Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am hereby declaring this DIY or DIE week on Burnlab.
That being said - and before I say anything else
I would like to present you - the content seeking reader with this

Crimethinc's DIY guide II

This rugged little urban pirate handbook includes practical information and tips on tons of different projects, tasks and adventures: dismantling capitalism, forearm guards, software piracy, diy spelling and grammar, travelling on trains, backpacking, evasion communiqué #2.25, herbal gynecology, how to abort, sewing, diy oil change, quarter pipe, records, cd's and zines, book publishing contacts, postal jubilation, cook it yourself, wheat flour egg noodles, intro to plaster, black and white photography, safety pin tattoos.

It comes free with any order from their website - and its totally worth buying anything there just to get your hands on it. They used to have it up as a PDF. If i can find it when I get home - I'll upload it for everyone. Or you know - you could just Do It Yourself and search for it.

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