Monday, December 27, 2004

Mr. Joshua Glazer gave me a very nice Christmas gift last night in the form of a test printing of next month's URB Magazine. Dorkwave's 15 minutes are upon us apparently. Not only does Interpol's Carlos Dengler grace the cover and a lovely seven page spread, (and one of the snapshots from October's Dorkpol event accompanies Scott Sterling's bon mot diatribe about the death and resurrection of dance music - including an uber-flattering nod to our dorky shenanigans on page 23) Dorkwave is cited in the 5th Annual MASSV Contributor's Poll as "favorite new trend". Hot damn! And to think we just started doing this to entertain ourselves... We certainly know better than to let it get to our heads though. (There are also very nice mentions of Ghostly International and the club Oslo in Detroit.) In the mean time, here's a excerpt from the Carlos interview:

Scott Sterling: I heard a lot about the DJ gig you played recently in Detroit with the Dorkwave crew.

Carlos D: That was one of the most fun gigs I've done so far. That party was so fucking ghetto I can't even tell you. People were spilling beer on my records and the mixer, they were skipping the records by jumping up and down because the platform wasn't properly supporting the turntables. In fact, at one point some dude ruined one of my most prized 12-inches, which was "White Horse" by Laid Back, by accidentally spilling candle wax on it. The record started skipping as it was playing, and I was like, "What the fuck?" because I always keep it in such good condition. Then I looked and there were hardened puddles of wax that the needle was jumping over. I just said to myself, "This is why I took this fucking gig and why I've been telling my DJ booking agent to get me a gig in Detroit." I was dying to spin there and I love that city, that vibe - the whole fucked-up, ghetto-y, down-home it's all a party and who gives a shit anyway attitude. That's why that party was fun. I'm always going to be into the hot, sweaty, sloppy shit - always.

[It does actually take a ton of planning to facilitate just the right ambiance of chaos.]

The rest of the interview is brilliant, but it would take me all afternoon to transcribe the whole thing. Watch for the January/February issue of URB on newsstands soon.

14 minutes to go.

...and we still owe Carlos a copy of White Horse.

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