Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imagining a World Without Money

[Not as hippieish as it sounds. Has more to do with robots.]

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Time Magazine's recently published The Dropout Economy is a stunningly accurate picture of where middle class America's mindset is headed. People on the ground are suffering because the old systems don't work anymore. It's frustrating to see so many resources - physical, financial and intellectual - being used to keep crooked, antediluvian institutions on life-support in a vain attempt to hold on to an unsustainable and idealized image of late 20th Century "prosperity".

This conservative way of thinking and fear of real change prevents us from putting resources into energetic and relevant new ideas and enterprises, and worst of all, stagnates evolution toward a more civilized and sustainable society.

While trying to imagine how a stateless, jobless, decentralized society might actually thrive (rather than turn into primitive feudal suburban favelas - at least hopefully with Philippe Starck-designed wind turbines,) I came across this video on Rob Walker's excellent Unconsumption blog:

So how the heck have I never heard of Jacque Fresco? It's kinda out there, but this is the kind of big picture thinking we ought to be putting our energy into. This is all classic technocracy futurist utopia stuff, but it is refreshing and quite timely to think about.

The Venus Project blog


Anonymous said...

Bravo, what necessary phrase..., a magnificent idea

ralleywolf said...

This is something I think about all the time. The financial system is a bad system- It can't last and it's bound to eventually collapse by virtue of it's own flawed design.

Since natural resources are the real wealth of the earth, the money-less economy would have to be based on careful management of resources.

Look at Africa, rich in diamonds and platinum, yet it's people are some of the poorest in the world. This is an example of whats wrong with the current system.

josh.f13 said...

Fascinating. Thanks so much.

Rev. Jeffrey Paul said...

I really can't stand Marxists, doubly so if they support a classless society while currently choosing to live at the bottom echelon of our current, classful society.

Curing scarcity does not mean that we no longer need money.

These people are postulating ideas that are clearly false.

Michael Doyle said...

Jeffrey- Total freedom to pursue passions with no government and no laws. What's a Libertarian not love about this idea? If you need to know there are people under you, that's another issue.

Douglas said...

Neill Blomkamp's TEDx talk is loosely related: