Wednesday, September 07, 2005

per an article in a local barcelona magazine it seems that the revolutionary ROBERT MOOG is a goner. if you have not already seen it try to find MOOG the movie, an amazing (if sometimes condescending) look into electronic music pioneer number one. his view of electronic music as a knowledge of electric charges behaviour as they pass through conductors is something to be heard and seen from the man himself. after seeing the movie in nyc last year i was left with the question of what his invention might have become if he had not used a traditional keyboard as its interface, a decision he was convinced to make by a classic pianist friend. nevertheless, artists from stevie wonder to stereolab found his invention something special...

also, for fans of the history of rock, WAITING FOR THE SUN by barney hoskyns chronicles los angeles and its rise from early black beginnings through jazz and r&b to the surf sound of the beach boys to the pop-rock of the byrds followed by the post-manson rock of the doors followed by the folk rock of joni mitchell and crosby stills nash and young and then....(i have to read more)

oh, and as a response to the ipod only response comes from speaking spanish and knowing that the word for dwarf is "enano". kinda rough if thats the names source

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