Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Curbed ponders the difference between bodegas, groceries and delis in New York. They defined grocery correctly as "unlike a deli or bodega, is required to have three or four large bins of rotting produce for sale." There are a few simple differences between a deli and a bodega: a deli is either a small grocery or large bodega defined by a meat counter, generally for large handmade sandwiches that are exquisite to eat on the subway around four in the morning, while bodegas are generally a bit more cramped and dirty, feature staples such as a dial-up ATM machine, a wide range of malt beverages which may be purchased at any hour of the morning, and usually one of those yellow painted aluminum awnings with the mismatched color light bulbs. It is also difficult to find imported chocolates at a bodega, but there is no shortage of 3-pack condom choices and "performance enhancers" with clever names. I hope this settles the question.

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