Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A few personal highlights from this past weekend's Detroit Electronic Music festival:

UNTITLED at the top two floors of the Iodent Building Friday night. Jon Ozias is hands down the most imaginative event producer in Detroit. Great sound, great vibe, and totally unique. (And the music killed.) Quite possibly the best UNTITLED yet.

Perspects live at the Canniball event at Oslo Saturday night + superb sets from BMG, Carlos Souffront, Plaslaiko and Mr. Sines. It was an honor to be a part of this night.

Surprise Minus after-party Sunday morning/afternoon with all our old New York and Berlin friends. The sick new Audion track was played no less than five times between 8am and 2pm, but no complaints here. Sick.

Chemlab Jared accidentally having his earring ripped right out of his head while performing, and not missing a beat at the Labyrinth Sunday night. Not really a highlight, but he'll never forget Detroit. "Yeah, it hurt like a motherfucker."

Stopping in at the pitch black, sweaty, and loud as god Ghostly party around 5am Monday and teaching SV4 the secret bat handshake.

Getting three hours of precious sleep before sound check at Hart Plaza bright and early Monday morning.

The absolutely professional and courteous Darkcourse and Movement staff. The industrial stage ran like a Swiss watch. The sound and video was top notch. Every need was anticipated and dialed in. We were totally blown away.

Not only having the opportunity to see our friends Kill Memory Crash and Chemlab perform at the festival, but playing with them, and later watching Nitzer Ebb stage-side with them, was almost too much. Nitzer Ebb was a religious experience, and it was very refreshing to see a broader range of electronic music represented at the festival. It can only be nostalgic about Detroit Techno for so long.

As far as Dethlab's set went, we had a blast and made a lot of new friends/fans, but were more than a little nervous with so many people watching us. Very important lessons learned: never ever DJ totally sober, and don't leave home without fake blood! The Passion Boys will be pleased to know that Firemans was a hit.

Extra special thanks to Phoenix Perry for flying in on short notice to run six hours of killer live video for the stage. We definitely owe her one. :)

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