Wednesday, January 26, 2005

this past sunday i saw one of the best live shows i have seen in a long time. the main event was the pharcyde who destroyed the place with live drums, keyboards, and dj...but the best of the night was the opening act, reggie watts who mixed standup comedianship with live hip hop (he looped a beatboxed rythym then added various vocal lines and then freestyled over all of it...some of the freshest, most creative musicmaking i have ever seen)

wednesday, february 16th brings barcelona the french popmaster "-m-". sadly unknown in the usa and in virtually every country but france, -m- is a truely gifted songwriter whose first album "je dis aime" deserves to be a classic, mixing pop with funk, soul, and virtually every possible type of music into a lovely whole:

sala razzmatazz
02_16_05 21_00

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