Friday, January 28, 2005

So i recently found out that my favorite band in the whole wide world, girlsareshort, broke up

But i got their email address, and I'm going to email them and tell them they should get back together. Cause they are (were) freaking awesome. SO since 99.8% of you have never heard of this obscure band from Canada, I would like to present to you, various highlights from the various girlsareshort releases. If you are as inspired and moved by these brilliant people as I am, you can send me your rant as to why these guys should get back together, and Ill forward it over to them. Yes I really do realize how dumb this is, but, cmon, they were a fucking great band!, the music must go on.

my email is justdoc *at*

It's So Cold In Alaska - currently unreleased
Passport To America - from their Tigertail EP - currently out of print
Contact Kiss - from their LP of the same name - available on Hi-Hat Recordings
Mississauga Theme - from their LP Earlynorthamerican - available on Upper Class Recordings

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sir blair said...

hey i got a few other unreleased grs songs dan personally sent me... if you got anything else unreleasded and want to trade shoot me a email at