecht.) The festival program was developed over the past ten months by the good people of PLANETART with shared ideas and images from the global community via the Atompunk mailing list.

Tonight's opening ceremony features a presentation by guest of honor Bruce Sterling and a live performance by Alec Empire. Read Bruce's introduction to Atompunk here.

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