Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Photos from the Gnomads installation by o2 at last week's Coachella music festival.

o2 was invited to design and build one of four chill-out domes on the festival grounds, for which we created a whimsical interactive sound installation and relaxing spring themed environment. Surrounded by sod covered lounge chairs which appeared to be peeled up from the ground, a chunk of "floating" earth was ringed with twelve garden gnomes. Fitted with proximity sensors and each having its own unique voice, the gnomes could be played as a large instrument by multiple people, accompanied by three original backing rhythms triggered by tapping a mushroom (of course.)

Six scorching days in the desert, long nights of hardware debugging, one damaged RV, one badly sunburned Armenian, three pounds of bacon, innumerable cases of water, two liters of Jack and other sundries consumed, and a whole lot of fun - we're proud to say the project was a smash hit from the moment the gates opened. This might sound corny, but the joy the installation brought to everyone who experienced it was absolutely priceless. Extra big thanks to Brian for treating the whole (tired and smelly) team to a night at the Jonathan Adler designed Parker Hotel before heading home.

Oh, and you've probably already read this elsewhere, but Daft Punk owned.

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