Friday, January 27, 2006

"The bad guys have better costumes."

Interview with Cloak founder/designer Alexandre Plokhov.

AC: Do you take issue with the whole "neo-Goth," "neo-Victorian" thing?
AP: No. I mean, I like Goth-tinged rock music. That's not a negative. But it's not like, you know, high school, black makeup, chunky heels, and a coffin lunch box, it's not that. It's a slightly pessimistic view of the world, music in a minor key, it's a certain point of view.
AC: The point of view of an outsider.
AP: Yes. And I have no problem with that! It's interesting to me. When I first heard Southern Death Cult or early Sisters of Mercy, I mean, come on, that's like a call to arms in a way. It's like, give me a banner, I will lead the parade!
AC: What do you feel close to?
AP: A tribal romanticism... of the downtrodden or misunderstood... some crap like that.
AC: It's not crap. It's actually quite powerful.
AP: Yeah, I think so, too.

Wow. Talk about someone who "gets it." (Make sure to read the whole interview - the Hunger reference is priceless.) I think I have a new favorite designer I can't afford...

[pictured above: the new Cloak boutique in NYC, and our friend Kurt wearing "multiple layers of gothness" from the fall 2004 Viennese Decadence Collection.]

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