Monday, January 09, 2006

The North American International Auto Show opened to the press yesterday, beginning Detroit's annual week in the global spotlight under unusually sunny skies for this time of year.

Check The New York Times, AutoWeek and Car Design News for the latest concept and production car introductions.

Team o2 designed and produced the launch event for Lexus' new LS yesterday, which features technologies such as an eight-speed automatic transmission, an audio system with 19 speakers and 4,000 song capacity hard drive, rear seats with built-in massage system and ottoman, and a new 4.6L V8 that will propel this beast to 60mph in under 5.5 seconds. A hybrid V8 will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in two months. We're also helping launch the new Toyota Camry this afternoon. Come check it out if you're at the show.

Of course the highlight of the week for most of us is Camilo Pardo's annual Designers' Night party at Detroit By Design tonight. (It's usually on Tuesday, so take note that it is tonight.) Designers' Night is open exclusively to design professionals, and is the "place to be". Admission is free, but business card or some sort of designer credentials required. Detroit By Design is located in the Bankle Building, 2944 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI.

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