Saturday, January 23, 2010

Musings on nanotech Japanese gummy candy, Karl Lagerfeld's robot body, etc.

Don't know if it's the combination of a rare good night's sleep, a proper diet of coffee, deep-dish pizza and vitamin supplements, the end of Mercury Retrograde or what, but the grey blob in my skull is spitting things out in overdrive today. Not in any productive way, mind you, but entertaining to myself nonetheless.

Some things I've uttered in 140 characters or less this afternoon:

Edible nanotech Japanese gummy candies respond to different food pairings & placement on the body by changing color, flavor, temp & rhythm

Shaped like tiny Zaha Hadid models. Molecules reconfigure into different bots based on chemical input. Will revolutionize cuisine & sex toys


I love Lagerfeld's tall shirt collars, but starting to think they just function to cover the seam between his head & replacement body.

Why isn't there a Karl Lagerfeld PEZ dispenser? Seriously.

[Of course the Lagerfeld PEZ dispenser would cost $100K & spit out little Chanel embossed blocks of cocaine, packaged in gold leaf.]

[Zeitgeist alert] Kenyan Sci-Fi Short Pumzi Hits Sundance With Dystopia

[Bank of Zimbabwe's font is very heavy metal.] RT @benhammersley One hundred trillllllllion dollars.

Now I'm thinking Lagerfeld probably has a closet full of pre-dressed replacement bodies with various super powers for different tasks.

The necks are fitted with contact rings and a threaded hub, like a steering column.

We saw Lagerfeld in Paris once. Looked up to see what was blocking the sun - a GOLD Hummer with Kaiser Karl in the passenger seat. F'realz.

My mistake. Karl's H2 was platinum, not gold. Those heinous wheels are unforgettable: [Still love him anyway.]

The fingerless gloves? Same deal as the collar. His real fingertips screw on to the robot. The tech isn't there to replicate fingerprints.

Listening to Fever Ray cover one of my favorite Nick Cave songs.

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